Ion Antonescu

prime minister and conducător of Romania during World War II, executed for war crimes (1882-1946)

Ion Antonescu (Romanian pronunciation: [iˈon antoˈnesku] ( listen); June 15, 1882 – June 1, 1946) Romanian general and then marshall, leader of Axis-alligned Romania.

Ion Antonescu

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  • „I'm honoured that I could fight in four wars for your honour, my dear people, for your rights and your freedom.”
  • „Be humane, be just and recognise that, over all ambitions, intrigues and hatred, there is the Motherland, the eternal of the people, and we always have to meet there, even though we disagree sometimes.”
  • (letter adressed to Mihai Antonescu, 6 september 1941) „We must all understand that this is not a fight against Slavs, but against the Jews. It's a battle for life and death. Either we win and the world will purify, or they'll win and we'll become their slaves. Both the war in general and the battles at Odessa, especially, have made the proof that the Jew is Satan.[1]
  • (transcripts from Council of Ministers meeting 13 noiembrie 1941) I. Antonescu: „I'd like you to remove all Jews from Odesa immediately, because the resistence at Sevastopol makes us think that we can expect a landing at Odesa. I thought Sevastopol will fall earlier. Yet today, because the Russian fleet has the possibility to use Sevastopol, it can make us an unpleasent surpirse.”

Gh. Alexianu (governor of Transnistria): „I gave them a term to finish everything and I'd please you to give me a boat..”

I. Antonescu: „To sank them.”

Gh. Alexianu: „To take them to Oceacov (Ochakiv).”

I. Antonescu: „You know, we lost a ship «Cavarna». My problem aren't the Jews, but the ship. [...] Regarding the Jews, how much will it take to solve the problem? How many Jews we have in Odesa?”

Gh. Alexianu: „About a hundred thousand. I decided to take them to the Navy barracks, but there I can't feed them and 10.000 don't fit, and if they go around the villages, they'll also contaminate the villages with typhus. I can take 10.000 to Alexandrovsca, and the rest at the shore of the Bug or maybe really take them beyond the Bug. But the Germans refuse to take them.”

I. Antonescu: „This subject should be adressed at Berlin. The Germans want to take all Jews from Europe to Russia and put them in a specified region. But before execution, there is time. What do we do with them for now? We wait for what Berlin decides? We're waiting for a subject which concerns us? We must put them to safety. Put them in the catacombs, put them in the Black Sea, but take them out of Odesa. I don't want to know anything. One hundred can die, one million can die, all can die...

  • „The principle is that what is Romanian we'll put in Bucovina: what is foreign, Ukrainian, etc. we'll put in camps and from there dispatch them to the Slavic countries. (...) Gentlemen, you shall consider the need for this people to profit - in this desaster - to be puriefied, to be homogeneous. We're without mercy. I don't think at man; I think at the general interests of the Romanian people, who dictate for us to no longer be lenient as we were until now which resulted in our country being filled with so many neighbours who did for us the worst evil.”

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