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InuYasha, also known as InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. It premiered in Weekly Shōnen Sunday on November 13, 1996 and concluded on June 18, 2008.

Sit boy!

Season One


The Girl Who Overcame Time and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome

Kikyo: Inuyasha!!
Inuyasha: "Kikyo. How could...? I thought we..."
(Falls into a deep slumber, due to the effects of Kikyo's sealing arrow and the Sacred Tree of Ages)
Young Kaede: Big Sister!
Male Villager: Lady, Kikyo, that wound...
Young Kaede: You're hurt really badly.
Kikyo: I forgot who I...and now she what...All for this: the Sacred Jewel.
Young Kaede: You're in pain. Let someone...
Kikyo: I won't feel it much longer. And so I give this to you. The Shikon no Tama which you must burn with my body. It must not fall into the hands of those who would abuse it.
(Collapses from her fatal wounds, dead)
Young Kaede: Kikyo!! Sister Kikyo!!
(As her corpse is cremated)
Kikyo: I shall take it with me, to the other world.

Kaede (thinking): Fifty years have passed since then.
Kagome: "We really aren't in Tokyo, anymore, are we?"
Kaede: "Tokyo. Never heard of it. Is that were your people are from?"
Kagome: "Uh, yes. "

Inuyasha: "What about you? Are you ready to die yet?"
Kagome: "I...I don't know. But given the choice, I choose to LIVE!!"
Kaede: "It's gone! My sister's spell has vanished!!"

Kagome: "Huh?"
Kaede: "Only ye many possess the Sacred Jewel."
Inuyasha: "That's right. Human's use it, so why bother to keep it? If you hand it over, I won't have to waste time sharpening my claws on you."
Kagome: What!? (thinking) What!? You mean, he's not the hero?

Seekers of the Sacred Jewel

  • Kagome Higurashi learns she is the modern-day reincarnation of Kaede's late elder sister Kikyo; the renowned high priestess who had purified and guarded the sacred Shikon Jewel until her premature demise.
  • The all-powerful Sacred Jewel of Four Souls is accidentally shattered into hundreds of fragments, which fall all across the feudal era of Japan.

Kaede: "Pay no heed to Inuyasha, Child."
Kagome (thinking): The Sacred Jewel makes monsters more powerful. Is it cursed?
Inuyashu: "I hate having to wait. And I hate the smell of you. Want me to scratch you back?"
Kagome: You really tried to hit me just now, didn't you?"
Male Villager: Shoot him!!"
Inuyashu: "Who do you people think I am!!? You think you can hurt me like I did that centipede!!?"
Male Villager: "Lady Kaede, he thinks that we might have thatched the centipede."
Kaede: "Somehow, I knew it would eventually come to this."

Kaede: "Quickly, Child. The word of subjugation."
Kagome: "Huh? What word?"
Kaede: "It matters not. Your word has power to hold his spirit."
Inuyashu: "Ha! How can you overpower me when you can't sit up!!"
Kagome (to herself): A word to hold his spirit? But how do I know which one? Um...Um. Sit, boy!!"
Inuyashu: What the heck is this thing!?"
Kaede: "I'm sorry, Inuyashu, but ye do lack the power to remove it."
Inuyashu: "We'll see about that!! I'd come there and finish you off, if you didn't look half dead already!!"
Kaede: "The word please."
Kagome: "Sit, boy."

(Inuyahu Screams Comically And Splash But The RIver)

Kaede: "Well, shall we head home?"
Kagome: "That was easy. Wish I said it earlier."

Kagome: "I notice you're rebuilding the houses wrecked by Mistress Centipede. What a pain."
Kaede: "Pain, yes, and just beginning. Now that the sacred Shikon no Tama is back among us, far worse than Mistress Centipede will come to claim it."
Kagome: Worse than yesterday?"
Kaede: "And not just demons. There are humans whose hearts are more evil still. And only the Jewel has the power to make real their petty, grasping ambitions."
Kagome: "Speaking of petty, what are you still doing here?"
Inuyasha: "I'm waitin' for the Jewel."
Kaede: "With the beads around his neck, his threat is diminished. It is perhaps the only we can allow him so close to the Jewel."
Kagome: "Why do you want the Jewel, anyway? It seems to me your pretty strong enough as it is. What powers can the Jewel give you you don't already have?"
Kaede: Ah, but he's just half demon."
Inuyasha: "You know what? I'm sick of hearing some dried up witch I just met talk like she knows me!"
Kaede: "So ye don't remember. I thought as much. I'm younger sister to Kikyo; she who bound ye to the tree. Kaede."
Inuyasha: "You're Kaede? So you're the brat, huh."
Kaede: "Fifty years have passed, and I have grown old."
Inuyasha: "And if you're this old, Kikyo must be pushin' a hundred. I'm sure I'm glad I don't have to worry about getting old. Least, not for awhile."
Kaede: "Kikyo didn't worry, either. Kikyo died. It was on the same day she shot ye with the arrow."
Inuyasha: "Gee, sorry to hear it. Not like I really care or anything. One less thing for me to worry about."
Kaede: "I wouldn't let my guard down just yet, Inuyasha. I now know that Kagome is the reincarnation of my sister."
Kagome: "Huh?"
Kaede: "And it isn't just because ye resemble her. The Jewel of Four Souls was in your body. That alone is proof enough. It's up to ye now, Child, to take over its protection."
Kagome (thinking): Me? Protecting this? "Who am I kidding?"

1st Male Villager: "She's the reincarnation of who?"
2nd Male Villager: "You gotta admit there's something otherworldly about her."
Female Villager: "But who?"
3rd Male Villager: "They're saying that girl there is really Kikyo."
4th Male Villager: "That's Lady Kikyo for those who respect her!"
5th Male Villager: "I knew it was Lady Kikyo all along. Lady Kikyo's come back just as she left."
Kagome (thinking): I gotta get out of here.

Inuyasha (to himself): "She died. And I never knew. Huh?"
Kagome: Hey. Don't you wanna eat?"
Inuyasha: Where'd you get all that stuff from?"
Kagome: "The villagers gave it to me. Why not come down here and help me eat it?"
Inuyasha: "Whatever you're up to, I ain't buyin' it."
Kagome: "Buying what? Listen, it's fair to say you don't like me, right?"
Inuyasha: "Way more than fair."
Kagome: Whatever. It's not even me you dislike, it's this Kikyo person. I'm not Kikyo, okay? I'm Kagome. Can't we just call a truce?"
Inuyasha: "Ha! I knew it! What you don't get is that I'm only after the Jewel! You're just tryin' to lure me into a false sense of security!"
Kagome: Oh really. That's funny, considering all I have to do to make you obey is say the word 'sit.' Woops. Sorry about that."
Inuyasha: "Aw man."

Kaede: "Kagome? Kagome!!?"
Male Villager: "We looked everywhere but she's not here."
Kaede: "Could it be she's gone off on her own? We spoke of those who seek the Sacred Jewel, yet we spoke not nearly enough."

Inuyasha: "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and shoot it!"
Kagome: "Shoot? You're kidding, right? I never used a bow in my life."
Inuyasha: " The crow lives by eating human flesh. If you think that's bad, let it swallow the Jewel."
Kagome: "It swallowed it."
Inuyasha: "Kikyo was a master archer. Take it in one shot!"
Kagome: "I told you, my name's Kagome! (thinking) Still...Kikyo, give me your strength. Here it goes. What the? I thought you said she was a master archer?"
Inuyasha: "She was!! It's you that's the klutz! See how big it is? Do it!"
Kagome: "Ow."
Inuyasha: "I don't care what the old lady says! You are not Kikyo, ya got that!!? I am so outta here!!"

Male Villager: "Lady Kaede, those lights."
Kaede: "Oh my. And I like not the looks of it."

Kagome: "I hope that's not what I think it..."
Inuyasha: "And what do you think it is!?"
Kagome: "I think it's a shard from the...Jewel."
Inuyasha: "Wha...What did you say!!!"

Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again


Inuyasha: "What did you do to it!?"
Kaede: "Stop barking, Inuyasha."
Inuyasha: "Leave it to her to wind up breaking it!!"
Kaede: "Technically, it wasn't Kagome who broke it. But the crow's foot she attached to her arrow that actually caused it. As ye saw, the Jewel has been shattered into many different shards. One hundred, one thousand. Who's knows? All it would take but one, in the wrong hands, to bring disaster."
Kagome: "I'm so sorry. I had no idea." (thinking) It's all my fault.
Kaede: "Kagome, Inuyasha, only by working together will the two of ye be able to recover the shards of the Jewel."
Kagome: "Huh?"
Inuyasha: "You won't catch me complaining. I'm one of the wrong hands you were talking about."
Kaede: Oh, aye, that I know too well."
Kagome (thinking): But I wanna go back home!

Kaede: "Ye all right, Inuyasha?"
Inuyasha: "Aw man. I forgot about this stupid necklace of yours."
Kagome: "It serves you right for spying on me, you peeping tom!!"
Inuyasha: "Shows what you know! The reason I really came was-"
Kaede: "Ye really came to seal this fragment, correct?"
Inuyasha: "Think you're pretty smart, you old hag."
Kaede: "I see. Ye think to do it alone, do ye? Ye forget only yon girl can find those fragments while only ye, Inuyasha, has strength enough to take them back once found."
Inuyasha: "In case you hadn't noticed, I'm still here, ain't I!!? I can put up with anything for the Jewel!!"
Kagome: "You really do hate me, don't you?"
Inuyasha (to himself): "Huh?" (thinking) Kikyo.
Kaede: And what ails ye now, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha: "Hey."
Kagome: "Now what do you want?"
Inuyasha: "Get undressed. OW!! That hurt!! Why'd you...?'
Kagome: "You're such a pig."
Inuyasha: I didn't say get naked, stupid!! I just can't stand seeing you in those clothes!!"
Kagome: Why, 'cause I look like Kikyo!!?"
Inuyasha: "It's got nothing to do with that!!"
Kagome (thinking): Please. My little brother is more mature.

Yura: "Oh my. Just look what you done to the poor Jewel. Where's the rest? Or I shall be cross."
Kagome: "Uh...I'm not sure."

Yura of the Demon-Hair

Kagome: Hair! Lots and lots of it."
Inuyasha: The old crone was right. You do have the sight."

Yura: "Oh my, look at the cute doggie. You must be Inuyasha."
Inuyasha: "And you must be Yura of the Hair! How'd you know my name!?"
Yura: "Let's just say, a little birdie told me. Everybody's saying that half-demon Inuyasha's playing fetch with some reincarnated shrine maiden."
Inuyasha: Me!!? With that halfwit human down there!? Nuthin' doing!!"

Kagome: "Get him down right now! Next time I won't miss I promise!"
Yura: "The girl who fell in the well."
Kagome: "You heard me!!"
Inuyasha: "I told you to hide, not draw attention to yourself!!"

Yura: "Half demon, half power. I should've known. Disappointed? I bet you were hoping to use this to become all demon."
Inuyasha: "The Jewel of Four Souls!"

Kaede: "Hear me, Inuyasha. Kagome is really Kikyo reborn, yet that will aid ye but little if she knows not her own power. Help her, Inuyasha, to find herself. Ye must both work together. Ye need Kagome, Inuyasha, and Kagome ye need him. Forget ye differences for now and be as one."

Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru

  • Sesshomaru, older half-brother to Inuyasha, makes his debut.
  • Jaken makes his debut.

Sesshomaru: "Wasn't he sealed to a tree fifty years ago?"
Jaken: "But, Sire, the spell, they say it was removed recently. And the staff, it's been acting strange for days now. It's because of Inuyasha. I'm sure of it."

Inuyasha: "What do ya mean someone's trying to find my dad's tomb?"
Kaede: "Inuyasha, they say your father was a mighty demon, that the western lands were his domain."
Inuyasha: "Can't say that I remember."
Myoga: "Your father was a demon-of-demons. His blood was specially delicious and you, Master Inuyasha, have inherited that from him."
Kagome: "Wow. And what about his mom?"
Myoga: "She was beauty beyond compare. A true-"
(Is squished by Inuyasha's foot)
Kagome: "Hey that wasn't very nice."
Inuyasha: Just drop it, okay!? She died along time ago."
(Leaves the hut)
Kagome: "Did something I say make him upset? I'm sorry. All I did was ask him about his mother.
Myoga: "Yes. Master Inuyasha has always preferred not to speak of her."

Kagome (thinking): His father was all demon but Inuyasha's only half. If one half is one thing, then his other half is...human? That's why?
(Recalls what Yura of the Hair had said)
Yura: "Half demon, half power. I should've known. Disappointed? I bet you were planning to use this to become all demon."
Kagome (thinking): Half-demon but half-human, too. That must be why he's always so...

Inuyasha: "It is you. Sesshomaru!!"
Sesshomaru: "Indeed. I've quite missed you as well, little brother.
Kagome: "He called you his brother. Does that mean he...?
Sesshomaru: "A mortal. How interesting."
Kagome: "Yeah. What of it?"
Sesshomaru: "Others would be shamed. But with you, little brother, a girl quite suits you. These human creatures, I should think you had enough of them or is it a taste from Father?"
Kagome (thinking): So his mother is human then.
Inuyasha: "That's not all, is it? You couldn't have come here just to tell me that."

Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword

Myoga: "Kagome, snap out of it! It's me! Myoga the Flea! Who'd have thought Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older half-brother, would be the one seeking the tomb? And what a foe he is. And here's poor Kagome, chained head to toe. So wrapped up she couldn't even swat a...swat a..."
Kagome: "What do you know? I not as parleyed as I thought."

Kagome: "So that's Jaken, Sesshomaru's henchman."
Myoga: "Yes, but keep your eye on his staff."

(After extracting the Black Pearl from Inuyasha's right eye)
Sesshomaru: "No wonder searching for it beneath ground was useless. 'Seeing yet never seeing. Protected yet never known to its protector.' Our father's tomb hidden inside a black pearl deep within your eye."
Inuyasha: "And all for something like that!! You pretended she was my mother!!
Sesshomaru: "You're not amused?"
Inuyasha: "No, I'm not. You bastard!"

Inuyasha: "What entrusted!? What inheritance!? For all I care, he can keep the rusty piece of junk! What I do mind, though, is all the other stuff!! Good thing you're in a grave 'cause you're gonna die!!"
Sesshomaru: "Now, was that aimed at me?"

Kagome: "Inuyasha, get the dumb sword!!"
Inuyasha: "Kagome?"
Kagome: "Sesshomaru couldn't pull it out, right? If you can't hit him in the body, hit him in the ego! Hurt his pride!"
Inuyasha: "I get. I'll do it, if only to see the look on your face!!"

Showdown: Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru: "When it comes to humans, I of course, bear no such weakness."
(uses his venomous nails on Kagome)
Kagome: "Inuyasha!"
Inuyasha: "Kagome!!"
Sesshomaru: "So fragile. Don't you agree, little Brother?"
Inuyasha: "Sesshomaru."
Sesshomaru: "And just humans. Half-breeds, too."

Inuyasha: That was for Mother!! And this is for Kagome!!
(Inuyasha manages to overpower his elder half-brother, breaking his armor)
Jaken: What's going on!? A moment ago, he couldn't hit at all!
Sesshomaru: "All that for a memory and a dead mortal girl? I knew that's what it took to make you fight, I'd have killed her sooner."
Inuyasha: "I'm gonna slit your stomach, take out your guts and put 'em in a bowl! By the time I'm through you're gonna wish it was who was dead."

Kagome: "I thought I was a goner. Hey you!! You tried to kill me didn't you!? Well, don't think you can get away with it, Mister!! Here. I think we underestimated it. Don't let me down."
Inuyasha: Hey, uh, how come you're still alive?"
Kagome: I don't know."
Sesshomaru: "The sword. That's what protected you."
Myoga: "It's true. Those claws of his turned deadly poison. It had to be the sword or she really would have died."

Kagome: "I thought I was a goner. Hey you!! You tired to kill me didn't you!? Well, don't think you can get away with it, Mister!! Here. I think we underestimated it. Don't let me down."
Inuyasha: Hey, uh, how come you're still alive?"
Kagome: I don't know."
Sesshomaru: "The sword. That's what protected you."
Myoga: "It's true. Those claws of his turned deadly poison. It had to be the sword or she really would have died."

Kaede:' "But how was that ye, Child, were able to draw the Tetsusaiga? I still say, ye continue to surprise me."
Myoga: "My theory is that Kagome is mortal. Remember, Tetsusaiga was forged for Inuyasha's father as a way to protect his mortal mother. It was his feelings towards humans that allowed Inuyasha to wield it effectively."
Kagome: "That's right. That's when the sword reacted."
Myoga: "For someone like Sesshomaru, who could only hate humans, wielding Tetsusaiga was impossible."
Kaede: "That is why his father choose him for his resting place. Perhaps the one who most resembles the father is not Sesshomaru but Inuyasha."

Kagome: "But you said you'd always protect me!!"
Inuyasha: "I didn't mean it like that!! If you'll just shut up for a minute, I'll tell you what a sword like this should really be used for: Stuff like collecting Jewel fragments, and making me more powerful! I sure ain't wasting it on babysitting a helpless little human like you!!"

The Toad Who Would Be Prince


Phantom Showdown: Tetsusaiga vs. the Thunder Brothers


Inuyasha (thinking): Oh no! Hieten must have gained Monten's abilities as well as his Jewel shards. "Kagome, get out of there!!"

Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask

Sota: It's you! You're Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: In the flesh, kid. Now, what's this problem you need help with?
[He carries Sota on his back as he leaps across Tokyo]
Inuyasha: Hang on tight, kid- it's a long way down.
Sota: I guess I wasn't strong enough to pass through the hidden well.
Inuyasha: Lucky for you- because, in my world, there are plenty of monsters who'd just love to have you for lunch.
Sota: (shudders) D'you know where to find my sister?
Inuyasha: Sure, I'm not human, remember? I can pick up scents for miles around with this nose.
Sota: Kagome cut her hand on some glass-
Inuyasha: Don't have to tell me that- I could smell the blood all the way back at the well. Fear not. I'll rescue Kagome before she gets into any real trouble!
Kagome: (In Sota's flashback, talking about Inuyasha) I'll tell you what he's like- he's whiny, and a showoff, and a total egomaniac!The guy's a complete pain.
Sota: (thinking) This can't be the same guy Kagome was telling me about. Sure, his outfit's a bit out of date, but... Inuyasha's the only guy around here I think I can trust!

The Soul Piper and the Mischievous Little Soul

Inuyasha: How much longer is this going to take, anyway?
Myoga: Be patient, my Lord. If you try to take the sheath from the Steel Wasps now, you'll be stung to death. The sheath of your sword was badly cracked during your last battle; let the Steel Wasps do their job and repair it with their special wax.
Shippo: [floats by in his balloon form and chews on Inuyasha's head] WHOO! How 'bout a bite, huh?
Inuyasha: [punches him several times] Back off!
Shippo: [changes back] Hey, I was only trying to liven things up around here! Where's Kagome, anyways? I'm getting tired of hanging around with you.
Inuyasha: Funny you should mention that.
Shippo: [whining] It's not fair! Why do I have to be alone with you?! [Inuyasha scoffs]
Myoga: Um... don't I deserve to be counted? [they hear flute music] Hmm?

[They see a round, glowing demon flying over the nearby lake, playing the flute and followed by several laughing children]

Inuyasha: What's that?
Shippo: [jumps on his shoulder] Aah! It's a demon!
Inuyasha: Why are you scared? You're a demon too, remember?
Myoga: That's no ordinary demon; it's the Soul Piper. When a child dies, the Soul Piper stays and plays with that child until the soul is ready to rest in peace. As long as the eyes of the monster remain closed, there's nothing to be afraid of. But, when the Soul Piper's eyes are open... it becomes a fearful demon.

The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Inuyasha

Kagome: Your hair's gone black!
Inuyasha: If you think you can rely on my strength to save you this time... you'd better think again.
Kagome: Inuyasha, is that you?
Inuyasha: (sarcastically) No, I'm a talking puppet! (Shippo jumps on his head)
Shippo: (inspecting Inuyasha's scalp) His dog-ears are gone!
Kagome: You're not half-demon anymore- you're human!
Inuyasha: You're lucky my fangs and claws are gone! (grabs Shippo and tosses him to the ground)
Kagome: (sharply) Alright, how 'bout telling us what's going on?!
Myoga: All half-demons, such as Master Inuyasha, are subject to certain times when they lose their supernatural powers as demons.
Kagome: I don't really follow you.
Myoga: From time to time, half-demons are rendered no stronger than yourself, or any other mere mortal! It's that simple! For him, the time must fall on the night of the new cycle (looks up at the sky) When the moon is dark.

Myoga: Why, Master?! Why did you not inform us that your period of vulnerability was impending!?
Inuyasha: Because, if I had, you would have taken off a long time ago.
Myoga: (blusters, then pretends to act wounded)... Have you not a wit of trust in me?!
Inuyasha: Yeah, I trust you to run away when there's trouble!
Kagome: (angrily) Then what, you can't rely on me, either?! If you'd told me that you'd be losing your powers, I never would have insisted we stay in the temple with Nazuna! So much for being able to lean on your close friends!
Inuyasha: I don't trust anybody! Got it?! (Kagome looks startled and hurt) has nothing to do with you. It's just the way I've lived, until now. It's the only way I know how to protect myself.
Kagome: Inuyasha, I hear what you're saying. I just wish you'd opened up to me, more- as your friend! (starts to cry)
Inuyasha: (startled) No, wait- I'm the one who's supposed to be down!
Kagome: (tearful and angry) If it weren't for your pride, we wouldn't be in this boat! (points a finger at him) You're gonna pay for this big time, pal!

Shippo: What is it now?
Kagome: (sheepishly) My bag, I forgot it!
Inuyasha: So, get a new one when you go back!
Kagome: (guiltily) Thing is... the Shikon Jewel shards are inside.
Inuyasha: WHAAAAT?!

Inuyasha: (badly poisoned) Kagome... save yourself...
Kagome: No chance!
Inuyasha: I'm serious- it's too late for me!
Kagome: I'm not leaving here without you!

Kagome: The Sacred Jewel shards! They fused inside the demon's body.
Inuyasha: Is that all we have so far? I thought we had a lot more.
Kagome: Hey, It's enough to impress this girl!

Kikyo's Stolen Ashes

Urassue: "My only business lies with this grave site. Once I have these ashes in my possession, I shall leave this miserable village."
Kaede (thinking): She must be after Kikyo's remains. "Leave our village at once or we shall have cause for to strike!!"
Urassue: "Persistent, wretch!! You would do well not to cross my path!"
Kaede: No! Take not my sister's ashes! I am the priestess Kaede. I shall not allow ye to take those remains!
Urassue: Your threats fall unto fears. These remains now belong to me- the demon Urassue!

Kagome: "What happened here?"
Kaede: "The specter. She desecrated my sister Kikyo's grave site."
Kagome: "This was her tomb?"
Kaede: "Yes. And I was virtually powerless to stop the assault. My sister had unusually strong powers, even for a priestess as she was. Her remains have fallen into the hands of evil. Who knows to what end Kikyo's powers will be exploited. Inuyasha."
Inuyasha: "You're on your own! Apparently you've forgotten that Kikyo betrayed me! I am not so lucky! I can still remember the pain from the arrow she used to pierce my chest!!"
Kaede: Forgive me."

Kagome (thinking): It happened fifty years ago. But to Inuyasha, memories still seem fresh. Inuyasha had wanted to take the sacred Shikon Jewel to enable him to become a full-fledged demon. When he came to the village and stole the Jewel, the priestess Kikyo shot a sacred arrow which held him fast to a tree. In a tragic twist of fate, Kikyo lost her life in the battle.

Inuyasha (thinking): The demon Urassue. She stole more simply Kikyo's ashes. I also smelled flesh soil as she passed. Soil from the grave site. What could she be scheming?
Kagome: "Come on, let's go."
Inuyasha: Where to?"
Kagome: "Come on. Don't you feel a bit sorry for Kikyo? Her grave was violated. I know you were betrayed by her, but that was a long time ago. It's been, at least, fifty years ago since she passed away,"

Inuyasha: "If you're so worried about her remains, why didn't you scatter them in the river in the frst place!!? We wouldn't be in this predicament if it weren't for you and your sentimentality."
Inuyasha: "The loved ones left behind?"
Kaede: "My sister was born a priestess. She used her powers for the good of the villagers, and battled illness and famine countless times. Ever since her demise, Kikyo's spirit continues to encourage them to overcome their obstacles and have the strength to carry on. But people are weak, and men are forever filled with danger and uncertainty. Her grave a place of reassurance. A haven, to help the villagers embrace themselves toward the storms of life."

Kagome (thinking): Inuyasha looks just like he did before. He's thinking of Kikyo. He was in love with her. And yet she shot him with an arrow and pinned him to a tree, where he slept in a spell for fifty years. The poor guy. She didn't return his feelings. She didn't love him in return. She didn't love him.

Kagome: "Inuyasha? He fell asleep." (thinking) He was sleeping the first time I saw him, too. Actually, he was under a spell. But to me, it looked he was merely asleep. I thought he hated Kikyo. But when he held my hand and looked at me, it wasn't a look of hatred in his eyes. Could it be that...Is it possible he's been hiding his true feelings all along? That he actually loved Kikyo?

Urassue: Kikyo, the great priestess. You thwarted many demons' attempts to take possession of the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls. They that if a demon should possess a single fragment of the broken Jewel, its powers will at least triple in strength. I need them. I need every fragment of the Jewel for myself. I have brought you back and you shall serve my every wish. Now go and retrieve the Jewel shards!

Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo

Kaede: I fear that time is not on our side. We may shorty find ourselves face-to-face with my sister.
Inuyasha: What? But Kikyo's dead!
Kaede: Urassue has all she needs to revive her. And if she succeeds, we shall face a formidable foe. We must find some way to stop this!

(The soulless resurrected Kikyo walks in)
Urassue: So you're dressed. Being a priestess is most fitting and flatters your good looks. Now that all you require is a human soul.
Kagome: What are you talking about?
Urassue: My magical herbal potion shall soon suck the soul from your very body! Kikyo shall have her soul and you will be among the living dead!
Kagome: Kikyo's soul? Then this girl is Kikyo?

Kaede: You fiend, Urassue! How dare ye desecrate my sister's grave and use her remains!
Urassue: My creation is wondrous, is it not? I used her remains and graveside soil to recreate her as flesh and blood! As such, I am her creator! Nay, her birth mother and has proven her allegiance to me! She shall follow my every command! Now come and use your powers to rid us of-
(Kikyo unexpectedly kills Urasue with her strong bursts of spiritual energy)

Kikyo: Inuyasha, why are you still alive? I bound you to a tree with a sacred arrow.
Inuyasha: Yeah, you sure did! And I stayed there for fifty years! But as you can see, I'm alive and ready to take you on again!
Kikyo: You vile beast! I despise you! You loathsome half man!
(Kikyo's left shoulder and chest is suddenly covered in blood)
Inuyasha: Got a problem, Kikyo?
Kikyo: Why did you betray me, Inuyasha!?
Inuyasha: What's going on? Where's all that blood coming from?
Kaede: Look closer Inuyasha. Is that not the fatal wound ye inflicted on Kikyo?
Inuyasha: I inflicted!? What are you saying!? That I was the one who killed Kikyo!?
Kaede: Yes. It was your wounds that sealed her fate and ensured her demise.
Inuyasha: There must be a mistake of some kind! I didn't kill her! I don't even remember wounding her!!
Kaede: Can ye be certain? These wounds did not come from your hand? Think hard! Try to remember. If not you, then who slew my sister?
Kikyo: You are even more vile than I thought, inventing such feeble excuses! Please! This is most unflattering, Inuyasha! Stop it! Inuyasha, do you not remember when you told me you wished to become human?
Kaede: Impossible! He wishes to become a demon.
Kikyo: You said you would become human. I believed your words. That day, I carried the Shikon Jewel and went to you.

(Flashback to fifty years ago)
Inuyasha: Fool! I had desire whatsoever to become human! But I shall take the Shikon Jewel nonetheless. Thanks! This jewel is about absorb more pain and suffering when I use it to slaughter to villagers!
Kikyo: You traitor!! Traitor!!

Kaede: But, Kikyo, I can't believe that Inuyasha would have committed such a heinous crime!
Inuyasha: Are you suggesting that I was the one who betrayed you!!?
Kikyo: You know it's true. That is why I summoned the last vestiges of my strength and bound you to a tree with my sacred arrow. Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Kikyo.
Kikyo: You and I were fated never to meet again.
(Hurts him with an incredibly strong burst of spiritual energy)

Kaede: Stop this assault, Kikyo.
Kikyo: Who are you!?
Kaede: I am your younger sister, Kaede. My looks have altered because fifty years have passed since your demise.
Kikyo: Then explain why you would speak on Inuyasha's behalf. Give me this!! Kaede!
Kaede: You must stop this madness. Inuyasha is not your enemy.
Kikyo: Open your eyes! You too have been taken by this deceitful monster!
Kaede: You are mistaken!
Kikyo: Hand me your arrows!!
Kaede: I'll do no such thing!
Kikyo: Kaede, show loyalty to your flesh and blood! Not to some devious, lying half breed! Now heed the demand of your elder sister and give me those arrows!
Kaede: Sister!!
Kikyo: Move!! You told me you wished to become human! You told me you wished to be with me!!

Kaede: Inuyasha, you must destroy my sister's body at once. This rebirth is nothing but a deceit of magic. Destroy her body and release the soul from within.
Kikyo: It is futile!! I shall not return to that body until I've carried out my revenge on the traitorous beast!!

Inuyasha: Kikyo, you can't go on like this any longer. You must return to Kagome's body.
Kikyo: You are saying you wish for me to die, is that it? For if my spirit were to return to the girl, then I will cease to exist forever. You must know that. Is that what you desire, Inuyasha? I refuse to die.
(Attacks him with a strong burst of spiritual power)
Kikyo: My spirit cannot rest in peace until I see you dead!!

Inuyasha: Kikyo had used her spiritual powers to protect the sacred Shikon Jewel from demons. I merely wanted the jewel for myself. I had intention of killing Kikyo. It became clear that Kikyo did not intend to kill me either. I had no seconds thoughts. I knew I could live with Kikyo as a human. I've longed for such a life. But the day she was to bring me the Jewel...She betrayed me! Kikyo betrayed me! As soon as I let my guard down, she tried to slay me! I managed to dodge the arrows and came to the village to steal the Jewel. And that's when she bound me to the tree.

Mystic Hand of the Amorous Monk, Miroku

Inuyasha (thinking): I just don't know anymore. So I gather up all the Jewel shards and a full-fledged demon. And then what? Even if I do become a full-fledged demon, will that make me stronger inside? Can I ever truly forget Kikyo?

Miroku: The Jewel of Four Souls has returned and is now scattered into many, different shards. Even possessing one fragment will gain unimaginable power. I know because Naraku came close to getting the Jewel fifty years ago. In doing so, he slew the priestess protecting it-
Inuyasha: You say he killed a priestess!!?
Miroku: That's right.
Inuyasha (thinking): He must be the demon who disguised himself as me and struck down Kikyo! It must be him!! Miroku, you say this Naraku takes on all kinds of shapes and forms!! What about now!!? What does he look like now!!?
Miroku: Calm down. If I had that information I would have slain him long ago myself.
Inuyasha (thinking): Naraku laid a trap for Kikyo and me! He made us believe we deceived each other. The demon who killed Kikyo is still alive and is after the Sacred Jewel fragments. I will hunt down Kikyo's killer and avenge her death!!
Kagome: If we keep looking for these Jewel fragments, we're sure to run into Naraku sooner or later.

The Cursed Ink Heller

Miroku (thinking): Damn. The shard I worked so hard to get is tainted with evil. I dare not even touch it.
(Kagome simply picks up the Shikon Jewel fragment, purifying it as well)
Kagome: Well, that's covered.
Miroku (thinking): Amazing. Kagome purified the shard simply by picking it up.

Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces

Jaken: (after Sesshomaru has threatened him) Mother was right; I should've been a ferryman! (thinking) This is entirely Inuyasha's fault, for severing Lord Sesshomaru's arm!
[Flashback of Sesshomaru's previous battle with Inuyasha in the Graveyard]
Jaken: (thinking) It is not the sword that severed his arm, that I direct my hatred toward; it is to the beast that wielded it, Inuyasha! By all rights, the Tetsusaiga belongs to Lord Sesshomaru, and we shall take it back from Inuyasha without fail!!
Sesshomaru: (glances at his empty sleeve)...Even if I am provided with another arm, it shall also be useless after a short period.
Demon: A vexing problem, is it not?
[Sesshomaru turns to see a humanoid demon dressed in a baboon-skin cloak and mask, kneeling before him. Jaken yelps and runs to hide behind Sesshomaru]
Demon: If I am not mistaken, you are the elder brother of Inuyasha. Lord Sesshomaru, are you not?
Sesshomaru: What do you want? Should I know you?
Demon: I am someone, who, like yourself, despises Inuyasha. Forgive me, but I happened to... overhear your conversation just now. (holds up a human arm) Perhaps I can be of assistance; might I suggest that you employ this arm?
Jaken: Have you lost your senses?! Clearly, that is the arm of a human!
Demon: Yes... clearly, this arm belonged to a mortal, but embedded in it is a shard of the sacred Shikon Jewel.
Jaken: The Shikon Jewel?
Demon: Should you choose to employ this arm, the Jewel shard will enable you to wield the Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha's fabled sword. The sword is known to work for the benefit of man; at present, a demon such as yourself would be unable to even touch the Tetsusaiga.
Sesshomaru:... You mentioned something about your despising Inuyasha? Tell me: do you intend to use me to exact your revenge?
Demon: Yes.
Jaken: How dare you exploit my master-!
Sesshomaru: Hmm... sounds interesting. (Jaken stares at him, shocked) I shall accept the arm from you.
Jaken: Master, please reconsider!
Demon: Oh... and one other thing. Take this hive. (holds out a wasp-hive) You shall be able to make good use of it... with certainty.
Sesshomaru: (takes the hive and inspects it)... I should know the name, of the one I make a pact with.
Demon: (smiles beneath his mask) My apologies. Call me... Naraku.
Sesshomaru: Very well, Naraku. You have yourself a deal.

Kagome: Sesshomaru! Drop the sword or the next arrow's going in your heart!!

Miroku: It must be true. Kagome really is the reincarnation of the priestess.

Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome!

[After Tetsusaiga is temporarily subdued by Kagome's arrow]
Inuyasha: I've figured you out, Sesshomaru. Because you're a demon, you shouldn't even be able to grasp the Tetsusaiga. That left arm of yours must belong to a human. You're using a shard of the Shikon Jewel to connect the arm to your body! If I can lop off that arm, you'll no longer have what it takes to hold on to the Tetsusaiga! :(charges) And that's not all: when you lose that arm, I'll have myself yet another shard of the Jewel!
Sesshomaru: (charges, smirking) Let's see you try to take this arm away from me.

[They clash, but Sesshomaru quickly drives Inuyasha back with his energy whip. Inuyasha makes attacks from many different angles, but Sesshomaru's greater speed allows him to dodge them all.]

Inuyasha: (launches another attack) Iron Reaver-!

[Sesshomaru punches him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. As Sesshomaru smirks, an arrow from Kagome strikes his shoulder-plate, shattering it]

Shippo: (jumping up and down) You did it! You got through his armor!
Kagome: I was trying to hit the Jewel in his arm. (aims another arrow)
Inuyasha: (stands up) Kagome!
Sesshomaru: Inuyasha, make her stop. Half demon though you are, the blood of a demon runs deep inside you. Be proud of that. Do not accept human aid, even in death.
Inuyasha: Don't try anything, Kagome! Sesshomaru is totally ruthless!
Kagome: I can handle it! I'll hit him! (she fires, but Sesshomaru catches her arrow and dissolves it with his poison claws) What?! It melted in his hand!
Sesshomaru: (angrily, as Tetsusaiga re-activates) You've had your warning. Now I shall put an end to your interference!! (swings Tetsusaiga)

[Sesshomaru has impaled Inuyasha through the torso with his poisonous claws]

Sesshomaru: (mockingly, as he withdraws his arm) Any last words before your tragic demise?
Inuyasha: (smiles weakly) Your ignorance surprises me... I really thought you would've noticed it by now!
Sesshomaru: Noticed what?
Inuyasha: That the sword is back in MY hands!

[he rips off Sesshomaru's human forearm, tossing it aside and grabbing Tetsusaiga]

Jaken: Master! Without the human arm, you're unable to hold onto the Tetsusaiga!

[Severely weakened by his wound, Inuyasha staggers into a crouch, stabbing Tetsusaiga into the ground]

Kagome: He's weakening!
Jaken: (stepping towards Inuyasha) Lord Sesshomaru, it seems Inuyasha has finally lost consciousness-
Sesshomaru: Do not approach any closer.
Jaken: Huh?

[Inuyasha's hand flexes on Tetsusaiga's handle, and a blast of energy shoots along the ground towards Jaken]

Jaken: AAAAH! (runs back) Wh-what happened?! The sword attacked of its' own accord!
Sesshomaru: (thinking) He holds power over it, despite being unconscious. If I make a move for it... he will strike me down. (turns away) We shall leave, Jaken. The Tetsusaiga is presently beyond my reach, so there's no sense in staying.
Jaken: I won't argue with your decision. After you, Master!

[Sesshomaru and Jaken fly away]

Miroku: They must have given up!
Shippo: That's a lucky break.
Kagome: (runs forward) Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: (thinking) Kagome... You're all right.

[Tetsusaiga deactivates; Inuyasha pitches forward, blood pouring from his wounds]

Naraku: (receiving his retrieved Shikon shard from his wasps) What a pitiful soul; I see he failed. Eh? (he notices Sesshomaru standing right behind him and jumps back hastily) Lord Sesshomaru! What a pleasant surprise.
Jaken: (enraged) Naraku! You gave that miserable human arm to Sesshomaru in the hopes that it would destroy him!
Naraku: You are mistaken. I merely wished to assist him... and, of course, to have my Jewel shard returned to me.
Sesshomaru: I suppose that makes sense.

[he lunges forward and decapitates Naraku with a swipe of his claws; Naraku's head falls in front of Jaken]

Jaken: Serves you right, for putting my master in such jeopardy!

[he kicks the head, then notices it is just a mask]

Sesshomaru: So, he escaped.
Jaken: Huh? (inspects Naraku's empty baboon cloak) Wh-where did he go?
Naraku: (unseen) Lord Sesshomaru, I implore you to contain your anger. I may call upon you again... should another opportunity arise to destroy Inuyasha.

Kagome: (to Shippo, watching Inuyasha) How is he? Notice any changes?
Shippo: He's hardly moved, the entire time!
Kagome: (thinking) Inuyasha said he wanted to be taken home. For him to say that, his injuries must be serious. (aloud) Shippo, tell me more about that hive.
Shippo: According to the imp, it was Naraku who lent the hive to Sesshomaru. Naraku was the one who burned the Wind Tunnel into Miroku's hand, remember?
Kagome: (thinking) Yeah- and, the demon that set Kikyo and Inuyasha against each other. Now, Inuyasha wants to destroy Naraku, to avenge Kikyo's death! (aloud) Does Inuyasha know about all this?
Shippo: No- he needed all his energy to battle Sesshomaru, and I knew this news about Naraku would infuriate him- and the last thing he needed was a distraction.
Kagome: Let's not tell him right away, okay Shippo? Otherwise he'll go after Naraku, and he's just too weak and injured to do it! We'll tell him eventually, but right now, let's concentrate on helping him recover.
Shippo: Good idea.

[they don't realize Inuyasha can hear them]

Inuyasha: (staring at his claws, thinking) Naraku... He's close at hand. Naraku, the cursed demon who disguised himself as me, to get close enough to end Kikyo's life! And now he's returned, and is hiding nearby. (a flashback of the disguised Naraku mortally wounding Kikyo is shown) It wasn't me. It wasn't me! I didn't betray you, Kikyo! He shows up when there's a shard of the Shikon Jewel to be found. He's near.

[Inuyasha sits in front of the Bone-Eater's Well, wincing from his wounds]

Inuyasha: Kagome... I haven't asked how you're feeling. You're hurt, too.
Kagome: Huh? It's just a little lump on the head. I'm sorry, Inuyasha. You told me to stay away from Sesshomaru, but I didn't listen, and only made things worse. If I had run away like you told me, you wouldn't have been so seriously injured.
Inuyasha: No... in the end, it was you who saved me with your arrow. I'm grateful, Kagome.
Kagome: (thinking) He's grateful? Okay, now he's officially freaking me out. (feels his forehead) You're acting totally weird, now; do you have a fever? (Inuyasha glares at her)
Shippo: (watching covertly with Miroku) What's Inuyasha doing, taking Kagome so deep into the forest?
Miroku: Shhhh.
Inuyasha: You heard the story. About how Naraku deceived me, fifty years ago. He's the one pulling the strings behind Sesshomaru.
Kagome: (thinking) He figured it out! I guess it's no surprise; Inuyasha's more aware of Naraku's movements than anyone.
Inuyasha: I've made a decision. Things are getting more dangerous by the day-
Kagome: Yeah, you're probably right.
Inuyasha: Huh? What's that mean?! Aren't you scared?! We're in serious danger! This time, we were lucky, but who knows about next time?!
Kagome: Well, I'm not afraid. Naraku's a terrible demon! We've got to do what we can to destroy him- (Inuyasha pulls her forward and hugs her) Huh? (thinking) What's going on? Inuyasha... what are you doing?
Inuyasha:... I was afraid. I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.
Shippo: (having his face covered by Miroku) Lemme go! I wanna see-
Miroku: This isn't something for children to see.
[After a long pause, Inuyasha suddenly stands and lets go of Kagome; as she sits up, she sees that he has taken her Shikon Jewel shards, and his expression is serious]
Inuyasha: I'll hang on to the Jewel.
Kagome: What do you think you're doing?
Inuyasha: Kagome, go back to your own era!!
[he pushes her back into the Well; Miroku and Shippo, shocked, come running forward from their hiding place]
Miroku: Inuyasha, what have you done?! (notices the Well is empty) Kagome is gone! What have you done?!
Inuyasha: I've sent her back home... to her own time, on the other side of the Well.

Despicable Villain: The Mystery of Onigumo

Kaede: I need to speak to ye. I have given much thought to this ever since my sister was revived by the evil witch Urassue. Kikyo had told it was ye, Inuyasha, who had stolen her sacred Shikon Jewel. Do ye not think it strange? The one who disguised himself as ye could have made off with the jewel.Yet, he did not. He tricked ye into terrorizing the village, and pursuing the sacred Jewel. Then Kikyo bound ye to a tree with her sacred arrow. Was the trickster attempting to pit ye against each other, or was it Kikyo who was the true object of his malice? Was he trying to fill her heart with hatred and bitterness?
Inuyasha: What?
Kaede: In Kikyo's possession, the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls remained pure. But when her heart became tainted and hateful, the Jewel also became sullied and it, too, filled with a malevolent power. At the time, there was but a single person who wished for such a terrible outcome. Shall I take ye to see the place where this man once resided?

Kaede: Kikyo had come to her own decision.
Inuyasha: She was harboring a thief?
Kaede: Because she pitied him. He was unable to move. I know not if he fell from a cliff or how he sustained his injuries, but both legs were broken. The man went by the name of Onigumo.

Inuyasha: I owe ya one, Royakan- for getting me out of that hut, where my so-called friends the monk and the hag locked me in!
Kaede: (dryly) For your protection, I might add.
Miroku: (also dryly) Gratitude doesn't come naturally to him.

Naraku's True Identity Unveiled

Inuyasha: Answer me one thing before I avenge Kikyo's death: Naraku, why do you bear such a grudge against me!?
Naraku: Good question. I suppose you wish an answer to that question, else eternal rest will surely elude you in death
Kaede: It is him.
Naraku: Kaede [chuckles]. Age has not been kind to you.
Kaede: Do ye know me? Aye, Onigumo, is that not your name?!
Naraku: Onigumo...Heh. That name brings me such fond memories. Nay, I am Naraku, not Onigumo... yet it cannot be denied that I was born of Onigumo, fifty years ago. [flashback is shown] Onigumo was such a foolish man indeed. He began to foster desires for the kindhearted priestess who nursed him. Eventually, he succumbed to his weakness and called forth the demons.
Onigumo: [in flashback] My soul is rancid to the core, yet it still holds value. Feast on my flesh! I must possess my former mobility... Then the Jewel will be mine, not to mention the lovely maiden Kikyo. Feast on me, demons! DEVOUR ME! And in exchange, bestow me with your mobility and strength!

[The demons begin to feed on Onigumo; both he and they are fused together in a burst of light]

Naraku: And that, is how the many demons merged... to become one. A demon named Naraku... myself. It required countless demons to create my body.

[Inuyasha and Kikyo's relationship are shown in flashbacks]

Naraku: Because the priestess Kikyo was so powerless, the region teamed with demons. Her power had diminished, because she had fallen in love with a worthless half-demon. She submitted to her childish desires, and attempted to use the Shikon Jewel for her own purposes. For that, she was punished. And, Inuyasha, you suffered the punishment as well.

Inuyasha: You bastard! You are to blame for everything that happened! You deceived Kikyo and I! You tricked us into trying to kill one another!
Naraku: Then tell me: how is it that the trust you held in each other was so easily destroyed?
Inuyasha: What are you saying?
Naraku: It was anger- a bitter anger- that set you against one another. That, Inuyasha, is the true legacy of the trust you supposedly held for one another. Even Kikyo could not comprehend it. She should have chosen to live and used the power of the Sacred Jewel to save her. Instead she chose death. Had she pleaded for her life, her pathetic, wretched wish would have been easily granted. Then she would have understood the ultimate truth of darkness. Foolish woman. It is claimed that the sacred Shikon Jewel grows more beautiful, when it is tainted with malice.

[Enraged, Inuyasha cracks his knuckles]

Inuyasha: Kagome, look inside him! How many fragments are there?
Kagome Higurashi: I know there are lots. Ten! No, twenty! Wait, there's even more than I can count!
Inuyasha: Hey, Naraku, wanna see something really scary? I'll slit you from head to toe to show you what malice means!

[He lunges at Naraku, who leaps into the air; Inuyasha follows him]

Inuyasha: Iron Reaver! [He slashes at Naraku, but only destroys his cloak and mask, revealing Naraku's form as a long-haired man in nobleman's robes with his face hidden behind his arm. Naraku smirks and releases a burst of toxic miasma, devastating the forest around them]
Miroku: A cloud of destruction! Run!
Kagome Higurashi: Inuyasha!

[Inuyasha and Naraku descend back to the ground]

Naraku: Farewell, Inuyasha. It seems you've succumbed to my cloud of destruction.
Inuyasha: Heh... think again! [he draws Tetsusaiga, dispersing the miasma]
Naraku: [thinking] Impossible! How could he have broken through?

[As he starts to retreat, Inuyasha lunges at him and cleaves through his robes, revealing a spider-shaped mark on his back. As Inuyasha tries to strike again, Naraku envelops himself in a whirlwind of miasma and vanishes.]

A Wicked Smile: Kikyo's Wandering Soul

Seikai: Are you unable to cross over? You are dead, young priestess. You must now pass to the Netherworld.
Kikyo: Will you not overlook my presence here? I merely wish to live in peace in this small village.
Seikai: If you wish to live in peace, then why must you gather souls of the dead?
Kikyo: ...I have reasons.
Seikai: You require those souls in order to sustain that body of yours! [He lifts a seal shaped like a coiled dragon]
Kikyo: What action will you take? I take it you won't leave.
Seikai: I shall return you to where you belong!! I shall do it for your sake! [A burst of exorcising energy fires from the seal, striking Kikyo and coiling around her in the form of a dragon] You cannot escape this demon-binding spell of mine!! I shall extinguish your light and save your soul from eternal misery!!
Kikyo: "Save me!?" A wretch such as you attempts to save my soul!?

[Her own purifying energy blows the dragon apart; one of its' shattered talons strikes Seikai in the throat, mortally wounding him. As Seikai falls to his knees, his apprentice flees in terror]

Kikyo: You would've done better to leave me be, and not end your life.

[Seikai grabs her ankle]

Seikai: [weakly] Priestess... tell me what your purpose is. Time continues for the living; they carve their futures with each passing moment. However, for the dead such as yourself, time stands still. Thus, the dead and the living cannot reside together. And yet... you insist on trying... How tragic.

[He dies]

Kikyo: [thinking] Tragic, you say? I am tragic?! [she hears someone behind her and spins around] Who goes?!

[She notices Sayo watching her, shaking with fear]

Kikyo: [softly] Sayo. Were you... did you witness that? [she approaches her and kneels in front of her] Sayo? [she reaches out to touch her face, but Sayo flinches away]... Forgive me. I did not mean for you to see such a sight.

[She stands and starts to walk away]

Sayo: ...Wait, Kikyo!
Kikyo: Farewell, Sayo. Please forgive me.

Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss

Kikyo: Is he not here with you?
Kagome: I came on my own. Inuyasha set off to find you earlier. That's right. He must be trying to come here.
Kikyo: Tell me. What is your relationship?
Kagome: What did she do to me? I can't move!
Kikyo: This will end your interfering.

Inuyasha: Them again. The demons who were making off with the souls. It's a spirit shield. Kikyo must be on the other side. Kikyo, is it really you?

Kikyo: Inuyasha has come. I fear he has not come to save you. His purpose lies in seeing me. You will not interfere.
Kagome: Interfere!? Are you still planning to destroy Inuyasha!? He's not your enemy! Someone pitted you against each other on purpose! Inuyasha would have never taken your life, Kikyo.
Kikyo: From your competence, you expect me to be rejoicing.
Kagome: Huh?
Kikyo:' Someone caused my premature demise. Will my murderer's death bring me back to life?
Kagome: I guess not.
Kikyo: The dead have but one wish: to walk among the living once more. A wish that will never be realized. However, this dead woman can wish for one thing. I wish for a heart, the heart of the man whom I shall never allow to forget me. That is my desire.
Kagome: You'll never allow him to forget about you? You mean Inuyasha?
Kikyo: It is clear Inuyasha wishes for my death. That is a good thing because it means he feels remorse for dispute. Let him feel remorseful. I shall never allow him to forget about me. Time will not advance. Thus allowing me to exist in a dimension where time is frozen. I can live on inside his heart during my frozen recreation.
Kagome: You're always on Inuyasha's mind. Why can't you be satisfied with that? He hasn't forgotten you after all these years! He thinks of you all the time. Isn't that good enough?
Kikyo: When Inuyasha and I parted, we despised one another. The love you speak of is but a shallow emotion. Nothing can fuel the desire for enacting vengeance. Only bitterness can.

Inuyasha: So you were the one doing it. Gathering the souls of the dead women.
Kikyo: This body is molded from the earth and ashes of my grave site. It must be sustained with human souls if I am to remain here. Inuyasha, you must despise me. I have drawn in the souls of the dead, and it is my hatred of you that fuels my actions.
Inuyasha:That's just ludicrous! You many very well despise me but the feeling's not mutual. Kikyo...I never stop thinking of you! Not even for an instant!!

Inuyasha: I could never hate you or think less of you. It's your spirit I care about, not your appearance.
Kikyo: Truly, Inuyasha, you wouldn't? You wouldn't despise me if I used these hands to steal the life from you?
Kagome: She's kissing him!!
Kikyo: Inuyasha, after meeting you, I renounced my position as a shrine priestess. I became an ordinary woman. I've longed to embrace you like this when I was alive.

Inuyasha: Kikyo's sent is so familiar. Her fragrance is just as it used to be. The only difference is that she has no warmth. Her body is cold from death. And she's sad and lonely.
Kikyo: We are unable to turn back the hands of time. So please allow me to embrace you a little longer.
Inuyasha: I can't save you. I can't do anything to help you, except stay like this. If only time could stand still.
Kikyo: Would you agree to that? If I did stop time?
Inuyasha: Yes. I don't care as long long as I'm with you.

Kikyo: Does that girl mean more to you than I do?
Inuyasha: Wait, Kikyo! Listen to me!!
Kikyo: Inuyasha, never forget the feel of my lips against yours. For it was real. Never forget.

Kaede: Kikyo, is it really you?
Kikyo: What ails you, Kaede? Do you fear your own sister?
Kaede: You misunderstand. I heard ye had fallen from a cliff. I did not imagine ye would survive.
Kikyo: You are correct. I am dead. Yet something left undone in this world keeps me from moving on.
Kaede: Do ye still hunger to take Inuyasha's life?
Kikyo: I have just met with Inuyasha moments ago and almost succeeded in stringing the life from him. Speak to me, Kaede. Tell me all you have to offer about this Naraku person.

Kaede: Everything began with the evil desires of Onigumo. He called forth the demons' and was devoured by them. Thus was born the monster Naraku.
Kikyo: So it all began with Onigumo. That bandit.
Kaede: That's right. He used to say that the Sacred Jewel grows in beauty when it is tainted with malice.
Kikyo (thinking): He fueled the hatred between Inuyasha and myself. And attempted to steal the Jewel that had been tainted in the process.

Enter Sango the Demon-Slayer

Miroku: Inuyasha, had you heard of the Jewel's origins?
Inuyasha: Not at all. When I learned of the Jewel of Four Souls, Kikyo had it in her protection. I had never given any thought as to where the Jewel came from or how it was created.

Naraku's Insidious Plot

Kagome: She has a Shikon Jewel shard in her back. I can see it.
Inuyasha: No wonder. I could already tell she was badly inured from the smell of her blood.

Kagome: Sango!
Sango: The Jewel shard was suppressing my pain!! Naraku!!

Inuyasha: You really love to mess around with people's feelings, don't ya!? You creep!!
Naraku: Are you thinking of Kikyo when you say that?

Secret of the Jewel of Four Souls Revealed

Kagome: The fragments of the Sacred Jewel energize the power of evil. I still got a lot of pieces to collect before it's whole. (thinking) Everyone who comes in contact with the Jewel seems to end up unhappy. Just what is it exactly?
Sango: All right. Get your friends. You helped bury the dead. So I will tell how the Sacred Jewel came to be.

Inuyasha: So, Sango, how do we get rid of this stupid cave barrier, anyway?
Myoga: We need to know what incantation you villagers chant in order to break it.
Sango: There isn't any incantation.
Myoga: Of course there is! How else would you do it!?
Sango: At first, my villagers thought the demons' had placed a curse on the entrance. But we eventually realized that she is the one who keeps intruders out.
Miroku: And who is "she"?
Sango: The person whom the Sacred Jewel was born. Her spirit is full of sadness and regret, and it prevents others from entering. That's what I sense. It will be easier to understand once we go in. Go ahead, step through the barrier.
Inuyasha: Uh, are you sure about this?
Sango: Countless people have been killed because of the Sacred Jewel's dark power. And it is the sympathy you show for the victims that leads me to believe she will allow you to enter the cave.

Inuyasha: The demon has her in its jaws.
Sango: There was a time when demons, dragons and other monsters merged together to wage a battle. They fought against one powerful human.
Kagome: There's a person inside the stalagmite.
Miroku: Ancient armor. Is that an ancient warrior?
Sango: It's a woman. A priestess who lived many centuries ago.
Kagome: Huh?
Inuyasha: Look at the number of demons surrounding her. This priestess must've had immense spiritual power.

Sango: The court nobles controlled the country at that time. Wars and famine dragged on and on and countless people perished. Demons devoured the dead and the near dead and they were able to grow in great numbers. Many priests and warriors set out to slay them. But only one priestess, known as Midoriko, was able to purify demon souls and render them harmless. She was considered the most powerful human of her time.
Kagome: She could purify and weaken the demons' souls?
Sango: In her world, animals, trees, and even stones were all created though the foul souls.
Kagome (thinking): That's right. "Shikon" means "four souls."
Miroku: I've come across that philosophy in my readings. The four souls are called as aranitama, kushinitama, niginitama and sakinitama. When they're combined, they become the spirit of one person housed inside the heart. Aranitama is "courage", niginitama is 'friendship", kushinitama is "wisdom", sakinitama is "love."
When the four spirits work in harmony, it is called narobi, and the human heart is filled with goodness. Are you keeping up with me, Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: Uh, not really, no.
Shippo: This is way too deep for me.

Sango: When somebody does a bad deed, the four souls energize evil, and the human loses his way. In other words...
Miroku: In other words, a soul can turn good or bad, and this transformation can happen within either a human soul or a demon soul.
Sango: Now you know why Midoriko was a formidable foe for the demons' because she was able to purify their souls and make them powerless.
Inuyasha: So what!? She fought off an army of demons by turning them into a bunch of weaklings! Well, her power didn't last very long, did it? I'd say she's a pretty useless priestess now!
Sango: She hasn't lost the battle yet.
Kagome (thinking): What does she mean "not yet"? What's that?

Sango: After battling for seven days and seven nights, a demon got its fangs into Midoriko. With her last ounce of energy, she reached deep within her own body for strength, and seized the demon's soul. But in doing so, she forced out her own soul.
Miroku: Tell me. Is the hole in her chest the spot where she forced out her own soul!?
Sango: What flew out of her was, in fact, the Shikon Jewel. She wasn't able to purify the demon's soul. All she could do was seize and imprison it along with herself. Although the flesh is gone, inside the Sacred Jewel, a battle still wages between Midoriko and the demons.' That is why the fight isn't over yet.
Kagome: So a war between souls is still raging inside the Sacred Jewel.

Inuyasha: It's not like this story complicates things. We just gotta go after Naraku hunting after the Jewel shards. I'm gonna take possession of the Sacred Jewel and use it to become a full-fledged demon, and then Midoriko can rest in peace!
(he is suddenly thrown out of the cave)
Miroku: Looks like people who talk of the Sacred Jewel for selfish gain get thrown from the cave.
Shippo: That must be Midoriko's version of "Sit!"

Myoga: A priestess inside of a stalagmite!? Oh my! Tell me all the juicy details, Shippo!
Shippo: The priestess thrust the sacred Shikon Jewel out of her body while the demon had her in its jaws. And the image of them is set in stone.
Myoga: Hmm. They recovered in stalagmite, then several centuries must have passed since the battle, just like Sango said.

Sango: My villagers have worked as slayers for generation upon generation, and it likely has something to do with Midoriko's influence. Over the centuries, the Sacred Jewel passed through the hands of several humans and demons, and finally returned here, in my grandfather's time. The Shikon Jewel had come out of a demon that he had slain. But my grandfather's life, and the lives of many others, were sacrificed in the battle. The sacred Shikon Jewel was removed from the demon, but it was horribly defiled and the villagers did not possess the ability to handle it.
Miroku: So they put in Kikyo's care.
Sango: Kikyo? Was she the priestess who had the ability to purify the Sacred Jewel?
Miroku: Yes, but Naraku found out about her and killed her.

Myoga: Midoriko, I, too, feel compassion for humans. However, when one lives as long as I have, one becomes accustomed it, hardened. Please forgive me. This afternoon I was so eager in my pursuit for the truth, but since you allowed me to pass the barrier, I take it you understand.
(Moves closer to the statue)
Myoga: So many huge demons. A single priestess took on this many demons at once? Unbelievable! Simply unbelievable! What's that in her armor? It must be the spot where the Sacred Jewel was forced out. It must be, judging from the size.

Kagome (narrating): Myoga has been investigating the story of the Sacred Jewel and thought it was impossible for one priestess to have battled so many demons, no matter how strong her spiritual powers. Maybe Midoriko had a brilliant helper by her side.

Season Two (Episodes 28-54)


Miroku Falls into a Dangerous Trap [Episode 29]

Miroku: Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: Dammit! If you try to use that Wind Tunnel again, I'll tear your stupid arm off!!

Inuyasha: I don't care if you die or not. But you're not going to do while I'm around you got that? I won't be accused of abandoning you! I don't want no guilt trip! You're not gonna lay that responsibility on me!!
(The Tetsusaiga annihilates all of the demons in one single strike)
Kagome: Oh wow.
Shippo: He...he blew up the demons?
Hachi: They been destroyed?
Inuyasha: What...happened? Huh?
Kagome: You finally realized the full power of the Tetsusaiga.

Inuyasha: So, drunkard, I hoped you did a good job stitching up the Wind Tunnel.
Mushini: I did the best I could to repair it. But the Wind Tunnel has definitely spread.
Inuyasha: Does that mean his life's been shortened. How much longer does he have to live?
Mushini: I don't know. The Wind Tunnel is a generational curse placed on Miroku's family by the demon Naraku. If Naraku is destroyed, then the curse will be lifted, and Miroku's life will be spared. The sooner you get him the better. It's Miroku's only hope.

Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life [Episode 30]


[Naraku receives a report from one of his Saimyosho wasps at his castle]

Naraku:... I see. So, Inuyasha wiped them out with a single swing? Hmmm... Rather than sending numerous demons to their deaths, it would seem better to send one that he cannot kill. Well, killing or not, it would serve me either way. I intend to use you again, in my service. What do you say?

[A red glow flashes behind the screens, illuminating the silhouette of Kohaku]

Naraku: Are you able to move your body, now?
Kohaku: (blankly) Yes, Master Naraku.
Naraku: Good. Can you kill them?
Kohaku: Yes, Master Naraku
Naraku: Can you kill Inuyasha, Miroku... and Sango?
Kohaku: [brief pause] Yes, Master Naraku.

Sango: I know the monk would try to peek at us, but do you think Inuyasha would?
Kagome: (scornfully) No way! He's such a cold fish.
Sango: (confused)... Do you want him to look?

[As Kagome and Sango get into the hot spring, Kagome is startled by the huge scar on Sango's back]

Kagome: That's a bad scar.
Sango: ...Yes. It didn't heal well.
Kagome: Who hurt you? The demons'?
Sango: No. I got this scar...from my younger brother. If only I realized some things earlier I could have prevented his death. Kohaku was tender-hearted. He was always a very gentle boy. Perhaps he wasn't suited for the life of a demon-slayer.
Kagome: I'm sorry to bring up such painful memories. It must be hard for you to talk about it.
Sango: No. it's all right. Before he died, Kohaku reverted back to his old self. I still mourn for him, but that thought helps ease the pain of his loss. We were both strong demon-slayers; I'm proud of that. We all have our reasons for being here, don't we?. Why are you gathering the sacred Shikon Jewel shards?
Kagome: (awkwardly) Um...I figured it was the least I could do after what happened.
Sango: So you broke the Jewel?
Kagome: I'm sorry. I know, I really blew it.
Sango: I'm sure you just trying to save it from a demon, so it's not your fault. What's amazing is, you're the reincarnation of a priestess.
Kagome: That's the part I don't get. But I do understand we need to gather the Jewel shards, and we do that faster by joining forces. With Naraku's appearance things have gotten a lot more complicated.
Sango: In order to break the curse of the Shikon Jewel, we must destroy Naraku. (Kagome nods) Did you follow the deeper points of our conversation... you peeping Toms?!

[Sango hurls a rock into the bushes, hitting someone with a shriek; the two women go to investigate and find a stunned monkey]

Kagome: Huh?
Sango: A monkey?

[Inuyasha and Miroku arrive, unintentionally catching the women exposed]

Inuyasha: Hey! What's with all the ruckus?

[Offscreen, Sango and Kagome beat them up. Cut to Inuyasha and Miroku, with heavily bruised faces, sitting around the fire with Shippo]

Shippo: This time, you actually were in deep conversation and rushed to help!
Inuyasha: (irritably) Why did they have to suspect me, too?!
Miroku: (dreamily) It was worth the pain. That was a wonderful sight we just saw.
Kagome: (thinking)Everyone has been drawn into the cursed web of the sacred Shikon Jewel. But I feel sorry for Sango the most. She saw her father and younger brother being killed.

Tetsusaiga is Stolen: Showdown at Naraku's Castle [Episode 31]

Inuyasha: How can it be that simple? If Kohaku looks exactly the same, can you really forget everything, and turn your heart against him that easily?
Sango: Don't underestimate me!! I am a demon-slayer!! I won't fall for Naraku's tricks!!
Inuyasha: If I was in your position...I probably couldn't do it.
Kagome (thinking): He asked Sango how she could turn her heart against someone and forget everything if they looked exactly the same. I bet Inuyasha was thinking about Kikyo when he said that. That's why he sympathizes with her.

[Sango and Kirara arrive at Naraku's castle]
Sango: This castle... Kohaku? Kohaku!
Naraku: First, put down your weapon.
Sango: (enraged) Naraku!!
[she hurls Hiraikotsu, smashing a huge hole in the roof of the main residence. Naraku emerges on the steps of the residence, wearing his baboon cloak and mask; Sango jumps down from the wall and lands across the courtyard from him]
Naraku: Well done, Sango; good work. You brought me Inuyasha's sword, the Tetsusaiga, as promised.
Sango: Let me see Kohaku! I will only hand over the sword after I see him!
(the residence glows with red light, revealing Kohaku sitting behind one of the screens; Sango points Tetsusaiga at Naraku)
Sango: Naraku, turn Kohaku back to his former self immediately!
Naraku: Killing me won't help. You should know that already. This is the fault of the sacred Shikon Jewel; demons and evil humans desire the Jewel, and out of that desire, demons attacked your village. That's why your father was killed. That's why your brother Kohaku's soul now wanders in darkness. It's all part of the curse of the Sacred Jewel.
Sango: Stop lying! You're the one who killed my father and comrades! You coveted the stupid Jewel; you're responsible for everything!!
Naraku: People die because of the power of the sacred Shikon Jewel, and people live because of its' power. There's no reason that you should despise the sacred Jewel as much as you do. Remember, Kohaku was revived, because of the Jewel's power. You made a promise to exchange the sword for Kohaku's life. So...what will you do?
Sango: I despise you!! I made no promise! You want my answer?! Here it is!
[She hurls Tetsusaiga at him, then extends a hidden blade attached to her forearm and slashes at him, but Naraku, leaping backward, catches the sword and uses it to parry her attack. Sango attacks again and slashes through his cloak, but only black tendrils come out. Naraku's cloak and mask fall off, revealing his new appearance]
Sango: (shocked) It's you! the young lord of the castle!
Naraku: Kagewaki was a noble lord. He gave all the demon-slayers proper burials. Ah, yes, and I was the one who ordered for your care after the massacre.
Sango: You killed him!
Naraku: Kagewaki is still alive. At least, according to those I've fooled into thinking I'm him.

[Sango, severely weakened by Naraku's toxic miasma and wounded by a possessed Kohaku's sickle, falls to her knees. Naraku psionically moves Hiraikotsu and drops it in front of Sango; she reaches out for it]
Naraku: (inside her head) Yes, Sango- kill him! Kill your brother, with your own hands! Slaughter him! And then... burn with a desire to live. Pray to continue wandering the world, and vow to do whatever you can to survive! When you kill Kohaku, and when you are bathed in his blood, the sacred Jewel will grow brighter with the power of the dark! The more sullied it is... the more beautiful the sacred Jewel becomes.
[Kohaku raises his sickle. Sango stretches her hand towards Hiraikotsu, but stops just as she is about to grasp it]
Sango: (to Kohaku)...Kill you? What makes him think I'm able to kill you? [she staggers towards Kohaku, reaching out] I can't. Kohaku...
[As she approaches Kohaku, his expression suddenly clears. Weakened by her wounds, Sango collapses]
Kohaku: (quietly) My sister.

Kagome: Naraku tried to make Sango hate her brother. He hoped that she would kill him. Then the Sacred Jewel shard in his back would become even more evil. He tricked Kikyo and Inuyasha the same way, made them hate and betray each other, so they'd fight! That's so evil! I can't believe he'd do that on purpose!! Kikyo died so that the Sacred Jewel would remain dormant. Sango refused to fight her brother for the very same reason. Naraku is such an idiot!! Sango will never do what he wants her to do. She's a kind person and, no matter what, she will always love her little brother.

Kagome (thinking): Wait! Naraku has Jewel shards! I can find him! Over there! Naraku, take this!!
(Shoots a sacred arrow right where Naraku is hiding)
Naraku (thinking): What?
Kagome: Naraku, you are totally despicable! Now die!!
Naraku (thinking): She's only a young girl. Why does she have so much power? She's rendered the vapors harmless somehow. This kind of power only belongs to the priestess Kikyo. Can't be.
Kagome: I won't let you go, even if you beg for forgiveness!! HA!!
(Releases another sacred arrow, piercing his heart)
Naraku: This is exactly like Kikyo's enchanted arrow! Don't tell me this girl is...!

Inuyasha: She did it.
Miroku: Kagome purged the miasma and pierced Naraku!

Jinenji, Kind Yet Sad [Episode 32]

Kagome: The villages- They think Jinenji's been eating people. Maybe he is different but that doesn't mean that he's guilty.
Inuyasha: But that's what it does matter when you're different! Nobody trusts you! You're always the first to be blamed, and it is always, always you're fault!!

Inuyasha and Kikyo: Into the Miasma [Episode 33]

Naraku: Tell me your name, now that you have disturbed me.
Kikyo: My name is Kikyo.
Naraku (thinking): Kikyo is alive? The woman I myself had trapped fifty years ago. The one who died, taking the Sacred Jewel with her.

Miroku: Unless the spell cast in here is broken, Inuyasha will...Who's there?
Kikyo: Inuyasha.
Kikyo: The dead souls are...leaving. This explains it. The miasma, where it's from.
Inuyasha: But why!!?

Miroku: Inuyasha, no! Stay calm!
Inuyasha: No!! I will not stay calm!! I am gonna protect Kikyo!!

Kagome: I have to get Kikyo out of there! If don't, Inuyasha will keep protecting her. He would never ever let her be hurt, no matter how it hurts me. You're conscious. Can you stand?
Kikyo: You little fool. By coming here, you risk Inuyasha losing you forever.
Kagome: What are you saying? Inuyasha's trying so hard to save you, but you...Kikyo.

Naraku: So this is the woman who restored me to life. I might not have had this new body at all if not for her.
Kagome:Yeah right, loser! She did it to save Inuyasha, not you, so wipe that stupid smile off your face!!
Naraku: And yet I still know her to the very woman who followed you in death fifty years ago.
Inuyasha: No!! Don't you dare!! Don't you touch her!! Not now or ever!!

Naraku (thinking): No. It makes no sense. If her true wish was to save Inuyasha and not break the spell, why do the one thing she ought not to have done? But she did. Kikyo as good as gave me this body herself.

Kikyo, Captured by Naraku [Episode 34]


[Kikyo is imprisoned in Naraku's castle]

Naraku: I have erected a barrier. Those servants of yours may not enter. Without your souls of the dead, you remain helpless. [sits next to her bed] Kikyo... what can you be thinking? [flashes back to the previous episode] There at the mountain, where the magic was broken, were the demons who were to create my new body. Inuyasha stumbled onto the scene, lured by the miasma, and began to do battle with the one who would win. Then you appeared. Your arrows have the power to break whichever spell you choose. And yet, if you wanted to prevent that unholy fusion... you ought to have aimed straight for the demon. The demon would disintegrate, and the spell would be easily broken. But before the one became complete, were you trying to see what lay beyond?
Kikyo: And there you were. [opens her eyes] Your disguise is fine... Onigumo.
Naraku: Huh. Onigumo? Now, that brings me back me back. Fifty years ago, you saved me, took pity on me and sheltered that fugitive in the cave. Onigumo offered his body to the demons, who latched onto his evil soul. And thus was born, Naraku. [withdraws a Shikon Jewel shard from his robe]
Kikyo: That's...
Naraku: Yes, indeed. The very thing you gave your life to erase from this world. A shard of the Sacred Jewel.
Kikyo: They say that it was your desire to possess it that brought you to kill me.
Naraku: Discussing it with one who is no more than a collection of dead souls, is unseemly. But the search for the remaining fragments, frustrates me.

[Naraku stands, opening the window and letting in one of Kikyo's Soul Collectors, which he destroys. Naraku throws the Jewel shard into the soul it was carrying, turning it red as it approaches Kikyo]

Naraku: That girl who is so like, and yet unlike you. A battle between those who can purify evil. If you yearn for this world, I beg you... Go after her.

Kikyo: Naraku appears frightened of you. He tries to control me with a Sacred Jewel shard, hoping I might be turned against you.
Kagome: The Jewel shard in your chest.
Kikyo: Surely the priestess who once took guard of the Sacred Jewel has not sunk so low as to be controlled by a mere shard.

Inuyasha: Kikyo? Those are Kagome's Jewel shards!! Kagome. You didn't!! Don't tell it was you!!
Kikyo: What's wrong, Inuyasha? Tell me. Why do I get the feeling you're unhappy to know I am well?
Inuyasha: Answer me!! Just what did you do to her!!?
Kikyo: I tried to kill her. What is that you plan to do about it? Will you kill me? Tell me. When Naraku had you under a spell, what was it that you thought about?
(Flashes back to Inuyasha's illusion)
Inuyasha: "I...I swear I'll always protect you."
(End of flashback)
Kikyo: Now, could you have said that if you going to kill me!? Embracing death together! Now that's a day I'll wait for.

Kikyo: You're careless, Naraku.
Naraku: So, Kikyo...
Kikyo: Once your little puppet is broken, you see nothing. Remember that. Your petty feats of minor sorcery cannot affect me. As for the barrier around the castle, the one you erected to keep out Inuyasha, that was easy enough for me to break. [she drops Kagome's Shikon Shard in front of him] You wanted it, didn't you? I leave it to you to stand guard over. After all, who needs its power more than you? And you do need it, don't you? Demon Naraku... or is it, half-demon Naraku?
Naraku: A mere half-demon, I, Naraku?!
Kikyo: True, you've disguised yourself well, but you're still that fugitive human. And the blood of who you once were can never be erased. You seek the Sacred Jewel to become a full-fledged demon, do you not
Naraku: If so... why give me the shards? Am I not the one you seek to avenge your death fifty year ago?
Kikyo: chuckles] It was only my body that died. I may have left it behind, but with this new one, I'm even stronger. I don't ask that you understand. I'm returning to the temple. I will neither run nor hide. Send a messenger if you need me.

[As she leaves, Naraku removes his robe, glancing over his shoulder at the spider-shaped mark on his back]

Naraku: It's appeared again. No matter how often I change flesh, the burn scars of the human Onigumo, will not leave my back!
Kikyo: [thinking] Go, Naraku. Gather the shards of the Jewel. And when you have found them all, then I will send you to Hell. My soul is much freer than it was then. I am free to hate, free to love.

Tetsusagia and Tenseiga [Episode 35]

Jaken (thinking, after he has annoyed Sesshomaru): I think I just shortened my life by a hundred years.

Kagome: I can't believe my Jewel shards were taken.
(Flashes back to Kikyo taking the shards)
Inuyasha: Stop worrying about it, Kagome. It's not like she stole all the pieces or anything. We're just gonna have to find some more, that's all.
Kagome: But...
Sango (in a whisper): Why is Inuyasha being so understand? It's so unlike him.
Miroku: I suspect it's because Kikyo was the one who stole the Sacred Jewel shards.
Shippo: Uh, what can he do when the culprit's a woman he's been in love with?
Inuyasha: Listen, you morons! If you think I'm protecting Kikyo, you got another thing thing coming!! You think I'm goin' soft on her, too, don't you!!? Then speak up!!

Inuyasha: So you're the sword-smith who forged Tetsusaiga?
Totosai: Indeed. I forged Tetsusaiga from a fang that your father gave me. Only certain circles of the finest blade-swinging demons are acquainted with my work.
Inuyasha: Certain circles?
Kagome: I think that's a polite way of saying he's not very famous.

Inuyasha: What did you say!? I don't care who made the sword, you dried up metalbender! It's mine and I'll run you through with it if you even try to break it!!
Totosai: It was only a thought.
Myoga: Sorry. I forgot to warn you about his temper.

Myoga: Master Inuyasha, you haven't been able to unravel the mystery of Tetsusaiga on your own. You tried but you haven't been able to tap into the power that killed a hundred demons in one sweep. But Totsai knows its secret. I think if you take the time to know each other and cooperate, you can awaken and harness Tetsusaiga's full strength.
Inuyasha: There's no mystery. I'll get the hang of it. I just need practice.
Totosai: I understand you been collecting the Sacred Jewel shards for awhile. Who knows how many demons have multiple pieces of the Jewel? You know how difficult it's been to battle demons with more than one. Don't you want to awaken the Tetsusaiga's full potential in order to defeat demons with that enhanced strength?
Miroku: He does have a point, Inuyasha.
Sango: I think you should at least hear what he has to say.

Sango: Who is that?
Miroku: Inuyasha's older brother.
Kagome: I was right. He is the one who's after you.
Totosai: Exactly! So protect me!

Sesshomaru: Inuyasha, why have you conspired with Totosai to plot against me?
Totosai: Because you happen to be evil incarnate!
Sesshomaru: Totosai, it seems you're looking for an early retirement into your grave.
Totosai: I never said I was talking about you, Sesshomaru!

Sesshomaru: So you absolutely refuse?
Totosai: Be quiet, you ungrateful mongrel! You know as well as I do, I already made you an excellent sword! The famous sword that you now wear- the Tenseiga. I also forged from a fang given to me by your father. He clearly instructed the eldest brother should have the Tenseiga, and the youngest brother would have the Tetsusaiga! That was your father's last wish. It is a great sword of swords. No greater and no better than the Testsuaiga! You should learn to respect and love it!
Kagome: So that old man also made Sesshomaru's sword?
Miroku: Though, come to think of it, I never seen Sesshomaru unsheathe his sword in any of the battles yet. Have you?
Kagome: No. You're right.

Kagome: Totosai, I been thinking about Sesshomaru's sword. Is it really as powerful as the Tetsusaiga like you said?
Totosai: The Tenseiga? Its abilities are unlike any I've heard of before. When your father first commissioned me to forge it, I shuddered at the very thought of its immense powers.

Inuyasha: It's a blade that doesn't cut? So how are you supposed to fight with a sword like that?
Totosai: The Tenseiga is not a sword used against foes. To put it simply, it is a sword of healing.
Kagome: Healing?
Totosai: The Testsuaiga is a sword that defeats the powerful, and the Tenseiga is a sword that has the ability to save the lives of the weak.
Sango: It saves lives?
Totosai: If the bearer has kindness of heart towards humanity, then the Tenseiga has the power to save a hundred people in one sweep.
Kagome: Kindness of heart?
Miroku: So the Tetsusaiga can slay a hundred demons in one sweep, and the Tenseiga can save a hundred people in one sweep?
Sango: But how are you able to use this sword as a weapon?
Miroku: It must have the ability to bring back dead souls. Such a power could be very useful during these Fuedual times.
Totsai: I almost called the sword "the Coffin Cheater", but I opted for Tenseiga instead. It was a little more classy. Actually, it was your father who suggested the name.
Inuyasha: I get it now. No wonder Sesshomaru wants a new sword. He can't use his. He's incapable of feeling kindness for people, let alone saving lives.
Totosai: Too bad this isn't working. It was your father's last wish.
Miroku: Your brother's so black hearted.
Kagome: He wouldn't be happy with the sword, even if he could use it.

Sesshomaru: Get up, Jaken. You're fine.
Jaken: Huh? That's impossible! You just cut me in half. Ho can I be alive?
Sesshomaru: You see now. This useless Tenseiga cannot kill.
Jaken: What's it good for then?

The True Owner of the Great Sword [Episode 36]

Sesshomaru: The Tetsusaiga is amazing. Despite not being wielded by its true owner, its power is still formidable. However, it refuses to reveal the Wind Scar to the one it has received as its master. Tetsusaiga, cut through the emptiness...and reveal your power.
Totosai: Sesshomaru must be able to see the Wind Scar.
Kagome: The Wind Scar? What is that?
Totosai: In a nutshell, the Wind Scar is the secret to Tetsusaiga's ultimate power. Slaying a hundred demons in one sweep would be virtually impossible unless you can see the Wind Scar. Sesshomaru must be able to see it.
Kagome: Well, if Sesshomaru can see it, can't you teach Inuyasha to see it, too?
Totosai: It is impossible to teach. Inuyasha must discover it within himself. And if doesn't not discover it in time, then he will surely die.

Kagome: You did it, Inuyasha! You discovered Tetsusaiga's secret and now you can master it.
Shippo: So does that mean Sesshomaru is dead?
Miroku: Most likely. I don't know how he could have survived. He received a direct blow from the fully empowered Tetsusaiga.
Totosai: I didn't see Inuyasha make a direct blow. All he did was widely swing his sword around because his eyes were blinded with poison.
Inuyasha: What are you trying to say?
Totosai: Listen, Inuyasha. You've uncovered the Wind Scar, I'll give you that much. But it now means that you now know what you're brother knows. You're still not his equal, and now he's even more formidable than he was before.
Miroku: You referred to him as though he were still alive.
Totosai: Sesshomaru is still alive, and even though he despises the Tenseiga, it protected his life.
Sango: It protected his life?
Shippo: Do you mean that Sesshomaru is still around somewhere?
(Totosai continues banging Tetsusaiga's blade with a hammer)
Totosai: Inuyasha, when you used the Wind Scar against Sesshomaru, you didn't feel it strike him, did you?
Kagome: Is that true, Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: Hard to say. I was blinded. His body felt like it disintegrated in the blast from the Tetsusaiga. I didn't pulverize him or nothing. He just sort of disappeared...evaporated.
Totosai: Tenseiga protected Sesshomaru from the power and might of Tetsusaiga. It acted on its own accord.
Kagome: It has a will of its own?
Sango: And here Sesshomaru calls Tenseiga a useless sword. And despised it as his birthright.
Miroku: Tenseiga is the sword of life. And when Sesshomaru's life is in danger, despite his dark soul, the Tenseiga choose to save him. And that is what makes him invincible.
Totosai: So how do you defeat a foe like that? I wouldn't know how to. It's beyond me.

Sesshomaru: Blood. Blood, and the smell of wolves. I recognize this blood.

[He and Jaken follow the scent through the woods until they find Rin's corpse]

Jaken: What is that? Phew, she's a gonner, that's for sure! She must've been attacked by wolves; look at the teeth markings! Do you recognize this pathetic human?

[Sesshomaru stares down at Rin, remembering her smile. He draws Tenseiga]

Jaken: What?! What are you doing, Sire?

[As Tenseiga's blade pulses, Sesshomaru sees Underworld heralds approaching Rin's body]

Sesshomaru: Interesting. I can see them. They are from the Underworld... I'll do another test. I'll use the Tenseiga.
Jaken: Another test?! What are you doing, Sire? What are you doing?

[Sesshomaru cuts down the heralds with Tenseiga, then picks Rin up. After a moment, he gasps as her heart starts beating; Rin opens her eyes.]

Jaken: She came back to life! Lord Sesshomaru, you resurrected that human girl with the power of Tenseiga?! [Sesshomaru sets Rin down and begins walking away] Huh? Hello? Lord Sesshomaru? Lord Sesshomaru saving a human girl is surprising enough. But then again, more importantly, didn't Lord Sesshomaru just say he was going to test the power of the Tenseiga once again? Th-That would mean I was cut down with no guarantee for survival! [bursts into tears] And to think I've devoted myself to you, all these years! Lord Sesshomaru, it's so unfair! Why'd you do it, I can't understand it- huh?! [notices Rin and Sesshomaru are ahead of him and races to catch up] Lord Sesshomaru, wait, I'm coming!
Sesshomaru: [thinking] Huh. Tenseiga... you compelled me to save a human life today.

Kagome Kidnapped by Koga, the Wolf-Demon! [Episode 37]

Koga: How dare you! Why did you slaughter my pack of wolves!!?
Kagome (thinking): Three shards! He has one on his right arm, and one in each leg. Inuyasha, be careful! He has three shards-!
Inuyasha: So you're the one controlling this bloodthirsty pack!
Koga: And you're their executioner!? Damn you all for murdering my underlings!! You'll pay with your lives!!
Inuyasha: Go on! Try it! How many innocent people have you and your pack killed!!?

Kagome: Inuyasha, watch out!! He's using the power of the Sacred Jewel!! They're on his legs and right arm!
Koga (thinking): She can tell?
Inuyasha: Why didn't you say so earlier!? I thought you were acting pretty tough, but it's only because you got Jewel shards! You haven't got any power on your own, do ya!?

Miroku: It seems like every time we travel in the direction, in which Kagome detects a Sacred Jewel shard, we come across another village that has been completely annihilated. The battle to claim the Sacred Jewel shards has wrought nothing but tragedy. And countless innocent villagers have lost their lives because of it.
Inuyasha: So what?
Miroku: So what? So while I believe it is worthwhile venture to take possession of the Jewel shards before Naraku or any other demon can, I cannot approve of your seeking the fragments to become a full-fledged demon. That is all I'm saying.
Inuyasha: Don't start that again! You're not winning points for persistence. I'm goin' to become a full-fledged demon, no matter what anyone says! So don't try to stop me!

Miroku (thinking): The power of the Sacred Jewel can used for good or evil. But think things through carefully, Inuyasha. In all of our travels together, have you ever heard of anyone who found happiness through the power of the Sacred Jewel? No good will come of it. It is a power fueled by darkness and blood.

Koga (thinking): That girl has the power to see the Sacred Jewel shards. I could put her skills to very good use.

Koga: This woman is off limits! I'll kill anyone who tries to take a bite!
Kagome(thinking): Oh, I get it. He kidnapped me because I can see the Sacred Jewel shards. So he needs me. That means I'm safe for a little bit longer.

Kagome: And even your no match for them?
Koga: That's just it. One of the birds of paradise possesses a Sacred Jewel shard, and now he's even faster than we are. A few weeks ago, he killed fifty of our wolves in one fell swoop. It's gotta be the power of the Sacred Jewel. At this rate, I'm afraid our packs will be wiped out completely. So we need to restore the balance of power somehow.
Kagome: So your pack is in danger and that's why you need me to find which bird has the shard.

The Man Who Fell in Love with Kagome [Episode 38]

Koga: She risked her life to save her friend. She's loyal. I'm gonna make you my woman.
Kagome: Huh?

Koga: I don't get why you like him.
Kagome (thinking): What am I saying? Talk about denial. Come on, Kagome. Inuyasha's in love with Kikyo.

Koga: Kagome, can you see which one of them has the Jewel shard?
Kagome: I can't concentrate while your fighting.
(Detects the Jewel fragment nearby)
Kagome: Up there! It's right ahead of us! Up on that cliff.

Shippo: You killed that giant bird of paradise in one swing.
Miroku: You certainly mastered the Wind Scar.
Inuyasha: Yeah well. I certainly gotten rid of the pigeon from Hell. Now there's that fleabag wolf to deal with it

Two Hearts, One Mind [Episode 39]

Sango: [examining the Bone-Eater's Well] It looks like an ordinary old well. Yet, this passage connects to Kagome's world?
Shippo: Yep, but the only ones who are able to travel through the well, are Kagome and Inuyasha. He's the only one who can go back and get Kagome, but that stubborn dolt is too proud to ever do that! He'd cut off his nose to spite his face!

[Elsewhere, Inuyasha sneezes]

Inuyasha: Everybody's takin' a shot at me today, I can feel it! My ears are burning.
Kaede: Inuyasha, stupid is as stupid does. Ye need to learn, to be more careful with your speech.
Inuyasha: Are you calling me stupid, you old hag?! What do you know about it, you weren't even there-
Kaede: I know this, ungrateful dog: In order to find the Sacred Jewel shards, Kagome's spiritual power is essential, yet ye made her upset with your words and sent her running home.
Inuyasha: That was her idea!! I didn't tell her to! She said "I'm going home, stupid!!"
Kaede: [gives him a look]...Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Yeah, what?
Kaede: That imitation was pathetic.

[Inuyasha falls backward off the fence in disbelief]

Inuyasha: I'm a demon, not a comedian!

Kagome (thinking): Now that I think about it, Inuyasha did come all that way to rescue me from the wolves. And instead of saying "thank you", I turned around and let Koga escape. No wonder he was so upset.

Yumi: Maybe he's moody and jealous because he's unsure about your feelings for him?
Kagome: If that were true I'd be thrilled. But the deal is, he's still totally hung over his first girlfriend, and doesn't have time of date for me. (thinking) Wait a minute. That doesn't make sense. If he didn't have time to date for me, then he wouldn't get jealous. Especially since he's still hung up over Kikyo.

Trapped in a Duel to the Death [Episode 40]


Kagome: I think it's this way. I can sense the Sacred Jewel shards.
Miroku: See how helpful Kagome is? She's the only one with that ability.

Kagura: That makes things easier for me in the long run. The Sacred Jewel shards make demons even stronger, don't they? What an utterly enticing object. You're planning to lure them here with this? But why? You can conjure them without all this.

Wolf-Demon: There it is, Brothers! The castle full of Sacred Jewel shards!
2nd Wolf-Demon: When the castle guards appear, don't hesitate! Kill them all!

Miroku: It looks like we were set up. This is one of Naraku's tricks. It was his poisonous insects that led us here in the first place. The demon-wolf tribe were enticed here, too, and then they were quickly slaughtered.
Sango: Koga came to rescue his comrades to find Inuyasha covered in their blood.

Kagome: Strange light. Is that the glow from the Jewel shard? No. It's darker and the energy is warped. Then what's it a fragment of?

The Deadly Trap of Kagura, the Wind Sorceress [Episode 41]

Miroku: Naraku sure has a love for these elaborate setups.
Sango: He has the short-tempered ones fight outside, and then he has using dealing with this demon-puppet? What does he take us for!?
Miroku: We mustn't let our guard down. We're in Naraku's castle. Who knows what raps are set?
Sango: It's been one trap after another! I'm getting tired of these deceptions!

Kagura: The Jewel shard in your arm has finally released its poison. Now it's time for you to die.
(she hits Koga with her Dance of Blades, bringing him to his knees)
Kagura: You are unable to move. That Sacred Jewel shard in your arm is an imitation, made from a crystallized poison and paralyzing miasma. That leaping around made your blood flow faster, and sped up the spread of the poison. Now that you are paralyzed, I shall help myself to your true Jewel shards.
(Kagome fires a sacred arrow but Kagura shields herself with the dead wolf-demons)
Kagura: That must be the sacred arrow.

Inuyasha: I won't let you hurt, Kagome. I'm the one you should be coming after, not her.
Kagura: Still alive, are we now? Wolf boy, it appears you didn't complete the job.
Koga (weakly): Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: Heh. If you think that mangy wolf could do me in.
Kagura: Oh, please forgive me. Then you are up to a duel with me?
Inuyasha: I warn you: You're not gonna die quickly. Tainting me with eh blood of the wolf-demons, and setting that fool on me was unforgivable. But even more infuriating is the reek of Naraku that cloaks you.
Koga: Naraku?
Inuyasha: Just the thought of that beast gives me the strength enough to move my wounded body.

Kagome: It wasn't your fault. Naraku tricked you, Koga! Inuyasha had no desire to settle things this way. Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: It seems we were both deceived by Naraku's scheme. If you can hang on to life, there is a way to save you. Hold out your arm! I will cut it and the counterfeit Jewel shard!
Kagome: No! There must be another way! Don't just hack the guy's arm off, Inuyasha!
Shippo: Wait a minute! We can't touch the poison barrier. But, Kagome, isn't the sacred arrow able to break the barrier?

Sango: The sorceress had a spider mark on her back, as does Naraku! What strange connection could the two of them have?
Miroku: It seems she shares a secret with Naraku. Mysterious...

Kagura's Dance and Kanna's Mirror [Episode 42]

Kagome: (as she tends to Inuyasha's wounds) So you're suggesting that this Kagura woman might have been born from Naraku?
Miroku: I'm saying that we have to consider it a possibility.
Kagome: Come on!
Shippo: That's impossible- Naraku's a man! How could a man give birth to a woman?
Miroku: Naraku himself was created from a host of various demons. What if one of them was torn from his body?
Kagome: Good point- and she couldn't have been Naraku in disguise, seeing as she knew so little about us!
Miroku: (folds his arms) In any case, whatever her story might be, if she's been created by Naraku then I'm not interested in her.
Kagome: (smirking) Well, it's not like you're gonna go out with her!
Shippo: (annoyed) Could you try and stay focused please, Miroku?
[Flashback of Inuyasha's battle with Kagura]
Inuyasha: The woman had the same scent as Naraku- and the burn scar on her back was the same as his! Still, don't you think it's strange? For a woman, this Kagura possessed unusual strength. If Naraku could create someone like her-
Sango: Right. Why wouldn't he have done so much earlier?
Miroku: That's the point. It's not that he didn't choose to do it-
Sango: He wasn't able to before!
Kagome: Meaning, Naraku has recently gained some kind of new powers?

[Naraku sits in his castle, with Kagura before him]
Naraku:... With the blows that you received from Tetsusaiga, I was able to comprehend the power of Inuyasha's sword. Go forth now, Kagura. Your sister, Kanna... has already been dispatched.

Inuyasha: (concerning Koharu) I hope you understand our position, Miroku- we can't take that girl with us!
Miroku: (sighs) I know.
Sango: Still, we cannot simply abandon the orphan child.
Miroku: True enough. Perhaps she can accompany us until we find a suitable family that can take the girl in.
Sango: (dryly) At the least- seeing it was you that asked her to bear your children.
Miroku: Oh, that. I ask the same question every single time I meet a new girl.
Sango: Every girl except one maybe. (pause, Miroku jumps in front of her and clasps her hand in his)
Miroku: Sango, would you consider bearing my-
Sango: Spare me, would ya?!

Miroku: Inuyasha, the villagers are clearly under someone's spell! We must not harm them!
Inuyasha: (angrily) I know that! (punches two of the villagers and knocks them back) We ain't gettin' anywhere!
Kagura: (smirks) You fools are so pathetic. (Miroku and Inuyasha turn to face her) You would've done well to slay them all- that way, they wouldn't keep coming after you!
Miroku: Kagura!
Inuyasha: Not you again!
Kagura: Then again, I suppose if you were capable of slaying them, you would've already done so.
Inuyasha: Are you the one who's possessed these villagers?!
Kagura: I am. A mortal with no soul is no different from a dead man.
Inuyasha: "Mortal with no soul?"
Kagura: (raises her fan) Your friend Kagome is having the soul sucked out of her, even as we speak.
Inuyasha: (enraged) You witch!
Miroku: That must mean that there's a second demon here, with Kagura!
Kagura: (opens her Tessen fan) Inuyasha, unsheathe your Tetsusaiga! This time, victory shall be mine!
Inuyasha: (thinking) Kagome.
Kagura: (mockingly) What ails you, Inuyasha? Don't tell me you're afraid?
Inuyasha; (grits his teeth) Miroku, go back to the house and help the girls.
Miroku: Of course I will- but, what about you?
Inuyasha: You know what. (draws Tetsusaiga) I'm stayin' here to finish this witch off!
Kagura: Dance of Blades!
(she fires her Dance of Blades attack at Inuyasha, who deflects it with Tetsusaiga)
Inuyasha: Go now, Miroku!
Miroku: (runs towards the house) I'm on my way!
Kagura: Your help will arrive too LATE!!
(fires another attack)

The Wind Scar Fails [Episode 43]

[Kanna has trapped most Kagome's soul inside the void of her magic mirror]
Kanna: How strange- I cannot subdue her soul. (to Kagome) Still, you are unable to move, are you not? (steps towards her) I desire the shard of the Sacred Jewel that you possess. Give it to me.

[As Kanna reaches for the shard, Kagome unexpectedly sits up, aiming an arrow at her]

Shippo: Miroku, look! Inuyasha is wielding his Tetsusaiga- he'll cut through the Wind Scar!
Miroku: I must stop him. He does not yet know about the second demon, the soul-thieving apparition. Sango's weapon was thrown back at her, and the Wind Scar will be hurled back at Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: I see it!
Kagura: (sneering) I allowed you to see it!
Inuyasha: The Wind Scar!
Kagura: You wish to slice through it, I imagine?
Inuyasha: You are mine! (he launches the Wind Scar attack)
Kagura: (laughs coldly) Now, perish!

[At the last minute, Kagura spins around, revealing Kanna right behind her. Kanna uses her mirror to absorb and reflect the Wind Scar back]

Inuyasha: What?! (he is blasted by his own attack) Arrrgggh!

[he crashes to the ground, stunned and severely injured]

Miroku and Shippo: Inuyasha!

[A dark cyclone of miasma forms overhead; it touches down behind Kagura and Kanna. When it lifts, Naraku steps forward]

Miroku: It's him! Naraku!
Naraku: (chuckles) That was indeed simple enough. I came, so that I could ask you in person how it felt to have your own power turned against you- and very easily, I might add.
Miroku: (sarcastically, stepping in front of Inuyasha) I am indeed honored by your presence, Naraku- I rather expected a demon puppet. You are a coward who never sullies his own hands, who knows only how to lay traps! You must have been falsely confident, or else you would not have dared to show your face!

[he removes the rosary from his right forearm]

Naraku: (Calmly) The Wind Tunnel? You are free to draw anything into your void. (glances at Kanna's mirror) But, surely, even you could not be that foolish, monk.
Miroku: (thinking) The souls of Kagome and the villagers are locked within that mirror! (he reluctantly wraps the rosary back around his forearm]
Naraku: My course of action was simple: I created Wind and Void to act as incarnations of myself. And yet, witness the damage I was able to inflict!
Miroku: (thinking) Incarnations? So, my suspicions were correct. Naraku's power has increased drastically if he is capable of this level of sorcery! We have fought Kagura, the Wind sorceress, before. And this other, she is... "Void?" That is why we could not sense its evil; it has no presence! It's no wonder the situation went unnoticed until it was too late!

Kagura: (opens her fan) Have we not spoken long' enough? Shall we take Inuyasha's head along with us as a trophy (Naraku glares at her) No? Did you not want to tell that woman that Inuyasha had been slain? I was under the impression that this was what you desired.
Naraku: True enough. It was only through her cooperation that I was able to create you, and Kanna. What emotions would rise on her face if I were to show her Inuyasha's head, I wonder?

[Naraku reaches into his robe and withdraws a near-complete Shikon Jewel]

Miroku: (thinking) How can that be?! Naraku's sacred Jewel fragment is nearly whole!
Naraku: You suggested earlier, that I do everything to avoid sullying my own hands. Even the mightiest are inferior to someone. A woman attempted to use me, so that I would murder Inuyasha for her.
Miroku: A woman? (realizes, with shock) You don't mean-?!
Naraku: (chuckles) She is some piece of work, that Kikyo.
Inuyasha: (thinking) Ki- Kikyo?! (groans in pain)
Shippo: Inuyasha- you're alive! Thank the heavens!
Naraku: Kikyo personally handed this Sacred Jewel shard to me, of her own free will.
Inuyasha: (thinking) Kikyo...
Kagura: (raises her fan) She wishes to gaze upon your face... after you're good and DEAD!

[she fires her Dance of Blades attack]

Miroku: Shippo, stay down!

[he deflects the attack with his staff, but is still blasted backward]

Shippo: Miroku!
Kagura: Now, give me your head!

[She fires another Dance of Blades at Inuyasha, but a Sacred Arrow suddenly hits the ground in front of him and deflects the attack; Kagome appears, riding on Kirara's back]

Shippo: That's Kagome's arrow! Kagome!
Kagura: (angrily) Her again?! You failed me, Kanna! Why did you not steal her soul?!
Naraku: (thinking, observing Kanna's mirror) Her soul is spilling out of the mirror. Does this girl really possess such an enormous soul?

Kagome: (thinking) How did this happen? How did Naraku get a hold of the Sacred Jewel Shard? (she has a flashback of her last encounter with Kikyo) It is the very same shard that Kikyo stole away from me! (pause) Was it her that gave it to Naraku? Those shards that we worked so hard to collect, one by one... did Kikyo give them to Naraku?! Even so, even after she committed such a vile act, Inuyasha still loves her- even though he's this badly wounded, he cannot forget her.
Naraku: Woman, pass this message on to Inuyasha: If he must hate someone, hate Kikyo. For the only thing she desires... is Inuyasha's death.
Kagome: (angrily, drawing an arrow) I'm tired of hearing your voice! You make me sick! (notches her arrow) Take this!
Shippo: Don't do it, Kagome! It'll fire back at you, exactly like the Tetsusaiga did!
Kagome: I guarantee it won't! my arrow only strikes evil!

[She fires the arrow at Kanna. Kanna raises her mirror to reflect it, but instead the arrow sinks into the mirror]

Miroku: The arrow!
Shippo: The arrow is starting to pierce the mirror!
Kanna: (examines the mirror, puzzled) The arrow went through. It didn't deflect.
Kagura: (angrily) What's going on?! Why did it not strike back at her?!
Kanna:... I understand. The arrow is made up of souls. The mirror is entirely filled. Unless the souls are released, the mirror will burst.
[A crack appears in the mirror. Kanna raises it and releases all the souls she has captured, including Kagome's and Koharu's.]

Inuyasha: (thinking) Kikyo handed over the sacred Jewel shard to Naraku. Kikyo, who had died once, then rose again, with a body of clay. Kikyo, who despises me- who tried to murder Kagome. (pause) Where are you... my Kikyo?

Tetsusaiga Breaks [Episode 44]

Kikyo: Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Kikyo, tell me what's going on! Is it true that you gave Naraku those fragments of the Sacred Jewel that you stole from Kagome!?
Kikyo: Yes, I did. To cast Naraku into oblivion.
Inuyasha: What's that supposed to mean? Naraku's already a lot stronger than he used to be. and he's created two incarnations of himself: Kagura of the Wind, and Kanna of the Void.

Kagura (thinking): So, Inuyasha and that Kikyo woman know each other.
(Flashes back to what Naraku had commanded her to do)
Naraku: Kagura, fellow Kikyo and find out what's up to. She cannot be trusted.

Kikyo: She escaped. Inuyasha, Naraku will only grow stronger and stronger. You mustn't allow him to kill you. Until I am able to cast both Naraku, and the Shikon Jewel from this world. Your life belongs to me. No one else will have you.
(Vanishes with her soul-collectors)
Inuyasha: Kikyo.

Kagome: You saw Kikyo, didn't you!? It's written all over your face! Inuyasha, you can't even look me in the eye. Just like always.
Inuyasha: Look, it wasn't some kind of tryst or anything.
Kagome (thinking): So he did see her. come on! I figured that much out for myself, Stupid!
Miroku (thinking): Here we go again. Mind you, I don't understand why he doesn't want to go into the details. So did you find out the truth?
Inuyasha: Hmm?
Miroku: Did you discover whether Naraku lied when he said that Kikyo gave him the Sacred Jewel?
Inuyasha: Yeah.
Miroku: So it's true then. She made a pact with Naraku!
Inuyasha: Never!! I don't know what Kikyo intends to do, but I think that...Kagome's leaving. Now what's her problem?

Kagome (thinking): Inuyasha was almost fatally injured. All because Kikyo gave Naraku the Sacred Jewel, and he still defends her! Inuyasha, you're such a fool!

Kaijimbo's Evil Sword [Episode 45]

Rin: I beat you!
Jaken: Oh, you fool, we weren't in a race!
Rin: Look at that, Master Jaken! It's a slain demon, just as Lord Sesshomaru explained to us!
Jaken: Who on earth could have done this?
Sesshomaru: Inuyasha. [emerges from the mist behind them]
Jaken: Oh! Lord Sesshomaru!
Sesshomaru: Inuyasha did this, although I doubt he was able to escape unscathed.

[he lifts Goshinki's severed head off the ground, causing Rin to scream]

Sesshomaru: [thinking] I can smell it, from the demon's fangs: the scent of Tetsusaiga. Hm. So I was right: these fangs broke the sword in half. [aloud]

[he walks away, while Rin continues screaming]

Jaken: We're taking the head with us?!
Sesshomaru: Enough of that, Rin. Stop it.
Rin: [abruptly stops screaming, bows] Yes, my Lord!
Sesshomaru (thinking) The scent in the wind has told me what transpired here. But one thing baffles me: the scent of Inuyasha's blood has changed. It is not the smell of a half-demon. Inuyasha's blood has the same scent as my blood... and, of our father's.

(In his home, Totosai is bawling his head off over the broken haves of Tetsusaiga)
Totosai: Only a simpleton would have allowed this to happen!! What has this fool done to you, my precious Tetsusaiga!?
Inuyasha: Yeah, yeah!! Now can you stop bawling and start fixing my sword!!?
Totosai: Listen, youngster, it's not that simple!
Inuyasha: You mean you can't fix it!?
Totosai: I am a master sword-smith. I can repair it over the course of three days.

Sesshomaru: Allow me to explain something, Kaijinbo. This sword, Tenseiga, was forged by the same master who banished you. And the fangs of the demon I lay before also broke Tetsusaiga, a sword that also forged by Totosai.
Kaijinbo: Incredible. Yes. These fangs will form a powerful sword.

Shippo: Totsai, I hope you made Tetsusaiga a lot stronger than it was before.
Totosai: Perhaps a little.
Kagome: A little isn't enough.

Sesshomaru Wields Tokijin [Episode 46]

Jaken: [to Sesshomaru] That fool Kaijinbo! Where in the world could he have gotten to with your sword?!
Rin: Lord Sesshomaru! [laughs, runs toward him]
Sesshomaru: Stop, Rin. Do not move.

[Rin freezes. Sesshomaru leaps over her head and cuts down two trees with his claws; Kagura jumps out from behind them, landing on the grass nearby.]

Sesshomaru: A woman?
Jaken: [sniffs] I know that scent! She smells much like the strange beast that offered to lend you the severed human arm- the demon that disguised himself with the baboon pelt! His wretched plan took us to Hell and back! Curse him! Your arm was almost burned off, and I was beaten to a pulp by that monk! Ugh- simply recalling that incident makes me ill.
Sesshomaru: I recall the scent. It is the same as the beast that attempted to trap me, the one who is known as Naraku.
Kagura: [smiles] So, you must be Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru. You're very clever. I am Kagura, the Wind Sorceress... an incarnation of Naraku.
Sesshomaru: "Incarnation?"
Kagura: Correct. Sesshomaru, the fangs you delivered to Kaijinbo to make your sword were those of a demon called Goshinki. Like me, he was also created from Naraku.
Sesshomaru: All very interesting, but did you search me out just to tell me this?
Kagura: [smiles, opens her fan] Hmm...Can you not detect its' scent? Tokijin reeks of Goshinki's aura. It is closer than you think. [A windstorm encircles them, and she flies away] You are the sword's rightful owner.
Jaken: I am not sorry to see her leave so soon! I don't believe I've ever seen such an arrogant woman!
Sesshomaru: [notices Rin is still standing still] Rin, you're free to move now.
Rin: [relaxes] Yes, my Lord!
Jaken: Speaking of strange women...

[Sesshomaru has disarmed, wounded and defeated Inuyasha with Tokijin]

Sesshomaru: I've seen all that I needed. [advances] DIE!
Miroku: Look out, Inuyasha! He's coming for you!

[As Sesshomaru charges, Inuyasha slumps into a crouch. The wind blows his scent towards Sesshomaru, who suddenly freezes]

Sesshomaru: [thinking] This scent again!

[Inuyasha raises his head, snarling in feral rage, revealing that he has transformed]

Kagome Higurashi: Inuyasha! [Thinking] Oh, no! He's transformed again!

[Sesshomaru resumes his advance]

Totosai: You people need to take Inuyasha and flee from here!

[He breathes a column of fire across the field, stopping Sesshomaru]

Sesshomaru: Totosai...
Sango: Inuyasha!
Miroku: Kagome, now!
Kagome Higurashi: Sit!

[The sound of Inuyasha hitting the ground is heard. Sesshomaru glimpses the group fleeing with him through the flames. As they finally dissipate, Jaken approaches him]

Jaken: But my Lord, why did you not go after him? He was in the palm of your hands! Master Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru (thinking)To think that he made me, Sesshomaru, tremble with fear for even a moment. Inuyasha, in that instant...

[Kagura watches him from behind a tree.]

Kagura: [thinking] He's strong. He might even be able to kill Naraku. Hmm [Smiling, she flies away] Naraku holds my life in his hands, but I have no intention of remaining a servant forever to the likes of him. I am the wind. One day, I shall be free!

Onigumo's Heart Still Beats within Naraku [Episode 47]

Naraku: (thinking) I could finish off a woman like that any time I wanted to. But maybe the reason I can't, is because the heart of Onigumo still beats within me, and he coveted Kikyo's love above all things in this world. [clenches his fist] Onigumi's heart... such a shallow, evil, criminal man. He was unable to move, and yet yearned for Kikyo to such a degree, that he offered his body up to a host of be reborn as myself. It's that fool of a mortal's heart that still aches for Kikyo... and it has begun to affect me. Heh...Nonsense! You greatly underestimate me, Kikyo. For I, Naraku, am nothing like Onigumo. [glances at the Shikon Jewel] Now that the Sacred Jewel is nearly restored to its glory, I find Onigumo's heart useless and rather unnecessary.

Inuyasha: [staring at the Sacred Tree] Over fifty years...
Kikyo: What's that? What are you thinking, Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: I was thinking, we really haven't changed much considering fifty years have passed.
Kikyo: Don't talk nonsense! I've changed a lot... since that time, long ago, when I sealed you to this tree we're under.
Inuyasha: It was because of Naraku's deceptions that we hated each other. So much that you trapped me here, for fifty years. And then you died. Kikyo, be honest: have I changed? [pause] Before I knew of Naraku's existence, there was no doubt that I burned with resentment over what you'd done to me. But then you told me, that my life was yours. And... yours is mine.
Kikyo: [starts, then covers it with a chuckle] It seems you're not so different from Naraku, after all.
Inuyasha: You're saying... I'm the same as Naraku?!
Kikyo: Deep within Naraku, Onigumo's heart beats, and still yearns for my touch.
Inuyasha: Onigumo's heart?
Kikyo: He desired me. And having me kill you, with my own two hands... was something that he dreamed about. It was something that the jealous heart of Onigumo schemed for.
Inuyasha: He was jealous? Over something so ridiculous?
Kikyo: Yes. Ridiculous. But, that's... what mortals are.
Inuyasha: [thinking] Onigumo's heart remains inside Naraku! [aloud] Wait, Kikyo: does Naraku have feelings for you too, now?
Kikyo: He is reluctant to admit it... but I am certain that he has a lingering desire for me. And in an effort to ease that feeling, he's trying to get rid of me.

Return to the Place Where We First Met [Episode 48]


Kaede: Inuyasha, are ye really sure ye want to go through with this?
Inuyasha: Oh, come on, Kaede. Do I have to hear it from you, too?
Kaede: Remember that the Kikyo ye speak of now, is conjured up from earth and bones. Ye wish to be with someone, who's not of this world!
Inuyasha: [thinking] Her body may be different, but her spirit still remains.
Kaede: Do ye fully appreciate the implications?! The two of ye can never be together, in this world. Deep down, what this resurrected Kikyo wants is for both of ye to die together.
Inuyasha: That's fine. I am prepared to leap into Hell with Kikyo, if that is her wish. [thinking] If that's to be our destiny, I'd embrace it without a second thought.

Kagome: [staring into the Bone-Eater's Well] I have to return the Sacred Jewel Shards. But I can't; I don't want to. I'm afraid. Once I give these back... I won't be able to see Inuyasha again.
Inuyasha: [in Kagome's imagination] I'm sorry, Kagome. I've decided to go with Kikyo.
Kagome: Don't tell me that! It's just too... How could you?! [clenches her fist] I wish Kikyo would disappear from our lives forever! [gasps] No... have I really turned into such a horrible person? It's true; right now, I probably have a horrible look on my face! I can't let Inuyasha see me like this [she leaves the shrine, not looking where she is walking, then pulls out the Shikon shards] These shards?

[she notices she has stopped in front of the Goshinboku Tree]

Kagome: The Sacred Tree. Yes, this tree... of course. This is where Inuyasha was sealed, five hundred years ago. This is the very spot where I first met Inuyasha!

[She flashes back to her original encounter with Inuyasha, and all their subsequent adventures.]

Kagome: Inuyasha... Inuyasha! [crouches and begins crying, quietly] Why'd I ever meet him? If I knew it was gonna hurt this much, I wish I'd never laid eyes on him. But I want to see him; I can't deny it. I want to see Inuyasha, once more! [stands up] It's clear, now... I must be in love with him. Before I knew it, I'd grown to love him so much.

Inuyasha: [thinking] No... there's no way I can ask her to come back. Kagome understands that perfectly. I've gotta see her, and say goodbye forever... or I can't move on. Huh?

[He reaches the Bone-Eater's Well, only to find Kagome already there.]

Inuyasha: ...Kagome? [she glances at him]
Kagome: I went back to the present, and thought it over. Wondering about you and Kikyo... and about me.
Inuyasha: [flinches] Kagome, I'm so...
Kagome: It's okay. I understand how you feel, and because of that, I convinced myself that I couldn't stay here with you.
Inuyasha: Kagome... until I met you, I never trusted a living soul, but... I watched you shed tears for my sake. You've always stayed by my side. Whenever I'm with you, I feel so peaceful and happy. But, I- I'm not supposed to be all at ease, and cheerful. Kikyo... Kikyo came after me, and lost her life. It's only right that I repay her with my own life.
Kagome: [nods] I can't compete with Kikyo. Because, after all, I'm still alive. I've given a lot of thought about Kikyo. She and I are completely different. There's been all this talk, that I'm a reincarnation of her. Even if that's true, I'm still not Kikyo. You see, my heart belongs to me. Here's the thing: I do understand one feeling that Kikyo has. Something that we share. We're alike, in our desire to be with you again.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Kagome: [smiles] Strange, you know? The moment it hit me that Kikyo and I were connected by this desire to be with you, I felt a little bit better. The desire to be with you, gives us a common bond. That's how I was able to summon up the courage to come and see you.
Inuyasha: [thinking] Kagome... all this time, I've been wanting to see you, too, but...
Kagome: I want to be here with you, Inuyasha. I tried to forget you but I can't.
Inuyasha: [thinking] Kagome... what kind of answer can I give you?
Kagome: Inuyasha, may I ask you a simple question? [stands, approaches him] Inuyasha, will you let me stay?
Inuyasha: ...So... you'll stay with me? [Kagome smiles and nods]
Kagome: [thinking] I can never break the bond, between Inuyasha and Kikyo. I understand that. But there's another thing I've come to realize, Inuyasha. My meeting you was no coincidence. It's more than that. Deep down, you must know that I want you to live.
Inuyasha: Kagome...
Kagome: [takes his hand] Well then. Let's go. [thinking] I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don't know what exactly, I'll be able to do for you. [Inuyasha squeezes her hand] But I'll always be by your side.

Kohaku's Lost Memory [Episode 49]


That Unforgettable Face [Episode 50]

Sango: What choice do I have but to trust my younger brother!?

Kagura: Inuyasha, why do you think Kohaku has lost his memory?
Inuyasha: It's obvious! 'Cause Naraku's controlling him!
Kagura: That's part of it. But it's also because Kohaku himself doesn't want to remember. Such awful memories.
Sango: That's enough!! Don't say anymore in front of Kohaku!!

Kagura: I'd think twice about letting this boy remember everything. His past truly would destroy him. Let the lad die in peace, freed from all those terrible memories.

Inuyasha's Soul, Devoured! [Episode 51]

Bokuseno: Do you seek information regarding the Tetsusaiga, your father's heirloom sword? Or, perhaps...
Rin: A tree-demon!
Jaken: Oh! Lord Sesshomaru, what's that?!
Sesshomaru: A two-thousand-year-old magnolia tree.
Jaken: I see.
Bokuseno: It is true. The sheaths of the swords, the Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga- passed down from Sesshomaru's father- were carved from my very own boughs.
Jaken: They were? (thinking) So, the sheaths for their swords came from this tree! They hold such strange powers- I can see why, after seeing this creature!
Sesshomaru: Bokuseno, perhaps you can explain the link to me... between Inuyasha and the Tetsusaiga.
Bokuseno: (surprised) Inuyasha? Your younger brother?
Sesshomaru: Inuyasha's blood has changed. The first time, was when a demon bit and broke the Tetsusaiga; the second time, he had let go of Tetsusaiga while fighting me.

[Flashback of Sesshomaru's previous battle with Inuyasha]

Sesshomaru: His scent wasn't that of a half-demon's. It was that of a pure demon's blood... like mine, and my father's.
Bokuseno: His had the same scent? (chuckles) I have my doubts.
Sesshomaru: What do you mean by that?
Bokuseno: Inuyasha is a half-demon, born between a demon and a human. He could never become a full-fledged demon. (pause) Sesshomaru, there is something that you, a pure-blooded demon, are capable of accomplishing, but which Inuyasha could never do.
Sesshomaru:... Go on.
Bokuseno: ... It is simple. I speak of protecting oneself.
Sesshomaru: "Protecting oneself?"
Bokuseno: Yes- in battle, for instance. (pause) If you find yourself in a hopeless situation, you are able to remain calm. You never loose control of yourself.
Sesshomaru: (scoffs) It wouldn't be possible for me to fall into such a desperate situation.
Bokuseno: (chuckles) No, I don't suppose you would. Inuyasha is another matter, however. If backed into a corner to the point where his life is in danger, his demon blood takes control of the body, and he transforms in order to save his life.
Sesshomaru: (to himself) That would explain his transformation.
Bokuseno: Unfortunately for Inuyasha, the pure demon blood of his father is too strong for a half-demon such as himself.
Sesshomaru: What will the outcome be?
Bokuseno: Well, in essence, the demon blood will devour his human soul. He will not be able to recognize himself. He will not be able to differentiate between friend or foe. He will simply kill... and, with repeated transformations, Inuyasha will eventually lose his soul. He will become a demon who only knows how to fight and kill... and he will continue to fight, until he is destroyed. (pause) I sincerely doubt that your father would have wished such a terrible fate upon his own son. That is why, he bequeathed Inuyasha the sword Tetsusaiga, to protect his soul.
Sesshomaru: (thinking) The Tetsusaiga protects him? So... If he releases the sword... he is doomed.

Gatenmaru: (chuckles) It's a poisonous cocoon. With continued exposure, you'll melt away, like those fools inside. (frowns as he stares into the cocoon where Inuyasha and Miroku are trapped) They haven't disintegrated! (smiles as he understands) Oh... so they've created a barrier on the inside.
Miroku: (projecting the barrier around them) Inuyasha, can you move at all?
Inuyasha: Of course I can move! I'll rip this stupid cocoon apart-

[He tries to move and gasps in pain, convulsing]

Miroku: Inuyasha!
Gatenmaru: (smirking) You are wasting your time; you are more or less paralyzed. The poison powder has entered your bloodstream already, through the wound in your torso. It will fester, slowly.

[Inuyasha's wound is shown foaming with poison]

Gatenmaru: Fetch the sword for me.
Bandit: Yes, sir! (he picks up Tetsusaiga)
Miroku: He's got your sword!
Bandit: Here you are, Chief!

[He holds out Tetsusaiga, but when Gatenmaru gasps it, Tetsusaiga's barrier burns his hand, causing him to drop it)

Gatenmaru: Arggh!
Miroku: (thinking) Tetsusaiga has rejected him!
Bandit: ...Chief?
Gatenmaru: (angrily) Little man, what is the meaning of this? Why does this sword reject me?!
Inuyasha: (sneers, weakly) I'll tell you about my Tetsusaiga: it's real choosy about its' user! And it would never let a low-class demon like you come anywhere near it!
Gatenmaru: Oh? Then, explain why this "low-class" bandit was capable of wielding the sword.
Bandit: (sheepishly) "Low-class bandit?" Come on, Chief! (Gatenmaru looks from him to Inuyasha)
Gatenmaru:... I see. Very interesting, little man; you're a half- demon. (cackles) How utterly amusing! A half-demon like you had the gall to pick a fight with me, the demon Gatenmaru!

The Demon's True Nature [Episode 52]

Gatenmaru: (notices Kagome) Ahh. A delectable-looking woman. Bring her to me.

[The bandits advance on Kagome, Sango, Kirara and Shippo]

Sango: Why, you-!
Bandit: Come quietly!
Miroku: Are you alright, Inuyasha?! (notices the slime from the cocoon is sinking towards them) Oh, no! The barrier's diminishing!

[Inuyasha growls in his throat; his heartbeat changes as his demon blood begins to take over. Sango and Kirara easily defeat several of the bandits, but the others corner Shippo, Kagome and two of the villagers]

Shippo: (standing in front of Kagome) What d'you want with her?!
Bandit: We're following the chief's orders! Hand the girl over!
Shippo: No way! You won't touch a hair on Kagome's head! (Sango and Kirara join them, and the bandits surround them)
Kagome: Sango!
Sango: (deflecting two men's swings with Hiraikotsu) There's too many of 'em!
Miroku: (notices the cocoon slime is scorching his staff) It's breaking up! The barrier won't hold out much longer! Argh! (the slime scorches his shoulder) Inuyasha, are you all right?! Hang on!!

[Inuyasha doesn't answer, but his heartbeat continues to change, his body pulsing with demonic energy]

Miroku: Inuyasha?! (to himself) What's happening?!

[Inuyasha raises his head, his eyes glowing red and full of feral rage; he has transformed.]

[Suddenly, the cocoon begins to shake until it explodes]

Bandits: What's this?!

[Miroku falls to the ground; Inuyasha leaps into the air, snarling]

Kagome: Inuyasha!
Gatenmaru: (annoyed) He ripped through my poison cocoon!

[Inuyasha descends upon the bandits, slashing brutally at them with his enlarged claws. He kills more than a dozen of them with only a few swings, his hands are soon covered with blood. Shippo looks on in horror, Kagome shields the eyes of the boy they rescued, also looking frightened]

Kagome: (thinking) Inuyasha...

[The remaining bandits back away from Inuyasha, terrified]

Shippo: Oh, no! Look at his face!
Kagome: He's transformed!

[Inuyasha turns to face Gatenmaru]

Gatenmaru: (chuckles) You amuse me, but the show is over! (transforms into his true form of a giant moth-demon) You are no more than a half-demon! You cannot defeat me, the demon Gatenmaru! DIE, LITTLE MAN!

[he uses his wings to blow a whirlwind of poison powder around Inuyasha, but Inuyasha leaps through the whirlwind and slashes off Gatenmaru's wing with his claws, causing him to fall to the ground. Inuyasha lands in front of him]

Gatenmaru: (thinking) Why does he carry the scent of pure demon blood?! (he blasts more cocoon-slime at Inuyasha) Hah! I melted him! He was merely a half-demon!
Inuyasha: You talkin' to me?! (Gatenmaru looks up to see Inuyasha descending towards him) Filthy VERMIN!

[he cuts Gatenmaru down. The remaining bandits flee in terror]

Inuyasha: (smiles savagely) You won't escape!
Kagome: (stares at him in horror) Inuyasha...

[Inuyasha battles Sesshomaru in full-demon form. Sesshomaru blasts him back, inflicting minor injuries, but Inuyasha continues to charge at him, not noticing]

Shippo: He's cut all over!
Kagome: Stop, already! Inuyasha!
Sesshomaru: (thinking) Inuyasha... you feel no fear. You know no pain. The demon blood coursing through your veins is taking over your soul. (Inuyasha slashes repeatedly at him, which Sesshomaru narrowly dodges) You don't even know who you are... and you will continue fighting until you die. I came in your pursuit to see if Bokuseno's words were true. (he leaps over Inuyasha and lands across from him) And now, little brother... I understand. You are not a full-fledged demon. All you are, is a half-breed.

[Inuyasha charges again, snarling]

Sesshomaru: (lunges, wielding Tokijin) Know your place in the world! A half-demon... should act like one. On your knees!

[The power of Tokijin halts Inuyasha's attack mid-leap; Inuyasha resists for several moments before he is blasted back, crashing to the ground]

Kagome: Ah! Inuyasha!

[She runs towards him, holding Tetsusaiga. As Sesshomaru advances, Kagome throws herself protectively over Inuyasha's body]

Kagome: Please stop!
Sesshomaru: He has finally been brought down. (approaches)
Kagome: (angrily, with tears in her eyes) Don't come any nearer!
Sango: Kagome, no!
Shippo: Kagome's in trouble!
Sesshomaru: If you wish him to stop, use Tetsusaiga to reverse the transformation. (Kagome looks surprised) Otherwise, he will continue to fight when he awakens.
Kagome: (thinking) I thought he wanted to kill Inuyasha!

[Miroku and Sango step between Sesshomaru and Kagome]

Miroku: (suspiciously) You could've finished him off earlier, if you'd wanted to. Instead, you merely held him off with your sword. Why did you stop at that? We all know you despise Inuyasha. I can't believe you've developed feelings for your brother.
Sesshomaru:... I will slay him... eventually. Why kill him now, when he doesn't know himself? There would be no point.

[he leaves]

Kagome: (thinking) It's almost as if he came to stop Inuyasha's violent behavior!

Inuyasha: (stares at the bandits' corpses)... Did I do this?

[the others stare at him]

Miroku: (thinking) Doesn't he remember?
Inuyasha: (stares grimly at his bloodstained hands)... Look at me. My claws absolutely reek of the scent of the bandits' blood.
Kagome: (thinking) The poor guy! (aloud) Inuyasha, you did it to save the innocent. That's why you attacked these bandits.

[The boy that they rescued tries to approach Inuyasha, but two of the village women pull him back]

1st Woman: No! He's a demon!
2nd Woman: If you get close, he'll rip you to pieces!
Kagome: (stares at them) You're wrong!

[Inuyasha stares at the villagers, noticing the fear in their eyes]

Boy: (pulls free) I don't care if he is a demon! He did everything in his power to save my Grandpa! He helped get rid of all the bad men!
Inuyasha: (thinking, clenching his fist) No... I hunted those men down. The demon that I wanted to become, the power that I desired... (hangs his head) It wasn't like this.

[Inuyasha scrubs his hands frantically in the river; Kagome watches him, concerned]

Inuyasha: (angrily, thinking) I can't get the smell of blood off my hands; it's sickening!

[He storms back to the shore and sits down; Kagome sits down next to him and offers him a towel]

Kagome: Here.
Inuyasha: (gruffly, looking away) Keep it. (long pause)... You don't have to force yourself to stay by me. (Kagome looks at him; after another pause, Inuyasha turns towards her) What's your problem?! You know, I wish you'd all stop pussyfooting around me, because I don't have a problem with what happened! I don't give a damn what I did!
Kagome: (quietly) Don't kid yourself. (Inuyasha blusters for a moment then turns away, looking depressed) It must be so hard on him

[Inuyasha is startled when she puts her hands on his shoulders and leans against him]

Kagome: Oh, Inuyasha... I know how you feel.
Inuyasha: Kagome... (holds her hand, thinking) I don't remember a thing, from when I was transformed. It wasn't like that before. The next time I transform... I may even come after you with these claws, Kagome.

Father's Old Enemy: Ryukotsusei [Episode 53]

Kagome: The Tetsusaiga suppresses the demon nature in you, Inuyasha. During the previous battle, Tetesuaiga was broken, awakening Inuyasha's demon blood. That's why you must never let go of the Tetsusaiga. Otherwise when his life is on the line, his demonic nature will take over.

Myoga: (terrified) M-Master Inuyasha, we don't stand a chance!
Inuyasha: Hah! Save it- this battle is just getting started!
Myoga: I already told you- it took everything in your father's power to render him dormant! More importantly, the wound inflicted upon your father during the battle was ultimately what killed him! (Inuyasha looks shocked)
Ryukotsusei: So... he perished, did he? And you are that wretch's son? Don't tell me you came to avenge him with that ridiculous little sword!
Inuyasha: Hah- Unfortunately, I don't even remember what my old man looked like. As if I would even care about avenging his death!
Myoga: (jumps onto Inuyasha's nose, furious) What?! How dare you say that! You've been saved countless times by the very sword that your father passed down to you!
Inuyasha: Stop interfering!
Myoga: (bursts into tears and leaps away) Traitorous son! I have nothing to do with you!
Inuyasha: (contemptuously) Right- I know you're just running away!
(Ryukotsusei slams him with his tail, throwing him into a cliff; he falls to the ground) Damn. (thinking) My fang was used to repair Tetsusaiga, and the reason it's so heavy is because I'm not as strong as my father was!
(grips Tetsusaiga and gets back on his feet)
Inuyasha: I know... I must somehow defeat Ryukotsusei, and surpass my father in power!

The Backlash Wave: Tetsusaiga's Ultimate Technique [Episode 54]

Totosai: He must use the bakuha or Backlash Wave.
Kagome: But Inuyasha can't even lift the Tetsusaiga, let alone use it. He can't master a new technique.

Inuyasha: Not only that. Watch this! I can unleash the Wind Scar any time I want!

Miroku: One victory and he thinks he's invincible.

Season Three (Episodes 55-82)


The Stone Flower and Shippo's First Love [Episode 55]

Shippo: So, Satsuki, don't you have any parents?
Satsuki: They passed away, years ago.
Shippo: Too bad.
Satsuki: It's okay, because I still have a big brother. He's gonna prove himself in the war and become a samurai; then, he's coming back for me!
Shippo: Huh? So, were those boys lying to you, before then? Your brother didn't die?
Satsuki: ...He's gonna come back home. Even if he is dead, he'll come back to life.
Shippo: Uhh... [starts edging away, looking alarmed]
Satsuki: Here, I'll show you something I've never shown to anyone before! It's my treasure, and it can make any wish come true! [she holds up a small fragment of purple crystal] Isn't it pretty? It's a Shikon Jewel shard, a precious gem sought by demons!
Shippo: [thinking, shocked] It's the Sacred Jewel!

[Satsuki has flashbacks of her brother giving her the shard before he went to war, telling her it grants wishes]

Satsuki: My brother would never lie to me.

Headman: Are you certain, Monk? Is my home indeed possessed by a demon?
Miroku: Yes, and we must exorcise it immediately. This is my duty as a man of the cloth; I expect no payment, Headman.
Headman: Absurd! You shall all be given a meal and a bed, tonight.
Inuyasha: Look at that guy- lying through his teeth again.
Kagome Higurashi: Shhh!
Mrioku: Hm? [he stops, and everyone bumps into him]
Inuyasha: What?!
Miroku: Shhh. [he indicates a thumping sound coming from the roof]
Kagome Higurashi: Earthquake?

[Miroku places an exorcism seal, forcing the demon out of the house; it flees.]

Sango: ...You mean there was a demon?
Kagome Higurashi: So, you didn't just make it up?
Inuyasha: Well, there's a first for everything.
Miroku: [turns around, irritably] Pardon me?!
Shippo: [running toward them] You guys! Kagome! [he jumps into her arms]
Kagome Higurashi: You found us! How did you know that we were here?
Shippo: [panting]...I figured, Miroku wouldn't waste any time exorcising the wealthiest-looking house in the village.

Temptress in the Mist [Episode 56]


Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part 1 [Episode 57]


Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part 2 [Episode 58]


The Beautiful Sister Apprentices [Episode 59]


The 50-Year-Old Curse of the Dark Priestess [Episode 60]

Kagura: Tell me. Do you still bear a grudge against Kikyo?
Tsubaki: Kikyo, you say?

Kaede: This is shikikami.

Kikyo and the Dark Priestess [Episode 61]

Tsubaki: What is this? This girl, Kagome? She is your reincarnation, is she not, Kikyo?
Kikyo: Tsubaki, I see that you have placed a curse on Kagome. Your powers will useless on the girl.
Tsubaki: Don't underestimate me. Kikyo, I have chanced since you last defeated me.
Kikyo: So I see. One glance tells me the entire account. Tsubaki, I know you sold your soul to a demon in exchange for youth.
Tsubaki: Clever girl. For youth and beauty, though.

(Flashback of fifty years ago)
Young Tsubaki: Ah. This youth and beauty. Some day I shall lose it. Is this the fate of all mortals? No. If I can take possession of the Sacred Jewel that Kikyo guards, then my beauty shall be eternal.
(Confronts Kikyo near the sakura trees)
Young Tusbaki: Go, my shikigami!
(Kikyo redirects the snake right back at her with the defective properties of her longbow)
Young Tsubaki: Damn you, Kikyo!
Kikyo: Now leave and I shall spare your life.

Tsubaki: I wasn't able to take the Sacred Jewel from you. But I collaborated with a demon and hence forth gained eternal youth and beauty. Not to mention my own demon power.
Kikyo: How foolish.
Tsubaki: You're one to talk. Tell me, how is it that you appear before me looking exactly as you did fifty years ago? Kikyo,'re dead. That body that you're inhabiting is neither mortal nor that of a demon. It's a counterfeit. Kikyo, you live off the essence of borrowed spirits, yet you dare to lecture me?
Kikyo: I only came to ascertain the cause of the demon aura. I care not what happens to you, Tsubaki.

Tsubaki: Kikyo, what are you doing?
Kikyo: Silence! What did you just say!? Speak the truth! You attempted to have Kagome slay Inuyasha!!
Tsubaki: Heh. What ails you? Some unpleasant memories, perhaps? You are correct. I drove Kagome to shoot the arrow. Ironic? It was the same way that you killed Inuyasha years ago.
(Kikyo walks to her and grabs her longtime rival by the hair)
Kikyo: Tsubaki, do as you please with Kagome. I have no intention of interfering. But if you ever lay more harm to Inuyasha, I will personally see to your demise.
Tsubaki: You wench!! How dare you presume I would fear you!!
Kikyo: Be warned. Heed my words. It is no idle threat.

Tsubaki's Unrelenting Evil Spell [Episode 62]


Kikyo: Are you...Are you me!? Watch yourself or you'll end up killing Inuyasha again!!

Tsubaki: You wench! How are you still able to move!?
Kagome: Well, I can!! Maybe you're not concentrating hard enough!!
Tsubaki: Well, you've certainly managed to endure my spell. So it would seem you really are Kikyo's reincarnation, after all. Although if you actually were the real Kikyo that arrow certainly wouldn't have missed me, which means you are an imitation Kikyo!
Kagome: You'll regret that!!

Kagome: I am Kagome!! I'm not anyone else!!

(Having witnessed the whole scene, she walks away with disdain)
Kikyo: Humph.

Tsubaki: You are foolish. Rushing to your death.

Tsubaki: The Jewel is beginning to purify!

Tsubaki: At least, I will be able to increase my powers immensely with a Sacred Jewel this large. I'll get revenge for this humiliation, Inuyasha and Kagome.

The Red and White Priestesses [Episode 63]

Kaede: Was the dark priestess was Tsubaki? Fifty years ago there was a priestess by that name who was equal in status to Kikyo.
Sango: Why did she turn into an evil priestess?
Kaede: That I do not know. Perhaps she merely shares the same name as one.

Giant Ogre of the Forbidden Tower [Episode 64]

Kaede: Just as I feared. It is the same woman after all.
Inuyasha: What are you talking about!?
Kaede: The priestess who was passed over for my sister Kikyo.

(Flashback to half a century ago)
Young Kaede: Sister, who is that priestess?
Kikyo: Her name is Tsubaki.

Kaede: I never imagined she would turn to the dark side.
Inuyasha: Who cares what happened in the past!? I wanna know where she is now! What's the matter, Kagome?
Kagome: Deep inside, I sense the Sacred Jewel.
Kaede: Wait! This place could be dangerous.
Sango: What do you know about this place?
Kaede: Legend tells of an ogre who was sealed away in this region.
Kagome: An ogre?

Kagome: Look, the Sacred Jewel is inside Tsubaki's right eye.
Inuyasha: In her eye?
Tsubaki: I never imagined it would be this powerful. If only the Sacred Jewel had come in my possession fifty years ago.
Kaede: Fifty years ago? Tsubaki, what happened between you and my elder sister Kikyo?
Tsubaki: Kikyo!? You know of her!? It's all Kikyo's fault! Kikyo, that cold and heartless priestess!
Inuyasha: Nobody is going to smear her name!
Tsubaki: Silence!!

Young Kaede: What is that, Kikyo?
Kikyo: It is known as the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls. I have been entrusted with the duty of keeping it pure.

Kikyo (thinking): Tsubaki was entirely obsessed with the Sacred Jewel, so she was doomed to failure. Obsessed, just as I am obsessed.

Farewell, Days of my Youth [Episode 65]


Naraku's Barrier, Kagura's Decision [Episode 66]

[Kagura walks through Naraku's castle]
Kagura: Ughh. The air in this castle is so stifling. (glances at the skeletons lining the halls) All the vassals who were at this castle were exposed to Naraku's toxic miasma and died.

[She glances over her shoulder and starts as she notices Kanna standing behind her]

Kagura: (irritably) Why are you sneaking up from behind like that, Kanna?! Huh?
[She sees Koga reflected in Kanna's mirror]
Kagura: (thinking) Him, again; Koga, the leader of the Wolf-demon tribe. Is he near this castle? Is it a coincidence, or perhaps... (kneels in front of Kanna) Kanna, tell me: does Naraku know about this?
Kanna: He doesn't... He's gone.
Kagura: Mm. (thinking) That's right, Naraku disappears once in a while.
Kanna: Kagura...?
Kagura: (stands) I'll go and kill him. There's no need to wait for Naraku's orders.
Kanna: You'd better not, Kagura.
Kagura: Hmph! I despise Naraku's method of stooping to trickery! I'll kill for Jewel Shards; I need no schemes.
Kanna: It's in Naraku's hands. Both life... and death. (Kagura scowls at her) We are all merely Naraku's tools.
Kagura: (walks away) I could care less. He's not here now.

Kagura: Hello. It's been too long, Koga.
Koga: Not you again!

[Kagura's army of skeletons assembles behind her]

Ginta: What's with those skeletons?
Kagura: They're the guards of the castle; they're countless in numbers.
Koga: Wind Sorceress Kagura, I haven't forgotten your despicable face, not for one minute! How could I: you're the one that killed my comrades! (charges) Prepare to die; it's payback time for all you did!
Kagura: (sarcastically) I missed you, too. I was so close to getting your sacred Jewel Shards before; I'll get them this time for sure! (thinking) It'll be easy to slow him down; I'll make him dance for me. Dance of the Dead!

[She waves her fan, and the skeletons charge Koga; he maneuvers his way through them, punching apart any that get too close]

Koga: More tricks!
Kagura: Dance of Blades! (she fires her Dance of Blades at him)
Koga: Not this time! (he dodges through it and lunges towards her) Surprise!

[Kagura smirks as Koga strikes, raising a huge dust cloud]

Koga: Got her! Huh?
Kagura: (leaping above him) Fool! I'll cripple you! (closes her fan and points it at him) DANCE OF THE DRAGON!

[Ginta and Hakaku are explaining Koga's predicament to Kagome, as a human-form Inuyasha listens nearby]

Shippo: Inuyasha, you mustn't show yourself!
Inuyasha: You don't need to worry about that. There's no way that I'm gonna help Koga. (thinking) If Kagura's shown up, that means Naraku's castle is nearby! Still, Naraku had put up a barrier, to stop us getting close. I don't like the looks of this.
Sango: I guess we have to go check this out.
Inuyasha: Sango?
Sango: Inuyasha, you're going to stay here with Kagome, okay? You want to keep your mortal state a secret, don't you?
Inuyasha: Huh! You gotta be kidding!

[He kicks open the doors to the hut; after a moment, Ginta and Hakaku recognize him and scream in terror. Inuyasha quickly wallops them both over the head]

Sango: Oh, what are you doing?!
Shippo: What an idiot!
Inuyasha: Listen up, you two: if you tell a soul about this, I'll kill you both!
Hakaku: (weakly) ...Got it. We won't.
Kagome: Inuyasha!
Miroku: (dryly) Well, he shut them up real good. So, shall we go?

Sesshomaru: ... His scent is in the air.
Jaken: (sniffs) You're right! It's the scent of that Naraku fellow who was so rude to you, Lord Sesshomaru! Is he... nearby? (a huge gust of wind blows around them) What's going on?!

[Both Jaken and the sleeping Rin are blown off A-Un's back as Kagura lands in front of Sesshomaru]

Kagura: Yo.
Jaken: Yo yourself!
Kagura: Sesshomaru, I assume you came here following Naraku's scent as well?
Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru, this wench is Naraku's incarnation!
Sesshomaru: Wind Sorceress Kagura, I recall.
Kagura: So, you remember me. I am very flattered. (Sesshomaru reaches for Tokijin) Take your hand from your sword. I didn't come to fight, Sesshomaru. I have a proposition you might be interested in.
Sesshomaru: Proposition?
Kagura: (holds out the Shikon shards she stole from Koga) You know what these are, Sesshomaru. I'll give you these sacred Jewel shards. In return, I want you to... kill Naraku.
Jaken: WHAAAT?!
Kagura: Free me. Release me from his grasp.

The Howling Wind of Betrayal [Episode 67]

Kagome: (thinking) Day is breaking! Inuyasha is going to return to his half-demon state! But, if he's seen before that...
Inuyasha: (thinking, as he runs toward Kagura) Kagome, Miroku, Sango- you're all mere mortals, yet you fight so hard! All because you believed in your own power. I can't hold back, knowing that!

[Kagura releases Koga from her whirlwind and he falls to the ground, severely weakened]

Kagura: (sneering) Koga, you're a glutton for punishment, aren't you? How about surrendering? (she conjures another whirlwind above him)
Sango: Koga!
Kagome: Look out, Koga!

[The whirlwind touches down with a crash]

Kagura: (thinking) I've done it!

[As the dust clears away, she gasps as she glimpses the human Inuyasha standing in front of Koga and Miroku. As the sun begins to rise, Inuyasha transforms back into his demon form]

Inuyasha: (smirking) Kagura- it can't be much fun, killing a half-dead wolf, can it?
Kagura: Inuyasha?!
Inuyasha: (draws Tetsusaiga) I'll take you on from this point!
Kagura: (thinking) I know I saw it. For a moment... I saw Inuyasha.
Shippo: (to Kagome) D'you think that Kagura might've seen Inuyasha in his human state just now?
Kagome: (worried) Yeah- maybe.
Kagura: (thinking) I see- there was no moon last night. (smirks) So, Inuyasha- you lose all your powers on a moonless night?
Inuyasha: Huh! What if I do? I'm back, so who cares! (charges)
Kagura: You're right, it doesn't matter anymore. 'Cause you're gonna die, right this minute! Dance of the Dragon!

[She sends two whirlwinds at Inuyasha]

Inuyasha: Wind Scar!

[His Wind Scar splits Kagura's attack in two and surges towards her]

Kagura: What happened?! How did he cut through my whirlwind?!
Kagome: Amazing!
Kagura: (thinking) He's going to get me!

[A mass of Naraku's demon minions fly into the path of the Wind Scar and are obliterated. When the devastation clears, Kagura is gone]

Sango: All of Naraku's demons...
Miroku: They protected Kagura.
Inuyasha: (sheathes Tetsusaiga) Rgh! Kagura- she escaped again! Hey, ya puny wolf! Hope you learned your lesson: never interfere in my fight with Naraku! (he notices Koga is not paying attention) Huh?
Koga: (finds the Jewel shards Kagura took from him) Found 'em! My sacred Jewel shards!
Inuyasha: What?! Give 'em here!

[he leaps at Koga, who dodges and inserts the Jewel shards back into his legs]

Koga: No way I'm doin' that! Remember this, mangy mutt: I've sworn to avenge my comrades' deaths! I'll be the one to take Naraku's head, not you! Don't forget that! (starts to leave)
Kagome: Wait, Koga! (he stops) What you saw last night... I mean about Inuyasha. Please, don't tell.
Koga: Oh, don't worry. I couldn't care less what shape that mutt Inuyasha takes.

[He takes off]

Shippo:... Does that mean he won't tell?
Miroku: I think we can count on Koga. The problem is Kagura.

[Kagura returns to Naraku's castle]

Kagura: (thinking) Naraku knows nothing of my treachery. That's why he used demons to save me.

[She glimpses Kanna walking down a passage ahead and discreetly follows her]

Kagura: (thinking) Kanna... where is she going?

[She sees Kanna go down into the cellar and follows, but finds only a trap-door in the floor]

Kagura: (thinking) Another room, beneath the cellar? Ugh!

[As she opens it,a demonic tendril shoots out and grabs her by the neck, pulling her down into the chamber as Kanna watches]

Naraku: (coldly) Kagura... did you enjoy yourself, outside?

[Kagura looks up and gasps; she is surrounded by the decomposing bodies of various demons, with Naraku's severed head suspended from one of them]

Kagura: These demons... Naraku builds his body with these demons? He's a half-demon, just like Inuyasha!
Naraku: Kagura... while I slept, you left the castle. Don't try to deny it.

He seizes a struggling Kagura in his tendrils and drags her towards his face]

Naraku: Kagura... you are still a part of me. Would you like to return to my flesh again?
Kagura: (desperately) No! Please, wait... I- I promise I won't do it again!
Naraku:... This will be your last chance.
Kagura: (thinking) I cannot escape from Naraku on my own! Inuyasha... I'll let you live a while longer. You're my precious trump card.

Terror of the Faceless Man


Onigumo's Memory, Restored!


Muso: I've remembered everything, including how Kikyo died back then!
Inuyasha: Damn it! You're the who injured her, you bastard!!
Muso: That's ridiculous! Why do you think I took heed of the the demons that I summoned? I wanted possession of the Sacred Jewel, and a healthy body, so that I could steal Kikyo away, and leave this cave. But when I got my new body, nothing went as I've planned. The very first thing I did when I left the came was cut down the very woman I sold my body and soul for. Kikyo followed him, that half-demon Inuyasha, straight into he very demise. Kikyo perished and the Sacred Jewel was burned along with her corpse.

Kikyo: Naraku.
Naraku: I came here, to see you in person.
Kikyo: What do you want?
Naraku: I needed to test my new power.
Kikyo: I've told you before: A half-demon who harbors Onigumo's heart, has absolutely no power to kill me.
Naraku: You speak the truth, Kikyo. Indeed, if I still had Onigumo's heart, I wouldn't be able to lay a hand on you, now would I? Even though your body is mere artifice.
Kikyo: You wretch.
Naraku: I knew you weren't real, and yet I was still unable to reach out and strike you. [He suddenly grabs her by the throat] You- A woman made of nothing but clay and bones.

[He throws her backward; Kikyo draws an arrow, but stops when she notices his arm pulsing and transforming. Naraku stares at it until it subsides, then starts to leave]

Kikyo: What's wrong, Naraku? Weren't you here to kill me?
Naraku: Don't sound so self-assured. It was not out of fear that I decided to spare you. Consider yourself lucky. I will not kill you... I will break you.

Three-Sided Battle to the Death


Naraku: Onigumo- or shall I say Muso?- imagine meeting here like this, face to face.
Muso: You. I know you. Are you Naraku?
Naraku: Did you enjoy the outside world after fifty years absence?
Muso: Fifty years? Is that what you said?
Naraku: Muso, I demand that you return to me.
Muso: You must be joking!
Naraku: The thought repulses me as well. But you were released too early, I'm afraid. And that is why you must come back to me now.
Muso: Too early? How dare you say that after keeping me locked up for fifty years!!
Naraku: It couldn't have seemed but a second to you.
Muso: I remember what happened now! You're the one who killed Kikyo fifty years ago!
Naraku: And in your twisted greed, you summoned the demons right to your side. Those same demons which devoured your flesh wished to kill Kikyo.
Muso: It was you're desire, not theirs!
Naraku: I was not the one to blame. I am Naraku and you should know that by now.
Muso: I heard enough!! The only thing I desired was to make Kikyo my woman! Dammit!
Naraku: Kikyo has been resurrected. She looks exactly as she did before.
Muso: She's back?
Naraku: Yes, although she's not exactly the same as before.
Muso: Kikyo is alive?
Naraku: Want her?
Muso: Where is she!? Where is Kikyo!?
Naraku: I'm afraid I cannot grant your wish. Return to me.

Muso: I'll never go back to you!! This time I will make Kikyo my woman!
Naraku: I don't think so.
Muso: Persistent, bastard!! Go away and leave me alone now!!
Naraku: Not this time.

Naraku: You saved me the trouble, Muso. I need you to come back to me now.
Muso: Let me go!! Release me at once!! Stop! Let me see Kikyo!
Inuyasha: Huh?
Muso: "I must see Kikyo!! Kikyo! Kikyo!! KIKYO!"
Naraku: Such bitterness, such festering greed. Give it up, Muso, Kikyo is exactly the same as you- Made of nothing but clay and dirt. Her soul is a mere phantom of the past.

Miroku: Tell me, Naraku. You absorbed Muso, so does that make you a half demon?
Naraku: But exactly when that occurs is a half demon's deepest secret. Let's start with you, Inuyasha.
Naraku: When do you lose your powers and cower in fear of your enemies?"
Inuyasha: Why you.
Miroku (thinking): Interesting. Judging from what Naraku just said, Kagura hasn't told him that Inuyaha's is the night of the new moon.

Naraku: I'll say it again: I only continue to grow in power.

Kikyo (thinking): I understand now. I am Kikyo and yet not Kikyo. That's why I resisted, yet why? Why does my heart yearn so? Inuyasha. Which does my heart wish for?

Totosai's Rigid Training


Shiori's Family and Inuyasha's Feelings

Myoga: I know how to handle Naraku's barrier.
Inuyasha:Just tell me and you can suck as much of Kagome's blood as you want!!
Kagome: I'm not a blood bank, you know!!

Male Villager: But she bedded with one of the bat-demons and bore him a child.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Kagome (thinking): The child of a demon?

Sango: But why did it have to be your daughter Shiori? If her grandfather had the power already, then how come...?
Shiori's Mother: The power to create the barrier wanes with age. And each time he passes down his duty, he loses the power.
Inuyasha: Take me there. To the old man. Old whats-his-name.

Myoga: What's on your mind, Master?
Inuyasha: Just thinkin' of old times. Myoga, would said you could come!!?
Myoga: What? It's not like I'm in the way.

Inuyasha: Myoga, are you sure this is gonna make my sword stronger?
Myoga: Yes. But, unfortunately, first you must slay the girl.

Taigokomaru: Let me ask you this: Do you think Shiori will happy in the human village? I don't. The villagers prosecuted her because she was half demon. How can I give my precious granddaughter to such selfish humans?

Kagome: It didn't work?
Shiori's Mother: I should give up. Takukumeru spoke about the truth about Shiori. The villagers didn't accept either of us. Maybe she's better off there.
Inuyasha: You don't know anything. Demons will never accept half-demons, even if they're related by blood.

The Red Tetsusaiga Breaks the Barrier

Taigokomaru: You want me to honer his wishes? How ludicrous! Sukiyomaru was indeed my son but he was fool! Falling in love with a mortal only hastened his demise!
Shiori's Mother: What do you mean by that?
Taigokomaro: Just as you stated: He said he would protect this village. He said that unless we abide by his wishes, he would abandon his duty as Guardian of the Barrier, and would leave the tribe! Even his heart had been stolen by the mortal. That's why...
Shiori's Mother: Why what?
Inuyasha: That's why what?" Don't tell you- You didn't kill your own flesh and blood!?
Taigokomaru: I did. I took great pleasure in hastening his trip to the netherworld. I had Shiori, so the boy was of no use to me.

Taigokomaru: How dare you!! And you a mere half-demon!! (thinking) I never expected she possessed such great power. Even I was unable to control the barrier as she does.

Inuyasha: Farewell.
Shiori: Wait.
Shiori's Mother: Shiori?
Shiori: Take this.

Inuyasha: You want me to break the orb?
Shiori: Smash it to pieces. This blood coral crystal is a precious heirloom passed down to each Guardian of the Demon-Bat Barrier. This is what gives us the ability to put up such a powerful barrier. And it stores all the power of each generation of Guardians, like my grandfather's and my father's. So if you break the crystal, I think you'll be able to strengthen your sword. That's what you want, isn't it?
Myoga: We couldn't have asked for anything better! Smash the thing, Master Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Yeah! Good idea. The sooner we get rid of that evil thing, the better.

Inuyasha: Shiori.
Shiori: Thanks for helping.
Inuyasha: I'm the one should be thanking you for helping me. You weakened the old bat's power.
Shiori: Uh-uh. I wasn't the one who did that. Someone put his arms around us; around me and Mommy. He wanted to protect us.
Shiori's Mother: That was Sukiyomaru. That was your father, Shiori.
Kagome: I'm sure your father wanted you to live in freedom, too, Shiori.

Kagome (thinking): Inuyasha wanted to help the girl. I think he forgot all about making his sword stronger. And that explains why the spirit of Shiori's father helped him defeat the demon.

Miroku: Such a shame. I'm sure there troubles aren't over; Shiori and her mother, I mean.
Inuyasha: Oh, don't you worry about these two. A good half demon can't be afraid of every little hardship.
Miroku: Yes, indeed. [pokes the back of Inuyasha's head with his staff, grinning] And here, we have a perfect example of how a half-demon should behave.

The Plot of the Panther Devas


Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru, do you think this is Inuyasha's doing?
Sesshomaru: It's anyone's guess how he might have accomplished it.
Jaken: Indeed. It took everything in your father's power to send Riyukoskei into dormancy.

Karon: You must be him, Sesshomaru's brother.
Inuyasha: Yeah, we're not exactly a close-knit family.

Karon: We got them. We got the shards.
(Reveals the small glass bottle containing three fragments of the Shikon Jewel)
Kagome: Those belong to me! Give me those back!
Toran: Who's this strange-looking young girl?
Karon: Seems like she's Inuyasha's wench.
Toran: Inuyasha? The younger son of the old mutt?
Sharon: Yeah. He;s alive, isn't that a surprise?
Koron: She seemed like good bait, so we brought her over.
Kagome: What are you gonna do to Inuyasha?
Sharon: We'll gonna kill him.
Toran: I don't bait for Sesshomaru. He'll come.

Target: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha

Sesshomaru: What is the meaning of this, Karon? Is it me that you have business with or these people?
Karon: The elder brother has arrived. Your timing couldn't have been better. Sons of the dog leader, we'll be waiting at the castle.

Inuyasha: What was that for!?
Sesshomaru: Silence, Inuyasha!!
Inuyasha: What the hell?
Sesshomaru: Remember your past, Inuyasha. You lost your heart to a mortal and ended under a spell for years. Coincidentally, you have no right to be part this battle.

Myoga: Something tells me this has something to do with the great war that your father raged many eons ago.
Inuyasha: Eons ago?
Shippo: Hey, I thought that Hachi said it happened fifty years ago.
Myoga: No, no. It was long before that. It was when your father was still in the western province.
Inuyasha: That's all news to me.
Myoga: The panther tribe of cat-demons attacked the west, and tried to conquer all other demons. But your father stepped in order to stop them. The panther tribe leader was an enormous cat-demon. Your father protected his men and battled the demons. Naturally, it was your father who emerged victorious. The demons who escaped domination by the panther tribe were extremely grateful. However, a cat's anger runs deep, and they cursed your father and his family for all eternity. And swore that they would, one, day have their revenge.
Inuyasha: So it's true that a cat's wrath lasts seven generations.
Myoga: Like you, Lord Sesshomaru did not participate in the great war, either. But I'm certain the cats are coming after him to get their revenge.
Inuyasha: What were you doing when all this was going on?
Myoga: Naturally, I was watching over his home while he was away!
Inuyasha: That's typical.
Miroku: You know, it's strange that he so adamant wanting Inuyasha to leave, wasn't it?
Inuyasha: Heh. He just doesn't want to admit to himself that a half-demon can share his bloodline.
Myoga: Still, I think it would noble for the two of you to join forces, and fight your father's enemy together.
Inuyasha: I'm not going to have anything to do with Sesshomaru or my father. I came here to take back the Jewel shards and Kagome. That's all!

Moyga: Well, gotta run. Farewell.
Shippo: Myoga's getting away!
Miroku: Well that means trouble.

Taron: Ah, the memories. It's exactly like the last time we fought. Back then it was draw. This time you won't be so lucky.
Sesshomaru: I would hardly call that a draw. You simply retreated in defeat.
Taron: Now, now. You're one to talk, with all the men you lost. I wasn't nearly so determined back then as I am right now. Because now we have our master. Now, things are completely different.

(Flashes back to half a century ago, in a barren wasteland)
Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru, I have left and went to fetch Inuyasha. He may be a half-demon but he's sill your father's son.
Sesshomaru: I see. Where is he? What, is he too cowardly to show himself or did him simply refuse to come to his elder brother's aid?
Jaken: Neither. I'm afraid he's been placed under a spell.
Sesshomaru: A spell?
Jaken: Indeed. He lost his heart to a mortal priestess and fell prey to her spiritual powers.
Sesshomaru: How foolish of him.
Jaken: Indeed. Who are these men?
Sesshomaru: "My father saved them in the great war."
Jaken: "We have allies. Now we can go into battle with confidence.

The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of the Fang

Toron: What a surprise. I thought you would be weaker than you were before.
Sesshomaru: What do you mean by that?
Toron: You're short an arm. Who could have done such a thing to the mighty Sesshomaru?

Inuyasha: Kagome!!
Sesshomaru (thinking): The Tetsusaiga is red.
Inuyasha: Sorry to keep ya.
Karon: The mutt! He broke our master's barrier!
Toron: How dare he.

Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! I have searched everywhere for you! Inuyasha has surprised me. When did he become so powerful and learn to wield the Tetsusaiga like that?

Kagome: Inuyasha, the Sacred Jewel shards are in his throat.
Inuyasha: Gotcha! I'll get 'em back.
Kagome: Okay.

(Flashes back to fifty years ago)
Jaken: Another glories battle, my lord. And a victory for you.
Sesshomaru: There was no victory. They fed from battle, that's all. I cannot use this sword. The Tenseiga is a sword of healing. I cannot kill my enemies with this. I need the other sword that father left behind: the Tetsusaiga.

Inuyasha: I told you not to interrupt!
Sesshomaru: Stay there where you are. These panther-demons belong to me.
Inuyasha: Not likely! You're the one who's gonna have to back down!
Sesshomaru: Enough!!

Inuyasha: He devoured his own kin so that he could revive himself.
(The reborn king of the panther-demons turns toward him and Sesshomaru)
The Panther King: You two, sons of the Dog General, you are next.

(After using the Wind Scar)
Inuyasha: Dead on.
The Panther King: No such luck.
Inuyasha: You got the strength to fight my old man, I'll give you that much!Ha! You won't get past me, though.
Jaken: Don't so sure, Inuyasha. He's become much more powerful than Ryukuotstei. He has the power of the Sacred Jewel shards now.

The Panther King: Dogs, you may feel the full extent of my wrath.
Inuyasha: Time to wake up from your pipe dreams. Maybe my sword can help you!

Jaken: My lord, what is it?
Sesshomaru: Curse him.
(About to transform into his true dog-demon form but stops suddenly, as Tenseiga is pulsating)
Sesshomaru: The Tenseiga. You wish to be drawn? (thinking) Father, why did you leave me the Tenseiga? I still don't understand.

The Panther King: You can't harm me with that useless sword. It's blade is too dull. VANQUISH!!
(the blue aura of Tenseiga's life-giving power seems to have quite an effect on him)
The Panther King: My power! What's happening!? I'm losing my power!! What have you done to me!?
Inuyasha: Huh?
Sesshomaru: You finish him off with the Tetsusaiga.

Only You, Sango

Masahi: (to Sango) I have been asked to request that you destroy a demon, that plagues our castle nightly. We will not question your methods, and if necessary, we will evacuate the castle. (sets a huge bag of gold in front of her) Consider this an advance payment. After the demon is destroyed, you will receive the other half of the sum. I believe this offer is fair. What do you say?
Sango: But that's far too much money!
Miroku: Yes- it's twenty times what she normally gets paid.
Musahi: Then you'll accept?
Sango: The offer is too generous. Sorry, I must decline-
Kuranosuke Takeda: You cannot refuse! (jumps off his horse, revealing himself) It's been far too long, Sango.
Sango: ...Do I know you?
Kagome: Look closer, Sango. Doesn't he seem familiar to you?
Shippo: He sure seems to know you.
Sango: Yeah.
Kuranosuke Takeda: Well, I can't blame her for not remembering; it was an awfully long time ago.

Sesshomaru and the Abducted Rin

Sesshomaru: Does Naraku think he can intimidate me into action by endangering the life of a mere mortal?
Jaken: Will you turn your back on the girl? Will you forsake her?

Vanishing Point; Naraku Disappears

Naraku (thinking): He's broken through my barrier.

Inuyasha: I found you, Naraku, and this time I'm gonna destroy you!!
Naraku: Don't make me laugh. Do you honestly think you can slay me?
(From a distance)
Kagura (thinking): He can. Inuyasha's strong enough now.

Sesshomaru: Naraku, ironic, isn't? To think the flesh that bond me to you would be your shield against Inyasha's Wind Scar.
Inuyasha: Move it! I'm taking Naraku down!!
Sesshomaru: No. Naraku belongs to me.
Inuyasha: Not likely!! This time, you won't interfere!!
Naraku: I shall absorb both of while you bicker!
Inuyasha: What's that!?

Inuyasha: One more should do it!!
Sesshomaru: I told you to let me take him.
Inuyasha: Back down!!
(Sesshomaru emits quite a powerful wave of pure demonic energy from Tokijin, greatly hurting and weakening Naraku)
Naraku:' Lord Sesshomaru, I shall withdraw for now.
Inuyasha: Huh?
(Turns to see his elder half-brother glowing with a red demonic aura; about to take on his true form as a complete dog-demon)
Sesshomaru: You fool! Don't think you can ever escape my grasp.
Naraku: Lord Sesshomaru, rather than transforming and hunting me down, shouldn't you rushing to the side of that young mortal girl?
Sesshomaru: Huh?
(Stops his transformation)

Inuyasha (thinking): What mortal girl? Whose he talking about?
Naraku: Your companion Rin is with the boy named Kohaku.
Inuyasha (thinking): Huh? Kohaku?
Naraku: Inuyasha, even you should realize the implications.

Inuyasha: He's gone. His sent and every trace of his whereabouts. He was badly injured, too. Where could he be? Hey, Sesshomaru, did Naraku take somebody as a hostage? A friend of yours named Rin?
Sesshomaru (thinking): Hmm. So that's why he abducted her. In order to buy time, to escape. Naraku, he thinks he's so cunning.

Jaken: What do you want with me!?
Inuyasha: I want some answers! What else? What is going between Naraku and Sesshomaru?
Jaken: I'm under no obligation to speak to a half-demon like you! (Inuyasha pulverizes him) I meant, it's a terribly long story.
Inuyasha: Then make it short.

Kikyo (thinking): Did Naraku lift the barrier, making the castle visible? If that's the case, then he's abandoned his territory and is hiding somewhere new. I don't like the looks of this.

Gap Between the Ages

Kikyo: I understand. Naraku's demonic aura remains as persistent and elusive as before. (thinking) I've had my soul collectors search for Naraku's demonic aura. But there is not even the hint of a barrier. How has he hidden such a strong miasma?

Inuyasha: Everyone is crazy around here!

Mrs. Higurashi: (concerning Inuyasha's pained reaction) I gave him some curry, but maybe it was too spicy?
Kagome (dryly): That's surprising, coming from a guy who blows off a gaping hole in his gut.

Season Four (Episodes 83-110)


Kikyo's Lonely Journey

Kanskae: It struck me when I first saw you. You look remarkably similar...
Kikyo: Similar to?
Kanskae: Long ago, I came upon a priestess who could have passed as your sister. What was her name? Ah, yes. I believe it was Kikyo.
Kikyo: Pure coincidence, I'm sure.
Kanskae: Yes, of course. I'm talking about fifty years ago. If she were still alive, she'd be an old woman.
Kikyo: Yes. If she had lived.
Kanskae: I heard through the grapevine that she had passed on, and that the Jewel was buried with her in her grave.

Kanske: You never did tell me your name.
Kikyo (hesitates): It's Kikyo.
Kanske: A bad joke for a dying man.

Sota's Brave Confession of Love


[Inuyasha accompanies Kagome for a shopping trip in modern Tokyo, wearing a baseball cap to cover his doglike ears]

Inuyasha: (irritably) Huh! How come I get stuck being dragged all over your village like this?!
Kagome: Take it easy! We've got a long journey ahead of us, so we've gotta stock up on supplies!
Inuyasha: Wasn't it you that told me not to go out in public, last time I was here?
Kagome: (cheerfully) Yeah- but that was then, and this is now! (chuckles)
Inuyasha: (to himself) She's got a line for everything.

Plot of the Walking Dead


Miroku (thinking): Whenever Kikyo's involved, Inuyasha plunges in without another thought.

Inuyasha: This girl is dead, just like Kikyo.
Kagome: The walking dead like Kikyo.

Kagome: It happened a long time ago. Shorty after I began traveling with Inuyasha. I was put into this tub full of medicinal herbs. It was a horrible, frightening experience. Urassue ultimately resurrected Kikyo. Until Urassue was then killed by the very woman she brought back from the grave.

(A soul collector comes to her)
Enju: Was it Kikyo who bade you to come? Hmm. I'm giving life a chance now, just as I promised.

Kikyo: Giving life a...chance.

The Sacred Jewel Maker, Part One


The Sacred Jewel Maker, Part Two


Jaken Falls Ill


Kikyo and Kagome: Alone in a Cave

Kagome (thinking): Kikyo. Kikyo has a shard of the Sacred Jewel. That's what I was sensing.
(Catches up to where a weakened Kikyo is resting)
Kikyo: It seems you, too, possess the power of a priestess.
Kagome: What are you doing here? Are you feeling all right? Are you sick? Where are your soul-collectors? I don't see them in here. Why are you collapsed in here like this?
Kikyo: You certainly ask a lot of questions, young lady.
Kagome: Come on. We gotta get out of here.
Kikyo: It's impossible. We're in the belly of the priestess-sealer.
Kagome: Priestess Sealer?
Kikyo: A demon that traps priestesses and absorbs their spiritual powers. It puts up a barrier on the outside, and allows no one but priestesses inside.

Kikyo: You're quite an incredible woman. Normally, a priestess would be unable to even move inside this place.
Kagome (thinking): Meaning, I'm not normal?
Kikyo: Leave me behind.
Kagome: Huh?
Kikyo: I am already dead, remember? You have a much better chance of escaping from here rather than being burdened by me. In order to escape from here, you must destroy the heart, which you'll find deeper in the cave.
Kagome: But I can't do that.
Kikyo: Huh?
Kagome: I don't know what are chances are, but I'm not going to let you order me around! Listen, I'm not giving up on you! So I need you to start thinking of escaping from here!
Kikyo: You're serious.

Kikyo (thinking): What is this girl trying to do?
Kagome (thinking): Oh my. How did I get myself into this mess? On top of that, how did I get stuck with Kikyo? Everything's fine. Really. Just fine.
Kikyo: Hmm.
Kagome: I was talking about Inuyasha, not about myself. He's always saying things to make people mad, but he's getting a lot better, actually. I had a fight with him, just before I came here. I guess things like that never happened with you, two. What am I saying? Of course you didn't. Stupid! What am I balling about? Why do I have to say things like that to Kikyo of all people? A long time ago, she and Inuyasha were...

Kikyo (thinking): What's with this girl? She's so warm. I can feel her blood moving through her. Why is Kagome so strong?

Kikyo: Run, Kagome! Run! It's too dangerous to say here.
Kagome: Forget it! I won't leave you behind!!

Kagome: Um, Kikyo?
Kikyo: You're still here? You should be on your way. Wait a moment. Tell me. Why didn't you give up on me, Kagome? When you were praying, did you trust in me?
Kagome: What's the deal? I've never seen you this talkative before. I can't answer your question 'cause I don't understand it myself.
Kikyo: Then why did you save me? A dead person?
Kagome: Because a certain guy we both know would be heartbroken if you weren't around.
(Walks off)
Kikyo: Same for you.

Koga and Sesshomaru: A Dangerous Encounter


[A ogre seeking Koga's Jewel shards attacks; Koga kicks it in the head, and it blunders towards Sesshomaru]

Jaken: Look out, my Lord! (Sesshomaru draws Tokijin and kills it with one blow)
Koga: Thanks, but I coulda handled him myself.
Rin: (frightened) Help me, Master Jaken!

[Sesshomaru turns to see a centipede demon about to attack her; Jaken tries to fight it but is knocked to the ground. Sesshomaru starts towards her, but Koga, using his Jewel-enhanced speed, reaches them first]

Koga: No humans for you, worm!

[He delivers several sharp kicks, smashing the demon to pieces; as he lands, Rin stares at him in surprise. Koga walks back towards Ginta and Hakaku; they flinch as he nears Sesshomaru]

Sesshomaru: (as Koga passes him) Unnecessary interference.
Koga: (smirks) Feeling's mutual.
Jaken: O-kayyy...
Ginta and Hakaku: Okay?
Koga: (puts his hands on Ginta and Hakaku's shoulders) Come on, fellas, we have a long way to go. [They leave with their pack of wolves]
Jaken: A-are you content with letting them go, my Lord? Those wolves of Koga's are the very ones who attacked young Rin!
Sesshomaru: If he had tried the same thing today, I would have killed him. (pause) Naraku is the only one I'm concerned about, now; unnecessary conflicts don't interest me.

The Ghastly Steel Machine

Jakotsu: It's not fair, Renkotsu! I told you before, Inuyasha is mine!
Renkotsu: That's enough, Jakotsu. Plans have changed somewhat; I have another mission prepared for you.
Jakotsu: (childishly) It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair it's not-
Renkotsu: (sharply) I said, that's enough, Jakotsu.
Jakotsu: But Renkotsu, Inuyasha is-
Renkotsu: Quit whining, Jakotsu! And listen carefully to what I would have you do.
[Jakotsu grumbles]
Renkotsu: (smiles) Then, if you hurry right back, you may make it in time... for Inuyasha's death.

Kagome, Miroku and Sango: Desperate Situation!

Renkotsu: (disguised as a Buddhist monk) Someone named... "Naraku" called forth the dead souls? Tell me, who is this Naraku?
Inuyasha: Well, he's sorta like a demon.
Renkotsu: How do you mean, "sort of?"
Inuyasha: Naraku is not a complete demon. Right now, I would imagine he's hiding himself somewhere. He's undergoing another transformation and increasing his power... and he's using the Band of Seven as a decoy to buy time.
Renkotsu: (glances away) Hmmm...
Inuyasha: (notices his expression, suspiciously) Huh?

[Ginkotsu's cannon fires near the base of the temple steps, distracting Inuyasha]

Inuyasha: That sounded a lot like Ginkotsu... but how the heck can he still be alive? Listen, monk: if you wanna stay alive, stay hidden!

[He rushes towards the temple entrance]

Renkotsu: (thinking) Damn Ginkotsu. He should have waited longer before coming. I've learned one important thing, though: Naraku cannot be trusted.

[As he takes Kagome's Shikon shards, his tattoos are revealed. Renkotsu smiles cruelly down at her, Shippo, Sango and Miroku's unconscious forms]

Renkotsu: You can all die, now.

Ginkotsu: Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: Ginkotsu! This time I'm gonna take you down!
Ginkotsu: Ghesh! (he launches his grappling-chain arm at Inuyasha)
Inuyasha: Hah!

[He swats it aside with Tetsusaiga. Ginkotsu fires bodkin-tipped cables from his shoulderplates, snaring Inuyasha's arm and Tetsusaiga]

Inuyasha: Those metal threads again!
Ginkotsu: Ghesh! I gotcha!

[The cables being reeling in, dragging Inuyasha towards Ginkotsu]

Inuyasha: (struggling) If you think these things... can hold me down... then think again!

[He leaps forward and slashes Ginkotsu with Tetsusaiga, knocking him down]

Inuyasha: Hah! You had it comin' to ya. Huh? I smell smoke...

[He notices smoke and cinders rising from the temple and runs toward it]

Inuyasha: Kagome! Huh?

[He stops as Renkotsu appears at the temple entrance]

Renkotsu: (chuckling coldly)... I am Renkotsu, of the Band of Seven.
Inuyasha: Why, you-?! (thinking) That liar! But I don't get it; he smells just like an ordinary human!
Renkotsu: What's the matter, Inuyasha? I daresay, you look just a little confused. (smirks) Your nose is extremely sensitive, am I right? I honestly thought you were on to me, earlier. But then, I suspect I didn't emanate the same scent of dead bodies or graveyard dirt; am I correct, Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: (growls) Dammit! I get it: it's this place!
Renkotsu: (chuckles) It seems that taking over this temple was a wise move. It's surrounded by graveyard dirt, of course, so you wouldn't realize the scent came from me. I wore the clothing that the real monk kindly left behind. Your sense of smell is so sharp, that you caught his scent right away, and it ironically helped put your suspicions aside.
Inuyasha: Why, you... you killed the monks of the temple?!
Renkotsu: And I'd just finished burying them when you arrived.
Inuyasha: I don't believe it. How could I be so blind?!

Inuyasha Shows His Tears for the First Time

Kikyo (thinking): Useless, but it will put their minds at ease. I don't detect any sign of evil here. Is this because of Mount Hakurei? Mount Hakurei- the spiritual mountain which cleanses the sins of all evil-doers.
(Recalls what her deceased friend had old her)
Kanske: I've heard of a special place where even villains like me and find salvation. Take this lock of hair and bury it, so I might be saved.
Kikyo (thinking): Please forgive me, Kanske, but I will not be able to fulfill your wish. To live is to die, to die is to live.

The Secret of the Pure Light

Kikyo: To live is to die, to die is to live. My name is Kikyo. I am a priestess who is unable to leave this world and reach the sacred place. No. That is not entirely the truth. Once I was a priestess; now I am but a corpse with a cursed, false existence. No matter how I hard I try to do good and help others, the truth is: I live off the souls of the dead. Both evil and good exist in the hearts of all men. Some men become good and others become evil. It is the way of this world. However, I am most intrigued by that physician who calls himself Suikotsu. He is certainly of the dead like myself, and yet he looks after orphaned children. Could there truly be such a person? I think I shall stay and observe the situation awhile longer.

Inuyasha: Kikyo?
Kikyo: Inuyasha, I see you have come to the northern lands as well?
Miroku: Lady Kikyo.
Inuyasha: Kikyo, what the heck are you doing here?
Kikyo: Now is not the time.
Inuyasha: Uh, right. Of course not.

Hidden in the Mist: Onward to Mt. Hakurei

Miroku: It's almost as if he possesses two different hearts.
Kagome: I think you're right.
Miroku: Huh?
Kagome: I've heard of it before- it's called a "split personality"! Another completely different personality hidden in the subconscious has emerged!
Inuyasha: (to Suikotsu) I dunno about all of that, but I do know that I was right about you belonging to the Band of Seven!
Renkotsu: Suikotsu! (tosses Suikotsu his tiger-claw gauntlets) Here ya go.
Suikotsu: (smirks as he puts on the gauntlets) So, then... I seem to recall you asking to do battle with me. (raises the claws) Well, you're about to get your wish. (Inuyasha glances at Tetsusaiga) What's the matter? Are you to frightened to fight without your mighty sword?
Inuyasha: (cracks his knuckles) Huh- not likely! Are those claws of your all you got goin' for ya? 'Cause you're gonna need a heck of a lot more than that, you filthy two-faced liar!

Inuyasha: Die! (he slashes, but Suikotsu easily dodges despite being human)
Suikotsu: (smirks) Your moves are too showy!
Inuyasha: Huh?!
Suikotsu: I'll show you what close-quarters combat is all about! (he launches an onslaught of quick, continuous strikes at Inuyasha, slashing him across the chest and drawing blood) If you keep backing away like this, how will you turn me into mincemeat?!
Inuyasha: Shut up!

Jakotsu: (irritably) Ohh, boy- why do I always get stuck with the dirty work?
Renkotsu: (thinking) If we kill the children, there will be nothing left to distract Suikotsu. Then, he'll be able to suppress that troublesome doctor. (chuckles)

[The two children look up to see Jakotsu standing over them]

Jakotsu: Don't worry, it'll all be over quick. (raises his Snake-Sword)
Suikotsu: Stop! (clutches his head, as Inuyasha and Jakotsu watch him in surprise) Please, stop! I beg you!
Jakotsu: (growls in frustration) Suikotsu... come on!
Renkotsu: (thinking) Something is preventing Suikotsu from completely taking over. If we kill the children, it may push him over the edge, and we may lose him. Could it be the barrier of Mt. Hakurei?

Kagome: Move her away.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Kagome: We have to get Kikyo well away from this place. Otherwise she won't be able to wake up. I think.

Inuyasha: Huh? Kikyo.
Kikyo: Inuyasha. Where am I?
Inuyasha: Away from the village.
Kikyo: I see. So then, I take it my soul-collectors were unable to reach the village?
Inuyasha: No.
Kikyo: What happened? To them?
Inuyasha: The Band of Seven? They retreated, but they took Suikotsu with them.
Kikyo: I see. Kagome.
Kagome: Yes?
Kikyo: You must have noticed- the Jewel fragment in Suikotsu's neck...
Kagome: I did. I saw the pure Jewel shard become cloudy.
Kikyo: And then he went away, didn't he?

Enter Bankotsu, Leader of the Band of Seven

Renkotsu: So, Big Brother- we are all back together at last.
Bankotsu: Not all.
Jakotsu: You see, the thing is-
Renkotsu: Big Brother, the truth is Kyukotsu and Mukotsu were-
Bankotsu: They were killed. Couldn't be helped.
Renkotsu: (surprised) You knew already?
Bankotsu: Now, Renkotsu-
Renkotsu: Huh?
Bankotsu:(tosses him a brush) you're the smart one- so, you can write.
Renkotsu: Sure- but, write what?
Bankotsu: (stands up) Let's see... "The time has come to settle old scores. Our vengeance will know no bounds, so prepare to die"... or something to that effect.
Jakotsu: (excited) Do we get to kill people?!
Bankotsu: Yeah. (looks at the castle on the mountain in front of them) Remember that castle?
Jakotsu: Why- should we?
Bankotsu: Yes. The inhabitants of that castle are the deceitful bastards who chopped our heads off.

Season Five (Episodes 110-139)


The Sacred Vajra and the Mystery of the Living Buddha


[Injured in the aftermath of Bankotsu's "Dragon-Thunder" attack, Inuyasha notices that most of his friends, including Kagome, have been knocked unconscious]

Inuyasha: Kagome...

[He tries to crawl towards her, but Bankotsu steps into his way]

Bankotsu: Don't say I didn't warn you! I was telling the truth when I said that I couldn't predict where my Dragon-Thunder would fall! (pause) You lie there, little worm; I'll hack you and your sword to pieces!

[He swings Banryu, but Inuyasha unexpectedly parries the attack with Tetsusaiga]

Inuyasha: Damn you! This is between us! Why couldn't you keep my friends OUT OF IT?!

[He launches a barrage of attacks on Bankotsu despite his injured arm]

Inuyasha: Bastard!! You didn't have to get Kagome and the others involved!
Bankotsu: Quit being so naive; it doesn't work for you! (he leaps back) You're dead!

[He fires an energy blast from Banryu]

Inuyasha: How 'bout some variety?! This is gettin' old!

[He fires a Wind Scar; the two attacks collide and create a massive explosion]

Inuyasha: Come on! How many dirty little tricks are you gonna try to pull on me?!
Bankotsu: Are you stupid?! In a match to the death, there's no such thing as fair or foul!

Inuyasha: You're mine, now!

[As he lunges at Bankotsu, Hakushin's sacred Vajra strikes Tetsusaiga's blade, stopping his attack]

Miroku: Saint Hakushin's altar ornament! I knew it!

[as the Vajra drops to the ground, Tetsusaiga returns to its' dormant form]

Inuyasha: (thinking) Huh? Saint Hakushin's ornament? The demonic aura around Tetsusaiga has been purified! (aloud) What's the meaning of this?!
Miroku: Wait, Inuyasha! That Vajra was at the core of the sacred barrier around this island! It seems Saint Hakushin is an ally of Bankotsu!
Bankotsu: I take it he wants me to finish you off quickly? I have to admit, it bothers me that he doesn't have faith in my ability! (he lunges at Inuyasha) It's too bad this has to end so soon for you all!

[A Sacred arrow strikes his arm, paralyzing it and stopping his attack]

Inuyasha: (turns around) You got him, Kagome!
Bankotsu: (glares at Kagome) Well, girl... you'll regret that.
Kagome: You're nothing but a coward! Huh?
'She notices that her arrow has eaten away the flesh of Bankotsu's arm, leaving only bones]
Miroku: His arm turned to bone!
Bankotsu: (thinking) A Sacred arrow?! She must be Kagome, Kikyo's reincarnation!

[The Vajra begins to glow, surrounding Bankotsu with a purifying light]

Bankotsu: What?!
Sango: Bankotsu is...
Shippo: Disappearing!
Inuyasha: Bankotsu, damn you! Don't you dare!

[He charges at Bankotsu, but the Vajra creates a barrier that halts his attack]

Inuyasha: (thinking) A barrier?!

[Bankotsu and the barrier both vanish]

Inuyasha: ...He's gone.
Kagome: Inuyasha! Are you all right?
Inuyasha: I'm fine... but now what?
Miroku: Bankotsu isn't our only problem. The Vajra seems to have disappeared as well.
Sango: Do you think it helped Bankotsu escape?
Miroku: Yes, probably.
Shintaro: I don't understand! What happened to Saint Hakushin? He's gone! Where do you think he could've disappeared to?

[Bankotsu reappears in Hakushin's temple inside Mount Hakurei]

Bankotsu: Dammit! I feel terrible. I don't get it... what the Hell happened to me, anyway?! (pause) Where am I?

[Kanna and Kohaku enter]

Kohaku: Bankotsu, sir.
Bankotsu: Kohaku. Kanna. Where are we? It- it feels awful in here.
Kohaku: I imagine that it would, sir. This isn't a very nice place for men of evil thoughts.
Bankotsu: Doesn't seem to bother you much. Figures, you being a ninja.
Kohaku: (impatiently) You're mistaken; I'm not a ninja.

[Kanna picks up the Vajra]

Bankotsu: (thinking) Now I remember; the light from the Vajra enveloped me!

[He follows Kanna into the center of the temple, where a mummified figure is seated]

Bankotsu: Huh... who is that? (Kanna sets the Vajra before the mummy) I see. Inuyasha kept saying something or other about a Saint. This must be Saint Hakushin's mummy. He's responsible for creating the barriers around Mount Hakurei and Hijiri Island!

Kagome: Bye! Shintaro, take good care of yourself and your sisters!
Shintaro: I'll pray for your good journey!
Miroku: If, for some reason, you ever feel lonely, please don't hesitate to call on me! I'll come to your aid anytime, day or night, especially night- Aghh!

[Sango drags him away by the ear]

Sango: That's enough outta you, Miroku.
Miroku: Ah! It's attached, you know!

Kagome: I'm worried. The barrier is making Shippo so dizzy.
Inuyasha: Hey, Miroku! Are you absolutely sure that Naraku is hiding in Mount Hakurei?
Miroku: I'm not entirely certain, but I'm positive that Saint Hakushin is the one creating this barrier.
Sango: Well, it does make sense, because the Saint protected Bankotsu, one of Naraku's men.
Inuyasha: I would've thought that a massive evil like Naraku wouldn't be able to enter a sacred place like that.
Miroku: Once inside, though, there's no better place to hide. Think of those who hunt him: the wolf-demon, Koga. Sesshomaru. You, Inuyasha. And Kikyo... are all unable to go to Mount Hakurei.
Sango: Let's not waste any more time, Miroku.
Miroku: Right.
Kagome: Hmm?
Inuyasha: What are you doing?
Miroku': We've decided that Sango and I will go survey Mount Hakurei.
Sango: Inuyasha and Kagome, you stay here.
Kagome: Are you sure about this? The two of you are going there alone?
Sango: Watch over Kirara. I can't take her.
Kagome: Yeah, sure Sango.
Miroku: Don't you worry about a thing, Kagome. (groping a furious Sango's rear end as he speaks) From this point on, I won't have a spare moment to caress Sango's enticing body.
Sango: (whacks him over the head with Hiraikotsu) I'll show you enticing!
Kagome: I'm not worried about that. Are you sure you want to do this? We don't even know what's at Mount Hakurei.
Sango: Inuyasha can't go in past the barrier, remember? It has to be the two of us.
Kagome: Still...
Inuyasha: Sango. Miroku. (they turn towards him) Just check around, but don't take any unnecessary risks, okay?
Miroku: Rest assured, that's what we intend to do.
Sango: (nods)... We're off.

Koga's Solitary Battle


[Koga is searching for an opening in the barrier around Mount Hakurei; Ginta, Hakaku and the wolves are following him, exhausted]

Koga: How 'bout here?! (he strikes the barrier and glances off) Dammit!
Hakaku: (to Ginta) what's with Koga? He never listens to anyone!
Ginta: No... Once he makes up his mind, that's it!
Hakaku: There he is now! Koga! Wait up, would ya?!
Koga: You're slow, as usual. What took you two so long?
Hakaku: (panting) You've gotta be kidding!
Ginta: (panting) It's not... that we're too slow... it's that... you're too... fast!
Koga: Hmm...
Hakaku: Whattaya say we call it quits, Koga?
Ginta: We have been searching around the mountain for days, now, but there's no way to get past the barrier!
Hakaku: Besides, this place is giving me the creeps!
Ginta: It can't be easy on you, hitting that barrier over and over again!
Hakaku: Come on, Koga! What do you say?
Ginta: Let's just give up.
Koga: (angry) Shut your trap! The Band of Seven is definitely here... and I'm gonna bust through this barrier, out of pride!

[They don't realize Renkotsu and Ginkotsu are watching them from the slope just above, hidden by the barrier]

Ginkotsu: Ge-heh-heh-heh-hesh...
Renkotsu: (chuckles) Well, well, Ginkotsu. It seems they can't see us behind the barrier after all.
Ginkotsu: Ge-heh-heh-heh-hesh.
Renkotsu: (thinking) This barrier is turning out to be very convenient. Hmmm... it's quite sickening, but why not take advantage of it? (aloud) All right, Ginkotsu. First, go for the legs. I want you to blow both his legs off.
Ginkotsu: Ge-heh-heh-hesh. (aims his cannons at Koga)
Hakaku: Come on, Koga, at least think about it!
Koga: I've had enough of you two quitters! The Band of Seven are hiding in there, so how 'bout this: I'm gonna find them and kill them all myself.
Renkotsu: (mockingly) Oohh... we're scared.

[Ginkotsu's cannons fire and strike around Koga's feet, blowing him, Ginta and Hakaku backwards.]

Miroku: I wonder how far this goes? There's no demonic aura, and nothing out of the ordinary here. Hmm...
Sango: We wouldn't have even thought to check this place out, if it wasn't for what happened on Hijiri Island.
Miroku: We have to be careful to keep on our guard, Sango.
Sango: I agree...

[She walks ahead, Miroku glances at her rear end]

Miroku: Hm-mm... remember, keep on your guard. (grins)

[As he sneaks up on Sango to grope her, he is suddenly halted, to his dismay]

Miroku: (thinking) I can't believe this! Just one lecherous thought, and I feel sick to my stomach! The barrier of Mount Hakurei is strong indeed to have such an effect on me.
Sango: (glances back) What'd you stop for?
Miroku: Ah! Never mind me. Just stumbled a bit.
Sango: Yeah, well, watch your step.

Koga: Looks like our search around the mountain wasn't in vain after all! I'm surprised you showed yourselves, though.
Renkotsu: (chuckles) I suppose you would be. Would you like to know why we did so? Because of your Shikon Jewel shards!

[Ginkotsu fires his cannons at Koga again, striking around his feet; Koga lands upright, but his legs are injured by the shock waves]

Koga: (thinking) This is trouble. He got my legs on the first shot! I've gotta put an end to this, fast!
Ginta: Koga, you okay?!
Koga: Stay back, you two!
Hakaku: Sure, okay!

[He and Ginta duck behind a rock]

Ginta: Think he even stands a chance against that metal monster? That thing's deadly!
Koga: (Thinking) Those two are just like Kyukotsu, resurrected through the power of the Shikon shards! Now, if I can just take the jewels away...

[Flashback to Koga's previous victory over Kyukotsu]

Koga: (charges) I'll get you. You're goin' back to the grave!
Renkotsu: (smirks) Pull back now, Ginkotsu.
Ginkotsu: Ghesh.

[They withdraw back into the barrier]

Koga: (stops) Huh?! What, you're takin' off?!
Renkotsu: Heh! It's not what it looks like.
Koga: What?!
Renkotsu: We're still going to destroy you, but from a safe distance.

[He and Ginkotsu disappear behind the barrier]

Hakaku: Wha- they vanished!

[Ginkotsu's cannons fire through the barrier repeatedly, narrowly missing Koga]

Hakaku: He's done for! How can he defeat an enemy he can't even see?!
Ginta: Koga, let's get out of here! We're sitting ducks!
Koga: (still dodging) I'm not goin' anywhere! (thinking) I knew what I was getting into, but now what? They're deadly... I have to find a way to lure them out of the barrier!

Koga: You sure fell for my plan! You're not goin' back behind the barrier now!
Renkotsu: Heh. It's a little early to be congratulating yourself.
Koga: What do you mean?!
Renkotsu: Well, you see, we have no need to escape from you, little man. You're the one who can't get away.
Ginta/ Hakaku: Hey, he's right!
Renkotsu: And besides, how much harm could a wounded wolf do to us?
Koga: (flinches, thinking) He knows about my legs!
Renkotsu: Finish him off, Ginkotsu.
Ginkotsu: Ghesh. (he starts to rotate in Koga's direction)
Koga: (charges) Right!
Renkotsu: Fool.

[He drinks from his wrist-gourd and spews flames at Koga, but Koga dodges and leaps over them]

Koga: I don't think so!! We'll see who the real fool is!!

[Renkotsu spews another jet of flames at him as he approaches]

Koga: (thinking) They have to be somewhere in his body!

[He slashes Renkotsu across the torso, wounding his shoulder and chest and knocking him off Ginkotsu's turret]

Renkotsu: (thinking) Damn him! He's after the shard in my neck!

Lured by the Black Light

Bankotsu: (addressing his deceased comrades) Kyukotsu. Mukotsu. How does it feel, to be back in the other world again? (scoffs and smashes his sake cup against the headstone) That's ridiculous! Once you're dead, you're dead; that's the end of it. There's no such thing as an "afterlife".

[Kikyo notices the defiled Shikon shards in Bankotsu's neck and halberd as he passes her]

Kikyo: (thinking) That man...
Bankotsu: Woman, are you the one they call Kikyo?
Kikyo: And you are with the Band of Seven?

[Bankotsu chuckles and walks on]

Kikyo: Wait!

[Bankotsu stops, but doesn't turn]

Bankotsu: What do you want of me?
Kikyo: Just curious; you're supposed to kill me, are you not?
Bankotsu: (chuckles and turns) I don't know, Naraku never gave me any orders to do so. (he grins as he notices Kikyo has an arrow aimed at him) Ahh, I've heard the rumors about you. Still, I would never have guessed you'd be so beautiful. You wanna take me on, do you? Alright then, let's do it! I accept your challenge.

[He levels Banryu at her]

Kikyo: (thinking) His sacred Jewel shards emit a tainted black light... unlike Suikotsu's clear one. Does that mean he has been completely overtaken by the darkness?
Bankotsu: What's stopping you? Come on, take the first shot.
Kikyo: I want to know what it is you're after. Why do you continue to kill, even after being resurrected?! What reason could you possibly have for doing so?
Bankotsu: Now that's a strange question. I don't need any reason for killing people. I have always been this way, before my death and after being revived.
Kikyo: (lowers her bow) In the world we live in, it's sometimes necessary to kill in order to survive. But you died once, so why not stop your evil wrongdoings?
Bankotsu: Hah! I'm a mercenary through and through... and what I do is thoroughly enjoyable. People talk about Heaven and Hell all the time, but once a mortal is dead, that's the end of it. I have no interest in the so-called other worlds. I do as I please, with no fear of the afterlife!
Kikyo: (scornfully) You say that to convince yourself, don't you? It's pathetic, trying to make excuses for your wicked actions.
Bankotsu: (chuckles, shoulders Banryu) I know one thing, Kikyo: dead people like you and I will probably share the same fate. You should worry about yourself. Don't be so concerned about the choices I make. Well, it doesn't really matter. Let's just both enjoy the time we have here on Earth. (walks away)
Kikyo:... So, we share the fate of the dead, do we? Then I will see where it goes.

The Exposed Face of Truth


[Kikyo shoots Suikotsu in the throat with an arrow to stop him from killing Rin]

Rin: Ah! Lord Sesshomaru! (she runs to Sesshomaru)
Jakotsu: Ugh- that dead priestess again! She scares me more than anyone.

[he retreats. Kikyo approaches and kneels next to Suikotsu, who opens his eyes and smiles]

Suikotsu: ...Lady Kikyo, it's you.
Kikyo: Huh? Doctor Suikotsu?

[She notices that Suikotsu's tainted Shikon shard is now purified.]

Suikotsu:... At last... I have returned. The tainted, dark light blocked my way. I couldn't become myself.
Kikyo: (thinking) Did my sacred arrow purify the shard? What do I do with him now? Must I kill him?
Suikotsu: ... Lady Kikyo.
Kikyo: Hm?
Suikotsu: Please remove the sacred Jewel shard from my neck. Do that for me. Then all will be over. I can rest in peace. (Kikyo frowns) My last wish... is to be released.
Kikyo: You're certain? Do you chose death?
Suikotsu: I'm certain. I finally remember what happened: I died before, long ago in the past. When I was alive before, I was tormented by uncertainty. I didn't know what was right... and what was wrong.

[In a flashback, Suikotsu is shown trying to save an injured girl, only for a samurai to kill her right in front of him; when the samurai tries to stab him, Suikotsu reflexively kills him by slitting his throat.]

Suikotsu: I was a physician... who had sworn to save people's lives. And yet... I had killed someone with my own hands. Looking back, I was probably harder on myself than anyone else would have been. I couldn't forgive myself. I didn't know what to do. That's when it happened... when I heard the voice.

[As Suikotsu weeps over the body of his victim in the flashback, his second persona speaks to him for the first time]

Mercenary Suikotsu: (flashback) Why don't you stop acting the part of a saint?! You really aren't interested in helping people! Deep inside, you want to kill! You're just itching to kill and kill!
Suikotsu: Suddenly, it became clear to me: the person who was speaking was me, myself. A crater of evil lurked in my heart... and that evil made me kill over and over again. Not long afterward, I met Bankotsu and joined the Band of Seven... and murder became second nature to me. I've done some horrible things. My dark side has killed so many. And during it all... the doctor in me was helpless to stop the senseless brutality. No matter how many lives I saved, no matter how I tried to make a difference, my soul has no hope of being redeemed.
Kikyo: Doctor Suikotsu, you are not alone in your turmoil. Good and evil co-exist in all men who walk the earth. You must not give in to the dark side.
Suikotsu: You're wrong... Lady Kikyo. I would likely do it all again, if I were able to. I couldn't stop myself. The mere thought of it is unbearable. (tearfully) Please, I beg of you, Lady Kikyo... remove the Jewel shard. Give me death, and release my tormented soul.
Kikyo: Doctor Suikotsu-
Suikotsu: Please do this for me. I beg of you.

[Despite remembering Bankotsu's words, Kikyo reaches for the Shikon shard. Before she can touch it, Jakotsu's snake-sword extends and slashes Suikotsu's throat, launching the shard into the air.

Jakotsu: (catching it) I'll take this as a memento. [leaves]
Kikyo: Doctor Suikotsu!
Suikotsu: (smiles) And so it ends... it's finally over.

[He crumbles into a skeleton]

Sesshomaru: (watching Kikyo, thinking) The priestess who bound Inuyasha to a tree. She's just like the others, reeking of bones and graveyard soil. Perhaps she was given a glimpse of her own fate.

Vanished in a River of Flames


Into the Depths of Mount Hakurei


[As Sango hurls Hiraikotsu at Kagura, she glimpses Kohaku standing on a ledge]

Sango: (to herself) Kohaku?
Kagura: I am the wind, remember? Pay attention!

[She uses her wind to blast Hirakutsu back at Sango, striking her hard and knocking her unconscious]

Miroku: Sango!

[He leaps over a chasm and runs towards her]

Miroku: Sango! Sango, say something to me! Sango! (Sango moans weakly)
Kagura: How very touching, Monk. Unfortunately, you might've lived a little longer if you'd only gone on ahead without her.

[Miroku glares at her. She gestures with her fan, and Naraku's demons and Saimyosho swoop towards Miroku and Sango. Miroku stands up and removes the rosary from his forearm]

Kagura: (smirking) You can't use your Wind Tunnel, though- for fear of the insect's poison!
Miroku: You don't know who you're dealing with! What meaning does my life have without the woman I deeply care for?! I would sacrifice my life for hers! Wind Tunnel!

The Divine Malice of the Saint


Fare Thee Well: Jakotsu's Requiem


Bankotsu:... Oh. So, you're still alive, Renkotsu.
Renkotsu: Yes. (thinking, as he approaches Bankotsu) Damn that Bankotsu. He has the shards from Kyukotsu, Mukotsu and Suikotsu- that makes four in all. The shards I took from Kagome are embedded in his halberd, Banryu. I have three shards, with the ones from Ginkotsu and Jakotsu. If I can keep Bankotsu from using his halberd, we'll be just about even. If I'm going to do it, it has to be now!

[Without looking up, Bankotsu suddenly punctures Renkotsu's throat with two fingers, then pulls out two of his Jewel shards]

Bankotsu: That's two. So... right, riiight. You've still got one more, don't you?
Renkotsu: Damn you!
Bankotsu: You know, for a smart guy, you sure can be stupid. You kept plotting and planning, but you waited too long to act.
Renkotsu: Will you... kill me?
Bankotsu: (holds up Jakotsu's hairpin) Well, what should I do? (angrily) After all, you killed Jakotsu for his sacred Jewel shard.
Renkotsu: (furious) Who the Hell are you to talk?! In the end, all that counts is power, and the more shards you have the stronger you become! (Bankotsu smirks) What's so funny about that?! Don't forget that you have sacred Jewel shards in your body too, Big Brother- and you used us to get them for you!
Bankotsu: Let's put your theory to the test.
Renkotsu: Whattaya mean?!
Bankotu: Here. (tosses him the two shards) Take them. What's the problem? (Renkotsu glances at Banryu) Oh, don't worry, I won't even use Banryu.

[Renkotsu re-inserts the two shards]

Bankotsu: Now, I will demonstrate just how different you and I are. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's do it. If you won't attack, then I'll come at you first! (advances)
Renkotsu: Ahhh! (he fires his hand-cannon, but misses; Bankotsu continues to advance) AAAAHH! DIE, DIE!

[He fires repeatedly, but Bankotsu dodges all the shots and finally jumps directly in front of him]

Bankotsu: What's the matter, Renkotsu? Your aim's not so good. (Renkotsu steps back hastily, trips and falls) Now what- your balance isn't so good either? (coldly) Get on your feet- so I can kill you.
Renkotsu: Dammit!

[He jumps back, drinks from his wrist-gourd and spews out a huge column of flames, engulfing Bankotsu]

Renkotsu: Hah! I... think I got him!
Bankotsu: Oh, yeah? Well, think again!

[He throws Jakotsu's hairpin, piercing Renkotsu's heart and knocking out one of his Jewel shards; as Renkotsu falls to his knees, paralyzed, Bankotsu walks up to him]

Renkotsu: What... is the difference? What is it? Tell me! How is what I've done any different from what you are doing now!?
[Bankotsu tears out Renkotsu's two remaining shards; Renkotsu crumbles into a skeleton]
Bankotsu: The difference is... I would never betray my friends. How sad. It seems I'm the only one left.

[one of Naraku's Saimyosho retrieves Renkotsu's shard and gives it to him]

Bankotsu: I know, I've got things to finish. (he inserts the three shards and picks up Banryu) This will be the final battle of the Band of Seven.

Hakushin: There. I've dissolved the barrier, as you asked of me, Priestess. You say you wanted to lay me to rest, and dissolve the barrier around Mount Hakurei, did you not? However... I was buried alive, and now my soul is filled with anger and hatred. I fear it cannot be saved.
Kikyo: You are wrong. I never said that I had the ability to save your soul from the darkness.
Hakushin: Huh?
Kikyo: But, I do want you to tell me... what is it, that makes you so unbearably sad?
Hakushin: Sad, you say?

[Kikyo puts her hands on his shoulders and embraces him. As the purifying energy around Mount Hakurei begins to subside, Hakushin begins to cry]

Kikyo: Even though I touch your very soul, I cannot feel the hatred and bitterness you speak of.

[Hakushin has a flashback of his meeting with Naraku]

Naraku: (to Hakushin) Hate them. It's all right for you to hate them. Hate them all, the humans of this world.
Hakushin: But, I...
Kikyo: The tears you shed were not tears of hatred toward humans and their world.
Hakushin: ...Yes. You're right. I wanted to die an admirable death, as a saint. But, it was not to be. I did not want to admit... my own weakness. So, I cried in despair, over the weakness of my own heart.
Kikyo: How painful it must have been.
Hakushin: Yes. It was painful.
Kikyo: You have done more than enough good in this world. So, please... let your soul become free.
Hakushin: ...Is that all right?
Kikyo: (gently) Yes. It's all right.

[Hakushin's mummified body dissolves as his soul ascends as a pure sphere of light. As Kikyo watches it, she takes out the topknot that Kansuke gave to her to bury.]

Kikyo: (thinking) There is not one person in this world who never feels lost, who has never sinned in life. Those who try to be forever divine, those who try to be forever kind, and even those who are tainted by evil. Everyone wishes to be saved.

[The topknot dissolves as Kansuke's soul also ascends]

Kikyo: (thinking) Isn't that right, Kansuke? He has found peace.

[Hakushin's purifying barrier around Mount Hakurei suddenly vanishes, causing the mountain to decay and emit a huge amount of demonic energy. Hundreds of minor demons begin to fly out of the mountain]

Kikyo: Mount Hakurei! The barrier... it's been dissolved?

Final Battle: Last and Strongest of the Band of Seven

Inuyasha: You should be rotting in your grave like a good corpse- and I'm gonna be the one that makes sure ya do!
Bankotsu: That's very high and mighty, coming from one such as you- a pathetic little demon who was nailed to a tree!
Inuyasha: You son of a-!
Bankotsu: My mistake. You're not a real demon, just a half-demon! Naraku told me all about you and that dead priestess, Kikyo!
Inuyasha: Why, you!

[He attacks; Bankotsu parries and moves back]

Bankotsu: A measly half-demon who was pinned to a tree for fifty years, has no business criticizing those of us who were resurrected!
Inuyasha: What's that? (he has a brief flashback of Kikyo shooting him fifty years ago) Hah! Seems like you and Naraku have been talking a lot, huh?
Bankotsu: Actually, this is the second time I've run into Naraku.
Inuyasha: Whattaya mean by that?
Bankotsu: The first time we met was before the Band of Seven was formed. Looking back, it was kind of a strange coincidence.
Inuyasha: So you're old pals, then?
Bankotsu: Hah! I don't befriend demons. Back then, I was always looking for a challenge- always looking for strong opponents to beat. I didn't care if they were demons, as long as they were strong. One day, I heard about a frightening, powerful demon, and entered the lifeless forest in which he was supposed to dwell.

[Bankotsu has a flashback of his first meeting with Naraku, in a marsh]

Bankotsu: I've come to fight the demon who rules this forest.
Naraku: (indicates a newt-demon's corpse in front of him) Perhaps it was him.
Bankotsu: Did you kill him?
Naraku: Mm. Are you a demon-slayer, or some kind of monk?
Bankotsu: I am neither one of those. If you're telling me you're strong, then I wish to fight you.
Naraku: Oh- you want to test your strength?
Bankotsu: One like you, who possesses demonic powers from the moment he was born, couldn't possibly understand!

[He attacks, but Naraku easily evades him]

Naraku: (chuckles) "From the moment I was born?"
Bankotsu: What's so funny?!
Naraku: You desire demonic powers, do you?
Bankotsu: So, then you admit that you're a demon?
Naraku: I have been wandering the land, searching for a power that I have been unable to acquire.
Bankotsu: The Shikon Jewel?
Naraku: I do not know if, or when, it will manifest itself in this world again.
Jakotsu: Hey, Big Brother! (Bankotsu glances away as Jakotsu arrives) Oh, you're kidding- you destroyed it already? You could at least leave me one to kill, okay?

[Bankotsu glances back in Naraku's direction, only to find he has disappeared]

[Flashback of Naraku resurrecting Bankotsu]

Naraku: Awaken, Bankotsu- awaken. Awaken, Bankotsu, awaken. I grant you life, once again.

[Bankotsu opens his eyes]

Bankotsu: ...Who are you?
Naraku: To think, the man I met all those years ago was Bankotsu of the Band of Seven.
Bankotsu: I remember now. You're that demon I met in the forest.
Naraku: My name is Naraku.
Bankotsu: Naraku? Wait... what is this? the seven of us were beheaded.
Naraku: You are quite right; We are inside your grave right now.

[Bankotsu notices he is surrounded by the skeletons of his six comrades]

Naraku: I embedded a shard of the sacred Jewel inside your body. That is the power you feel.
Bankotsu: Ahh- sacred Jewel shards can be very useful, can't they?
Naraku: I want you to serve me, Bankotsu. If you do, this renewed life of yours will be everlasting.

[He drops six more Shikon shards in front of Bankotsu, who picks them up]

Naraku: Now, go forth with your six comrades... and destroy my enemies.

[Inuyasha disarms both himself and Bankotsu, then cuts two Jewel shards out of Bankotsu's arm]

Bankotsu: How dare you?!
Inuyasha: Hah! I knew you had the Jewel shards in your arm; your sword-arm seemed unusually strong, and it got me thinking-
Bankotsu: So, you took a guess. Seems like you have all the luck.
Inuyasha: Oh, it's more than just luck, Bankotsu. [cracks his knuckles] I'm gonna cut out all the shards, and the next one's in your neck!

[He slashes at Bankotsu several times with his claws, but Bankotsu dodges all the blows, then suddenly lands a powerful punch to Inuyasha's face, knocking him down]

Bankotsu: Don't underestimate me, half-demon. Just who do you think you're dealing with?
Inuyasha: (sits up) You bastard...
Bankotsu: I am Bankotsu, leader of the Band of Seven. And I've never lost a battle to anyone.

Duel to the Death on Mt. Hakurei


Beyond the Darkness: Naraku Reborn!


Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved


[Kikyo fires an arrow past Naraku's ear, then nocks a second one into her bow]

Kikyo: I'll ask you just one more time. Naraku, tell me what your true purpose here is!
Naraku: I'm surprised. Did you come all this way and go to all this trouble, to ask me such a simple matter?
Kikyo: I'm the one asking the questions.
Naraku: [chuckles] Round and round goes the spinning wheel...spinning and weaving a red thread of fate. Meeting Rasetsu, or should I say Kanske, was no coincidence. It was according to my plan.
Kikyo: You mean...?
Naraku: I merely took advantage of his desire to find a place to die. It was all so simple. I put rumors into that dying man's head about the sacred grounds of Mt. Hakurei, and thus set him on your path. Now do you understand? [chuckles] You did not come here of your own accord. I lured you here. I have often heard you humans refer to this as fate or destiny.
Kikyo [thinking] Once the threads of destiny become tangled, they cannot be undone. To walk down this path once more, only confirms my cursed destiny.
Naraku: Only the weak utter such nonsense. It is different for the truly powerful. They create this so-called fate or destiny themselves.
Kikyo: You're the one speaking nonsense, Naraku!
Naraku: Oh, yes. You were interested in finding out about my true aim. You wish to know? Then I shall tell you. [he raises his forearm, and a blade of bone grows from his wrist] You shall learn my purpose, what it is I need to accomplish at Mt. Hakurei. Here's your answer.

[He slashes at Kikyo suddenly, cutting her bow in half and wounding her shoulder; she staggers back with a grunt of pain]

Kikyo: Agh!
Naraku: [chuckles] Your imitation body is formed of bones and graveyard soil. You don't even bleed.
Kikyo: [slumps to her knees] I curse you, Naraku.
Naraku: You underestimated me, Kikyo. You came feeling self-assured, so certain that I would not be able to kill you. You believed that as long as I had the heart of that worthless human- that pathetic bandit, Onigumo, who loved you with all his being- you believed I wouldn't harm you. [he retracts the bone-blade] I feel nothing, even after wounding you so. No remorse, no sadness.
Kikyo: [thinking] Does that mean his heart no longer beats inside you? I see! That's what Kagura had in her possession- his human heart!

[She glances at the gorge behind her, as Naraku closes in]

Naraku: The bottom of this crevice is filled my miasma. An imitation body like yours will dissolve easily, in a matter of seconds. [he raises his arm again, his fingers extending into clawed tentacles] Kikyo... this will be your burial ground.

[As he lunges at her, Kikyo has flashbacks of her time with Inuyasha]

Kikyo: No! Why are these memories coming back to me now? [the tentacles impale her and retract, sending her plummeting into the miasma gorge] Inuyasha...

[Elsewhere, Inuyasha freezes]

Inuyasha: Huh?!
Kagome Higurashi: Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: [thinking] I don't like this. I've got a bad feeling about something...

Sesshomaru: [thinking about Naraku] Such impudence. You merely wished to test the power of your new body, against me.

[He sheathes Tokijin just as Inuyasha arrives]

Inuyasha: Sesshomaru...
Sesshomaru: Inuyasha. Still alive, are you?
Inuyasha: What're you doing here?
Sesshomaru: It seems Naraku's main interest was not you... but rather, his real objective, was to kill that woman.
Inuyasha: Huh?! [he follows Sesshomaru's gaze to Kikyo's broken bow, laying on the edge of the gorge] Kikyo's bow! No, Kikyo...

[He rushes to the edge of the gorge and picks up the bow]

Inuyasha: [thinking] What happened? Did Naraku kill Kikyo?! can't be!
Kikyo: [in flashback] Naraku cannot kill me... not as long as he has Onigumo's heart, a heart which cares for me.

[He notices a torn piece of Kikyo' sleeve hanging on the edge of the gorge, circled by a Soul Collector]

Inuyasha: Soul Collectors!

[the sleeves comes free and falls into the gorge, followed by a Soul Collector; they both burst into flame as they hit the miasma]

Inuyasha: I failed you again, Kikyo... I let you die. I wasn't there for you, and you died alone...
Jaken: This miasma is terrible! There's no way she could survive it! [Sesshomaru starts to leave, and Jaken follows him] Lord Sesshomaru?
Inuyasha: Hold on, Sesshomaru! [Sesshomaru glances back] Did you just watch her get killed? Didn't you do anything to help?! [Sesshomaru turns and keeps walking, Inuyasha reaches for Tetsusaiga] I told you to STOP!
Sesshomaru: I don't care to know what your connection to that woman was. [glances back] The person responsible for killing Kikyo, was Naraku. And, you... you're the one who didn't save her. Inuyasha, blame yourself. [keeps walking] Rather than taking your anger out on me, I suggest you go after Naraku.
Jaken: Exactly!

[He and Sesshomaru leave; Inuyasha falls to his knees]

Inuyasha: Kikyo... forgive me.

The Darkness in Kagome's Heart


Transform Heartache into Courage

Kagura: Well, if it isn't Kanna. A Sacred Jewel shard?
The Infant: I want you to implant that tainted fragment into Kagome. Once it is in, she will be completely under our control.
Kagura: Oh? With this, Kagome will become Naraku's servant you say? She will share the same fate as Kohaku.
Kagome (thinking): Kohaku? That impure light! Does she intend to put that shard into me? No! I...I can't move. This strange infant was a grasp on my soul. I have to break free.
The Infant: Kagura, hold on. She's a stubborn one. She's regained consciousness.
Kagome (thinking): Inuyasha! Save me!
The Infant: It's too late. You know as well as I do that Inuyasha will never come. Inuyasha has made his choice and he has chosen Kikyo, not you.

The Infant: Remember, Kagome. When you learned that Kikyo had died, weren't you actually quite pleased? The woman who came between you was gone, but when Inuyasha heard that Kikyo was alive, he went after again. Whether she is dead or alive, Inuyasha's heart belongs to Kikyo. Don't you feel bitter toward Inuyasha? Don't you hate Kikyo? It's all right for you to hate them. Feel your heart with bitterness once more, and let me grasp your soul.
Kagura: You've got her.

Kagome (thinking): I feel bitter towards Inuyasha? I hate Kikyo? I guess I have every reason to, but...
Kagura: What's going on here? Somehow she repelled the shard. (thinking) So there are some things this devilish brat can't do.
Kagome: You're wrong.
The Infant (thinking): She spoke. My suggestive powers are not working on this girl.
Kagome: What you're saying to me is completely wrong. Inuyasha can never forget about Kikyo. And even though I force myself to accept this rationally I still feel the pain and jealousy in my heart. However, bearing a grudge against Inuyasha, and feeling jealousy toward Kikyo, these are normal feelings that any human would have. And It is not unlikely for me to feel bitterness towards these two. This isn't the first time that Inuyasha has tried to dessert me because he knew how difficult all this was for me. I even wished Kikyo gone but then I felt so bad after harboring such thoughts. These feelings mean that I...that I'm in love with Inuyasha!!

Kagura: Now I see why Naraku hates that girl.
Inuyasha: What did you do to Kagome!!?
The Infant: I just rummaged inside her soul a little bit. Because you can't seem to get over Kikyo, I even managed to find a speck of darkness in that girl's heart. It's too bad. Just one more little step and I could have crushed her soul.
Inuyasha: Bastard! Just what the hell are you!!?

The Infant: Heh. Now that the priestess Kikyo is no longer with us, that girl is the only one who can see the Sacred Jewel shards.
Miroku: What!?
The Infant: Very soon. Once Kagome's eyes become ours, the Sacred Jewel will become whole once again; a Sacred Jewel filled with hate that is.
Inuyasha: You bastard!! If ever touch Kagome again...!!
The Infant: There are many ways to corrupt that girl, Inuyasha. So as you cannot forget Kikyo.
(The leave, and Inuyasha turns to Kagome's motionless form)
Inuyasha (thinking): Kagome, I'm so sorry I left you all alone. I'll never let you fall into Naraku's hands again. Never will I let you suffer like Kikyo did.

Kagura: Hey, you look unwell.
The Infant: Be quiet. I need to sleep. (thinking) Kagome's soul is much stronger than I expected. I used up too much energy.
Kagura (thinking): What's wrong with him? Did his struggle with Kagome tire him out? He may be Naraku's offspring but, apparently, he's not all-powerful.

Inuyasha: Forgive me, Kaede.
Kaede: Say no more Inuyasha. My sister Kikyo was forced to return to this world of the living. While here her soul only suffered and so...
Inuyasha: I was unable to save Kikyo's soul. She was killed for a second time by that bastard Naraku.
Kaede: Sister Kikyo's spirit has faded now. She will no longer have to suffer.
Inuyasha: But I-
Kaede: So, Inuyasha, you need not suffer, either. Yes, my dear sister is gone. But I wish her remains could be returned to her proper resting place.

Season Six (Episodes 140-167)


Trap of the Cursed Wall Hanging

Inuyasha: (on Shinosuke) He's gotta be the gloomiest guy I've ever met.
Kagome: Could you not be rude, for a change?!
Miroku: Shinosuke, you mentioned earlier that you were looking for your missing fiance. What exactly did you mean by that?
Shinosuke: Well, just three days before our wedding ceremony, I was called into battle. I was seriously injured; a full two years passed, before I was able to return home. Not long ago, I finally returned to my hometown, but the village had been burned to the ground. And my fiance, Wakana, was nowhere to be found.
Kagome: Aw...
Shinosuke: I searched for her, not knowing if she was dead or alive. That's when I heard of a village inhabited solely by women.
Miroku: (perks up) Oh! A village of only women?
Shinosuke: I heard that the village was made up of women who'd lost their husbands and children to war, and that they lived together to support each other during their time of need.
Inuyasha: (hears something) Hm?
Shinosuke: When I heard, I thought perhaps Wakana had given up on my return... and had joined them.
Kagome: (to Sango) Do you think this has anything to do with that village of demon women the old man told us about?
Sango: Yes- it has to be more than a coincidence.
Miroku: I've heard enough. (stands up)
Sango and Kagome: Hmm?
Miroku: We will accompany you to this village.
Shinosuke: Thanks for offering, but how would we find it?
Inuyasha: (darkly) We don't have to- they've come looking for us. (gestures at two women watching them from the forest) So that solves part of the problem.

Miroku: What will you do now?
Shinosuke: I'll keep searching for her. I can't let myself give up. I love Wakana! She's the only woman for me.
Kagome: He's so devoted to her!
Sango: She's a lucky person- (She notices Kagome smiling at her and looks away quickly) Eh, don't read anything into that.
Miroku: ...Hmm.

[He walks away, Inuyasha follows]

Inuyasha: Whattaya say, Miroku?
Miroku: Hmm?
Inuyasha: Do you feel any evil or demonic auras? (sniffs the air) I only pick up the scent of the water... nothing suspicious except- eh?
Miroku: (to one of the women) You must be so lonely, surrounded only by women.
Inuyasha: Are you even listening?!
Woman: Yes- it is lonely.

[Inuyasha falls flat in disbelief, then stands up]

Inuyasha: (thinking) Oh well, I guess there's no demonic aura around- ergh!

[he flinches as he feels Sango's anger at Miroku over his shoulder]

Miroku: (Also feeling it, thinking nervously) Ohhh- the scent of death.
Sango: (curtly) Miroku, isn't it time we left? It doesn't sound like this is the village of demon women we were looking for, does it?
Miroku: What- leave now?!
Headwoman: May I have a word with you travelers? The paths at night are dangerous. We have little to offer you, but please stay the night here and start out fresh in the morning.
Miroku: Thank you! We would be much obliged-
Sango: Pardon me, Monk?!
Woman: Good! The ladies can follow me to their quarters.
Headwoman: Gentlemen, that way, please.
Miroku: Huh?
Kagome: Separate rooms?

Kagome:... Hey, Sango? You sure there's nothing between you and Miroku?
Sango: (hastily) Huh?! W-what do you mean, nothing? I don't follow.
Kagome: When we were at Mount Hakurei, you two were all alone for quite a while, right? Do you have any good memories of the time you spent together?

[flashback of Sango and Miroku on Mount Hakurei]

Miroku: (poisoned) Sango, don't stay here. Go on without me.
Sango: No! Not unless you're with me!
Miroku: I think I might've pushed myself too far this time. You, at least, have to make it out of this alive for me, okay?
Sango: (tearfully) No! If you can't go on... then we'll die here together! (hugs Miroku)

[Back in the present]

Sango: (thinking) I'm almost positive I said something like that. Miroku's womanizing hasn't changed one bit since then, though!
Kagome: Come on! Are you sure nothing actually happened?
Sango: Hey, cut it out, Kagome! Miroku and I don't have... that kind of relationship!
Kagome: What about your feelings? You like Miroku, don't you?

[Startled, Sango drops Hiraikotsu with a crash]

Sango: You can't be serious, Kagome! Me, like that pervert?!
Kagome: Oops, sorry! (thinking) You're not fooling anyone, Sango.
Sango: He's irresponsible, a delinquent, and lies without any remorse! Huh! (looks away and sighs)
Kagome: Too bad- 'Cause I've been watching Miroku, and I really get the feeling that he likes you, Sango.
Sango: Huh? Why, what do you mean?
Kagome: I just get the feeling. It's like you're his special girl. He seems to care about you a lot.
Sango: (eagerly) You really think so?
Kagome: You think so too, don't you, Kirara?

[Kirara meows; Sango joins her at the window]

Sango: What's the matter, Kirara? (she notices Miroku walking by outside with the woman he flirted with)
Miroku: Ah, I see. You lost your husband in battle- how sad.
Woman: Yes.
Miroku: If there's any way I can lend you some comfort, then please let me know.
Woman: I appreciate your offer, thank you. (she and Miroku hug)
Kagome: Huh? (notices Sango walking away, looking irritated) Sango...
Sango: I'm going to sleep.

Kagome: (thinking) I feel so sorry for Sango. She should swallow her pride and stop Miroku. I guess that's too much to ask. (Kirara meows) Huh? What's the matter, Kirara? (she notices Sango wearing her armor and holding Hiraikotsu) Sango?
Sango: Quiet.

[Opening the door, they see the village women walking towards the swamp carrying torches]

Kagome: What's going on?
Sango: I'm going to follow them.
Kagome: Hey, wait! I'll get Inuyasha and Miroku to come along, too! They're probably close by, so it'll just take a sec!
Sango: (curtly) Never mind. There's no time to look for them. (runs after the women)
Kagome: Wait, Sango!

Kagome: Sango! Where could she be?
Inuyasha: I lose Sango's scent here... she might've gone into the water, for all we know. (notices the bubbles in the water and stiffens)
Kagome: What's that?!
Inuyasha: Oh, no! Kagome, get back!

[The village women levitate out of the water, carrying various weapons]

Kagome: The village women!
Inuyasha: Hey, you! What'cha do with Sango? (cracks his knuckles) If you hid her somewhere, you'd better tell me!
Kagome: Inuyasha, wait! There's some kind of demonic vapor seeping out of their mouths! They're being controlled by something, or someone. Whatever you do, don't hurt them!

[One of the women swings a pole at Inuyasha, who easily dodges]

Inuyasha: So this is the village of demon women we were looking for all along- and we didn't even know it!

Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession

Miroku: Run away!

[Wakana awakens from her trance and pulls Shinosuke away from the demon's jaws]

Salamander demon: Curse it all, my spell is broken! (her eyes flash, and Wakana falls back into a trance)
Shinosuke: What's going on, Wakana? (notices the demon) What on Earth is that thing?!
Miroku: Shinosuke, listen to me: take Wakana and escape!
Shinosuke: But... what's going on?
Miroku: Hurry!
Shinosuke: Er- right! (he grabs Wakana and flees)
Miroku: (thinking) I'll have to use my Wind Tunnel-

[As he lifts the rosary from his forearm, the possessed girl from earlier steps towards him holding an awl]

Miroku: (thinking) Damn! I can't use it with her in the way! (he leaps over her, towards the demon) REPENT!

[he strikes the demon in the eye with his staff, causing her to scream in agony; she flees towards the marsh.

Miroku: (thinking) I almost had it! Huh?

[The possessed woman continues trying to attack Miroku; he notices the sutras on the wall where the demon was sealed]

Miroku: (thinking) Sutra seals? It's worth trying... Forgive me for doing this, but you must awaken!

[He puts a sutra over his fist and punches the woman in the gut; her vision clears, and she vomits up a salamander]

Miroku: A salamander? So that's what's been bewitching the women! (he strikes the salamander with his staff and it is vaporized)
Woman:... Oh, my goodness, Monk, what happened? What am I doing here?
Miroku: It's okay, you don't need to try and remember. (he runs to catch up with Shinosuke and Wakana) Forgive me.

[He punches Wakana in the gut and she also regurgitates a salamander, which he destroys]

Shinosuke: What just happened?
Miroku: Rest assured, Shinosuke, your fiancee will be fine.

Miroku: (as he is battling the possessed women) These women are all unfortunate souls who lost loved ones in the war! They needed to be comforted. They probably looked to the Kannon hanging scroll for guidance and comfort! (he exorcises a salamander from another woman's belly) Sadly, they went to the wrong place. They didn't know that the salamander demon was sealed in the hanging scroll.
Shippo: "Hanging scroll?" That thing that flew past a while ago? (Kagome nods)
Inuyasha: So why'd you show up now, after all these years inside the scroll?
Salamander demon: (laughs) I don't really know all that's happened while I was sealed up. However...

[She sprays acidic bile at Inuyasha; when he jumps out of the way, she whacks him with her tail]

Kagome: Inuyasha!
Salamander demon: What I do know is that the evil aura that is permeating the world is giving me enormous power!

[In a flashback, Naraku's evil aura is shown weakening and eventually breaking all the seals on the Kannon scroll]

Inuyasha: "An evil aura that's permeating this land", huh? So Naraku's influence has even reached as far as this filthy swamp!

Miroku: There's too many of them to handle on my own! Sango! Can you lend me a hand here?!
Shippo: What are you saying, Miroku? Sango's not even here!
Miroku: Huh?!
Kagome: You mean you hadn't noticed?!
Miroku: Where is she, then? What's Sango doing?
Kagome: I dunno, she disappeared!
Miroku: Eh?!
Kagome: You were too busy fooling around with the women to notice! (Miroku looks guilty) Sango got upset, and went to deal with the women alone!
Miroku: She went after them alone?

[Sango, possessed by the salamander demon, has wounded Miroku's arm with her sword; Kirara watches them, growling]

Miroku: Don't you worry about a thing, Kirara. I'll be able to save Sango, you can count on that. Sango, don't worry, I'm going to purge that salamander demon from your belly.

[As dawn breaks, Sango lunges at him. Miroku dodges past, grabs his staff and parries several attacks. He finally disarms her and pins her to the ground, but as he prepares to exorcise the demon, Sango extends her hidden wrist-blade and slashes him across the face, forcing him to release her.]

Miroku: I should have known as much. (smiles) You are truly fearsome as an opponent.

[Sango lunges at him again, cutting him across the forearm, but he manages to grab her wrist]

Miroku: I'm glad we're usually on the same side.

[he punches her in the stomach with his sutra-wrapped fist, causing her to vomit up a salamander egg, then collapse from exhaustion]

Miroku: (catches her) Sango? (he sits down, still holding her) I thought I was a goner.

[Inuyasha arrives, carrying Kagome and Shippo on his back]

Shippo: Miroku!
Kagome: Is Sango all right?!
Miroku: Yes. Well- more or less.
Kagome: Miroku, your face! You've been wounded.
Miroku: I know.
Shippo: Uh, what's this weird little egg?
Miroku: It's a demon salamander egg. If it had hatched, I'd be in a lot worse shape than I am now, believe me.
Kagome: Sango was possessed as well?
Inuyasha: She was bewitched like the village women? How'd she let such a stupid thing happen?
Kagome: She was upset when she took off; she obviously wasn't thinking straight! (Inuyasha looks confused, Kagome glares at Miroku)... And none of this would have happened if Miroku didn't keep flirting with the girls!
Miroku: Hm? Are you suggesting this is my fault?
Kagome: Of course! Who'd you think was to blame!
Shippo: (dryly) You brought it on yourself. (he destroys the salamander egg with one of Miroku's sutras)

[Sango sits on the riverbank with Miroku]

Sango: I'm so sorry about all this. It's all my fault.
Miroku: No need to apologize, Sango. Besides, I'm as much to blame. Kagome informed me that my bad habit of flirting with women was the cause of all this. I'm really sorry, Sango.
Sango: (turns away from him, embarrassed) You- don't have to apologize. I was careless, that's all. You didn't have anything to do with it.
Miroku: ...Sango, I want you to hear my feelings. You don't need to say anything, just please hear me out. (pause) You're not like the others, Sango. You're a very special woman to me.

[Sango stares at him, astonished. As usual, Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo are spying on them from the bushes]

Inuyasha: "Special", he says- what a jerk! He's flirting with Sango like he does with every other woman he sees!
Kagome: Shhh!
Miroku: Somehow, it's different for us. You see, Sango, I've never had such strong feelings for a woman as I have for you. Except... there's one problem. I feel as if I cannot love you as an ordinary woman. (Sango looks away, hurt; Kagome looks furious) You're my comrade, the woman I fight alongside.
Shippo: So he's saying they're just gonna be friends?
Kagome: That's terrible! He's not getting away with this!
Sango: (looking away, barely concealing tears) Oh- I knew that. You- didn't need to tell me. I knew how you felt. It's not as if... as if I hoped you would love me. I never thought that. (she stands up)
Miroku: Sango-
Sango: (crushed) We've said it all, right? I'm going.
Miroku:... I'm just getting started. (pause) If this... battle with Naraku ever comes to an end, and the curse of my Wind Tunnel is broken... if I make it out alive... If we made it that far, would you come live with me? Would you bear my children, Sango?

[Sango gasps and straightens up as tears well in her eyes]

Kagome: (claps her hands) Oh, wow! He proposed to her!
Inuyasha: He poses a what?

[Sango slumps to her knees, still facing away from Miroku, and begins to cry]

Miroku: Sango...?
Sango: Y-Yes!
Miroku: You'll have my children? (jokingly) Ten babies- or maybe even twenty?
Sango: (turns around and grabs his hands, smiling) Yes! Miroku, does this mean you'll stop womanizing?
Miroku: Huh?! Uhhhh (laughs nervously)
Sango: (leans closer, squeezing his hand in a death grip) You-will-stop-flirting, right?!

[Miroku looks away guiltily, Sango looks disappointed]

Sango: (thinking, dryly) I'll take that as a "no".
Kagome: Awww!
Shippo: Does this mean they're not fighting anymore?
Inuyasha: Huh! They won't last mor'n a day or two.

[They watch Sango, who is sitting next to Miroku with her head on his shoulder]

The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru, Part 1

Sara Asano:... It's been quite some time, Lord Sesshomaru.
Jaken: Humph! Who are you- an acquaintance of my master?!
Sara Asano: Forgive me. I am Sara.
Jaken: Huh? Who?
Sara Asano: I'm from Asano Castle. Have you forgotten it?
Sesshomaru: Asano Castle?
Jaken: Eh?
Sara Asano: The first time I saw you, Lord Sesshomaru, was at Aasano Castle during a more turbulent time.

[She recalls how he inadvertently saved her and her father during a siege by killing many of the enemy forces]

Sara Asano: Lord Sesshomaru...
Sesshomaru: I don't know you. [He starts to walk past her]
Sara Asano: Please, don't go! I want to do what I can to make your wish come true.
Sesshomaru: "Help me?" You?
Sara Asano: Yes. And when I've helped you realize your desire... I only ask that you acknowledge my feelings for you.
Jaken: (shaking his staff at her) Hey, hey, hey! Will you stop this nonsense?! There's no way someone like you can fulfill Lord Sesshomaru's wishes-
Sesshomaru: Jaken! Leave her.
Jaken: Y-yes, Milord.
Sara Asano: I will fulfill your wish, no matter what it takes.
Sesshomaru: Hmm... as you please.
Sara Asano: Good. [she leaves]
Jaken: What? Such a strange mortal. Lord Sesshomaru, who was that odd woman, anyway?
Rin: She sure was pretty.
Jaken: Well, face-powder does miracles. Honestly, as if a mere human can help our Lord!
Sesshomaru: Are you blind, Jaken? That was no human.
Jaken: Huh?! It wasn't?!
Sesshomaru: It was a demon. No, perhaps she was originally human... but never quite became a full demon.

The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru, Part 2


The Last Banquet of Miroku's Master


The Tragic Love Song of Destiny, Part 1


Kaede (Narrating): My name is Kaede. I am an elderly priestess who has survived a violet age. Back then I was an innocent girl who knew nothing of fighting or war.

Young Kaede: What's the matter, Kikyo? What is that?
Kikyo: It is known as the Jewel of Four Souls. I have been given the duty of purifying it.

Kaede (narrating): That was the first time I saw the Sacred Jewel. After she took custody of the Jewel, my sister Kikyo's destiny changed drastically. Other girls her age were burning perfumed incense, coloring their lips and cheeks, and enjoying their youth.

Kikyo: There is something that I wish to ask you: Why didn't you kill me that night? It would have been easy enough; given my condition.
Inuyasha: I don't play dirty, that's why.

Young Kaede: It's no use. I'll never be as good as my sister Kikyo.
(Fires another arrow at a tree)
Kikyo: I'm impressed, Kaede.
Young Kaede: Kikyo, it's you!

Kaede (Narrating): I wanted Kikyo to look beautiful, and I wanted to do what I could to help her. I thought I was the only one in the world with such thoughts about my sister.

The Tragic Love Song of Destiny, Part 2

Kikyo: You've improved considerably.
Young Kaede: Thanks.
Kikyo: Next is the Arrow of Sealing.
Young Kaede: Arrow of Sealing?
Kikyo: That was the Arrow of Sealing. We use it for demons who are utterly invincible. I warn you, though, beware of this tree.
Young Kaede: The Sacred Tree?
Kikyo: If you seal demon onto this tree, the demon's body will remain perfectly intact. They will only awaken when the one who shot the arrow desperately wishes for the demon to revive.

Kaede (narrating): At that moment, I felt lonelier than I ever felt before. I wanted my sister to stay with me forever. Never until that moment had I felt so strongly how much I wanted her to stay.

Kikyo: Wouldn't you like to stop fighting?
Inuyasha: What do you mean?
Kikyo: Stop fighting all the time? Stop and become human?
Inuyasha: Me become a human?
Kikyo: It's possible. It's true that you are half demon but you are also half human. If the Sacred Jewel of the Four Souls fell into the hands of a demon, its powers would drastically increase. However, if it were used to turn you into a human, it would be purified. The Jewel of the Foul Souls would probably cease to exist.
Inuyasha: And then what? What would happen to you?
Kikyo: My duty is to protect the Jewel. Without it I could live the life of an ordinary woman.

Kikyo: Inuyasha!! (thinking) I believed in you! I trusted you!
Inuyasha (thinking): I never doubted you. Not for a minute, yet you deceived me.

Kikyo: The Sacred Jewel- It was all because of this. Listen to me, Kaede. Take the Sacred Jewel and burn it with my body. That way it will never fall into the hands of evil again.
(Collapses down, dead)
Young Kaede: Kikyo!! Sister Kikyo!

Kaede (narrating): It has been fifty years since Inuyasha was sealed the the Sacred Tree. He looks exactly the same as he did then. Fifty years ago, my sister knew she was going to die. So why did she decide to use the Arrow of Sealing rather than a sacred arrow to destroy him? Why did she seal Inuyasha to the Sacred Tree, a Tree of Ages said to be able to transcend time? And if Inuyasha was filled with hatred toward my sister, who took back the Sacred Jewel and sealed him the Sacred Tree, then why does he wear such a peaceful expression? It seems I understand very little after all. I wonder sometimes if I ever will.

The Mysterious Light That Guides the Saint

Inuyasha (thinking): Kikyo was killed by Naraku. I didn't actually she her die, and I didn't see her body. Kikyo, if you are still alive, why haven't you come to find me?

Inuyasha: Answer me! Are you Kikyo or not!?
Kocho: The demons have ravaged my master's flesh.
Askua: She has also lost her voice. She fights using her spirit alone. However, soon her strength will run out.
Inuyasha: So back then...she didn't die? Kikyo? You are Kikyo! Kikyo!! KIKYO!!

Kagura: Damn, that Kikyo is elusive, isn't she?
Inuyasha: Kagura! Just what is going on!?
Kagura: I'd like to know that myself.
Inuyasha: Is Kikyo alive!?
Kagura: Naraku seems to think so. You know the arrow that broke through Hakudoshi's shield? There was some dirt left on it that came from Onigumo's cave.
Inuyasha (thinking): Onigumo? Of course! That was the sent from the arrow.
Kagura: She's the only one can have use for soil from Onigumo's cave. Anyway, it seems we both been wasting our time going after a fake. 'Till next time.
(Leaves off)
Kagura (thinking): Naraku's greatest hindrance is still alive. Now this is getting interesting.

Kagome's Instinctive Choice

Kagome: Kikyo. Are you alive or are you...?
Kocho: Her life is fading.
Askua: The miasma is spreading very rapidly.
Kagome: Miasma?
Askua: You must make you decision.
Kocho: Whether or not you will save her.
Kagome: What do you mean "decision"? I don't get it. What's happening to Kikyo?
Asuka: After Mount Hakurei was destroyed, she was struck by Naraku's tentacles and fell into a dark river of miasma.
Kocho: But her body was made of sacred soil and ashes from her gave, so the miasma could not dissolve her flesh.
Asuka: However, the miasma from her wounds spread throughout her body. The would in her chest sill has not healed, and the miasma is eating away at her.
Kocho: There is one who can save her.
Askua: Only you have the power.
Kagome (thinking): I'm the only one who can save Kikyo?
Kocho: You are her only hope.
Asuka: You hold her life in your hands.
Kagome (thinking): And you expect me to choose? What do I have to do? What do I do to save her?
Asuka: Then you choose to save her?
Kagome: Of course I do! I'm the only one can help her, right!? So I will.
Kocho: All you have to do is touch her.
Asuka: That will be enough to purify the miasma.

The Demon Linked with the Netherworld

Inuyasha: It's Kikyo.
Kikyo: Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: How are you feeling, Kikyo? Are you all right now?
Kikyo: I'm sure you heard what happened. Naraku's miasma was consuming my body until it was purified by Kagome.
Inuyasha: Yeah, I heard. (thinking) Kikyo. She looks like she's still in pain. She's not completely healed yet.
Kikyo: Inuyasha, you must have noticed this yourself. The barrier around the nest has vanished.
Inuyasha: I get it. No wonder I could smell those birds.
Kikyo: Inuyasha, what do think Naraku's trying to accomplish?
Inuyasha: He's trying to find a into the border between this world and afterlife in order to get the last Sacred Jewel shard.
Kikyo: So that's why he used the birds to gather human blood. If that's the case, the path to the Netherworld will soon open and Naraku will get the Jewel.

Kikyo: Listen. Naraku's after Kagome's eyes.
Inuyasha: You mean her ability to see the Jewel shards. Right.
Kikyo: I'm almost certain that Naraku wants to lure to the border and then use Kagome to locate the last fragment.
(Asuka and Kocho appear, holding her longbow and quiver of arrows)
Inuyasha: What are you doing?
Kikyo: I will deal with Naraku.
Inuyasha: What?
(Kikyo falls to her knees, prompting Inuyasha to grip her shoulders)
Inuyasha: Kikyo, what are you doing? Be careful! You're not fully healed yet!
Kikyo: I know I can do this. My spiritual powers haven't weakened.
Inuyasha: Don't be stupid! Naraku will kill you for certain! You know better than that. Naraku wants you dead, that hasn't changed. Listen, Kikyo. I messed up, big-time. When you were attacked at Mt. Hakurei, I wasn't able to protect you. I refuse to give Naraku a third chance to take your life! I never wanna go through that again.
Kikyo: I'll only be a burden to. Is that what you mean?
Inuyasha: Please, Kikyo! I'm begging you! Please, just stay here and wait for me. Please Kikyo.
Kikyo: The arrows.
(Kocho takes an arrow out a quiver)
Kikyo: Take this with you. Please, give this arrow to Kagome. Only Kagome herself will be able to determine whether or not she will be able to use it.

The Demon Protector of the Sacred Jewel Shard

Kagome: Please. Can you tell why you brought the Sacred Jewel fragment here?
Inuyasha: So you have it after all!! Give me the shard, Hosinki!! Give it to me and we'll go back!
Hosinki: I cannot. That is it was the Sacred Jewel shard's desire to come this land of the dead.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Kagome (thinking): The shard's desire?
Hosinki: I am the demon who controls jewels. I have the power to hear their desires. While I still in the land of the living, a Sacred Jewel fragment came into my possession. The shard spoke to me and said that the Sacred Jewel must never be allowed to become whole. It was the shard's desire to come to this realm with me.

Final Battle at the Graveside: Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru: So, is that how it is? (thinking) Then I will use the Tenseiga to destroy them.
(The instant he draws Tenseiga, the gateway opens in a burst of white light)
Jaken: They're kneeling before you.
Stone Demon: You may pass.
2nd Stone Demon: He who wields the sword of the Netherworld.
Stone Demon: Your swords cuts down those who do not belong in this world.
2nd Stone Demon: It as if we ourselves have been cut.
Sesshomaru: So you will not engage in a needless fight. Very admirable.

Kagura (thinking): I knew it! Sesshomaru is the only one who can kill Naraku.

Inuyasha: Why you! What was that for!?
Sesshomaru: How dare you, a half-demon, defile Father's final resting place.

Destroy Naraku with the Adamant Barrage!


Hosinki: Inuyasha, preserve your spirit as a half-demon and inherit my power: the Adamant Barrage.
Inuyasha: Naraku, you won't escape!! Adamant...Barrage!!
(Pierces right through Naraku's impenetrable shield and his chest)
Sango: He did it!
Shippo: That's really gotta hurt!

Naraku (pained grunts) Curse you...
Sesshomaru: I see you no longer have the strength to put a barrier. It looks like that arrogance of yours will turn out to be your downfall. And so I shall deliver the finishing blow.

Kagome (thinking) : Kikyo's arrow. There's a Jewel fragment among the pieces of his flesh. Does this mean I should use it now? I can do it! I can shoot this arrow! This is it! This one arrow can finish Naraku, then we can put an end to everything. GO!!

Naraku (thinking): This arrow- Kagome was the one who shot it, but its spiritual power belongs to Kikyo. Hakudoshi's barrier connected me to this world. If I had been shot a moment sooner I would not have been able to return. Heh. I guess I haven't run out of luck just yet.

Inuyasha: I have no idea how to put an end to the Jewel of Four Souls. So until Naraku's dead, until there's no else who covets the Jewel, I'll keep fighting them!

Sango: Miroku, you heard Inuyasha. Until the Sacred Jewel is gone for good, the fighting over it won't end. You know what that means.
Miroku: You're thinking about your little brother Kohaku.
Sango (thinking): Koahku's life is linked to the Sacred Jewel fragment embedded in his neck. When the Sacred Jewel is gone, Kohaku's life will go with it.

Endless Stampede of the Countless Demon-Rats

Naraku: I see you're not entirely healed, Hakudoshi.
Hakudoshi: It's because of that arrow. That very same arrow broke my shield once before, you know.
Naraku: Then Kikyo must be alive. Only she can imbue an arrow with so much spiritual power that it could do this.
Hakudoshi: You should go immediately and kill her.
Naraku (thinking): I cannot sense her presence. Perhaps she is trying to hide herself. That would suggest she has not fully recovered, then. I must now lure her out and destroy her.

Kohaku: [Thinking, as he watches the Zushi-Nezumi rats] Why let more loose? Kikyo has already come out of hiding!
Hakudoshi: [flashback] And don't close the doors.
Kohaku: [Thinking] Damn him, he's doing this for his own enjoyment! If I close these doors, the rats will stop. Even now, it may save some lives.

[He hears a buzzing sound and looks up, noticing several Saimyosho above him]

Kohaku: [thinking] I'm being watched. If I close the doors, Naraku will know that my memory has returned.
Sango: Kohaku!
Kohaku: Huh?!

[He spots Miroku and Sango approaching him on Kirara]

Sango: ... Don't tell me you're behind this!
Kohaku: [thinking] Sister...
Sango: Kohaku... on my way here, I saw so many villages, devoured by rats. [clenching her jaw] How I wish... that you were not a part of this...
Kohaku: [clenching his jaw as well] I can't... disobey, my orders.
Sango: [tearful and angry] Kohaku!

[She lunges off Kirara's back at Kohaku, raising Hiraikotsu to attack]

Miroku: Sango!

Kohaku's Decision and Sango's Heart


Miroku's Past Mistake

Kagome Higurashi: (concerning Miroku's past relationship with Shima, a girl he cured of sickness) And? The two of you became fast friends?
Miroku: No!
Shima: Miroku gave us the medicinal herbs, then vanished almost as suddenly as he'd appeared.
Miroku: (smirking) Hear that?! Innocent of any wrongdoings!
Shima: Except... (Miroku gulps)
Miroku: (in flashback) I hope when you are well, you will consider bearing my child, Shima.
Shima: Two things kept me going: the expensive medicinal herbs, and the promise I made to Monk Miroku! That's how I completely recovered.

[Sango whacks Miroku over the head with Hiraikotsu]

Kagome: See?! You were trying to seduce her!
Sango: (sarcastically, whacking Miroku over the head repeatedly to emphasize her words) It's ok. After all, it was a thing of the past.

[Having resolved their differences, Miroku and Sango are walking together again; Sango glances at him, blushing when he looks back at her]

Kagome Higurashi: (walking behind them with Shippo and Inuyasha) I was just thinking: If he had only told her the truth sooner, none of this would have happened!
Shippo:... Just a second. Hey, Miroku! Maybe it just took you a long time to remember what was what! (Miroku and Sango both freeze)
Inuyasha: (quietly, to Shippo) That was a bull's-eye.
Sango: (grabs the collar of Miroku's robes and hoists him off the ground) Is that true? Well- is that it?
Miroku: (smiles guiltily) I don't know, it just...happened so long ago!

Forever with Lord Sesshomaru

Kagome: Hey, what was that sound?
Miroku: I think Master Ungai and his monks must be fighting.
Inuyasha: Well, they better not try any half-witted spell! Sesshomaru will kill the whole bunch of 'em!

Master Ungai: Don't go. He is an evil spirit, he is a demon. Not someone a human child should follow.
Rin: Let me go!
Master Ungai: Come back, Girl! Humans and demons live in different worlds!
Rin: It'll wait for me!
(Recalls what Jaken had told her earlier)
Jaken: "By the time mi lord's empire's created, you'll long gone."
Master Ungai: You know I'm right. Now let's go back.
(Rin turns, smiles and continues to follow Sesshomaru)
Master Ungai: Huh? Why did she go? Why did she leave with him?

Rin: Um, I was wondering Lord Sesshomaru...
Sesshomaru: What is it?
Rin: If...I died one day, I was wondering: Would you...would you always remember me?
Sesshomaru: Huh? Don't say such silly things.

Possessed by a Parasite: Shippo, Our Worst Enemy

Shippo: Get me down!! What did I do to deserve this!!?

Kagome: Bring Shippo back safety, you guys!
Sango: We will!
Miroku: You have our word!!

(After annihilating one with a sacred arrow)
Kikyo: Parasite Chrysalis. Strange. I've seen so many of them lately.

Sango: He's tougher than we thought.
Miroku: Inuyasha, what are you doing here?
Inuyasha: Do me a favor: Don't ask.

Sango: I don't know. It's just not normal.
Inuyasha (thinking): You said it. Something's definitely not right.

The Ultimate Key to Defeating Naraku


Kohaku: Shikigami. Whose are they?
(A sacred arrow is fired near him, revealing Kikyo)
Kikyo: You are Naraku's subordinate?

Kikyo: The Sacred Jewel fragment keeps you alive, isn't that right? Does Naraku control your life? Why do you obey Naraku? I sense that your soul is-Hmm?
(Naraku appears suddenly behind her)

Kagome: I sense a Jewel shard nearby! Only one. It's Kohaku!
Shippo: Does that mean Naraku is there, too?
Inuyasha (thinking): Not only that. I'm starting to smell Kikyo.

Naraku: We haven't met in far too long, Kikyo. Not since Mt. Hakurei.
Kikyo: Naraku.
Naraku: It's a shame. I was so certain I finally killed you last time we met.
Kikyo: Things will not always go the way you expect Naraku. (thinking) I didn't notice him standing behind me. I didn't sense his presence. Even now I don't sense Naraku's demonic aura. How is that possible?
Naraku: What's wrong, Kikyo? Weren't you expecting me?

Kikyo (thinking): I can't reach my next arrow!
Naraku: What are you staring at, Kohaku? Hurry and take Kikyo's head. Are you reluctant to obey me, Kohaku?

Inuyasha: Are you all right?
Kikyo: I was careless. I didn't detect Naraku's demonic aura.
Inuyasha: He must have stolen the Fuhoyheki in order to come after you.
Kikyo: Fuhyoyeki?
Miroku: A protective stone that makes demonic auras disappear.
Kikyo: Hmm.
Miroku: It's odd, though. If Lady Kikyo was actually what he was after, then Naraku seemed really casual about it.
Inuyasha: Yeah, good point.

Shippo: Hey, Kagome. They're at it again. You okay with that?
Miroku: Lady Kikyo is not likely to travel with us. This is nothing new. They're probably saying their goodbyes like they also do.
Shippo: Sure is taking long enough.
Kagome (thinking): You can't blame them. We're always with Inuyasha, but not Kikyo.
Shippo: Man, I'd wish he wrap it up.
Kagome (thinking): I wonder what they're talking about.

Inuyasha: So are you saying Naraku was a diversion?
Kikyo: I'm certain of it. And that's not all. My shikigami were almost close to discovering something.
Inuyasha: What was it?
Kikyo: It seems that Naraku did not die by my arrow.
Inuyasha: Yeah. Even since Mt. Hakurei, he won't die, no matter how times I slay his body.
Kikyo: That can only mean that his heart is located somewhere else.
Inuyasha: His heart? So that's what he's trying to hide with the Fuhyoheki?
Kikyo: In order to destroy Naraku, I must find his heart.

Inuyasha: Yeah. That's what Kikyo told me.
Shippo: So, Inuyasha, is that all you talk to Kikyo about?
Inuyasha ('irritated): That's all.
Kagome (thinking): If that's true, then they didn't have to head off alone like that. Looks suspicious.

The Bond Between Them- Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! Part 1

Hakudoshi: Naraku, Kagura is a traitor. You're aware of that, aren't you? So, why do you let her live?

[Naraku raises his hand, and a glowing heart appears in it]

Naraku: Look, Hakudoshi. This is Kagura's heart. I could squeeze the life out of her, right now, if I wanted to. But I won't. I still have use for Kagura.
Hakudoshi: What use?
Naraku: She's the perfect bait, to lure Inuyasha and his friends, to me.
Hakudoshi: Well, that makes sense.
Naraku: [closes his eyes] Hakudoshi... I have something I want you to do for me, as well.

The Bond Between Them- Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! Part 2

  • This two-part Season 6 finale is immediately followed by the seventh season, which is titled InuYasha: The Final Act.

Kagome (thinking): The Sacred Jewel! It's demonic aura has grown stronger.
Naraku: Now, give me a present before you go to the Netherworld.
Inuyasha: What!?
Naraku: Kagome, I mean the Sacred Jewel fragment you have in your possession.

Kagome (thinking): It's the power of the Sacred Jewel. It's making this place stronger.

Kikyo: That infant, is that Naraku's heart? (thinking) I came here in pursuit of a completely different demonic aura. Who would have thought I'd come across the real heart?

Inuyasha: Kagome, give your Sacred Jewel shard- fast!!

Kikyo: Nothing's stopping me. I will put an end to Naraku's life. That's what this means.
(Prepares to fire a sacred arrow)
Kanna: You are mistaken. You cannot do it.
(Kikyo is suddenly attacked by the winged Moryomaru)
Kikyo (thinking): Is that the presence that lured me here? You won't get away!!
(Fires a sacred arrow, which narrowly misses Kanna and the Infant)
Kikyo (thinking): I've lost them. The jewel that the Infant held, that must be the stone known as Fuhyoheki.

Sango: He put it on Tetsusaiga?
Shippo: I get it! To make the Tetsusaiga stronger.

Inuyasha (thinking): I'm counting on you, Sacred Jewel shard.

Naraku: Inuyasha is using a Sacred Jewel shard, which means it will no longer be in Kagome's possession. The fragment Kagome barely kept pure will now be tainted with demonic aura. Inuyasha, you will not able to withstand that aura. Not you, born of a weak human and a demon.

InuYasha: The Final Act (Episodes 168-193)


Naraku's Heart

Shippo: (turns into a double of Miroku) Close enough for you, Miroku?
Miroku: Wow! That's fantastic; you look like me from every angle! Now, you've just gotta hang around Sango in that form, all right?
Shippo: Seriously? You mean the whole time that Inuyasha's at Kagome's house?
Miroku: Yes. (starts to walk away) I'm going to spread my wings for a bit-
[Sango whacks him in the head with a board and he falls flat]
Shippo: (changes back, terrified) He threatened me with his Wind Tunnel!
Sango: (scoffs) So typical.

Kohaku: (As Kagura pursues him) If you know where Naraku's heart is, then you've gotta tell me!
Kagura: I'll need your Shikon Jewel Shard first, boy! (she fires off a Dance of Blades attack, which he barely avoids) You'll die, once I take your shard; if you cooperate, I promise to make it quick!

[she uses her mini-cyclone to travel through the air and land in front of Kohaku, blocking his escape.]

Kagura: There's nowhere to run. Are you prepared to die?
Kohaku: I've been prepared to die for a long time, now... but I have no intention of dying here! (Kagura raises her fan) If you need a shard so badly, you can take me there and present me as an offering! Then, at least, I can plunge my blade into Naraku's heart, even if it costs me my life. (Kagura chuckles, Kohaku holds up the demonic crystal) Isn't this the reason you gave me this demonic crystal in the first place, Kagura? (pause) I may have been under Naraku's control at the time, but it was still me who killed my father and comrades. I killed my family and caused my only sister great injury and overwhelming grief. However, I kept myself alive the entire time-
Kagura: All for the sake of revenge, huh?
Kohaku: Yes. It's my duty, and I must fulfill it before I die. (tearfully) It's the only way I can make up for what I did to my father and comrades.
Kagura: It's useless, Kohaku. Can't you see? It doesn't matter how determined you are. Your blade will never be enough to overcome Naraku, the Infant or Hakudoshi! In the end, you're doomed to lose your shard and your life.

[Naraku is spying on them via Kanna's mirror, holding Kagura's heart in his hand]

Naraku: (smirks) Heh... exactly right.
Kanna: ...Kagura...

Hakudoshi: (to Kagura, trapped inside his barrier) I'm surprised. I didn't think I could use you as a shield.
Kagura: Fool!

[She slashes him in half with a blow of her fan, but she remains trapped inside his barrier]

Kagura: (to Inuyasha) We don't have much time, so listen up! Naraku's heart- the Infant- is inside Moryomaru!
Inuyasha: What?
Kagura: Hakudoshi and the Infant intend to empower Moryomaru and have him overthrow Naraku!
Hakudoshi: An impressive deduction, Kagura. (flashback to Mount Hakurei) It was a grave mistake for Naraku to release his heart that day. He entrusted the Fuyoheki to the Infant to keep his heart safe, knowing it would conceal its' demonic aura. That gave the Infant an idea: to create a durable armor to protect himself. And that armor is Moryomaru, who swallowed the dead Goryomaru. (his body regenerates) It was at that point that we realized: Naraku without his heart is but an empty shell. The Infant and I are the real thing, and one day soon, we'll overthrow him.
Kagura: Heh! Naraku has been aware of your plot from the very beginning, fool.
Hakudoshi: No doubt... but, if I were you, I'd be more concerned about my own fate right now. After all, we may both be traitors, but it is your heart that Naraku holds. It's hopeless for you. No matter what, you'll never be free.
Kagura: (angrily) Shut up! (she slashes him in half again]
Hakudoshi: You can rip my body to pieces; I still won't die. Nobody can kill me... not even Naraku himself!

[At this, Naraku, who has been watching them via Kanna's mirror, smirks. Hakudoshi's barrier suddenly vanishes and Kagura drops to the ground.]

Inuyasha: Take this! Wind Scar!

[he fires the Wind Scar at Hakudoshi, destroying most of his body except for his head and forearm]

Miroku: Right! (starts to remove the rosary from his right forearm)
Shippo: You're using your Wind Tunnel?!
Hakudoshi: Too late!

[The Saimyosho swarm around him, but seconds later, they fly off]

Hakudoshi: Hold on! Why aren't they protecting me?!
Kagura: (smirks) Well, well- isn't this interesting. It looks like Naraku's given up on you.
Hakudoshi: Silence! I cannot be killed!

[he releases a huge cloud of toxic miasma]

Shippo: Look out!
Kagome: I'll purify it!

[she fires an arrow, dissolving the cloud. Hakudoshi's arm, still holding his naginata, swings towards Kagura]

Hakudoshi: I'm not like you, Kagura! I cannot be used and then thrown away like that!
Inuyasha: Run, Kagura!
Hakudoshi: I am-
Miroku: (opens the Wind Tunnel) Wind Tunnel!

[Hakudoshi is gradually dragged into the void, despite his resistance]

Hakudoshi: I am... his essence!

[he vanishes into Miroku's hand, and Miroku closes the Wind Tunnel]

Miroku:... I have a very bad feeling.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Miroku: It's as if Naraku planned for this to happen.
Inuyasha: He probably did. It makes sense: Naraku decided to let us take care of Hakudoshi for him.
Kagome: (to Kagura) So... now, what will you do? You could come with us, if you wanted.
Kagura: (stands) No, thanks- I can't go with you, or with anyone. Anyway, you don't have any time to waste. It won't be long before Moryomaru finds Kohaku.
Shippo: She's got a point, there.
Miroku: Come on, Kagome, let's go.
Kagome: (hesitant) Y-yeah.
Inuyasha: Listen, Kagura. I'm gonna make sure we get your heart back from Naraku, so just hang in there. All right?
Kagura: (scoffs) Who do you think you're kidding? (she expands her feather-ornament glider and flies away)
Inuyasha: Just promise me you won't die before that happens! Ya got that?
Kagura: (thinking) I don't need you to tell me to run for my life. I'll go as far as I have to.

Kikyo: So you can see me, can you?
Asuka: The monks were able to breach Lady Kikyo's barrier.
(Kikyo falls to her knees)
Asuka and Kochu: Lady Kikyo.
Kikyo (thinking): I must hurry. I must destroy Naraku before this body falls apart.

Kagura's Wind

Kikyo: (thinking) Naraku's miasma is persistent. Even Kagome's purification was not enough.
Inuyasha: Kikyo!
Kikyo: Inuyasha, I take it you followed the Soul-collector?
Inuyasha: Kikyo, what do you intend to do with Midoriko's soul?
Kikyo: (pulls her robes back from her shoulder, revealing her poisoned wound) This is what Naraku inflicted upon me at Mount Hakurei.
Inuyasha: But weren't you healed?
Kikyo: For a short time, yes. But as you can see, the wound has now reopened. This is the reason why I have taken Midoriko's soul. Using it is the only option I have. Otherwise, I'll be consumed by the miasma; this body will return to the earth before I defeat Naraku. Even though Midoriko's soul is dead, I know it will help me stay alive long enough to complete my task. Midoriko was priestess who had died, slaying demons. In many ways, you could say that we share the same soul. (the Soul-Collector drops Midoriko's soul into Kikyo's body) I am sure she will understand my reasons for doing this.

[She falls backwards into the water, unconscious]

Inuyasha: Kikyo! (picks her up, thinking) Her wound is healing.

Inuyasha: Are you gonna be okay? That wound isn't gonna reopen again, is it?
Kikyo: I cannot be sure. That is why I must make haste. (picks up her bow and arrows)
Inuyasha: Can't you just wait, until I defeat Naraku?
Kikyo: You cannot defeat Naraku with a sword.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Kikyo: Please listen to me: Destroying Naraku requires the obliteration of his entire being, including his soul. It doesn't make a difference how many times you destroy his body. Naraku was originally created when demons' were merged into the vile soul of the thief, Onigumo. From the beginning he's had no true body. So, the Shikon Jewel is the one and only power great enough to eradicate his soul.

[Kohaku listens from behind the bushes]

Kikyo:The Shikon Jewel must be restored at once; there is no other way. There will only be one chance: When Naraku obtains the restored Shikon Jewel, the Jewel will be defiled within Naraku's hands as it fuses with him. At that instant, we must purify Naraku- along with the Jewel. And only I am capable of this.
Inuyasha: Wait!! Kikyo!!
Kikyo: Inuyasha, now is not the time for hesitation! And it is too late now to turn back!

[she is carried away by her Soul-Collectors]

Inuyasha (thinking) Restoring the Sacred Jewel would mean taking Kohaku's shard... and to do that, you'd have to take his life.. Kikyo, you're not the kind of person who's capable of that...are you?

[he notices Kohaku behind him]

Kohaku: I understand, now; I know what I have to do. So, I'm going.
Inuyasha: (thinking) I don't get it- why didn't I notice Kohaku's scent when he was so close?
Kohaku: Please explain to the others!

[he runs after Kikyo]

Inuyasha: Kohaku!

[he tries to follow him but is stopped by Kikyo's barrier]

Kohaku: (turns and smiles) I'm not going there to die. I'm going there to defeat Naraku! Please, take care of my sister.

Koga:... I almost lost you two.
Hakaku: (weakly) Sorry about that...
Wolf-Sentry: Pathetic Fools! Behold!
Ginta: Koga, the Goraishi! It's gone!
Wolf-Sentry: You should've abandoned your friends and obtained the Goraishi when you had the chance!
Koga: Heh! If you think I regret my choice, then you don't know me at all!
Wolf-Sentry: What?!
Koga: Listen up! The only reason I came for your precious Goraishi is because I planned to use it to avenge my tribe! But if it means sacrificing my comrades, then I don't need the Goraishi! Got it, moron?!

[Ginta and Hakaku are moved to tears]

Hakaku: Koga...
Ginta: I'd follow you anywhere!

Kagura: (suspiciously) So... you'll grant me my freedom?
Naraku: You wish to be liberated from me, do you not? Isn't that why you disobeyed my orders, allowed Goryomaru to escape, and allied yourself with Hakudoshi?
Kagura: (nervously) If you were aware of it, then why- (Naraku holds up his hand, and a demonic heart appears in it) M-my heart!
Naraku: That's right. If I were to return this to your body, you would no longer be under anyone's control... not even mine. You'd be free, at last.

[Suddenly, the heart vanishes from his hand; Kagura gasps as she feels it beating inside her chest]

Kagura: I-it's back! Aargh!

[Naraku impales her through the torso with his poisonous tentacles]

Naraku: (sneering) Not to worry- I was careful to avoid hitting your precious heart.
Kagura: Naraku... Bastard!!

[she fires a Dance of Blades, but it glances off Naraku's barrier; Naraku chuckles and rips his tentacles free, letting Kagura fly away]

Naraku: Now, you may go, wherever you wish.
Kagura: (thinking) Damn him- that bastard, he's cursed my body with miasma!
Naraku: (thinking) Enjoy what little time you have left. Of course, it will be filled with only pain and despair. You didn't honestly believe you deserved a better fate than this, did you, Kagura? You longed for freedom- well, now you have it!

[As Kagura is dying in a sunlit field of flowers]

Kagura: (thinking) It's so quiet... no one is in sight. Is this how it ends? All by myself? Is... this the freedom... that I longed for?

[She glances up and sees Sesshomaru standing before her]

Kagura: (shocked) You! You... came.
Sesshomaru: I followed the scent of blood and miasma.
Kagura: (smiles sadly) Oh- I see. You thought I was Naraku. (stares down, holding back tears) Disappointed...that it's not him?
Sesshomaru:... No. I knew it was you. (Kagura gasps)
Kagura:... I see. (smiles, thinking) So, you came- you came here, to see me.

[Sesshomaru reaches for Tenseiga, but a cloud of miasma suddenly billows from Kagura's expanding wound, and she slumps further towards the ground]

Sesshomaru: (thinking) Even Tenseiga cannot save her. (aloud) Are you leaving?
Kagura:... Yes. I've had enough.

[A breeze lifts many blossoms into the air, swirling around. Kagura lifts her head and smiles happily at Sesshomaru as her body dissolves into dust]

Kagura: (thinking) Now that I've seen you... one last time.

[she disintegrates, her feather hair-ornament coming free and blowing upward in the wind. Sesshomaru watches for a moment, then starts to leave]

Inuyasha: Wait! Sesshomaru. (he and his group arrived in time to witness Kagura's death)
Kagome: Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: Kagura. Did she... suffer?
Sesshomaru: (not turning around)... She was smiling.

[As he leaves, Kagura's hair-ornament continues to dance upwards in the breeze]

Kagura: I am the wind... the free wind.

Meido Zangetsuha


[As Sesshomaru is reflecting on Kagura's death near the coast, Totosai appears before him]

Jaken: Huh?
Totosai: (glances at Tenseiga, in Sesshomaru's belt) Oh- that's why I'm here.
Sesshomaru: What do you want?
Totosai: I had a feeling something was missing. Tokijin's gone, isn't it?
Sesshomaru: (scoffs) Even without the Tokijin, my claws would be more than sufficient to tear you apart!

[Raises his claws]

Totosai: (rolls his eyes) There'll be no need for any of that. I had no choice but to come here- it was Tenseiga that summoned me.
Sesshomaru: Tenseiga summoned you?
Totosai: Don't play dumb with me. I refuse to believe you haven't noticed that Tenseiga's been disturbed for the past few days! (Sesshomaru glances at Tenseiga) Interesting... It appears your heart now possesses what it had been lacking all this time!
Jaken: What do you mean by "lacking?!" Lord Sesshomaru's heart is flawless!
Rin: That's right! He's strong and kind-
Jaken: (glares at her) He's never been kind to me!
Rin: Oh, please don't cry, Master Jaken.
Totosai: Tenseiga has reacted, to the change in your heart. (Sesshomaru scoffs and turns away) A heart that has felt rage and sorrow, not just for yourself... but for another being. Now, you must hand over Tenseiga.
Sesshomaru: (turns around) What?
Totosai: The time has come to re-forge Tenseiga- to use as a weapon.
Sesshomaru: (thinking)... Re-forge Tenseiga?

Sango: Forgive me. I mustn't be very good company.
Miroku: (glances at her) Sango...
Sango: You don't have to stay with me, go have fun. Just- as long as it's not with another woman.
Miroku: Listen, we'll get through this together. I'm staying here with you- I can't even fathom leaving you alone to go indulge myself.
Sango: (smiles) You're so kind- my good monk.
Miroku: Uh- what are you doing?

[Sango is patting his rear end, in a complete reversal of their usual routine]

Sango: Oh, I thought maybe you were Shippo in disguise, but- it's really you. (smiles and leans against his shoulder) I'm glad.
Shippo: (walking up behind them with Kaede, outraged) I don't believe it- she doesn't trust me?!
Kaede: No, no, 'tis the monk she does not trust, Shippo.

[Sango and Miroku look embarrassed]

Miroku: Perhaps, but that's not what's troubling Sango. While their objectives may differ, we know that both Naraku and Midoriko are attempting to complete the Shikon Jewel. According to Inuyasha:
Kikyo: (flashback) When Naraku obtains the completed Shikon Jewel, it will instantly be defiled by his touch. In that instant, we must purify Naraku- along with the Jewel. He cannot be defeated with a sword.
Miroku: That is what Kikyo said to Inuyasha.
Kaede: I see. But, of course, in order to complete the Shikon Jewel, Kohaku's life would have to be sacrificed.
Sango: (looks away, sadly) And that's also what Kohaku wants.
Miroku: And... what of you, Sango? Is it also your wish that Kohaku be sacrificed?
Sango: (shakes her head) I don't know.
Kaede: Ye do not wish him dead- 'tis written all over your face, my child.
Sango: But-
Kaede: It may be a little early, yet, to give up on your brother.
Miroku: Indeed, it is. If Naraku seeks to complete the Shikon Jewel, then we must simply find a way to defeat him before that happens. Am I right?
Sango: Miroku-
Miroku: Sango, regardless of what we decide to do, we must remain united. If you want him to live, say so.

Grandpa Higurashi: This will guarantee that you pass all your exams! (holds up a Shikon Jewel keychain) The Shikon Jewel will grant any wish! Long, long ago, the Priestess and the demons engaged in a ferocious battle over this very Jewel...
Kagome Higurashi: (rolls her eyes, thinking) Yeah, I've definitely had enough of that stuff!
Grandpa Higurashi: It is said, that in the end, when the person who obtains the Shikon Jewel makes the one and only correct wish-
Kagome Higurashi: Huh?
Grandpa Higurashi:-The Jewel will be purified, and disappear from this world forever!
Kagome Higurashi: (suddenly interested) What is it? The one and only correct wish?
Grandpa Higurashi: Well, they never told me that.
Kagome Higurashi: Hmm- I've never heard of it.
Grandpa Higurashi: (defensively) Well, you never listen to the end of the story!
Kagome Higurashi: But, Grandpa- that story has absolutely nothing to do with my exams!
Grandpa Higurashi: (guiltily) Er- I wouldn't say nothing-
Sota Higurashi: Sure didn't seem like it did.

Shippo: Umm... I just got this thing. (shows the other Kitsune his ranking card)
1st Kitsune: That's impossible! How'd you reach twenty-fifth rank on your first exam?!
2nd Kitsune: I can't believe you just went up five ranks!
Shippo: (confused) Five ranks is good?
3rd Kitsune: Number 77, who are you, anyway?!
Shippo: Is it because I beat up Inuyasha? (thinking, gleefully) That must be it! Does that mean I'll advance in rank every time I beat up Inuyasha?!
1st Kitsune: Number 77 knows those guys! He shouldn't be allowed to get points for tricking them!
3rd Kitsune: Don't you feel bad, using your friends for points?
Shippo: I do, I really really do! (grins wickedly, emitting a fiery aura) But the exam must come first!
2nd Kitsune: (amazed) That's cold-blooded.
3rd Kitsune: With a cutthroat attitude like that, Number 77 is goin' places!

Totosai: Now, draw your sword.

[Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga. The ground behind them breaks apart to reveal an Oni.]

Jaken: A demon!
Totosai: (thinking) Now, let's see if it works, Sesshomaru. If it has truly accepted you, Tenseiga should guide your stroke.

[Sesshomaru rushes, leaps and strikes at the Oni with Tenseiga. The Oni, unharmed, glances at its' torso]

Jaken: It didn't cut him! He swung the sword, but there's not a mark on it!
Rin: (pointing) Master Jaken! What is that thing, behind the demon?!

[A crescent moon-shaped fissure has opened in mid-air, directly behind the Oni's torso]

Totosai: He's opened a path to the Underworld.
Jaken: The Underworld?

[The opening fissure creates a vaccuum, sucking in everything directly in its' path- including much of the Oni's upper torso. As its' lifeless body falls, the Underworld fissure closes.]

Jaken: W-wha-what just happened?!
Totosai: Isn't it obvious? The demon's body was just taken to the Underworld.
Sesshomaru: A technique that cuts through to the Underworld...
Totosai: It is possible, because Tenseiga is a sword that can connect this world with the Underworld. (flashback of Sesshomaru resurrecting Rin) That is why the master of Tenseiga is able to see creatures of the Underworld. Furthermore, he has the power to bring the dead back to this world by killing those very creatures.
Rin: Whoa- he can do that?!
Jaken: (glances at her, thinking) Hmph. if only you knew!
Totosai: Instead of doing battle by wounding his opponent, the master of Tenseiga cuts into the path to the Underworld, and sends his enemy there for eternity! (Sesshomaru stares at Tenseiga, then sheathes it) That is how it is used. And the name of the technique is: Meido Zangetsuha. (thinking) He mastered it in his first attempt. I must admit I'm impressed, spiteful brat though he may be. But, Tenseiga has spoken; it has accepted him, like it or not.

[Sesshomaru has flashbacks of his battle with Moryomaru and Kagura's death]

Moryomaru: (speaking of Kagura) What does she do? She dies. And dies in vain, at that.
Kagura: (as she dies) Now that I've seen you... one last time.
Sesshomaru: (thinking) I shall be the one to determine, if she died in vain. (aloud) I am ready for battle. I now wield the re-forged Tenseiga.

[A breeze blows around them, hinting at the presence of Kagura's spirit]

Rin: Huh? This wind...
Sesshomaru: Let's go.

Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga

Totosai: The demon-blade Dakki, huh?
Inuyasha: C'mon, you must know something about it!
Totosai: [examining the broken Dakki] Well, yes. I have heard of it. Take a look at this! [he hammers the broken tip; green lightning erupts from it, and it transforms into a dragon scale]
Inuyasha: What is that thing?
Totosai: One of Ryujin's scales.
Myoga: [hops onto Inuyasha's nose and sucks his blood] I've heard of this sword! The legendary Dakki- [Inuyasha squishes him]
Totosai: This one is a failed attempt, hardly worthy of the name.
Inuyasha: "A failed attempt?" That thing absorbed all of Tetsusaiga's demonic energy! [smugly] Naturally, it still wasn't enough to defeat me-
Totosai: [sternly] If the blade had been successfully forged, you wouldn't be here!
Inuyasha: Are you saying it's possible that there's a real one like this, somewhere?
Totosai: Why would you ask such a thing?
Inuyasha: Well, if Tetsusaiga had the ability to absorb demonic energy like that, then fighting Naraku and Morymaru would be easy-
Totosai: Out of the question! To achieve that kind of power, you'd have to fight against Dakki! If you were to lose such a battle, and all of Tetsusaiga's demonic energy were to be absorbed, it'd be just a rusty blade, incapable of being returned to it's original form! Tell me, Inuyasha: is that a risk you're willing to take?

The Great Holy Demon Spirit's Test

Kikyo: I know why you've come.
Kohaku: (kneels before her) I'm here because I want you to use my shard.
Kikyo: Is that so? I'm aware that you've been following me for quite some time. Do you understand what it will mean if I use your shard? Do you realize what will happen to you?
Kohaku: I understand. I'm willing to sacrifice my life.
Kikyo: Am I to believe, then, that you do not fear death?
Kohaku: I do not.
Kikyo (thinking): His eyes show no fear. Not even the slightest hesitation.

[She walks on, and Kohaku follows her]

Kikyo: (thinking) Is life so painful for you that you welcome death? It saddens me greatly to think that if we had met under different circumstances, my only instinct would have been to heal this child's broken soul and encourage him to live his life. But my duty now forbids me from doing that for him. Forgive me, Kohaku.

Totosai: Come on, boy: out with it! What'd he do this time?
Shippo: No, it's Tetsusaiga; it hurt Inuyasha! It tried to burn him! I've never seen anything like it!

[They reach Inuyasha and the rest of the group]

Kagome: Oh, hello again, Totosai.

[Totosai dismounts and goes to Inuyasha]

Totosai: Hmm. Here, let me have a look. (Inuyasha hands him Tetsusaiga, which he examines) I see it's now capable of absorbing demonic energy. So?
Inuyasha: (headbutts him) So I'm asking you what the problem is, old man!
Totosai: There is nothing wrong with Tetsusaiga! (returns the sword) If there's a problem, the problem is you, Inuyasha!
Kagome: What're you talking about?
Totosai: Listen carefully. Demonic energy is like a poison, of sorts. Originally, Tetsusaiga was forged from the fang of your father, who was a mighty demon. He had the capacity to absorb an infinite amount of demonic energy! However, you, who are half human, simply do not possess the power to restrain the demonic energy absorbed by your own sword! Now, then, show me your hands.
Inuyasha: Huh! What, are you gonna read my fortune or something?

[Inuyasha offers his hands, which were badly burned by Tetsusaiga]

Totosai: (thinking) Stubborn boy! This much damage, and you still refused to let go of the sword?!
Inuyasha: The Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga grew hotter as it absorbed more demonic energy.
Totosai: It was warning you of the danger you faced- a warning you would have been wise to heed!
Kagome: (thinking) So, Tetsusaiga never wanted to hurt Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: All right, what should I do?
Totosai: Now that Tetsusaiga has become stronger, you too must become stronger to handle it!
Sango: But, how?
Miroku: It's going to take extensive training-
Inuyasha: We don't have time for any of that, and you know it!
Totosai: (deadpan) That is unfortunate, but it's your fault for ignoring my warning in the first place.
Inuyasha: My fault?! I'm begging you for help, and that's all you can say?!
Totosai: Well, if this is your idea of "begging", I'd hate to see what demanding looks like. Since you insist, go meet the Great Holy Demon Spirit!
Inuyasha: "Holy Demon Spirit?"
Totosai: He's the demon equivalent of a wise old hermit. If you want to master the Dragon-Scale Tetsusaiga, you have no choice but to go train under him.

Holy Demon Spirit: Thanks. The wind was picking up. So, you're Inuyasha are you? I shall train you well, my boy. At least, that's what I'd like to say, but...
Inuyasha: What?
Holy Demon Spirit: I can't. Please leave!
Inuyasha: Bastard! (he grabs the Holy Demon Spirit and starts stretching him) Why not?! Tell me!
Kagome: Sit, boy!

[Inuyasha faceplants]

Kagome: So, why can't you?
Holy Demon Spirit: Well, it happened last night. I was preparing for my evening meditation, when a demon attacked me from behind, and made off with all of my internal organs! That's how I ended up like this.
Kagome: I see. In that case, let us help you! We just have to recover your internal organs, right?
Inuyasha: No way! I didn't sign up for that!
Holy Demon Spirit: It's a very nice thought, but this isn't an opponent a half-demon and a bunch of humans can handle.

[Inuyasha grabs him and twists him up like a washcloth]

Inuyasha: (sarcastically) Well, excuse me for only being a half-demon, Oh wise one.
Kagome: You are not helping things!

[Kirara growls and bristles her fur]

Sango: What is it, Kirara?

[They go outside and find demons everywhere in the village]

Shippo: This place is crawling with demons!
Inuyasha: (draws Tetsusaiga and leaps) Huh! I'll cut every single one of 'em down!
Holy Demon Spirit: Somebody stop that fool!
Kagome: Huh? Sit, boy!

[Inuyasha faceplants again]

Inuyasha: What was that for?!
Holy Demon Spirit: Isn't it obvious, boy? Those aren't demons, they're villagers.
Inuyasha: What?
Holy Demon Spirit: Their appearance has been altered by demonic magic. The demonic energy drifting in the air is from my missing organs!
Miroku: I thought the demon took them.
Holy Demon Spirit: While it absorbs the energy, the demon can't move. It is likely still in the village somewhere.
Sango: So, it transformed the villagers' appearance to make them look like demons, in order to hide amongst them.

The End of Moryomaru

Kikyo: Your name is Koga, is it not? Have you also come here in pursuit of Moryomaru?
Koga: Yeah, I have. You, too, right?
Kikyo: Listen to me: Cease your pursuit of Moryomaru. (she notches an arrow in her bow and aims it at Koga)
Koga: Lady, I heard you were reckless, not stupid.
Kikyo: I have no intention of taking your life. I need only for you to give me the Sacred Jewel fragments in your legs.
Koga: (scoffs) All right! Now I'm sure you're insane.
Kikyo: You must have noticed by now. Those shards in your legs are being controlled by the will of another. I'm sure you experienced the sensation many times now, where your legs stopped moving in the face of an enemy.
Koga: Kagome told me about it. She said it's happening because of an ancient priestess named Midoriko.
Kikyo: And now I have joined her spirit with mine for the sake of defeating Naraku. In order to destroy him, the Shikon Jewel must be completed and purified as a whole. Every time your legs stop moving, it is because Midoriko is trying to give Naraku your shards. However, if you lose your shards in the midst of battle, you may very well lose your life as well.
Koga: Oh, I see! So you were just hoping I'd hand over my shards and run away, right?
Kikyo: I made a vow to bury Naraku. You have my word.
Koga: Don't give me that!! You listen to me!! You're not the only who's got a score to settle with Naraku!! He murdered dozens- no hundreds- of my fellow wolf-demon tribe members!! And still you expect me to run away just to save myself!!?
(Kikyo fires her sacred arrow, but Koga successfully jumps out of the way)
Koga: Guess you were aiming for my legs! Big mistake. Well, it's been interesting. But if I waste anytime here, I'll never catch up with Moryomaru. See ya, Kikyo! (runs off)
Kohaku: Lady Kikyo!
Kikyo: I tried to prevent an unnecessary sacrifice... but I failed.

Moryomaru: I've been expecting you, Naraku.
Naraku: So, Moryomaru- you long for my Shikon Jewel shards? (holds out the near-complete Jewel) I applaud your ambition.
Moryomaru: Huh! At this point, the only advantage you have over me is the number of Shards you possess!

[he launches an Adamant Barrage at Naraku; Naraku's body is ripped apart, but he doesn't die]

Naraku: It's futile. I cannot be killed, no matter how many times you try. My heart is inside you, and I don't imagine you want any harm to come to it.
Moryomaru: Perhaps, but that works both ways, doesn't it? For you cannot kill me either, so long as your heart remains inside my body.
The Infant: (inside Moryomaru) That's right. Like it or not, our fates are connected, Naraku. If I die, you die.
Naraku: Really? Before you go on, I should tell you that your betrayal comes as no surprise- in fact, I knew this would happen when I first released you from my body.
The Infant: (shocked and angry) What?!
Moryomaru: You knew this would happen?
Naraku: Why would I allow my heart- my very life to exist outside my body in such a weak infantile form? Perhaps it is because I know you so well, and I could foresee you betraying me and attempting to overthrow me one day. And, just as I expected, to protect yourself you created a suit of armor in Moryomaru. (chuckles) Suit of armor? No... he's a genuine fortress! I must say, you've done an impressive job of fattening him up for me; I look forward to devouring him.
Moryomaru: Hmph! You cannot talk your way out of this!
Naraku: You really think you can defeat me? (reassembles his body) Let us find out, shall we? And, may the one who's left standing be vindicated!

Inuyasha: What is it, Kagome? What's wrong?
Kagome: Moryomaru hasn't absorbed the Shikon Jewel yet!
Inuyasha: What?! Are you sure?
Kagome: Yes- I don't know what he's waiting for, but I can still see it!
The Infant: (inside Moryomaru, to himself) What is this?! My armor should be impenetrable after consuming Naraku and the Shikon Jewel! The Jewel's powers don't seem to be having any effect!
Naraku: (unseen) You still haven't figured it out, have you? (the Infant gasps, Naraku's face appears in front of him) Moryomaru is still vulnerable because he's unable to use the power of the Shikon Jewel.
The Infant: Naraku- so, you were alive all this time? (he projects spikes from Moryomaru, impaling Naraku's face)
Naraku: Foolish creature- never realized that you were being consumed from within.

Miroku: Everyone, stand back! WIND TUNNEL!

[He opens the Wind Tunnel, aiming for Naraku, but sucks in a great deal of toxic miasma as well]

Naraku: (angered) Damn you, Monk!
Miroku: Naraku! I will sever the ties that bind us!
Inuyasha: Miroku!
Sango: It'll kill you!
Miroku: (thinking) I may never get another chance to destroy him!
Sango: Please, you have to stop! Stop before it's too late!
Miroku: I can't do that!

[his hand begins to blacken from the effects of the miasma]

Naraku: (smiles) The miasma's toxins will kill you before you can suck me in!
Miroku: (thinking) That would frighten me if I were only doing this for myself, but I'm not! I'm doing this for Sango, and Kohaku too!
Shippo: No- Miroku!
Miroku: If I can just hold it a bit longer! (his hand darkens and he begins to bleed from the eyes and mouth) Arggh!
Sango: Miroku!
Kagome: It's killing him!
Inuyasha: Miroku!
Naraku: (enraged) Curse you, Monk! You won't have my heart!
Miroku: Let go! You've already lost!

[The Fuyoheki Stone slips out of the Infant's hands and is swept into the Wind Tunnel]

Kagome: He sucked in the Fuyoheki!

[Miroku vomits blood and begins to black out]

Shippo: (clinging to his leg) No! I don't want you to die!
Inuyasha: Miroku! (he grabs Miroku's arm and seals the Wind Tunnel as Miroku falls) That's enough.
Naraku: I see you're as naive as ever, Inuyasha. If you hadn't stopped him, he would have sucked in my heart. (envelops himself in a whirlwind of miasma) He had the perfect opportunity to destroy me, and you stopped him. For that, I thank you. (vanishes)
Koga: He- he got away!
Sango: (runs up to them) Miroku! Oh, no!
Miroku: (weakly) Sango... forgive me...
Kagome: (thinking) Miroku did it for Sango- that's why he wouldn't close the Wind Tunnel! He knew if he could destroy Naraku, Kikyo wouldn't have to use Kohaku's shard.

[Kikyo joins them and kneels next to Miroku]

Kikyo: (examining Miroku's arm) The wounds from the miasma extend down his right arm... (she pulls his robe back to reveal scars on his chest) like the legs of a spider. If the Wind Tunnel had remained open even a minute more, he would not have survived it.
Sango: Will he make it?
Kikyo: I'll attempt to purify him. But you must understand: a body that's taken in that much miasma is unlikely to ever be fully restored.
Kagome: Please, try!
Inuyasha: Help him, Kikyo.

Mausoleum of Mount Azusa

[As Kikyo is healing Miroku, the miasma begins to damage her hands]
Kikyo: If I can transfer the miasma that's in him to me, then I can use my body to cleanse it.
Sango: But won't that hurt you?
Kohaku: (thinking) Yes. Her body is already being consumed by Naraku's miasma... but she'll remain silent.
Sango: It's strange, that on the one hand, you'd risk your life to save him, and yet-
Kikyo: And yet, I'd lead your brother Kohaku to his death. Is that what you wanted to say? (Sango looks startled) If someone can be saved, I'll try to save them. That is all I can do.

Onigumo: I see you've finally returned, Naraku.
Naraku: I have. Not by choice, I assure you.
Onigumo: (mockingly) Naturally. After all, your human heart cared for Kikyo, and you couldn't have that, could you? So you removed it and sealed it away here, deep within Mount Hakurei. And yet, here you are. Why is that, Naraku?
Naraku: Quite recently, I absorbed Moryomaru and the Infant. And, as it was happening, I suddenly became aware that Kohaku's Jewel shard was emitting a frightfully pure light. It occurred to me, that if I were to take it carelessly, my Shikon Jewel would instantly be purified... and I myself along with it. I believe that is Kikyo's very intention.
Onigumo: (chuckles) So, now you need the heart you once so carelessly discarded? Perhaps you've realized that the human heart isn't quite as useless as you believed it to be. All those wicked thoughts, despicable intentions, pitiful attachments. Yes, Naraku... all those negative human feelings for Kikyo are what give the Shikon Jewel its' dark power!
[Onigumo emerges from the water in the shape of a head identical to Naraku's, which Naraku picks up]
Naraku: And, those feelings would allow me to kill her, right?
Onigumo: Indeed, they would- but, isn't that why you've come to take me back?
[Onigumo transforms into a spider and crawls straight into the flesh of Naraku's arm]
Naraku: (thinking) "Negative feelings"... that's right. After all, what better weapon is there to destroy her? The negative feelings I harbor are what connect Kikyo and I... and you as well, Inuyasha.

Kikyo: The three of us are gathered here; the webs must no longer be needed. (pause) You saw. (Kagome looks startled) I know what he wants.
Kagome: Your neck! What happened?
Kikyo: The moment I touched his spiderwebs, the miasma began to spread.
Kagome: That's ok- I can heal that wound, right? I did it once before...
Kikyo: (holds up her longbow) There is only one way: you must shoot my wound using this bow. Only that can purify Naraku's contamination.
Kagome: (takes the bow) Okay-

[The bowstring snaps]

Kagome: Agh!
Kikyo: The bowstring. You, too, have been contaminated by Naraku's spiderwebs.
Kagome: How can you be sure?
Kikyo: Naraku set this trap for us. To begin with, he magnified my wound so that I'd leave Kohaku behind. He knew I would do that, rather than allow the miasma from my wound to defile his shard. Next, he used me as a decoy to bring Inuyasha out into the open. Do you know why? So he could plant negative feelings in your heart. The end result of a chain of events he set into motion.
Kagome: But why would he want to do that to me?
Kikyo: You are the only one who can cleanse Naraku's poison from my body. He couldn't have that. That is why Naraku showed you those visions from fifty years ago. He knew you couldn't purify me with those negative feelings in your heart. And, now that Koga has lost the protection of the Wolf-Demon Tribe, Naraku can steal his Shards at any time. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do now.
Kagome: Don't just give up, Kikyo!! I can still save you- there must be a way!

[Byakuya's poisonous snakes have bitten Kohaku]

Byakuya: This is pointless, Kohaku. Remember, you belong to Naraku. (Kohaku blacks out) The venom in those snakes is miasma. I have to make sure I sufficiently contaminate your shard before I take you to Naraku.

[As he is about to seize Kohaku, a Meido Zangetsuha flies at him, forcing him to jump out of the way]

Byakuya: I see your methods haven't changed. Lord Sesshomaru, what brings you here?
Sesshomaru: Morymaru's scent has disappeared. I presume he was eaten by Naraku?
Byakuya: So, you've come to save Kohaku, have you? It seems a bit out of character for you.
Sesshomaru: (raises Tenseiga) I noticed a foul smell and I came to get rid of it- and, here you are.
Byakuya: Hate to disappoint, but I must take my leave. Perhaps next time, you'll be so good as to announce yourself.

[he flies away, leaving the unconscious Kohaku as Rin and Jaken catch up]

Rin: Kohaku! (she starts to reach for him)
Sesshomaru: The snakes are poisonous. Don't touch him.
Rin: Okay, but... what if you've already been bitten?
Jaken: (whimpering, as one of the snakes bites into his arm) Please help me, Lord Sesshomaru! This beast doesn't wanna let go!

[Kagome is trapped in an illusion in which she is hanging off a cliff with a sacred longbow; above her is Kikyo]

Kagome: What's so funny?
Kikyo: Let me guess: You were just thinking that, even if Inuyasha were to forgive you, you could never forgive yourself, right? Stop being so self-righteous! You want everyone to think you're so kind and dignified, but I can see your heart is filled with envy and hatred! And still, you continued to play the part and pretend that you actually pity me!
Kagome: "Pretend?!"
Kikyo: You claim to feel sorry for me: a poor, dead woman brought back to life. But in truth, you grow impatient because Inuyasha cannot bring closure to our relationship! You can say you care, and offer me a helping hand, but you're not fooling me! I know what your true feelings are.
Kagome: Huh?! What are you talking about?!
Kikyo: Did you think I wouldn't notice?! That I'd blindly cling to your false kindness?!
Kagome: (furious) Would you just- cut it out already, you idiot?! I let you talk for a minute and this is what I get?! Well, what gives you the right to talk to me like that, huh?! If you and Inuyasha have such a great relationship, then why don't you come out in the open with it?! You're always looking down on me, testing me- but you're actually scared of me, aren't you?!
Kikyo:... Scared of you?
Kagome: That's right! The thing is... you and Inuyasha have a past together that I could never compete with. I can admit that. But you know what? Since we met, I've spent a lot of time with Inuyasha too- and I bet I've seen sides of Inuyasha that you've never seen! (startled, thinking) I know things about Inuyasha that Kikyo doesn't? That means we're in exactly the same position! (aloud) Understand? I'm just saying, I won't abandon you out of fear or jealousy! I don't need to!

[the sacred longbow suddenly becomes lighter]

Kagome: (thinking) What's going on? It was so heavy a moment ago?
Guardian Spirit of Azusa: You are free to climb up by yourself now. Don't worry, the priestess cannot harm you.
Kagome: What is it, Kikyo? Why aren't you saying anything?

[the illusion of Kikyo turns into Naraku's spider silk]

Kagome: Wait a minute: it isn't her!
Guardian Spirit of Azusa: My child, the priestess was but an illusion... one your heart created.

[The other illusions dissolve and Kagome falls back into reality]

Guardian Spirit of Azusa: The spiderwebs which entangled you have now been severed. Use that bow to save the priestess.
Kagome: Help- help! Inuyasha!

[Elsewhere, Naraku opens his eyes, smiling]

Naraku: Oh? She's escaped. She's free of my web.
Byakuya: So, what will you do, Naraku?
Naraku: Isn't it obvious? I will take Kikyo's life... as I originally planned.

Among the Twinkling Stars

Naraku: (sneering) Kikyo... as long as my spiderweb connects us, there can be no secrets. I am well aware of the hatred and contempt you feel towards me... not to mention your lingering affection for Inuyasha. (Kikyo stiffens) Oh, isn't it a pity, Kikyo- dying in the arms of your most hated enemy, knowing you will never again see your beloved Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: NARAKU! LET HER GO! (slams Tetsusaiga into Naraku's arm)
Naraku: Inuyasha!
Kagome: Kikyo! (thinking) I only have one arrow- I can't afford to miss!
Kikyo: (flashback) There is only one way: you must shoot my wound using this bow. Only that can purify Naraku's contamination.
Kagome: (thinking) It's OK- I'll show them! I'll hit it!

[As she aims at Kikyo, Kikyo opens her eyes and looks straight at her]

Kikyo: (silently) Wait.
Kagome: Hmm? What? (she lowers her bow) You don't want me to shoot yet?

Naraku: What's this? So, you've found the Jewel, have you?
[he shatters the cliff under Kagome's feet, and she falls]
Inuyasha: Kagome!
[As Kagome falls, she is caught by Kikyo's Soul Collectors, who carry her down towards Kikyo]
Kagome: Thank you, Soul Collectors!
Naraku: Damn you! (he lunges his tendrils towards Kikyo)
Kagome: (thinking) He's trying to take back the Shikon Jewel! (aloud) I won't let that happen!

[she fires her arrow of purification. The arrow strikes the Shikon Jewel in Kikyo's neck; as Naraku's tendrils reach her, they are vaporized. The Soul Collectors set Kagome on the ground, gather around the arrow and the purified Shikon Jewel, and propel them towards Naraku.]

Naraku: (thinking) Now, I see: you wish to purify me and the Jewel!
Kikyo: (thinking) Go!

[As the arrow nears him, Naraku releases a cloud of miasma; the Jewel purifies it, but its' glow begins to fade]

Kagome: The cloud of miasma's defiling the Jewel!
Naraku: Watch me consume it- (the arrow and the Jewel strike him in the chest) What?!

[Bolts of purifying energy crackle around Naraku, paralyzing him; the diamonds encasing Koga shatter]

Inuyasha: Kikyo's spiritual energy is destroying Naraku! They're coming loose!

[he pulls Koga free, but at the last minute, Naraku desperately rips Koga's Jewel shards from his legs]

Koga: My Shikon Jewel shards!
Inuyasha: Who cares about that right now?!

[Naraku screams in agony as the energy continues to blast him]

Kagome: Kikyo's spiritual energy is fighting it out with Naraku's demonic energy! Can you see it, Kikyo? Naraku's in pain right now!
Kikyo: Kagome... the rest is up to you.
Kagome: What?! (she notices the Shikon Jewel turning black) His demonic energy's overcoming it!
Naraku: (chuckles as the arrow disintegrates)... I've won. (he howls with cruel laughter)
Kikyo: Kagome... protect the last shard. Protect...Kohaku's light. This is something only you can do, now.
Kagome: You can't mean that! You'll be okay, and I couldn't possibly- (notices Kikyo is dying) Kikyo! But, I shot you with the bow, just like you wanted me to! It should have purified the wound!
Naraku: (floating down towards them) Kikyo... it appears you've lost.

[he swings a tendril at them, and Kagome shields Kikyo with her body]

Kikyo: (thinking) We shall see, Naraku. You'll only know whether I truly lost, or not, when you die.
Inuyasha: (slicing through the tendril) Not so fast, Naraku!
Naraku: (smirks) Only one shard, left... and no one to stop me. We'll see how courageous you are, without Kikyo protecting you.

Miroku:... I had the chance to destroy Naraku. If I had done it, things wouldn't have ended up this way.
Sango: Miroku...
Miroku: But I didn't do it. (clenches his fist) I was so afraid for my own life, that I hesitated to open the Wind Tunnel! That woman saved my life, she needed my help, and I just-
Sango: (grabs his hand) That's not true. I think Kikyo knew what was going to happen, and she wanted you to survive for my sake.
Miroku: Sango...
Sango: I thought I despised Kikyo. All I knew, was that she was willing to sacrifice my brother and his shard to defeat Naraku. His life didn't seem to matter to her. (tearfully) However, when I saw her try to save Koga, I realized I was wrong about her. Kikyo was fighting to protect Kohaku's life- she'd been fighting to protect all of us!
Koga: (thinking) Well, my Jewel Shards are gone... but I'm still alive. Was that your plan for me, Kikyo?
Kagome: (crying) It didn't work! I thought I could save her, but I couldn't do anything! It took me too long- I had too much doubt- I couldn't get back in time to save her! Poor Kikyo...
Koga: (staring at Kikyo and Inuyasha) Damn that Naraku. He kept telling her that she would never see Inuyasha again, but... he made it in time.

Kikyo: (as she is dying in Inuyasha's arms) It's been so long... do you remember those days, Inuyasha? When we were happy... long before Naraku tore us apart?

[In a flashback fifty years before, Inuyasha and Kikyo sit together on a riverbank]

Kikyo: Inuyasha, would you be willing to use the Shikon Jewel to become a human?
Inuyasha: Well, if I were to become a human, what would you do, Kikyo?
Kikyo: I am the guardian of the Shikon Jewel- but, if it did not exist, I'd be an ordinary woman.

[return to present]

Inuyasha: How could I forget? Back then, I wanted to become human... so we could spend our lives together.
Kikyo: (smiles, closes her eyes)... At last, I have become an ordinary woman.
Inuyasha:... Kikyo, you were the first woman that I ever loved. The first person that I ever cared for. But, I... I still couldn't save you.

[a tear falls from his eye and lands on Kikyo's face; she opens her eyes]

Kikyo:... You've never done that. Inuyasha, I think that's the first time I've ever seen you cry.
Inuyasha: (voice shaking, tearfully) Kikyo, I'm sorry. You needed me, and I couldn't save you!
Kikyo: It doesn't matter. You came for me. That was enough. (smiles)

[As Kikyo dies, her body dissolves into a sphere of light; her soul collectors carry her around Inuyasha and his friends]

Kagome: Kikyo...
Miroku: Look at this light...
Sango: It's Kikyo's soul.
Shippo:... It almost feels as if she's saying goodbye.
Kagome: (closes her eyes, thinking) It's so warm.

[The soul collectors carry Kikyo's soul up into the stars. Kagome approaches Inuyasha]

Kagome: Inuyasha...?
Inuyasha: ...Kikyo doesn't want us to mourn her. She says... she'll protect us, forever.

Sesshomaru in the Underworld

Kohaku: (thinking) Lady Kikyo. The light I saw last night... it was yours, wasn't it?
Rin: I'm sorry, Kohaku. I'm sorry we couldn't take you to the priestess in time.
Kohaku: It's my fault. If only I was stronger...

[A huge dog-demoness passes through the clouds above them]

Kohaku: Huh?
Rin: What is it?

[Sesshomaru lifts off the ground and transforms into his true dog-demon form, flying towards the demoness]

Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru, wait!

[Sesshomaru and the demoness collide and come crashing to the ground; when the dust clears, they are both in humanoid form, facing each other]

Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru! Huh?
Demoness: Sesshomaru. I thought that might be you.
Jaken: ( outraged) Who do you think you are?! Show a little respect- that's "Lord" Sesshomaru to you!
Demoness: I can only assume you have questions about the Tenseiga your father left you. I can think of no other reason you'd come visit your mother.
Jaken: (shocked) Mu-m-m- you're his mother?!

Koga: Kagome, are you gonna be okay?
Kagome: Yeah.
Koga: (slaps his leg) Wish I could say that- my legs feel like they're made of lead now! I guess I just didn't expect to survive like this.
Kagome: (shakes her head) Mm-mm. It's a blessing you're still alive! Shards or no shards, you've helped us so much.
Koga: Anyway... (he stands up and walks towards Inuyasha)
Kagome: (apprehensively) Koga...?

[Koga kicks Inuyasha in the back of the head]

Koga: Oh, hey. (Ginta and Hakaku look shocked)
Inuyasha: ... You leaving?
Koga: There's no sense me sticking around any longer- I'll only end up holding you guys back.
Inuyasha: I see. So, you're leaving us, too.
Koga: (scoffs) Ah, quit feelin' sorry for yourself! (he kneels in front of Inuyasha) Wait, you know, I don't mean to sound harsh, Inuyasha... (he suddenly headbutts Inuyasha) But do you think you're the only one suffering?! Huh?!
Inuyasha: Hmmm- I know.
Koga: I mean, look at me! Try to imagine how it feels for me to leave Kagome behind- you think that doesn't hurt?
Inuyasha: You're right.
Koga: (whacks him over the head) Would you stop agreeing with me?! It's creepin' me out!
Inuyasha: (irritated) Wolf boy, I'm only sitting here listening to you because you're injured, all right? Now back off!

[he swipes his claws at Koga, who easily dodges]

Kagome: Um, Koga?
Koga: (indicating Inuyasha) See that? He's actin' like a dumb dog! Looks like he's got a long recovery ahead of him. Look, Kagome... what he needs now is to have you by his side.
Kagome: I know. Thanks, Koga. I'm sorry to make you worry so much.
Koga: I know. (he gives her a hug)
Kagome: Take care of yourself, ok?
Koga: Yeah, you too... Kagome.
Inuyasha: (thinking) Damn you, Koga...
Hakaku: Alright, bye Kagome!
Ginta: See you soon!
Miroku: You take care.
Kagome: Goodbye!
Inuyasha: KOGA! Listen Wolf Boy, if you think you lost your Jewel Shards for nothing, you're wrong. Your effort won't go to waste.
Koga: (chuckles) Yeah, well... I'm holding ya to that. Kagome, feel free to come look me up if you get sick of the pup.
Kagome: Yeah... sure.
Ginta: Well, let's go, Koga!
Hakaku: We'll run nice and slow, so you can keep up!

[Koga takes off]

Hakaku: Whoa- hang on!
Ginta: Wait up, Koga!

[They try desperately to catch up with Koga, as usual]

Shippo: And just like that... they're gone.

[Sesshomaru has killed the Guardian of the Underworld to save Rin]

Sesshomaru: Please, Rin. You're safe now. Wake up.
Sesshomaru's Mother: (watching via the Meido Stone) That's odd. The Guardian has been cut down, and yet she remains lifeless. Little demon?
Jaken: (irritably) It's Jaken, as I've told you, but you've no intention of remembering my name!
Sesshomaru's Mother: Tell me: is it possible the human girl has been revived by Tenseiga once before?
Jaken: She has! Why do you ask, my Lady?
Sesshomaru's mother: Then, she cannot be brought back to life.
Sesshomaru: (thinking) She cannot be saved? (he drops Tenseiga)
Kohaku: Is she okay, Lord Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru: (thinking, angrily) I... cannot save her? Tenseiga. I let her die... for something like this! (pause) Nothing I could have gained was worth losing her. Nothing at all!

[Tenseiga suddenly glows with a pure light; the dead around Sesshomaru an Kohaku begin to move toward them]

Kohaku: Tenseiga's glowing! Ahh! what's happening to them?! (he sees them reaching for Tenseiga) ...They want help. It's like they're pleading with Tenseiga!
Sesshomaru: (thinking) You all wish to be saved. Is that it?

[cradling Rin under his arm, he grasps Tenseiga and uses it to purify the souls of the dead]

Sesshomaru's Mother: What's wrong, Sesshomaru? You look so sad. Tenseiga has matured considerably, and your Meido has expanded, just as you'd hoped. Isn't that cause for celebration?
Sesshomaru: (angrily) Did you know this would happen to Rin? Did you, Mother?!
Sesshomaru's Mother: If I'm not mistaken, you have already used Tenseiga to revive her once, have you not? Son, Tenseiga can only call a person back from the dead once.

[Sesshomaru looks shocked]

Sesshomaru's Mother: It only makes sense. Life is not supposed to be limitless, after all. It's not something that can be renewed over and over again for your own convenience. Sesshomaru, had you come to believe that you were a god, perhaps? That you did not need to fear death, as long as Tenseiga was in your hands? You needed to learn two things: the desire to save the life of a loved one taken by death... and the sorrow and fear which accompanies that loss.
Sesshomaru: (thinking) Sorrow and fear...
'Sesshomaru's Mother: Your father wanted me to tell you this: Tenseiga is a sword for healing. Only a person who values life and possesses a compassionate heart may wield such a weapon, and use its' power to bury their enemies. That is the requirement of any who wish to be worthy of Tenseiga, a sword that can save lives and condemn others.
Jaken: (thinking, sadly) So Rin had to die in order for Lord Sesshomaru to learn about compassion?
Sesshomaru's Mother: Little demon, why are you crying?
Jaken: (weeping) The name's Jaken, my Lady. It's just that Lord Sesshomaru, by his very nature, will never shed tears, so I must cry in his stead!
Sesshomaru's Mother: Oh? Is that how you feel, Sesshomaru? (Sesshomaru glares at her) This is her last chance. You understand?

[She drapes the Meido Stone necklace around Rin's neck; it begins to glow]

Kohaku: What is that?
Sesshomaru's Mother: It's the little girl's life, which was left behind in the Underworld.

[As the light fades, Rin stirs and opens her eyes, to Sesshomaru's shock]

Kohaku: Rin!
Jaken: You're back!

[Rin coughs for a moment, then Sesshomaru reaches out and caresses her face]

Rin: (squeezing his hand) Lord Sesshomaru... you're here.
Sesshomaru:... You're okay now, Rin.
Rin: I am.
Jaken: Excuse me, my good Lady. (bows to Sesshomaru's mother) Please allow me to thank you, on Lord Sesshomaru's behalf!
Sesshomaru's Mother: Is Sesshomaru happy that I've brought her back?
Jaken: Very happy, I presume.
Sesshomaru's Mother: All this fuss, over a little human girl. He's inherited one of his father's more unusual traits.

Flowers Drenched in Sadness


[As Kanna crosses the field where Kagura died]

Kanna: "Flowers wither and lose their color, much as I, reflect in vain, time lost to the long rain."

[she sees Kagura's fan lying on the ground and picks it up]

Kanna: Kagura... Are you free, now? Did you ever... become the wind? I... I have nothing. I have... nothing.

[In his fortress, Naraku is recovering from the wound Kikyo inflicted on him; he has a flashback of her arrow and the jewel striking him and almost purifying him]

Naraku: (staring at the Shikon Jewel, angrily) It's still there... one ray of purity, within the Shikon Jewel. Despite my efforts to defile it, the stubborn point of light remains. In our last battle, it lent power to Inuyasha's blade; it could still cost me my life. Kikyo... even in death, you continue to haunt me. Damn you.

1st Villager: This house was built specially for travelers like you to use. Please make yourselves at home- we'll see you in the morning.
2nd Villager: Yes. Enjoy your stay! (they leave)
Inuyasha: You're all so careless!
Kagome: (looking concerned) Look, you need rest more than any of us.
Inuyasha: Huh! What do you know? Sitting around just makes it worse.
Sango: Sheesh! He never stops complaining! Kagome, please tell him to sit.

[Inuyasha flinches]

Kagome: What's the point? (thinking) He can't help it. It's obvious Inuyasha still hasn't gotten over Kikyo's death.

Inuyasha: Kagome, are you all right?
Kagome: Fine- how about you?
Inuyasha: I'm all right- thanks to you.
Kagome: (to herself) He wept tears of blood- whatever happened, it must have been pretty hard for him.
Inuyasha:...Kagome, before you came... I had a dream about Kikyo.
Kagome: Oh?
Inuyasha: When I saw her... she asked me to go with her.
Kagome:... Did you want to?
Inuyasha: I never answered. You woke me up.
Kagome: (to herself) That doesn't answer my question.
Inuyasha: I couldn't save Kikyo's life... and, that caused me a lot of pain. For some reason, I- I didn't want help. I thought it was something I had to go through alone. I guess... I was so focused on my own suffering, I couldn't see yours. I never... realized, you were in pain, just like me. (bows his head) Forgive me, Kagome.
Kagome: Ok. (Inuyasha looks surprised) I'm just glad you came back. The thing is, Kikyo's death was hard for all of us. But, I know that it must have been especially hard on you. I understand- it'll all be ok.
Inuyasha: Kagome, you- I don't get it. How are you so strong?
Kagome: I am not strong, you idiot! (scared, Inuyasha jumps back and falls down) You should be asking why I'm so kind. I'm kind.
Inuyasha: (hastily) Right- you're kind, very kind.
Kagome: (turns away, smiling, to herself) He might be clueless, but I'm still glad he came back.

[Kanna reaches a lake, into which she drops Kagura's fan]

Kanna: (thinking) Farewell, Kagura.
Byakuya: Hello, Kanna. I bring a message from Naraku. He wishes for you to lure Inuyasha and his friends in... and unleash the Mirror.

Kanna's Gravestone

Miroku: I've created a barrier. It should keep us safe, for the time being.
Shippo: What's wrong with your sword, Inuyasha?! How come they were able to attack us, but you weren't able to attack them? It's almost like they've gotten the real Tetsusaiga!
Miroku: Unfortunately, it seems as if all of Tetsusaiga's demonic energy has somehow been captured by Kanna's mirror.
Shippo: This isn't the first time this has happened! That sword, Dakki, was able to steal Tetsusaiga's demonic energy as well! (flashback of Inuyasha's battle against Toshu and Dakki) But in the end, he was killed by the demonic energy from the blade.
Inuyasha: That's because he was human. It's different, this time.
Miroku: Different to say the least. This demon has an endless appetite for energy. It won't be nearly as simple this time.
Kagome: (to Inuyasha) It seems unfair, seeing as how far you've come with Tetsusaiga.
Sango: Exactly. Who would've thought that Wind Scar and Adamant Barrage would fall into the hands of the enemy?
Shippo: (nervous) So... Is Tetsusaiga just an empty shell, now?

Shippo: It doesn't make sense- look where those spears went! It's like they were trying to avoid us!
Inuyasha: (in a feral voice) That was Tetsusaiga. Its' protective barrier must have kicked in... and that means Tetsusaiga is much more than just an empty shell!

[he straightens up, revealing that he has transformed into his full-demon appearance]

Kagome: Inuyasha! Look at your face!
Inuyasha: Huh?! (he looks at his enlarged claws)
Miroku: There's no mistaking that look! His demon blood took over because he was in danger!
Shippo: This is not going well! Once Inuyasha transforms into a full demon, he won't hesitate to tear us apart; in fact, he'll enjoy it!

[Kanna's mirror demon prepares to launch Adamant Barrage]

Sango: It's going to attack again!
Inuyasha: (growling) Fine by me- bring it on!
Kagome: Inuyasha, is that you? Do you still recognize us?!
Inuyasha: (growling) I don't know what I look like to you right now, but my mind is perfectly clear! (thinking) I can feel it: Tetsusaiga is seeking my demonic energy! It's trying to help me win this battle!

Byakuya: (to Kanna) It appears they have no intention of killing you. For the life of me, I can't fathom why. I mean, Kagome could have fired her Sacred Arrow into the hole in the sky and killed you, but instead she chose to warn everyone. These people are completely insane.
Naraku: (watching from afar, chuckling) What are you fools thinking? Do you pity Kanna- is that it? Don't you realize she cannot feel a thing- be it pain, or sorrow, or even fear? Yes- your pity is wasted on her. She doesn't even understand the concept.

[The group confront the now-crippled Kanna and her wrecked mirror demon]

Inuyasha: Kanna... I know you were probably ordered by Naraku to fight to the death, right? Well, I'm not interested. Killing you would only give me nightmares.
Miroku: Indeed. Any further fighting would be pointless. Besides, now that she's half-destroyed, Naraku won't bother looking for her.
Sango: It's true. She may be able to survive.
Kagome: (approaches Kanna) Go on, Kanna. It's all over now.
Kanna: ... Over?
Naraku: (telepathically) It isn't over, Kanna. Far from it. I've never seen such foolishness- allowing Kanna to escape after all the suffering she's caused you! Your forgiveness and compassion truly sickens me. This is your final task, Kanna: You will take the lives of Inuyasha and his friends with your own!
Kagome: What is it, Kanna? Don't you understand? You're free, now.
Kanna: (thinking) ...Free?

[She has a flashback of Kagura]

Kanna: ...Kagura.
Naraku: Now, walk over towards Inuyasha and his friends. I shall be watching over you, until the very end.

[he squeezes Kanna's glass heart, causing it to crack; both Kanna and her mirror demon also begin to crack, emitting blue light]

Kagome: What's going on, Kanna? Do you know why this is happening?!
Naraku: Move! You must get closer to them, Kanna!

[He tightens his grip on her heart, but though she continues to crack Kanna stands her ground; her lips move]

Kagome: Huh? I can't-

[Kanna silently repeats her words]

Kagome: (steps towards her) What is it you're trying to tell me?
Inuyasha: (grabs her and pulls her back) Look out!

[Snarling, Naraku suddenly crushes Kanna's heart. Kanna and her demon explode into hundreds of shards of glass]

Kagome: (thinking) Kanna! (a tiny shard of glass hits her eye) Agh- my eye!
Inuyasha: Kagome, are you okay?
Kagome: (clutching her eye) Ugh- it's my eye!
Kanna: The light...
Kagome: Huh?!
Kanna: The light... will destroy Naraku.
Kagome: It's Kanna's voice! I can see something... Is that the Shikon Jewel? There's a light at the center! Kanna... are you the one showing this to me? This light... is this what will destroy Naraku?

[Inuyasha picks up Kanna's broken mirror]

Inuyasha:... You didn't have to die.
Shippo: D'you think maybe Kanna was trying to take us with her? Is that why she did that?
Kagome: No. (they all look at her)
Miroku: How can you be so sure?
Kagome: The truth is... she never actually wanted to die. That's why... she wanted me to hear her final words.

[the shard in Kagome's eye dissolves in a tear]

Kanna: (flashback) The light will destroy Naraku.
Kagome: (thinking) Kanna... wherever you are, I heard your heart's last wish.

Sango's Feelings, Miroku's Resolve


[Miroku is attempting to protect himself and Sango from a bone-demon, using the Wind Tunnel; he becomes weakened by the demon's poison in the process]

Sango: Stop! That's enough. Are you okay?!
Bone-Demon: Didn't I try to warn you? You're wasting your time; resistance is pointless! There's nowhere for you to run!
Bone-Demon's Father: I shall start by eating the bones of that troublesome monk.
Sango:... Very well, then. You may have Hiraikotsu. However, I want your word that no harm will come to the monk. Promise me that, and the bone is yours.
Bone Demoness: How absurd! Obviously, you still don't understand the situation you're in. I will get what I want, whether you obey or resist! You are in no position to negotiate. Both of you will die, and Hiraikotsu will belong to Father. It's that simple.
Sango: I understand. (smiles grimly, thinking) Now, I know what needs to be done.

[Sango removes a shell-case from a compartment in her armor and opens it]

Sango: (thinking) This demon-slaying salve is strong enough to dissolve Hiraikotsu. (she smears the salve over Hiraikotsu and hurls it at the bone-demon's father) Try eating Hiraikotsu now! Take this!

[The bone-demon's father catches Hiraikotsu in his mouth; as soon as he bites down, the salve poisons him and burns away his face]

Master of Potions: You expect me to remove the poison from your weapon?
Miroku: Yes. We've heard that you would be able to do so, Master.
Master of Potions: Let me have a look. (licks the pieces of Hiraikotsu with his tongue)
Inuyasha: So you can fix it?
Master of Potions: Demon-slaying salve?! That's some harsh stuff you put on it! Even if I could fix it, I'd refuse to do it on principle! At a glance, I can tell you that this weapon is well-worn; this suggests you've been fighting with it for a long time, yet you'd apply this vicious poison to it without a thought?! That doesn't sit well with me.
Inuyasha: (grabs him by his beard) Look, you don't even know the whole story behind it!

[The Master suddenly vomits; Inuyasha barely gets out of the way in time]

Inuyasha: ...That was gross.
Master of Potions: I forgot to mention, I'm a little bit hungover.
Sango: That's enough, Inuyasha. The Master of Potions is right, after all. There's no excuse for what I did.
Inuyasha: What, so you're just gonna give up now?!
Master of Potions: Fine, I'll do it!
Inuyasha: Huh?! A second ago, you said you wouldn't do it!
Master of Potions: That's because I thought it belonged to you! But your friend here... I like her!
Kagome: (smiles) Apparently, the Master of Potions has a soft spot for girls.
Miroku: Well, obviously he's a good person at heart-
Shippo: If, by "good person" you mean pervert, then yes.
Master of Potions: Young lady, let's have a look at your hand.

[He peers at Sango's hand, then suddenly gropes her rear end; she kicks him in the face]

Sango: (sharply) What are you doing?
Miroku: (pokes the Master between the eyes with his staff) Perhaps he's a little too good of a person.
Master of Potions: I was merely examining the strength in her legs and waist. You see, though I agreed to fix your weapon, in reality you are the one who must fight and risk death.
Sango: "Risk death?"
Master of Potions: Correct. (he brings up two giant jugs of potion) Now, be kind and hand over Hiraikotsu, dear.

[Sango gives him the pieces and he tosses them into one of the jugs]

Inuyasha: Hey, the whole thing's dissolving!
Master of Potions: Poison will do that.
Inuyasha: Poison?! But I thought you were gonna fix it!
Master of Potions: Hiraikotsu will be fixed when this poison turns into a remedy.
Sango: Ok, so now what happens?
Master of Potions: Well, mainly I need you to slay the demons inside this jug here. The poison in Hiraikotsu's jug will turn into a remedy if you can pacify the demons within it! To put it another way: if you aren't able to pacify the demons, Hiraikotsu will dissolve into nothing. You follow me?
Sango: Understood. I'll do it.

Inuyasha: Don't you get it? If you drink this medicine, you won't hesitate to use the Wind Tunnel. In other words, you're just gonna end up killing yourself sooner!
Miroku: Inuyasha, are you telling me not to fight? I should allow myself to be protected instead?! If I can't use the Wind Tunnel, Sango will only push herself harder to compensate for me!
Inuyasha: You just can't stand being protected by a woman, huh?
Miroku: That's right! If it means her life is in danger, I can't! Sango would risk her life to protect me, but I won't let her do it.
Inuyasha: Huh! Your stupid pride's gonna kill you-
Miroku: Listen to me! You seem convinced that I'm rushing to my death, but my decision has nothing to do with that. Don't you see it? Drinking this medicine will determine how I live.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Miroku: I want to fight so I can survive... so I can protect her.
Inuyasha: (thinking) Miroku...
Master of Potions: What's wrong? Aren't you gonna argue with him?
Inuyasha: Shaddup! I can never beat this guy in an argument.
Miroku: Inuyasha, this goes without saying, but please do not tell Sango or Kagome about this.
Inuyasha: I won't tell them. But you have to promise me something: that you won't use your Wind Tunnel, unless it's a matter of life and death. Sango might forgive you for killing yourself... but I won't.

Spirits of Hiraikotsu: Sango, even now the monk is being consumed by miasma. He is nothing more than a burdon upon you.
Sango: Yes, I know that. But, the monk has risked his life many times to save me.
Spirits of Hiraikotsu: And for that you're willing to throw away your own life, to save a dying man?
Sango: I have no intention of throwing my life away!
Spirits of Hiraikotsu: What?!
Sango: I plan to survive, and share my life with the monk. Knowing he's alive is what gives me the courage to live on. Hiraikotsu, I beg of you... lend both of us your strength!

Master of Potions: Just so we're clear: the monk's body hasn't recovered. You understand that, right? He merely can't feel the pain from his wounds anymore. The damage from the miasma remains.
Inuyasha: I know... and I'm grateful even for that.
Sango: Master of Potions! You've helped restore Hiraikotsu to the way it was. I can't thank you enough.
Master of Potions: "The way it was?" You forget that your Hiraikotsu has been swimming around in my herbs and poisons! It will never be "the way it was" as you say.
Sango: Huh?
Master of Potions: However, it won't be evident to you until you fight again. When you do, don't be surprised by how it may have changed.

A Complete Meido

Shishinki: I see you aimed at my footing. Are you so desperate to learn the secret of Tenseiga that you would knowingly walk into a trap, Sesshomaru?
Jaken: Just who do you think you are?!
Sesshomaru: I do not care who you are. Now tell me: why do you know about Tenseiga?
Shishinki: Because once, long ago, I faced it in battle. (Sesshomaru is startled) Although, it looked nothing like it does now. Nothing at all. When I fought against your father, the sword was in a different form.
Sesshomaru: Against Father?
Jaken: How dare you make yourself look so young!!
Sesshomaru: (thinking) "The sword had a different form?"

[He leaps and slashes with his claws, but Shishinki easily dodges]

Shishinki: Your tactics amuse me: you fight without your sword, in order to learn its' secret? You underestimate me- a deadly mistake!

[He fires a Meido Zangetsuha from his staff, which narrowly misses Jaken, Kohaku, Rin and Ah-Un]

Sesshomaru: (surprised, thinking) The Meido...!
Rin: How did he-
Jaken: Meido Zangetsuha. Not bad, but Lord Sesshomaru's is bigger.
Kohaku: True- but that Meido was a complete circle!
Shishinki: Hmph! I'll have you know, Meido Zangetsuha was originally my technique. That's right, it was mine, until your father stole it from me. He took it... along with my face!

[Shishinki removes his mask to reveal that half his face is missing]

Sesshomaru: Huh! From what I've heard thus far, you summon me here not to reveal the secret, but to whine about your technique being stolen, and your face being destroyed.
Shishinki: Only one practitioner is needed for each technique. Especially, considering Tenseiga is an incomplete blade!

Myoga: Shishinki!
Kagome: What is it, Myoga?
Shippo: Huh? You're still here?
Inuyasha: What did you say, Myoga? You know the guy Sesshomaru's fighting?
Myoga: (terrified) I do! He's known as Shishinki, the Ogre of Death! He's a demon who was defeated by your father many, many years ago! He was a fierce opponent, as I recall! (thinking) It's impossible- how is he still alive?! Oh dear, this isn't good at all! If Lord Sesshomaru learns the secret behind Tenseiga, there's no telling what he'll do!
Shishinki: Is that the old flea, Myoga? I wasn't sure 'till now, but if you're here there can be no mistake!

[he fires a Meido at them; Inuyasha pulls Kagome out of the way]

Myoga: That is Meido Zangetsuha!
Inuyasha: That's it! You're gonna regret doing that! (draws and swings Tetsusaiga) Wind Scar!

[His Wind Scar destroys the cliff Shishinki was perched on]

Shishinki: So, it is Tetsusaiga.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Shishinki: (emerging through the dust) I heard that he had two sons, and now, here you are. The old man gave Tetsusaiga to his youngest, did he?
Inuyasha: Hey, Sesshomaru, what the Hell's going on here? Why are you fighting with this guy?
Shishinki: Sesshomaru, don't you find it strange? Shouldn't the elder brother have received Tetsusaiga? Now, why do you suppose your father left it to him, instead?
Jaken: Such cruelty! Bringing up the one thing that has tortured Lord Sesshomaru! He has tried to take the Tetsusaiga many times, without success; he even sacrificed his arm! He'd finally given up, and begun focusing on training with Tenseiga- and now, this!
Kohaku: Master Jaken, your explanation makes perfect sense-
Rin: But, if Lord Sesshomaru heard it, he would make you suffer just for saying it out loud!(Jaken gulps)

Shishinki: (Facing Sesshomaru and Inuyasha) Sesshomaru, what do you know of your sword? Do you have any idea how it was born? As I said, Tenseiga was nothing like it is now. It was in a different form, when I fought your father. The truth is, Tenseiga didn't actually exist at the time. (Inuyasha looks shocked) The sword I fought against was none other than Tetsusaiga!
Inuyasha: (thinking) Is he saying that Tetsusaiga is the one that stole Meido Zangetsuha?

[Sesshomaru's expression darkens]

Shishinki: (chuckles) So, you didn't know, Sesshomaru? Well, let's see, how should I say this: Tenseiga was originally Tetsusai-
Sesshomaru: SILENCE!

[He fires a Meido Zangetsuha, but Shishinki counters with one of his own, which absorbs Sesshomaru's]

Shishinki: Now, then: I presume the old man was unable to control Meido Zangetsuha after stealing it from me, it's rightful owner.
Kagome: Wow. Is all that true, Myoga?
Myoga: Yes, yes, yes. It is true that my Lord was pondering how to use this technique, once he'd acquired it.
Shishinki: That is why he cast it away from Tetsusaiga. And so, that unwanted technique, the one Tetsusaiga had no use for, was given to your Tenseiga instead.
Sesshomaru: (thinking) "Unwanted technique?!"
Inuyasha: So, Tenseiga was cast off from Tetsusaiga?
Kagome: If that's true, it would mean that the two were originally one sword!
Sesshomaru: (thinking) Why?! Why did Father do this?!
Shishinki: And, on top of that, if I'm not mistaken, the younger brother smells part human. It seems unthinkable. Why would the old man bequeath Tetsusaiga- his original sword- to a mere half-demon? (mockingly) Poor Sesshomaru; it looks like your father passed you by in favor of your younger brother!

[As Sesshomaru and Inuyasha both advance on Shishinki, Tenseiga begins to pulse]

Sesshomaru: Tenseiga?!

[Tetsusaiga's blade also begins to pulse]

Inuyasha: Tetsusaiga?!

[The brothers meet each other's eyes]

Inuyasha: Sesshomaru, you should draw Tenseiga! Try it- something might happen!
Sesshomaru: (thinking) What do you want? Are you telling me to fight alongside Tetsusaiga? Worse yet- are you telling me to help Tetsusaiga? To help Inuyasha?!
Shishinki: There's nowhere for you to run, now. Prepare to be banished to the Underworld!
Sesshomaru: (thinking) Tenseiga was only cast off of Tetsusaiga to be rid of Meido Zangetsuha. Now, after inheriting this unwanted sword from my father, I'm supposed to use it to aid Inuyasha?!
Shishinki: Are you ready for it? Now, you and your father's swords shall spend the rest of eternity in the Underworld!

[He launches multiple Meido at them]

Kagome: Inuyasha!
Miroku: There are so many!
Jaken: (hides his eyes) They'll never make it!
Rin: No! Lord Sesshomaru!
Inuyasha: Sesshomaru!
Sesshomaru: (thinking) I still do not know what Father was thinking, when he gave me Tenseiga. (he draws Tenseiga) Perhaps I never will- but I no longer care about that! (aloud) Never, Shishinki! I would never allow my life to be taken by scum like you!

[He swings Tenseiga, and a gigantic Meido Zangetsuha forms over Shishinki, absorbing all his Meido]

Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru's Meido Zangetsuha has achieved a complete circle!
Kohaku: It's swallowing Shishinki's Meido!
Shishinki: (stunned) It can't be! Tenseiga is supposed to be incomplete!

[As Shishinki is dragged into the Underworld, he glimpses Tenseiga and Tetsusaiga's blades, both pulsing with light]

Shishinki: (smiles coldly) ...Now, I see. I pity you, Shesshomaru. What your father did was cruel! It was cruel, do you hear?!

Inuyasha: Hey, uh, Sesshomaru. That thing you just did- that was a complete Meido Zangetsuha, wasn't it?

[Sesshomaru pauses, then sheathes Tenseiga and starts to walk on]

Inuyasha: Wait up, Sesshomaru! This means you've mastered Tenseiga, now! I can assume that, right? Look, Father died before I was old enough to remember him. I have no way of knowing what he was thinking back then. But all of those things that Shishinki was saying- that Tenseiga was something Tetsusaiga didn't need, that it's incomplete- those were lies, right? I mean, Father left you Tenseiga because he trusted you, and because you were a real demon!
Kagome: Inuyasha!
Sesshomaru:... Why do you ask, anyway?
Inuyasha: "Why?!" Because, Sesshomaru, I'm sick and tired of you giving me trouble about this sword! Let's just agree that Tenseiga was your proper inheritance from Father, and let that be the end of it!
Miroku:... Inuyasha is showing his respect for Tenseiga.
Kagome: I think he's trying to cheer up Sesshomaru.
Shippo: (nervously) I hope it works...
Inuyasha: Can we agree, Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru:... Inuyasha, are you blind? Can you not see it?
Inuyasha: See what?!
Sesshomaru: (thinking) Tenseiga was able to produce a complete Meido, only because Tetsusaiga was nearby. They responded to one another... and that will only lead to conflict.

[He recalls Shishinki's dying words]

Sesshomaru: Inuyasha... like it or not, you and I are destined to fight each other 'till the day we die. Do not forget that.

[He leaves]

In Pursuit of Naraku

Sesshomaru: (angrily) Tetsusaiga has the ability to steal techniques from the weapons of its' foes. Tenseiga, on the other hand, has no such power. (He has a flashback of Shishinki taunting him as he died) Both of us know that Father's true intention, from the beginning, was for me to perfect Meido Zangetsuha- but only so that Tenseiga could then be absorbed back into Tetsusaiga! That is the truth- isn't it?!
Totosai: (nervously) Ahhhh! Wow, I'm impressed!
Sesshomaru: Hmm?
Totosai: You figured that out all by yourself, huh? Well, you are exactly right- are you disappointed?
Sesshomaru: (glaring at him) Huh- I'd be disappointed if Tetsusaiga could actually cut me down. But that shall never happen! (raises Tenseiga to strike)
Totosai: (raises his hammer) Whoa, there! (he slams it into the ground, creating a circle of blazing lava around Sesshomaru)
Sesshomaru: Huh?
Totosai: (irritably, unseen) Say, Sesshomaru- why do you think your father set up your swords this way in the first place, huh?! Do you really believe he favored Inuyasha, and simply left you the short end of the stick, so to speak?! (Sesshomaru growls) Either way, your thoughts are too clouded right now to see the truth! As long as you remain so narrowly focused on the heirloom Tetsusaiga, you will never understand your father's long-term plans!
Sesshomaru: SILENCE!

[he fires off a Meido Zangetsuha that destroys Totosai's house, then sheathes Tenseiga]

Sesshomaru: (thinking)... What was Father's long-term plan?
Totosai: Sesshomaru, abandon these attachments. Abandon your attachment to the sword as well as your hatred toward Inuyasha. Once you do, you may very well surpass your father! (Sesshomaru scoffs and walks away, Totosai and his demon-ox are shown cowering behind a boulder) Well, I thought that was it for us!

[Naraku has cornered Kohaku, Jaken, Rin and Ah-Un]

Naraku: Are you scared, Kohaku? Scared that my demonic energy might manipulate you into harming that girl? Perhaps you're afraid you'll lose control and kill her, just like you killed your father and comrades! [Kohaku has a flashback of the day he died] Do not be afraid; you will no longer have to suffer when I am through with you.

[Kohaku's hands hold the edge of his sickle to his neck, against his will]

Rin: Kohaku!

[Naraku laughs, but just as Kohaku is about to decapitate himself, Sango and Kirara fly in and knock the sickle from his hand]

Sango: Naraku!
Kohaku: Sister, it's you!
Naraku: Sango. If you truly care for your brother, end his life, so he may finally rest in peace.
Sango: Don't be ridiculous!
Naraku: Do you not understand, Sango? Death is the only way to save Kohaku's soul from its' torment. I want you to think about it: your brother managed to escape my control and come to his senses, yet you siblings still cannot be together. Why is that? (pause) It's because Kohaku is avoiding you. You, his loving and devoted sister. But who can blame him? After all, Sango, you saw everything, every shameful act he committed. Like it or not, your very presence reminds Kohaku of his hateful past.
Sango: ...Is that all you have to say?
Naraku: Hmm?
Sango: That Kohaku is avoiding me? What's your point? I knew that already!
Kohaku: (thinking) Sister...
Sango: Naraku... Kohaku may have been under your control, but that doesn't change the fact that he killed our father in cold blood! I, too, re-live that day over and over again, just as Kohaku must! I know he feels anguish and shame for what he did, and that is exactly why I will not let him die! Until Kohaku can overcome that pain, until he is free, I will continue to fight you, Naraku!
Naraku: (laughs) Your resolve is admirable... though, sadly, it won't be of much use to you.

[Naraku uses Kohaku's defiled shard to make him attack Sango again]

Kohaku: Sister...
Naraku: Oh? You're able to speak, while under the control of my demonic energy. Amazing... with that Jewel shard in you, your body will be under my control, and yet you will remain conscious of it the entire time.
Sango: Damn you!
Naraku: What will you do, Sango? How do you plan to save your precious Kohaku now?
Sango: Silence, Naraku! I'm sick of listening to your NONSENSE!

[She hurls Hiraikotsu at him just as Inuyasha and the others arrive]

Miroku and Kagome: Sango!
Naraku: Heh! Come now, you don't actually expect to defeat me with Hiraikotsu, do you- [Hiraikotsu smashes straight through his torso] Arggh! (thinking) Impossible! I am a mass of demonic energy; I cannot be shattered by the same energy! No... there's more than just my demonic energy. Something new... an entirely different poison-

[Hiraikotsu rebounds and cuts through him again]

Naraku: (thinking) My body isn't recovering!

[As he fires the attack, Naraku desperately envelops himself in his miasma cyclone and flies away]

Kagome Higurashi: Where're you going?!

[She fires an arrow of purification, but Naraku narrowly avoids it]


[He opens the Wind Tunnel briefly, but Naraku is already out of range]

Inuyasha: Dammit! He got away.

Byakuya: (amused) That didn't exactly go as planned, did it?
Naraku: (irritably, as he recovers from his injuries) Shut your mouth, Byakuya.
Byakuya: Ok, fine. (Naraku drops a fragment of glass at his feet) Hmm? What's this? (picks it up)
Naraku: A remaining fragment of the Mirror Demon; a memento of Kanna. I want you to go and give it to Sesshomaru.
Byakuya: (surprised) To Sesshomaru?
Naraku: Yes, that's right. What no one knows is that Sesshomaru is but a pawn- my pawn. The time has come to make Inuyasha and the others aware of that.

Kagome Higurashi: (as she purifies Kohaku's Shard) Ok- how's that feel?
Kohaku: Good. It feels a lot better.
Kagome Higurashi: I might not be able to purify it as well as Kikyo could.
Kohaku:... Kikyo's light.
Kagome Higurashi: Huh?
Kohaku: It happened when Naraku tried to take my Jewel Shard. I'm not sure why, but the minute his tentacles made contact, this pure light started flowing into it!
Kagome Higurashi: From Naraku's tentacles?
Kohaku: It almost though Lady Kikyo was purifying me!
Kagome Higurashi: (thinking) Does that mean Kikyo's power somehow entered Naraku- and remains there, even now?
Kanna: (flashback) The light... will destroy Naraku.
Kagome Higurashi: The image Kanna showed me before she died- it was the Shikon Jewel! It was defiled, but in the center of it, there was a light! That must've been Kikyo's light!
Sango: (sits by her brother) And so...
Kohaku: Huh?
Sango: Kohaku, are you suggesting you'll be able to use your shard to defeat Naraku?
Kohaku: Well, I-
Rin: Naraku said he was going to take Kohaku's head! He said once he did that, he could slowly defile the shard!
Kohaku: Rin!
Rin: (defensively) Well, you almost died, Kohaku!
Kohaku: (to Sango) Don't listen to her! Look, Sister, it's clear that my Shard can cause Naraku pain! (Sango looks away) I know Lady Kikyo's power is protecting me! That's why-
Inuyasha: Enough! (thumps him over the head) Stop your babbling!
Kagome Higurashi: Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: Gimme a break; why do we have to keep tiptoeing around him? Sango, just tell it to him straight: it's a pain in the butt when he wanders off by himself, isn't it?!
Sango: Inuyasha...
Kagome Higurashi: Ugh! Sit, boy! (Inuyasha faceplants)
Inuyasha: Why?!
Kagome Higurashi: It wasn't Kohaku's fault this time- Sesshomaru left them there alone, so it was just Kohaku and the little ones around when he was attacked!
Jaken: (angrily) "The little ones?!" Who are you calling "little?!"
Rin: Well, your height, your heart, your personality... so many things about you are little! (Jaken bursts into tears)
Sango: No, it's just as Inuyasha says. This isn't the first time it's happened. (Kohaku looks away) Kohaku, you know you are weak of heart and strength; that is why Naraku can take advantage of you! If you fight alone, you don't stand a chance against him! At least tell me you understand that much.
Kohaku:... It's true. You're right.
Kagome Higurashi: I believe that Kikyo left her power in your shard, but I don't think she'd have wanted you to sacrifice it. I think she'd want you to treasure it and protect it, like the beautiful gift that it is.
Kohaku: Yes. You're right. (thinking) Lady Kikyo...

True Heir

Sesshomaru: (thinking) This must be Naraku's idea: he wishes to pit me against Inuyasha, in the hope that we will eliminate each other. There's no other reason for him to help me; an obvious trap. However... it is a trap worth springing.
Inuyasha: Sesshomaru, what's going on? Have you lost your mind?
Sesshomaru: Silence! I said, draw.
Inuyasha: (scoffs) Idiot. You're still hung up about Tetsusaiga, aren't you?

[Sesshomaru launches a Meido Zangetsuha at Inuyasha, which he dodges]

Inuyasha: All right! (draws Tetsusaiga) if that's how it's gonna be, then I won't hold back either, bastard!

[Sesshomaru angles Tenseiga so that Tetsusaiga is reflected off its' blade]

Inuyasha: Take this! Wind Scar! (nothing happens) What?!
Shippo: Wind Scar isn't working!

[Tenseiga's blade turns into a duplicate of Tetsusaiga's]

Inuyasha: (thinking) That scent from Tenseiga's blade... it couldn't be!
Sesshomaru: Wind Scar! (he launches the attack, which Inuyasha barely dodges)

[After Byakuya has transported Sesshomaru and Inuyasha to an alternate location]

Sesshomaru: This is good; there's no one around to interrupt our battle.
Inuyasha: You disappoint me, Sesshomaru! I never imagined you'd sink this low!
Sesshomaru: Adamant Barrage! (he fires the attack at Inuyasha, thinking) You disappoint me too, Inuyasha. Is this really the extent of your abilities? If so, it only proved that you never deserved to wield Tetsusaiga in the first place.

[The dust clears, revealing Inuyasha deflected the attack with Tetsusaiga's scabbard]

Sesshomaru: Hmm, it would seem the scabbard's barrier protected you.
Inuyasha: Sesshomaru! You... you were actually trying to kill me!

[Sesshomaru switches to the Barrier-Cutting Blade and attacks, forcing Inuyasha to dodge; he counterattacks, and the brothers cross swords]

Sesshomaru: If you prove yourself weak, I'll kill you. Then, I'll get rid of Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga, for good! (he hurls Inuyasha back) Prove it, Inuyasha. Prove that it is you who is the rightful heir to Tetsusaiga; that is all I ask.
Inuyasha: (thinking) "Prove it?" (chuckles) So you're telling me, if I win, you'll let this go?
Sesshomaru: Something like that. (he launches another Wind Scar, driving Inuyasha back)

Totosai: ..Sesshomaru, are you able to accept what has happened?
Jaken: (sobbing) Lord Sesshomaru, I am literally sick with grief! For Tenseiga to be absorbed into Tetsusaiga like that, it's unbearable-
Sesshomaru: I do... not care. We're leaving, Jaken.
Jaken: Huh? Okay.
Totosai: One moment, Sesshomaru. Although you may find little consolation in it now, I suggest you take it. (gestures at Tenseiga) It fell from the path to the Underworld.

[Inuyasha stirs]

Kagome Higurashi: You okay, Inuyasha
Inuyasha: Hmm? (thinking) That's... that's Tenseiga!
Kagome Higurashi: Wasn't that sword... broken, already?
Inuyasha: I see. That light I was following must have come from Tenseiga.
Totosai: (offering Tenseiga to Sesshomaru) You may not be satisfied with this sword that cannot cut, but Tenseiga is powerful, for it heals.
Sesshomaru: (scoffs) So, what? I'm supposed to take it and go around healing people, now? Don't be ridiculous.

[He leaves, Jaken runs after him]

Totosai: Hey!
Jaken: Please wait, Lord Sesshomaru!
Rin: Um... (she takes Tenseiga and runs after Sesshomaru with Kohaku) I'll give it to him when he's in a better mood! I promise!

Inuyasha: What's gonna happen to Sesshomaru? Everything that our father gave us, is now mine. There's nothing left.
Totosai: If I were you, I'd be worrying less about my brother and more about mastering that new Tetsusaiga! (Inuyasha balks) You do realize you had help, right? You didn't escape from the path to the Underworld on your own.
Inuyasha: ...Yeah. (thinking) If I hadn't been guided by Tenseiga's light... I never would've made it back.
Totosai: Besides, Sesshomaru hasn't realized this yet... but he's one step away from obtaining a weapon of his own. And he'll be pleased to learn that this weapon is not an heirloom from his father.

Hitomiko's Barrier

Hitomiko: I don't understand. What point is there in stealing your feeble power? I wonder what Naraku was hoping to accomplish...
Kagome Higurashi: Lady Hitomiko, I came to your shrine because I want to save you!
Hitomiko: Oh, really? You propose to save me, do you? How absurd.

[she rings her bells, and Kagome is suddenly cut across her forearms and cheek; her blood forms a circle on the ground around her.]

Hitomiko: Kagome, do you think it was by chance that you were given the name "Kagome?"
Kagome Higurashi: Huh?
Hitomiko: That name you bear holds a special power... a power hidden within you, since the day you were born.
Kagome Higurashi: I don't understand! Why is she telling me this?!
Hitomiko: Heh... You are no more than a bird in a cage. You shall never leave. Never.
Kagome Higurashi: [struggles] Ugh! I... can't move! Huh? [she notices Naraku hanging upside down, in the shadows over Hitomiko's head] Naraku, stop hiding up there and show yourself! [she manages to notch an arrow to her bow] You're a coward!
Hitomiko: [thinking] She can still move?

[Kagome fires the arrow, severing some of the webs, but Hitomiko is not released]

Hitomiko: Now, I see. It is not you he is after; I'm supposed to steal the power that resides within that bow.
Kagome Higurashi: This bow? [thinking] The bow I received on Mount Azusa...
Hitomiko: If I'm not mistaken, that bow was originally meant to be wielded by another... a person who would have been able to master the use of it.
Kagome Higurashi: [thinking] Kikyo!
Hitomiko: You merely aim and release with it, unable to harness its' spiritual power, and yet you believe you can save me? Leave the bow here, and be on your way. Do so and your life will be spared, but take it with you and you shall die.

[Naraku's webs wrap around Hitomiko's neck]

Naraku: You'll spare her life, will you? Then you leave me no choice!
Kagome Higurashi: Show yourself, Naraku! [notches an arrow in her bow]
Hitomiko: Do not... waste... your arrows.
Naraku: Indeed. If you must shoot, aim here. [he conjures an image of a spider over Hitomiko's heart]
Kagome Higurashi: There's a spider in her chest!
Naraku: Shoot the arrow through her chest. Once you do, Hitomiko will finally die, and you will be saved.
Kagome Higurashi: I won't do it! I won't take orders from you, Naraku!

[Hitomiko's eyes darken; the webs unwind from her neck and she rings her bells again, cutting Kagome a second time]

Hitomiko: Then you leave me no choice but to kill you.

Magatsuhi's Evil Will

Rin: Lord Sesshomaru, I thought you were going to die!
Jaken: [weeping] I never once stopped believing in your victory, Lord Sesshomaru!
Shippo: [mockingly] "Our tears would only dishonor his magnificent end?" [Jaken jumps and spins around]
Jaken: Staff of Two Heads! [He uses the Nintojo to set Shippo's tail on fire]
Shippo: [runs off] Agh! That's hot! OW! HOT!
Totosai: Please show me your Bakusaiga, Sesshomaru. [Sesshomaru holds up his new sword, Totosai nods approvingly] Hmm. This sword has always been a part of you, Sesshomaru; it was waiting for you. But, before you could wield it, you needed to show you were worthy of it, by standing on your own as a great demon.
Jaken: What's this?! Why, I'll have you know that Lord Sesshomaru has always stood on his own-
Totosai: [scornfully] Will you shut up?
Jaken: Eek! Shutting up, sir.
Inuyasha: [thinking] It makes perfect sense! Overcoming his attachment to Tetsusaiga... that was the test for Sesshomaru. He had to let go of the past.

[A flashback of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's first battle is shown]

Totosai: You once lost your left arm in an attempt to take Tetsusaiga. It was a most unfortunate event. But now, you have gained a new arm, along with Bakusaiga, a sword that is truly yours and yours alone. Proving, that you have finally surpassed your father and that you have been released from your obsession with Tetsusaiga.

The Day of Days


Kohaku's Shard


When the Jewel is Whole

Magatsuhi: You tried- but in the end, it wasn't enough.

[suddenly, a huge section of his "face" is sliced off- revealing Sesshomaru, wielding Tenseiga]

Magatsuhi: How dare you?!
Kohaku: Lord Sesshomaru!
Inuyasha: Sesshomaru?

[some of Naraku's tentacles emerge from the mountain and lunge at Sesshomaru]

Sesshomaru: Naraku's body, is it? (draws and swings Bakusaiga) Bakusaiga!

[the tentacles are obliterated, releasing Kohaku]

Sango: Kohaku! (she catches him)
Kohaku: Sister!
Sango: You're safe- are you hurt at all?
Kagome: (observing the disintegrating tentacles) Amazing!
Inuyasha: Looks like a body that's been cut by Bakusaiga can never be used again!
Sesshomaru: It ends here, Magatsuhi. Rather than face me, you chose to use Byakuya of the Dreams so you could elude me. Are you really that fearful of Tenseiga?
Kagome: (thinking) Tenseiga is the only sword that can cut through Magatsuhi! And if Magatsuhi is destroyed, my sealed spiritual power will finally be released!
Magatsuhi!: Hah! If you could destroy me with Tenseiga, you would have done it with your first stroke.
Sesshomaru: Oh, it's not that I couldn't destroy you; I merely chose not to.

[Magatsuhi tries to flee, but Sesshomaru blocks his way.]

Sesshomaru: I wanted you to see my face. (raises Tenseiga) That way, you would know it was me who was killing you. Tenseiga!

[he slashes Magatsuhi, who screams and dissolves in a burst of light]


[Naraku captures Kagome]

Naraku: (chuckles) Kagome... it seems your spiritual powers still haven't returned. I've been hiding behind the barrier, but that you were unable to sense my presence surprised even me.
Inuyasha: (brandishes Tetsusaiga) Naraku, you bastard!
Naraku: (smirks) So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start swinging. (Inuyasha growls) Oh, don't worry- I'm not planning to kill her. Not until I've taken Kohaku's shard, that is.

[his tentacles extend and lunge at Kohaku, but Sango slashes them away with Hiraikotsu]

Sango: It won't happen!
Naraku: It's pointless. All you've done is sever an unnecessary tentacle, one that can be sacrificed at any time. Just as Inuyasha's Meido Zangetsuha and Sesshomaru's Bakusaiga did, you've only destroyed that which I did not need.

[As Sango is weeping for Kohaku's death]

Inuyasha: (enraged) Where's Naraku hiding?! Find him for me, Kagome!
Kagome: (thinking) I see it- Naraku's blackened Shikon Jewel! I'll use my Sacred Arrow- it may be powerless right now, but it can still show Inuyasha the way! (she fires at the clouds)
Inuyasha: (draws Tetsusaiga) Over there? Meido Zangetsuha!

[he fires off a Meido, but only miasma is drawn into it]

Naraku: (unseen, laughing) You let your guard down!
Inuyasha: Huh?!
Naraku: Inuyasha, perhaps now you realize how weak you are. Despite your efforts, you couldn't save your dear Kohaku. But you must be used to it by now; you didn't fare much better when you tried to save Kikyo. That's right, Kikyo's light has died. And as for Kohaku's shard, it has now been fully defiled. (vanishes)
Kagome: (thinking) It's true- Kikyo's speck of light in the Shikon Jewel has disappeared!
Inuyasha: (punches his fist into the ground) Damn it! Damn it, damn it, damn it!
Kagome: Inuyasha... (tearful, thinking) I'm sorry, Sango. I'm sorry, Kohaku!

[suddenly, a light shines from the wound in Kohaku's neck as dawn breaks]

Sango: ...W-what is this?

[As the light fades, Kohaku wakes]

Kagome: Kokahu?!
Sango: Kohaku!
Kohaku: S-sister...
Kagome: When Naraku took it, Kikyo's light must have left the shard and stayed in Kohaku!
Inuyasha: Kikyo's light?...
Kagome: (thinking) Kikyo saved him. In the end, she must have decided it was more important to save Kohaku's life than to destroy Naraku!
Sango: (tearfully embracing her brother) Kohaku! I'm so glad.
Kohaku: (also tearful) Me too, Sister.

[Kagome glances in the direction that Naraku fled]

Kagome: (thinking, grimly) The fight against Naraku has been left to us. It's time to finish it!

Inside Naraku

Naraku: (thinking to himself, as he observes the completed Shikon Jewel)... It all began long ago, with the simple dream of a villain who was clinging to life- a prisoner inside his own body. (flashbacks show the wounded Onigumo being tended to by Kikyo, then being consumed by the demons and transforming into Naraku) Kikyo- to claim this beautiful priestess as his own, and escape this dark cave. That was the villain's only desire. He fed his body to demons to fulfill that wish. Many demons were drawn to the villain's body; there, they were united as one. Thus, Naraku was born!

[Flashbacks show Naraku mortally wounding Kikyo while disguised as Inuyasha, Inuyasha's attempt to steal the Shikon Jewel from the village, Kikyo's sealing Inuyasha to the Sacred Tree, her dying instructions to Kaede, and the burning of her body and the Jewel.]

Naraku: (to himself) Fifty years have passed since then. It's been a long time, Kikyo. The Shikon Jewel was supposed to have been lost in the flames that consumed your remains, and yet... it now rests in the palm of my hand.
Byakuya: (observing Rin, who is lying unconscious in front of Naraku) The Shikon Jewel has been fully defiled by Naraku now- so much so that Magatsuhi himself will no longer be able to go back inside of it.
Naraku: Our fates are tied, Inuyasha. For, as you and your group's hatred towards me grew, I consumed and transformed your rage, and channeled it into the Shikon Jewel. Now, at last, the defiled Shikon Jewel is complete. By the end of this battle, you and your friends will be consumed by the very darkness you helped to create. Kikyo's light has died.

[As the group approach Naraku's miasma storm]

Kagome: Poor Shippo. it must be hard to have been left behind. [Inuyasha scoffs]
Miroku: That was quite unexpected, hearing Inuyasha sound so sensitive.
Inuyasha: What?!
Sango: (smiles mockingly) Indeed- all that stuff about "If we don't come back?"...
Inuyasha: I had to say that, or Shippo never would've agreed to it!
Kagome: [laughs] Why bother, if you were just gonna punch him?
Inuyasha: You're right! I should've just knocked him unconscious to begin with.
Kagome: (dryly) That wasn't my point. But this is going to be dangerous. My spiritual power is still sealed by Magatsuhi, and who knows when it'll come back?
Inuyasha: Well, it won't happen until Sesshomaru uses Tenseiga to finish off Magatsuhi.

[Ahead, Sesshomaru has located Naraku's new form, which is that of a gigantic, armored black spider]

Sesshomaru: (contemptuously) You've transformed, Naraku... but you're still just a spider, to be stepped on. [several demons approach him, but Sesshomaru draws Bakusaiga and swings it, obliterating them] BAKUSAIGA!
Byakuya: [appearing] I must admit, that new sword of yours is really something.
Sesshomaru: Byakuya of the Dreams.
Byakuya: One swing in a demon's direction leaves a crumbling corpse- and, if that corpse is re-absorbed by the main body, it too will crumble. Naraku won't have a chance, even in his new form- so, by all means, swing away.

[Sesshomaru glances back towards Naraku]

Byakuya: Or, are you worried about your little companion? As you may have guessed, she's there. Inside Naraku.

[As the group enters Naraku's body, Naraku emerges from a chasm]

Kagome: It's him!
Inuyasha: Naraku! (he draws Tetsusaiga and cleaves Naraku in half, but Naraku just laughs as his severed head spews miasma)
Naraku: You finally made it inside. I've been waiting for you.
Miroku: Inuyasha!

[Naraku's body pulsates around them]

Naraku: Will you destroy me from the inside? Start where you like. (his face emerges from a wall) Everything around you is me!
Sango: Hiraikotsu!

[she hurls Hiraikotsu and destroys Naraku's face, which again spews miasma; Naraku's face appears again from another wall.]

Inuyasha: It's miasma!
Naraku: Don't tell me you didn't notice? The fact is, you and your companions have been exposed to my miasma ever since you entered my body. Yet, curiously, none of you have died. Do you know why? It is because the Shikon Jewel desires your souls.

Inuyasha: Dammit! Kagome, where's the Jewel?
Kagome: Huh? That way! (she and Inuyasha run down a tunnel)
Inuyasha: We're better off trying to find the Jewel than trying to re-group with Miroku and Sango!

[Suddenly, he freezes and an evil aura begins to pulse around him]

Kagome: (stops) Huh? Inuyasha?

[ Inuyasha turns, revealing that he has transformed to his full-demon form; Kagome gasps and leaps back as he slashes at her with his claws, snarling]

Naraku: (his eye appears from the wall) Don't look so surprised. Surely, you must have realized what it would mean to approach the Shikon Jewel after I defiled it. Inuyasha is but a weak half-demon; it seems his spirit has been consumed by the Jewel's poison.
Kagome: Hey, snap out of it!

[Inuyasha lunges and slashes her arm, drawing blood; she cries in pain]

Naraku: What's wrong, Kagome? All you need to do is calm him down and purify him. (Kagome runs, Naraku chuckles coldly) But you can't, can you? Not as long as your spiritual power remains sealed by Magatsuhi. (Inuyasha pursues her) You cannot escape! The demon form of Inuyasha will not rest until he's ripped your body to shreds.

[Kagome runs to the edge of a chasm and stops, cornered; she turns back to face Inuyasha, holding up her bow defensively]

Naraku: I shall give you a present. (an arrow forms in the air before her) An arrow that's been completely covered in my miasma. If you use it on Inuyasha, your life will be spared.

[Kagome recalls how Naraku manipulated Kikyo and Inuyasha against each other]

Kagome: (angrily) Do you think I'm that stupid, Naraku?! You could never get me to hurt Inuyasha- and he would never hurt me!
Naraku: You think he's not capable of it? You will soon understand. History will repeat itself, Kagome. Like Kikyo, you too, will be slain by Inuyasha.

[Inuyasha suddenly lunges forward and strikes at Kagome, knocking her over the ledge]

Kagome: (as she falls) Inuyasha...
Naraku: (laughs) Poor, foolish girl...

Naraku: Trap of Darkness


Naraku: Trap of Light


Naraku's Uncertain Wish

Naraku: (laughs coldly as his body reassembles) The power of darkness feeds off the monk and Sango's sorrow!
Inuyasha: Damn you, Naraku!
Naraku: Ironic, isn't it? the stronger their love is for each other, the greater their despair. The monk and Sango will soon be no more; they have chosen to die together. Even now, they wait for his Wind Tunnel to swallow them both. Do you understand, Inuyasha? The two of them will soon be consumed by the darkness of the Shikon Jewel!
Inuyasha: (draws Tetsusaiga) I'm not gonna let that happen, Naraku! I'll defeat you here and now, and lift the curse of the Wind Tunnel for good! (Tetsusaiga's blade turns black) Meido Zangetsuha!

[As Inuyasha launches the attack, Naraku draws the Jewel into his torso]

Kaagome: (to herself) Naraku is joining with the Shikon Jewel!

[Spiderweb tendrils shoot out of Naraku's body, anchoring him and holding him against the Meido attack]

Inuyasha: (shocked) He's not being sucked into it!
Kagome: Is that the power of the Jewel? (Naraku's face cracks with the strain of resisting the Meido, but he is left intact)
Naraku: All those years ago, the Sacred Jewel was supposed to have burned with Kikyo's corpse, and been obliterated from this world. Even so, the Shikon Jewel used Kikyo's lingering affections for Inuyasha, as well as Kagome's, her own reincarnation, to return to this world. Shattered but not destroyed, the Jewel continued to bring new disaster as it slowly but surely reassembled. The Shikon Jewel will never disappear from this world. Even if I am destroyed, it will live on.

[Kagome looks surprised by his words]

Kagome: Naraku...What were... what were you even trying to accomplish?
Inuyasha: Huh? (thinking) Kagome...
Kagome: The whole time you've been fighting against us, it's always the same thing, over and over again! First you tore Kikyo and Inuyasha apart, forced Sango and Kohaku to fight against each other- and now, you're trying to use the love between Miroku and Sango to destroy them! You can't stand love and friendship, so you've devoted your entire life trying to break people apart! But why? Is that all you really wanted?
Naraku: (scoffs)...Why ask me now?
Kagome: You couldn't have done any of those things without understanding the human heart. The pain of loss wouldn't mean anything to you if you didn't know what it felt like to have a bond with someone!
Inuyasha (thinking) Kagome, what are you doing?
Kagome: Nothing will ever satisfy you, because the Shikon Jewel didn't grant your real wish!

[Naraku stares at her, shocked]

Naraku: (thinking) This woman...
Kagome: You were hesitating, weren't you? Because you know that the Shikon Jewel turns every body that it absorbs into a true monster.
Naraku (thinking) My hesitation...
Kagome:You have a complete Shikon Jewel in your hands, and yet we both know you still haven't tried to absorb it!
Naraku: (enraged) That changes nothing. Are you so naive that you think you can purify my heart with empty words?! Well, you were sadly MISTAKEN! (counterattacks)

[Naraku's outer body is beginning to fall apart]

Inuyasha: Give it up, Naraku! It's all over!
Naraku: So it would seem. (his face cracks again) However, Inuyasha, I'm afraid that there is still one thing that not even your Tetsusaiga- or Sesshomaru's Bakusaiga- can cut.
Inuyasha: What?! Why don't you just admit that you've lost?! (Naraku chuckles coldly)
Kagome: Your soul? Is that what you're talking about? I'm pretty sure that's why I'm here! I'm here to purify your soul, Naraku!
Naraku: (smiles, thinking) Give it your best shot, Kagome. This will end with a battle between souls!

[Suddenly, Byakuya appears behind Kagome, holding his Meido sword.]

Inuyasha: (turns) It's Byakuya!

[Byakuya swings the sword, striking Kagome as she turns towards him; she falls to her knees, but shows no sign of injury. The Shikon Jewel pulses suddenly; Naraku smiles with satisfaction.']

Inuyasha: (enraged) Bastard! (he fires off a Meido Zangetsuha at Byakuya)
Byakuya: (as he disintegrates into the Meido) I am but an incarnation of Naraku, who will die when he does. I have no regrets; I have fulfilled my role.

Shippo: Kagome! (he turns into his balloon form and flies under Inuyasha and Kagome, allowing them to land on him)
Kagome: Shippo!
Inuyasha: What're you doin' here?!
Shippo: (irritably) A thanks would be nice- I came to help you guys!

[Sango and Miroku fly past on Kirara; Miroku opens the Wind Tunnel]

Miroku: Wind Tunnel! (he begins sucking in the miasma projectiles Naraku is hurling at them)
Inuyasha: (shocked and worried) Miroku!
Miroku: It's okay, I'm fine now! The curse of the Wind Tunnel is already fading!

[A burst of Bakusaiga's energy blows a hole in the wall, and Sesshomaru comes flying through, followed by Kohaku, Rin and Jaken on Ah-Un.]

Inuyasha: (thinking) Sesshomaru?
Kohaku: (to Sango) Sister!
Rin: Sango!
Sango: Kohaku! Rin!
Kohaku: (thinking) I'm so glad that Sister is safe.

[the energy from Bakusaiga continues to damage Naraku's outer body]

Jaken: (triumphantly) Bakusaiga's destruction is spreading! I knew Lord Sesshomaru would be the one to defeat Naraku!
Naraku: (staring down at all of them, contemptuously) ...So, you're all here. (sneers) You and your worthless group of so-called "friends."
Inuyasha: (firmly) Yeah... all of us. Everyone survived.

Thoughts Fall Short

Kagome: "Nothing will ever satisfy you because the Shikon Jewel didn't grant your real wish!"
Naraku: (wistfully) My real wish, you say? That's right. Now I remember. All I ever wanted was Kikyo's heart. Hmm (Kagome's purifying arrow approaches him). It seems I won't be joining Kikyo- in this... or the next world.

Naraku: (as he is dying above the Bone-Eater's Well) At that very moment... I made a final wish upon the Shikon Jewel.
Kagome: "That moment"?
Naraku: The moment Byakuya of the Dreams cut through you with his blade.
Shippo: Hang on! She was cut by Byakuya?
Naraku: That wish shall be granted when I die... though, it was not my wish to begin with. The Shikon Jewel forced me to make its wish. In the end... I was but its instrument.

[he dies]

The Scared Jewel (in a low and soft male voice): The well has been sealed. There is nowhere for you to go.
Kagome: It's the Shikon Jewel!

Kagome: Where am I!? What did you do to me!?
The Sacred Jewel: Kagome, you are where you've been all along.
Kagome: That's impossible! I was at home and going to high school!
The Sacred Jewel: That was an illusion, nothing more. It was glimpse of the future you might have had. Do you wish to return to that world? It's not too late. Wish upon the Shikon Jewel and what you saw shall be yours once more. That or do nothing and you shall spend the rest of eternity here, alone in the darkness.

Toward Tomorrow


Inuyasha: What? A human?
Demons' Spirits: That is the priestess who created the Shikon Jewel.
Inuyasha: So that's Midoriko?
Demons' Spirits: She has been doing battle with us for hundreds of years ever since the Jewel was born. And Kagome will suffer the same fate.
Inuyasha: There's no way I'm gonna let that happen!! Huh? Naraku!? You're still alive?
Demons' Spirits: He's dead but soon he shall come back to life. When Kagome gives in to her fear of the darkness, and falls prey to the traps set by the Jewel, Naraku will awaken and a new battle of spirits shall begin within the Shikon Jewel. A battle that will continue forever. From the very moment the Jewel was first transported through time to the Feudal era; from the beginning this has been Kagome's fate.
Inuyasha: So that's why the Shikon Jewel brought Kagome and Naraku here!? It wants their spirits to fight each other for all eternity?
Demon Spirits: Kagome was born to become a part of the Jewel and fight within it. That is the point of her existence.

The Sacred Jewel (in a soft and low male voice): Do you wish to see Inuyasha? Answer me, Kagome. Do you wish to see him?
Kagome: Just like Kikyo. She wished to see Inuyasha again. And even Naraku. I'm sure his wish was a modest one, too. What they didn't know was that the Shikon Jewel never grants your real wish.
The Sacred Jewel: Then what will you do?

Demon Spirits: It is as we've told you. There is only one way for the two of you to meet again. And that is for Kagome to wish upon the Jewel and be trapped within it as a fallen priestess. You've made it worse, half demon. For the sound of your voice has only given Kagome false hope.
Inuyasha: What?
Demon Spirits: Now she will undoubtedly make a wish. "Inuyasha, I want to see you again."
Inuyasha: Kagome!!
Demon Spirits: We will never let her hear your voice again!
Inuyasha: Shut up!

The Shikon Jewel: Be true to your heart, Kagome. You want to see Inuyasha. Wish it and it shall be so.
Kagome: Is the one and only correct wish? The one and only correct wish. I just figured it out. I understand now.

Kagome: If Inuyasha hadn't come, I would have given in my fear of the darkness and would never have found the correct answer. But now, with Inuyasha by my side, I am not afraid anymore. Shikon Jewel, disappear! Forever!
(The Jewel breaks, emanating a soft yellow light. The spirits of the demons' vanish, and the spirit of the priestess Midoriko, now free to pass on to the afterlife. In the spiderweb, Naraku's eyes open.)
Naraku:... So, this is how it feels, to be at peace... It feels so warm. (vanishes as he is purified)
Kagome: It's over.
Inuyasha: (embraces her) Yeah. It's finally over.



Affections Touching Across Time

  • An alternate title is The Love that Transcends Time

Kagome (thinking): The Sacred Tree. This is where I first met Inuyasha. And it's where Kikyo and Inuyasha parted. They were so close. They understood each other. And Kikyo still loves Inuyasha.

Karon: This girl possesses unusually strong spiritual powers. Is she a priestess?
Harai: Impossible. Look at the odd way she's dressed.
Menomaru: Use this.
Karon: A Sacred Jewel shard?
Menomaru: One with power as great as mine has no need for it.

Kikyo: Ironic, isn't it?
Kagome: Kikyo.
Kikyo: The same situation, the same spot. You truly are my reincarnation- walking the same path I did. Now take this and return to your world.
Kagome: I won't.
Kikyo: You must go. You never belonged here in these times. You are an outsider, a person who chanced upon this world of ours.
Kagome: I can't leave Inuyasha
Kikyo: You must leave!! You're the one who injured him!! Heed my words. Hyoga is using the formidable Tree of Ages in order to increase his demon powers.
Kagome: Tree of Ages?
Kikyo: That's correct. This is also a Tree of Ages.
Kagome: The Sacred Tree is?
Kikyo: The Tree of ages lives through different eras. It draws energy from various generations and matures. By now other generations of time have already frozen over. Your era has likely been plunged into a never-ending winter.

(In front of the Bone Eaters Well)
Kagome: Roots are forming. The wood of this well is ancient.
Kikyo: This well was constructed out of wood from the Tree of Ages. Its life-force has lain dormant all these years, and is now being awakened by the Tree of Ages. If the well is covered over, you will never be able to pass through to your own time. You must return to your own world now while you still have a chance.
Kagome: But...Inuyasha
Kikyo: Go home!! Back to your own era where you belong!! You and Inuyasha live in different times!! Go home!!

Kikyo: You must never be with Inuyasha again nor I. For I am one of the dead and as such I, too, don't belong here.

Kikyo: You are Inuyasha's older brother.
Sesshomaru: The girl called Kagome, you truly must loathe her.
Kikyo: I loathe all things that are connected to time.
Sesshomaru: Do as you see fit. But I warn you, I will be the one to destroy Inuyasha.

Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru, are you sure it's wise letting that woman go free?
Sesshomaru: Are you blind, Jaken? That woman is already dead.
Rin: But how can that be? She spoke as if she were living. How can she be dead if she's alive, my lord?

Kikyo (groans): Curse you, Manomaru. You steal the souls of the dead?

Castle Beyond the Looking Glass


Naraku: Impeded wench.
Kagome: Naraku, you're goin' down!!

Kikyo (thinking): Interesting. A demonic aura has replaced Naraku's. I will discover whose.

Kagura: The dead priestess who lives off the spirits of the departed. You're looking gloomy as usual.
(Kikyo points an arrow at her)
Kikyo: Tell me, is all of this Naraku's doing?
Kagura: Really? Are you still worried about that rotting corpse?
Kikyo: He's dead?
(Rolls the stone Bowl of Buddha towards her)
Kagura: Huh?
Kikyo: Won't you accept it? It's what you seek, is it not?
Kagura: You're very generous about this.
Kikyo: I am not like you.
(Walks on, with her soul-collectors swirling all around her)
Kagura: Such a creepy woman. But I am indebted to her. For now I have my last sacred object and, for that, I am grateful.

Kaguya: "Where is the celestial robe?"
Kagome: What are you taking about?"
Kaguya: "There is it!"
Inuyasha: "You ain't gettin' it!!"

Kaguya: A sacred arrow. Interesting.
Kagome: Release Inuyasha now!!
Inuyasha: Get out of here, Kagome!
Kaguya: Go ahead and try it.
Kagome: It's your funeral!
(Fires her blue sacred arrow, but Kaguya uses her dark magic to deflect it back toward Inuyasha)
Kagome: "INUYASHA!!"
Shippo: "Kagome!!"
Hojo: "Watch out!!"

Inuyasha: Kagome. KAGOME!!!
Kagome (weakly): I'm so glad you're all right, Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Why did you do that!!? Why didn't you stay away!!?
Kagome: It's no big deal. And besides, you're always saving me, aren't you?

Inuyasha: Damn you!! Let me go, you creepy witch! If Kagome dies, you're gonna regret the day you ever met me!!"
Kaguya: Oh, rest assured. I will not let her die so easily. Now will you become my servant? Do so and I shall gran t your wish."
Inuyasha: You go to Hell!! Release me, that's all I want from you!!"
Kaguya: Then I'm taking the girl along with me."
Inuyasha: No!! Put her down!! Where are you taking her!!?
Kaguya: "Come to my dream castle. That is if you so desire."

Kagome: Inuyasha. INUYASHA!!"
Kaguya: "The wound has healed. Such is the power of the celestial robe."

Inuyasha: Who fired that arrow?
Kikyo: "Inuyasha, the rest I leave to you."

Sango: "Kagome's first aid kit is glowing."
Miroku: Her possessions obviously possess a special ability of their own. They must be able to put up a time shield."

Kagura: "That act of yours is wearing quite thin."
Kagome: It's an act? She's not a real celestial being.
Kagura: "Kanna told me. You're just like Naraku. You both devour the flesh of other demons to increase your own strength. I'll wager, you even devoured the real celestial maiden to gain immortality. I'll bet Naraku wanted that body of yours."
Kaguya: "I detest all these half demons."
Kagura: Yes. Your hatred of them must truly run deep. Remember I am the woman born from Naraku. And I'm getting rather tired of your antics. How about I suck the soul right out of your body?What's the matter with you, Kanna?"
Kaguya: You pathetic fools. It's not so easy you think to take my soul. Perhaps I should show you why I sought the celestial robe."

Kagome: "I'd rather die than stay in this hellish void!!"
Kaguya: "Don't worry. You won't be here for long, for I intend to eat you. You possess the spiritual powers of a priestess, and can put up a shield against time. Those powers shall be mine."

Kaguya: "Half-Demon, are you prepared to become my servant yet?"
Inuyasha: Not likely."

Kaguya: "My body may be destroyed. But I am an immortal heavenly being. You, girl with the sacred powers, your body shall be mine!!"

Swords of an Honorable Ruler

  • An alternate title is Swords of Supreme Conquest
  • Inuyasha's first love and girlfriend, the resurrected priestess Kikyo, does not appear, neither is she mentioned.

Inu no Taisho: Do you desire power so much? Why do you seek power, my son?
Sesshomaru: The path I walk is of supreme conquest. And it is power that will reveal the way for me.
Inu no Taisho: Supreme conquest. Tell me, Sesshomaru, have you someone to protect?
Sesshomaru: Protect? The answer is no. I, Sesshomaru, have no need of such.

Woman: I pray not to enter, Takemaru. The lady is in labor.
Takemaru: She will birth a child fathered by a demon.
Woman: The birthing room is forbidden to men! Lord Takemaru!

Izayoi: Who is it?
Takemaru: It is I, Takemaru of Setsuna.
Izayoi: Takemaru. Thank Goodness you arrived. You must gather the men standing guard outside, and leave the grounds at once. Please do as I say. I fear there is no one strong enough to challenge him.
Takemaru: My Lady, I have long felt great affection for you, as I'm sure you are aware. Even though I realize that your heart has been captured by a demon.
(Stabs her with his spear, causing her to scream)
Takemaru: My feelings for you will never change, my lady.

Inu no Taisho: Izayoi! Izayoi!!
Takemaru: At last you've come, Demon. A little late, though.
Inu no Taisho: What!?
Takemaru: Lady Izayoi is beyond your reach now. I've dispatched her myself.
The Great Dog-Demon: Damn you, Fool!!
[they charge at each other and Inu no Taisho severs Takemaru's arm; he races past him into the castle]
Takemaru: (to his men) Set the mansion afire, with that demon and everyone inside! Burn it to the ground!

Inu no Taisho: Izayoi! Izayoi.
[he draws Tenseiga, revealing the pallbearers of the Netherworld standing around Izayoi.]
Inu no Taisho: Carry out my will, Tenseiga!
Takemaru: I have no regrets about fighting you to the death. Let us journey together into the Netherworld.
Inu no Taisho: (to Izayoi) Live long.
Izayoi: My dearest!
Inu no Taisho: Inuyasha.
Takemaru: What is that?
Inu no Taisho: The infant's name. The child shall be called Inuyasha.
Izayoi: Inuyasha.
Inu no Taisho: Now, go!
Izayoi: Yes.

Inuyasha (thinking): That was the first time I was my mother's tears.
Kagome: Inuyasha, is something wrong?
Inuyasha: Nothing. Hey, Kagome, can't you do something about these Beads of Subjugation? I don't how much longer I can those sit commands of yours.
Kagome: Oh, come on. I don't say 'sit' that often. I didn't mean that. Honest.
Inuyasha: Like that makes me feel better.

Miroku: So this is the grave of Inuyasha's mother.
Myoga: Yes. She was very beautiful. It's hard to believe how many years have passed since Lady Izayoi left this world. Master Inuyasha still misses her deeply.
Sango: Did you place those flowers there, Myoga?
Myoga: No, no I. It was probably Master Inuyasha.
Miroku: Despite his appearance he does have a kind side to him.
Myoga: Yes he does. He is half human, remember? He can't help but possess some traits that are unbecoming of demons.
Sango: You make it sound as if kindness is a bad thing.

Inuyasha: What are you doing here!? This is a human burial site! Just what is your connection to him?
Sesshomaru: I have no connection to that pest. If anyone does have a connection with him, it is you.
Inuyasha: Huh? me?
Sesshomaru: You realize, you were born ignorant, and you live as a ignorant half-demon. You might as well die ignorant, too. Give me Tetsusaiga and die!!
Inuyasha: Don't tell me you've forgotten!! Tetsusaiga's barrier rejects you!! You can't even pick it up!!

Inuyasha: "That's typical. Your nose is as sharp as ever. I see you picked up the sent of my Wind Scar."
Sesshomaru: "Your wind is more than a gentle breeze."

Takemaru: Two brothers working together to avenge the death of their father. Don't tell me even demons have feelings.
Inuyasha: Yeah, well who the hell are you to talk!?
Takemaru: You look like Izayoi when I look at your face.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Takemaru: The woman abandoned me. She betrayed me to give birth to you. What a miserable half-breed.
Inuyasha: Damn you to hell!
Takemaru: Listen well, Inuyasha. If you haven't figured it out yet-I am the man who sent your wretched mother to Hell.

Saya: "What are you doing?"
Kagome: Inuyasha's enchanted beads. We're still connected, aren't we?

Kagome: "You two can be such idiots sometimes!!"

Miroku: It seems to me that Sesshomaru put himself in danger to protect Inuyasha.
Sango: Uh-huh.

Sesshomaru: Father.
Totosai, Myoga and Saya: The Master.
Inuyasha: They said 'master'? Then that's...

Fire on Horai Island

  • An alternate title is Fire on the Mystic Island

Inuyasha: Hm. Horai Island is a legendary place. The island suddenly reveals itself through the strange mist every few decades. Way back before Kikyo sealed me to a tree.

(Flashes back to half a century ago)
Inuyasha: Which way is the land? Damn.
Kikyo: It's misty. There's no sense getting upset over it.
Inuyasha: Yeah. Huh? An island?

Inuyasha: Who are little punks, huh?
Kikyo: Please hold on a moment. Inuyasha let's hear them out.
Inuyasha: Why? I don't care what they say.
Kikyo: The demon! It's sucking my blood.
Inuyasha: I got ya! Are you all right, Kikyo?
Kikyo: Yes. Look, the island's disappeared!

Inuyasha: There was nothing we could do since the entire place had disappeared. So we returned to the village. What we'd seen there wasn't any ordinary island, but something out of ancient legends- Horai Island.

Kagome: Sit!!
Miroku: Amazing. So this is the mark of the four War Gods?
Inuyasha: I'm gonna remember this, trust me!!"

Kagome: Lady Kanade?
1st Twin: The priestess of the shrine.
Miroku: Well, she must be a very delightful woman.
2nd Twin: Lady Kanade is gone now.

Old Man: Where are you going, Priestess?
Kikyo: To put an end to this.
Old Man: Hmm?

Kanade's Voice: For someone to have made it here and survived, you must be a half-demon. Why were you not consumed by the flames of the crimson fire?
Inuyasha: Probably because my robe of the fire-rat protected me. Who are you?
Kanade's Voice: I am Kanade, the guardian priestess of Horai Island.
Inuyasha: Then maybe you can tell me. What happened on this island?

Kanade's Voice: Many years ago, Horai Island was a paradise. Humans feared demons while demons viewed humans with contempt. And so to protect these children for all eternity, we decided to sever our ties to the outside world. But every fifty years, when the time shield became weak, demons from the outside world would attack. The four War Gods were among them. I fought, too. It was all I could do to seal their spheres of power. The War Gods realized that by throwing half-demons into the cauldron, they could absorb a small portion of their power."
Inuyasha: "But why half demons?"
Kanade's Voice: "Normally, the spiritual power that a human possesses clashes with the demonic power of a demon. However, in a half demon, the two powers merge. It is this synchronicity of power that keeps this cauldron burning."

Inuyasha: What is thing?
Kanade's Voice:A jeweled compact. In it is the four power spheres. It must never be opened. If it is opened, it will mean the end. Their spheres will return and they will become invincible."

Shippo: Are you positive that was Kikyo?
Inuyasha (thinking): I don't know. But she didn't have the smell of graveyard soil.
(Runs after her)
Kagome: Inuyasha!!
Inuyasha: Kagome, get the kids off this island!

1st Twin: I think there's a love triangle going on here.
2nd Twin: Isn't that two-timing?

Inuyasha: Stop, Kikyo!!"
Bryora: Have you come to take back your former lover?

Inuyasha: Kikyo, wait! Stop!! Don't you even recognize me!!?
Bryora: I wouldn't be so sure. She's a replica, made from blood that Gryora sucked out of Kikyo fifty years ago. And it was all done to get this box, so we could regain our stolen spheres.

Inuyasha: Kikyo.
Kikyo: I'm surprised you would allow yourself to be distracted by that abomination. How pathetic.
(Walks away but leaves her longbow behind)

Gryora: "We made a mistake last time with Kanade, by allowing her to live. We should have eliminated the priestess ,with the spiritual powers, without any hesitation."

Shippo: Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: "Get away from Kagome!!"

Video Games

Kikyo: Why did you bring me back? Never have I wanted to return to life."
Kaede: Sister."
Inuyasha: "Is it truly you, Kikyo?"
Kikyo:' "Inuyasha. Why did you betray me!!?
Inuyasha: I betrayed you!!?"

Naraku: "I was defeated by a soft half-demon."
Inuyasha: "Who are you callin' soft!!?"
Kagome: "Inuyasha."
Inuyasha: "Yeah. It's finally over. Kikyo."
Kikyo: "It's not over yet."
Inuyasha: "You're still alive!!?"
Naraku: Inuyasha, not yet! I still won't die!! I still have these fragments of the Shikon Jewel!!
Inuyasha: "Dammit!"
Naraku: "Fragments of the Shikon Jewel, grant me power once again!!"
Inuyasha: The Shikon Jewel fragments!!"
Naraku: "These things. Kikyo."
Inuyasha: "Kikyo, how could you?"
Kagome (thinking): She shot the Shikon Jewel, just like I did that time.
Naraku: "Kikyo, what are you doing!!?"
Kikyo: "The Shikon Jewel must not exist in this world. Return it to its original form and seal it!!"
Inuyasha: "KIKYO!!!"

Kagome: "Inuyasha."
Inuyasha: "We went on a journey to collect the Jewel fragments. We made a promise to Kikyo. For now, let's go back to the village."
Kagome: "Yeah."
Inuyasha: "Kagome, what are ya doing!? Get away!!"
Kagome: "Why not? We're all together forever."
Miroku: "Today I will end you Wind Tunnel curse!"
Naraku: Fool. I'll kill you instead."

Naraku: "If you are here, then that woman, Kagome, must be nearby. That woman is dangerous. I must keep rid of her."

Naraku (thinking): Since my powers don't work on that woman, I must at least destroy her shell.
Koga: "Watch out, Kagome!!"
Kagome: Koga! Thank. You saved me."

Kikyo: "Naraku, come out. I know you are there."
Naraku: "So you knew. You are dangerous. I will-"
Inuyasha: "Hold it, Naraku!! You're not gonna do anything!!"
Kikyo: "Inuyasha. You..."
Naraku: Inuyasha. Very well. I'll kill you along with Kikyo."
Inuyasha: Heh! There's no way you'll survive the fight against both of us!"
Naraku: "Ha, ha, ha! Did you think the two of you could defeat me?"

Miroku: "Inuyasha, why don't you tell Kagome how you truly feel?"
Inuyasha: Shut up! As if I'd need advice from a pervert monk like you!!"
Miroku: I guess you'll never understand."

Naraku: "Inuyasha, I'm amazed you, of all people, could come this far."
Inuyasha: "Shut up!! I'll make sure you never that mouth of yours again!!"
Naraku: "Fool. Do you think you can win with that attitude of yours?"
Inuyasha: "You never know unless you try!! I hope you're ready, Naraku!!"

Koga: "Besides, you already have a woman; namely Kikyo! I am not gonna leave my Kagome with a womanizer who's as bad as that monk over there!"
Inuyasha: What!? I am nothing like that lecher monk!!"

Kikyo: "Inuyasha. That's right. Tonight is the night of the new moon."
Inuyasha: "Kikyo, what are you planning doing?"
Kikyo: "Naraku is steadily gaining strength. He must be destroyed before it's too late."
Inuyasha: "You're going to Naraku by yourself?"
Kikyo: "Do you intend to stop me, Inuyasha?"
Inuyasha: "Of course! As if I'd let you go to him on your own!"
Kikyo: "I must destroy Naraku. Do not interfere."
Inuyasha: "Kikyo, I won't let you do this on your own!"
Kikyo: "To be defeated by you in your human form. Go, Inuyasha. Naraku should be in the castle up ahead."
Inuyasha: Okay, Kikyo. I promise to destroy Naraku."

Kikyo: "So you are Sesshomaru."
Sesshomaru: "And you're the priestess who sealed Inuyasha fifty years ago."
Kikyo: "Naraku is plotting to take your demonic power."
Sesshomaru: "I see."
Kikyo: "Naraku must not be allowed to absorb your demonic power. Stay away from him."
Sesshomaru: "Ridiculous. An inferior half demon such as Naraku would not be able to defeat me."
Kikyo: "I didn't expect that you would listen to me. I have no choice then."
Sesshomaru: "The sacred arrow you used to seal Inuyasha? You are mistaken, Priestess, if you that I anything like that half demon."
Sesshomaru:' "I will not be defeated by a mere human priestess. It seems Naraku has another plan up his sleeve."

Kagome: "Isn't a relief we finally destroyed Naraku for good?"
Inuyasha: "Yeah."
Kagome: "Hey, Inuyasha. When we first met, you said you wanted to use the Sacred Jewel to become a full demon. Is that still you wanna be? A full-fledged demon, I mean?"
Inuyasha: "I don't know. It sorta would be nice to become a whole lot stronger, you know. "
Kagome: "Personally, I like you just the way you are, Inuyasha."
Inuyasha: What!? But if I stay like this, I may not always be able to protect you."
Kagome: "What was that? I couldn't hear."
Inuyasha: "It was nothing. Just drop it, okay?"
Kagome: "Silly Inuyasha."

Naraku: "Do you realize your shikigami power won't work on? Uh? What is this?"
Kurkagi: The crystallized rock is..."
Naraku: "Utsugi."
Utsugi's Voice: "I won't let you abuse my power in whatever way you please. I will forsake my soul before I would ever allow that."
Naraku: "I didn't realize you still had power left."

Kurkagi: "The crystallized rock is broken!"
Miroku: The shield has disappeared and so has any sign of Utsugi."
Inuyasha: "We can attack him now!! Prepare yourself, Naraku!! You're goin' down!!"

Shippo: "Did we finally destroy him this time?"
Inuyasha: "We did it!"
Sango: "It's finally over. Kohaku will be fine now."
Miroku: You can pay for your sins in Hell, Naraku!"
Kagome: "It took us a long time to finally get here. A long time."

About InuYasha

  • I figured that "collecting" of items and companions was the basis of storytelling.
  • Rather than say I want to write a lot of characters, when it's a long-running serialization, the number of characters just multiplies. But, having a lot of characters helps me write a lot of stories without it getting boring.
  • Writing characters to have happy endings is so I can feel good about the story once I've finished it. Even when I'm writing stories with a lot of sadness and hardship, I like stories where it's all redeemed somewhere.
  • Even with villains, I'm unable to write a character that I truly hate. When I'm writing evil characters, I think a lot about why they became evil, and what sort of background and motivation they have. I couldn't write them any other way.
  • The biggest issue was whether to have the heroine Kagome remain in the past or the present at the end, and since the anime's completion in 2004, I'd been constantly torn about it. As a result, that was the time I had the feeling I should be storyboarding the final chapter. Regardless of which world she chose, "separation" was unavoidable, so in the end, I decided I wanted to go in a direction where Kagome was happy, and people would still be pleased when they finished reading.
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