Into the Storm (2014 film)

2014 film by Steven Quale

Into the Storm is a 2014 in which storm trackers, thrill-seekers, and everyday townspeople document an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes touching down in the town of Silverton.

Directed by Steven Quale. Written by John Swetnam.
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Pete MooreEdit

  • [on the phone] It's going to be big. [pauses] I don't know how big. They're tornadoes, they don't do courtesy calls.


  • Donnie: [to the camera] And Trey, live everyday like it's your last. 'Cause shit, someday it will be.


Todd White: Hey self, what is it, twenty five years in the future and I just know you are playing in the NBA now and are super rich. And you also have a super smoking hot cheerleader girlfriend, so what are you hanging around here for? Why don't you head up to your penthouse and bang her good, bro!
Trey: That's your time capsule message, Todd?
Todd White: Huh... why not?

Pete: Great, we missed another one. [into the radio mic] Hey you guys know the point of this documentary is to actually film a tornado, right?
Daryl: [answering on the radio] 10-4.
Jacob: We need a tornado.
Pete: We need a tornado. When's the last time we saw one?
Lucas: That EF-4 that we shot for the Weather Channel last year.
Pete: Oh, so that makes us zero-for-365. What does that make our average? Jacob, you play baseball, right?
Jacob: Hockey, actually.
Lucas: Really? I play lacrosse, man.
Jacob: Really? No way.
Pete: [laughing sarcastically] This is fun, just like a family road trip.
Jacob: Did I miss something?
Pete: No Jacob, you miss... everything. Although we do have four hundred hours of clouds and sunsets and us going to every drive-in from Idaho to Texas, which makes this the most expensive home movie ever.
Jacob: Just to be clear, we still get paid whether we see a tornado or not, right?... Right?

Gary: Everybody out, now! Let's go!
Principal Thomas Walker: What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?
Gary: There's another tornado heading this way
Principal Thomas Walker: And you want us to go outside?
Gary: You don't understand.
Allison: Yes you have to.
Principal Thomas Walker: This is a storm shelter for Christ's sake.
Pete: Not for this.
Allison: Will you please believe us? We have been out there and we know what this thing can do.
Principal Thomas Walker: I am not going to risk having hundreds of dead people...
Gary: You will have hundreds of dead people if you stay here.
Allison: Sir. I have been studying storms all my life, alright? This one is bigger than any one that has ever been. Do you hear that? It will flatten this building in seconds.
Gary: With or without you, we're getting these people onto those buses right now.

Gary: That was good thinking with that knife back there.
Trey: I thought you'd be mad.
Gary: Oh I am. Hand it over.

Allison: Hey... gentlemen... guys, you can't stay out here. You have to get indoors.
Donk: So do you guys actually get paid to do this shit? Man, I'm in the wrong job.
Reevis: You don't even have a job!

Gary : Trey, where's Donnie?
Trey : I don't know.
Gary : Get away from the window.
Trey : [Tree crashes through the window and alarms go off] Tornado!
Gary : Run, run!


  • Prepare to go into the storm.
  • There is no calm before the storm but there's a lot of it in this film.
  • There is no calm before the storm.


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