Intelligence (American TV series)

American cyber-themed action-adventure television series

Intelligence is an American cyber-themed action-adventure television series, which aired on CBS from January 7 to March 31, 2014. Josh Holloway played Gabriel Vaughn, an intelligence operative with a super-computer microchip in his brain, the first human ever to be connected directly into the globalized information grid; Meghan Ory played Riley Neal, a Secret Service agent assigned to protect him from outside threats, his own disregard for protocols and appetite for unpredictable behavior; and Marg Helgenberger played Lillian Strand, the director of the United States Cyber Command. Gabriel often takes advantage of his chip to search for his wife, who disappeared years ago after being sent by the C.I.A. to infiltrate a terrorist group.

Clockwork is this generation's Manhattan Project.

Season 1 edit

Be careful what you send out there in the world. That's called digital permanence.
With one hand, I can bring you to your knees.
Let me remind you of your responsibilities to this country. Any time wasted on wishful thinking is putting American lives in greater danger, and I won't tolerate that. Am I clear?

Pilot [1.01] edit

Lillian: Clockwork is this generation's Manhattan Project.

Gabriel: Riley, you've changed your hair color.
Riley: I don't believe we've met.
Gabriel: Wow... that photo you've emailed your boyfriend in college... got to be careful what you send out there in the world. That's called digital permanence. Right, Amos?

Gabriel: Now what? Following around a charming devil with a microchip in his brain?
Riley O'Neil: Impressive. Almost every word of that was accurate.
Gabriel: Almost? Which word I get wrong?
Riley: Charming.

Red X [1.02] edit

Lillian: We have no proof that Amelia is even involved, much less working undercover. I need you to stay focused on what we actually know.
Gabriel: I've been searching for her for six years. This is the first good lead!
Lillian': I don't care! You have somehow convinced yourself that the purpose of the chip is to help you find your wife. Well, let me remind you of your responsibilities to this country. Any time wasted on wishful thinking is putting American lives in greater danger, and I won't tolerate that. Am I clear?
Gabriel: Yeah. You're clear. (walks away)
Dr. Cassidy: Lillian, this is exactly what we worried about when we selected him. If Amelia is involved, he could become irrational, self-destructive even.
Lillian: Well, then find a way to control him because I am not taking my best asset offline in the middle of an active terrorist attack.
Dr. Cassidy: I can patch glitches, fix bugs, repair hardware. Hell, I can even reprogram the chip. But it is not the chip that is crashing.

Gabriel: (on the phone) You find a place to live yet?
Riley: Turn to your left. (Gabriel looks through the window and sees her) We call this proximity overlook.
Gabriel: Yeah, well, the rest of the world calls it stalking.

Mei Chen Returns [1.03] edit

Riley: So, you think someone's inside your cyber-render with you? But you haven't actually seen anyone?
Gabriel: I just feel it, like someone's there watching me.
Riley: And you have no idea who this watcher is?
Gabriel: You're gonna think I'm crazy.
Riley: No, I won't.
Gabriel: I think it's Amelia.
Riley: I take that back. That is crazy. I'm kidding...ish.

Gabriel: (referring to Amelia) I know it's crazy, but is it at all possible that I'm actually communicating with her somehow?
Dr. Cassidy: Well, while I would never presume to convince a man in mourning that there is no heaven, this chip does not access other planes of existence.

Gabriel: This place is famous for its homemade tequila. Have some.
Riley: Clarendon Penitentiary is famous for its death chamber. Doesn't make me want to try it.

Secrets of the Secret Service [1.04] edit

Lillian: What the hell were you thinking?
Director Tetazoo: I know you're upset, but I'd be careful if I were you. I'm still the director of the CIA.
Lillian: We've known each other for a long time, Jeff. We both know where the bodies are buried and who put them there. You sure you want to threaten me?

Riley: Sir, do you mind if I ask you a question?
President Finnegan: Please.
Riley: Why did you allow us to accompany you on a diplomatic mission when you knew it was a covert op?
President Finnegan: There have been 25 men in history who have wielded the awesome power of the American military during wartime. If you asked any one of them what their greatest regret was, it would be that they didn't have the power to avoid war.

Agent Griffin: Look, to be clear, my assignment is TANGENT. That's Finnegan. Secret Service protocol is 90% to the client, 10% to the problem. While I want you to succeed, obviously, if you get yourself into trouble, neither I nor my men will be able to help you. Is that clear?
Gabriel: Unless we only need 10%.
Agent Griffin: This guy's good, Riley. Keep him.

The Rescue [1.05] edit

Lillian: We should be taking Hector down.
Weatherly:: It's not your call.
Leland: If we had to stop working with murderers and drug dealers and despots, we'd never get anything accomplished.
Lillian: After all he's done, you're still protecting him. You have any idea what it took to order my agent to stand down?
Leland: For the greater good, Lillian.
Lillian: According to who?
Leland: You know, when I first got to Langley, the director said to me, "You think you know what evil's out there. You have no idea."
Lillian: Did he tell you to get into bed with that evil?
Leland: It's not a perfect world.
Lillian: But we can make it better. A great man taught me that.

Riley: Show-off.
Riley: (referring to the kidnapped girls) They came home last night, and their biggest problems were boys and midterms. Now it's Hector Villareal.
Gabriel: Now Hector's about to meet his biggest problem.
Lillian: Start in Arizona. See what you can learn at the scene. Let's find those girls and show the cartel what happens when you cross our border and harm our kids.

Patient Zero [1.06] edit

General Carter: You have no idea what you're doing.
Lillian: You used a human being as a Guinea pig. No matter what his crime--
General Carter: Human being? Luther Vick killed two police officers. In return, the court took away his life and gave it to the state. We are the state.
Lillian: You're just as bad as the murderer you used.
General Carter: If we can make an anti-virus out of Luther's blood, we'll be ready when a weapon like this virus comes across our borders. We both know it's on the way. The monsters are at the gate, Lillian.
Lillian: Looks to me like the monsters are right here.

Riley: No viable threats in the area, and I checked the car for tampering.
Gabriel: You need a hobby.
Riley: I have one, thank you. Dim mak, pressure points, martial arts. With one hand, I can bring you to your knees. (Gabriel stares at her) You're disgusting.

Size Matters [1.07] edit

Gabriel: What?
Riley: I don't like you calling yourself a freak.
Gabriel: The youngest one's always a freak. I was the only one my mother forbid from joining the army.
Riley: Well, if she could see you now.
Gabriel: She'd probably have another breakdown.
Riley: I'll be lucky if I don't have a breakdown.

Lillian: What am I looking at?
Weatherly: Nanites. Highly advanced robotics on a microscopic scale.
Dr. Cassidy: Nanite technology has not advanced this far. This is a-a scientific impossibility.
Lillian: So is a microchip in the brain.

Delta Force [1.08] edit

Tetazoo: Without trust, you and I have nothing.
Lillian: We've shared a lot of things, Jeff. Trust has never been one of them.

Norris: I'd shake your hand, but, uh, you shot me.
Riley: Yeah, well, I'd shake your hand, but I'd rather just shoot you again.
Norris: Nice meeting you, too.

Riley: So, how does a... special-forces soldier like Norris, that kind of résumé, become a hired mercenary for a crazed despot in South America?
Gabriel: Combat's addictive. No other rush like it. A lot of guys start jonesing the minute they leave the battlefield.
Riley: But to become an assassin? Were there any warning signs with Norris? Psychological spikes, morally questionable behavior?
Gabriel: Morally questionable behavior. Yeah. It's called war.

Athens [1.09] edit

Man: Can you stop the noise?

Woman: Put the gun down. We're friends. You're not a killer.

Cain and Gabriel [1.10] edit

Lillian: Got a siituation, gentlemen.

Gabriel: That man crossed the Golden Gate Bridge this morning.

The Grey Hat [1.11] edit

Lillian: And criminal genius.

Riley: This is the cyber attack that we've been afraid of.

The Event Horizon [1.12] edit

Lillian: Did you see somebody?

Gabriel: I didn't kill anyone.

Being Human [1.13] edit

Lillian: Stay with us, Gabriel.

Lillian: We can't be killing our own people.

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