Instant Star

television series

Instant Star is a Canadian television show that stars Alexz Johnson in the part of Jude Harrison, a teenage girl who just won G-Major's Instant Star contest and is hurrying into the music industry headfirst. In each episode, Jude must deal with the problems and challenges of both her musical career and her personal life, as one weaves into the other.

Season 1


Episode One: Even Better Then the Real Thing [1.1]

Tommy: Look, working on a song... It's like falling in love. First it's a rush, but then it's painful, and sometimes you gotta walk away. But sometimes, you come out with something beautiful, like that song.

Jude: If I don't win, I'm going to look like such a dork in school tomorrow.
Jamie: On the plus side, most people already think we're dorks.

Episode Two: Come As You Are [1.2]

Jamie: I wonder if this place has a grotto... What is a grotto, anyway?

Jude: I don't understand. What did I do right?
Tommy: Everything.
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