Insidious (film)

2010 film by James Wan

Insidious is a 2011 American horror film about a family who looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.

Directed by James Wan. Screenplay by Leigh Whannell.
Insidious Is...(taglines)

Josh Lambert Edit

  • Why did you do that? Why would you do that to me?! When you know how I feel about that? WHY?!!!
  • [to Dalton] You may be a superhero, buddy, but you're not invincible.
  • I can't have somebody coming into our home and telling us the reason our son is in a coma is because his soul has floated off somewhere in another dimension.

Elise Rainier Edit

  • It's not the house that's haunted, it's your son.
  • Close your eyes, Josh. Take a deep breath and relax. With each breath, let the life around you fade into the background. Just listen to the ticking of the metronome. Focus on the spot in the center of your forehead. The universe is deathless. It is deathless because having no finite self, it stays infinite. A sound man, by not advancing himself, stays the further ahead of himself.
  • Now you're outside. Let my voice be your guide. Keep a steady stride. Into the Further you go.
  • Leave this vessel! Leave this vessel! Leave this vessel! Leaves his body! Tucker, turn on the lights. Leave his body NOW!!

Lorraine Lambert Edit

  • I came today because last night I had a dream about this place. I was in this house, but it was late at night. I was afraid. I went into your bedroom, but you were both asleep. I knew I was asleep in the dream, but I could feel that someone was awake in the house. I went into Dalton's room. There was something in there with him. It was standing there in the corner. I asked it "Who are you?" and it said it was a visitor. I said "What do you want?". It said Dalton. I can still hear that voice.
  • [to Renai] Nobody, not me or anybody, knows what you're going through right now. Whatever you have to do to get through this, do it. And you don't have to apologize for anything.

Dialogue Edit

Josh: You should write a song about me.
Renai: They're all about you!
Josh: Like how cool I am.

Tucker: A picture's worth a thousand words.
Specs: Words are worth a thousand words, too.

Foster: I'm scared, Mom.
Renai: Scared of what?
Foster: Dalton. Can I change rooms?
Renai: Why would you want to change rooms?
Foster: I don't like when he walks around at night.

Rena: I'm scared. I'm so scared and...
Josh: I'm scared. He's my son, too.
Renai: You don't understand. I'm scared for Dalton. I'm scared of this house. There's something wrong with this place. I'm not imagining it. I can feel it. It's... it's like a sickness. Ever since we've moved in, everything's just gone wrong.
Josh: You think our house is haunted?
Renai: I don't think it. I know it. Things move around in here by themselves. I walk into the kitchen at night to get a drink, I can feel eyes on me.

Josh: I'm Josh.
Elise: I knew that. You've grown since I last saw you.
Josh: Since you last saw me?
Elise: Your mother and I have been friends a long time.

Elise: Have you ever heard of astral projection?
Renai: Yes. It's out of body experience or something?
Elise: I like to call them travelers. You see, these are people with the ability to leave their physical body and to travel to different places in astral form. Now, Dalton; he is a very accomplished astral projector. He's been doing it in his sleep for a long time. He has been since he was very young. And he's unafraid because he thinks they're dreams. And it's that very lack of fear that has led him to travel too far. And to become lost.

Lorraine: The reason I knew to call Elise in this situation, the reason I know her so well, is because I called her myself once, years ago, to help you.
Josh: What are you talking about, Mom?
Elise: It's no accident that your son is a gifted traveler. The ability was handed down to him.
Lorraine: By his father.

Renai: How old do you think I am?
Dalton: Really old.
Renai: Oh. Have a guess.
Dalton: Probably at least, uh, 21.
Renai: [laughing] I wish you were right.

Elise: The Further is a world far beyond our own, yet it's all around us. A place without time as we know it. It's a dark realm filled with the tortured souls of the dead. A place not meant for the living. That's where Dalton is. And the problem is that with his astral body gone, he's just left us with a physical body, an empty vessel. And there are entities that know this because they can smell it. That's why they've gathered around him.
Renai: Are these the things that I've been seeing?
[Elise nods]
Elise: They're all trying to get inside his physical body simply because they... they crave life; the chance to live again. But there are other entities who are malevolent and have a more insidious agenda. And then there's this...
[Elise shows a drawing of Lipstick-Face Demon]
Elise: A demon who seeks Dalton's body for one reason - to cause pain to others.

Taglines Edit

  • What's in that picture?
  • We need to save Dalton . . . Now!
  • The further you travel, the darker it gets
  • It's not the House that's Haunted.
  • Insidious Is...

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