Inside Monkey Zetterland

1992 film by Jefery Levy

Inside Monkey Zetterland is a 1992 film about an out of work screenwriter/artist that complains about being too cool, too talented and way too gay.

Directed by Jefery Levy. Written by Steve Antin and John Boskovich.
Life. It's A Trip.

Monkey Edit

  • As a child I always felt responsible for my mom. Dad would be gone. She'd be alone for months, sometimes years, and eventually dad would come home. And I'd be okay. And everything would be all right. 'Cause mom would be saved.
  • My father used to shirk his parental responsibilities by saying that life was an illusion; karma was also a convenient excuse for foul-ups. In my mind echos: "Sorry I sold your baseball cards, Monkey, but it's your karma, and life is just an illusion anyway, boy."

Daphne Edit

  • You're a fag, baby!
  • Throw it all out into the universe, baby!
  • The thing is, Monkey, you'd change if you could, but you can't, and even if you could, you really shouldn't. And stop being such a fuckin' pussy about your curtains.

Imogene Edit

  • Una el coka dieta!
  • Excuse me, very rude and obnoxious stranger.
  • Tami Peterson has always been hyper-critical of my performance art. I mean she even delivered a speech in the quad about it called "Imogene: What do You Mean?" I mean, how could she do that to me? I've always been so nice to her!

Dialogue Edit

Imogene: Now let me ask you something I've always wondered about. After you have the baby, does your pussy ever go back to it's natural tightness?
Cindy: I'm a dyke. It's not an issue.

Brent Zetterland: But seriously, Monkey, does my hair look okay like this?
Monkey: Brent, you live in a beautiful shell - go with it.

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