Infinite Crisis

comic book limited miniseries

Infinite Crisis is a limited series comic book set in the DC Universe.

Alexander Luthor Jr Edit

  • I'm you. Only better.
  • I'm like my father. The only hero in a world full of villains.
  • Like Sodom and Gomorrah, Blüdhaven falls. -- Infinite Crisis #4
  • Tell me, Lex Luthor-- how does it feel to be stupid?
  • Kara will help us, Superboy. And so will Kal-L. Whether they like it or not.
  • At last. It will be undone.
  • I’m going to fix everything.
  • The men and women plugged into the tower will help me re-form the core Earths. But I need the rest of the multiverse back as well. I need thousands and thousands of worlds. Worlds I can sift through like sand, one grain at a time, combining and mixing until I find it. Until I find the perfect earth.
  • The Superman of Earth-Two is the key to the return of the rest of the multiverse. For some reason I can’t explain or understand, and probably never will… everything comes from Superman.
  • [after creating, then destroying a new Earth] I plated this garden, Psycho-Pirate. I have every right to tend to it.
  • Superman, the greatest hero on Earth-Two. My father, Lex Luthor, the greatest hero on Earth Three. The universe says Supermen and Luthors are destined to be at odds. Maybe the universe is wrong. I’ll fuse them together. It will work. It has to work. For the sake of reality.
  • You shouldn’t exist, Power Girl. Do you know how lucky you are? Trillions were erased But you slipped through the cracks.
  • I… I am like my father was. The only hero in a world full of villains.
  • “Heroes Save Earth,” the fools. It isn’t saved. But it will be. It will just take another plan. My calculations have already begun. I will make this world a brighter place. I will make it perfect.

Batman Edit

  • Everyone looks up to you. They listen to you. If you tell them to fight, they'll fight. But they need to be inspired. And let's face it, "Superman" ... the last time you really inspired anyone was when you were dead. -- Infinite Crisis #1
  • …This wasn’t supposed to happen. …I can’t breathe. Can’t… do this anymore. God…
  • …I wish… …I just wish I could start over.
  • Booster. You have no idea how to talk to kids.
  • "He didn't deserve that. Superboy didn't deserve that. What do you deserve!?" - to Alexander Luthor.

Kal-L Edit

  • A legend dies at the hands of another. I'm beginning to see. That's what this world does to legends. It corrupts them. Or it destroys them.
  • This dark and corrupted Earth must be forgotten, so the correct Earth can return.
  • I'm not the Superman you know. Not yet.
  • [about Superboy] His jaw clenches as he opens his shirt. For a moment, I see the man he could be instead of the boy he believes he is.
  • [thinking] The clouds part. The yellow sun welcomes me back. I can't help but smile. [to Power Girl] It's been a long' time, cousin. Too long.
  • [after Superboy Prime asks how Power Girl survived the last crisis] Or maybe she's still here because of her own will to live. My cousin has more of that than anyone from this earth.
  • The world’s finest heroes together again. Bruce… it would have been nice.
  • We’re here, Lois. We’re home.
  • [to Lois] We did it. We saved you.
  • Superman always saves Lois Lane.
  • [to Kal-El] You. You killed my wife!
  • A perfect world doesn’t need a Superman… Alex.
  • I thought their Superboy was unworthy of the symbol I built. But I picked the wrong one to condone. And the wrong one to condemn.

Superman Edit

  • They're scared of us because of you. They've been broadcasting those images non-stop, Diana. Don't you understand? They all watched you. They all watched you murder a man. -- to Wonder Woman, Infinite Crisis #1
  • A perfect Earth doesn't need a Superman.
  • [to Superboy-Prime] You'll never be Superman. Because you have no idea what it means to be Superman. It's not about where you were born. Or what powers you have. Or what you wear on your chest. It's about what you do... it's about action.
  • [looking at an old picture of the paper announcing his death] Bruce is right, Lois. He's always right.
  • [after catching the top half of a skyscraper] I got it.
  • [to Kal-L] If we’re at all alike beyond the uniform-- I know how much you loved her. And I’m sorry.
  • They murdered Superboy. And now they say they’re going to take my city. Then they’re going to take Earth. I say… like hell.
  • When Earth needs us standing together again, we find a way. No matter what.

Superboy-Prime Edit

  • Actually, you can call me Superboy... PRIME!
  • Are you going to let Lois die, Power Girl?
  • You fooled everyone into thinking you're actually Superboy. You don't even have a cape!
  • Stop hitting me!
  • I'm not stupid!
  • [after decapitating Pantha] ...Oh no! ...I didn't mean to do that.
  • Why are you making me? Why?!
  • You're ruining everything! You're ruining ME!!
  • You're making me like you!
  • The Phantom Zone is for criminals! I'm a good guy!
  • You can't get rid of me! When I grow up, I'm gonna be Superman! Don't any of you understand?!
  • [when Conner calls him a hypocrite] What does that word even mean? You probably think you're smart. You're not.
  • I'm bringing back Earth-Prime and no one will know what I did to do it! No one.
  • Where do you think you’re going? Where?! You can’t send me back into the Speed Force. You’re not fast enough. Oh. I see where you’ve brought me now. To the place this Krypton exploded. But this Kryptonite isn’t from my universe. It won’t hurt me. All you’re going to do is kill this Superman. I mean, did you think these rocks would stop me? Hahahahaha! Did you really? [eyes widen as he realizes they’re taking him into the red sun]
  • I've been in worse places than this...and I always find a way out.

Wonder Woman Edit

  • [to Superman] Of all people, you know who I am... ...who the world needs me to be. I'm Wonder Woman.
  • [to Batman] You've lost your way.
  • Listen to me Artemis. The O.M.A.C.S are its Eyes. Brother Eye is showing the world everything that is happening here. They see us in pursuit of war. They see us as bloodthirsty warriors. They see us as Kal and Bruce see me. Shut that weapon down!

Donna Troy Edit

  • Something out there is going to threaten everything we care about-- and a few seconds is going to make all the difference.
  • “A few seconds will make all the difference.” That’s what the Titans meant… I can see it… they’re going to die.
  • Superman and Wonder Woman are going to die.

Buddy Baker/Animal Man Edit

  • Every creature on the planet wants off. I need to find out why--
  • [after taking an orb to New Cronus] I feel like roadkill.
  • Everybody step back. I don’t know what kind of animal I’m syncing up with out here… but it shoots lightning out of its face.

Others Edit

Artemis: [about the O.M.A.C.S] These things are like the hydra, Diana. We disable one and two arrive in its place.
Nightwing: Donna...? Whatever you're doing... ...I hope it's worth leaving earth for.
Zauriel: [at a mass for all the heroes] God works in mysterious ways. Each one of us was gifted through chance or purpose. With powers and skills beyond those of mortal men. We were given a new reason for being. We come here together sharing that common bond. We ask you, Lord, to take care of those that have already fallen. We ask you to watch over those that have been injured and those that are missing. We look to You to give us the strength we will need for the trials that surely lie ahead. And above all, we offer our faith in each other and in a better tomorrow. Lord hear our prayer.
Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes: I don’t even know how the hell I got here. Some kind of scarab crawled into me and put this suit on me and now… I’m in Space. With Batman. Looking for an invisible satellite.
Psycho-Pirate: I can feel them. Phantom beings from the fabric of Earth-One and Earth-Two, pulled from their restful peace, reborn in pain and given essence-- then destroyed. Billions at a time.
Power Girl: Alex. You have a lot to answer for.
Black Adam: [after killing Psycho-Pirate] No more silly faces.
Superboy: Guys. Down there. He’s back. Superboy’s back.
Martian Manhunter: [fighting Superboy-Prime] I do not know who you are. But I am called the Martian Manhunter. I am Mars’ sole survivor. [Superboy-Prime fires heat vision at him, but MM becomes intangible and it passes right through him] There is a reason for that.
Brother Eye: [to Batman, about Nightwing] He is only flesh and blood. Against a boy of steel. Eye wonder… will you blame yourself for what happens next?
Hal Jordan: The Society has broken open every metahuman prison on the planet. They’re declaring war on us. They say if Superman’s city falls-- the others will follow.
Martian Manhunter: [telepathically communicating with the other heroes] I have read this Superboy’s mind. So now you have too. He is heading for Oa. He wants to destroy this universe. I urge any and all of you who can-- take to the skies.
Guy Gardner: Three-hundred-mile-thick wall of pure damn willpower slowed him down. Thin green line will stop ‘im cold.

Dialogue Edit

Nightwing: So you're really going to go?
Donna Troy: Kory and Vic are coming. And others like Supergirl.
Supergirl: My cousin's not exactly thrilled with the idea, but hey... ...saving the universe sounds pretty cool to me.
Nightwing: You just came back to us Donna.
Donna Troy: I'll be back again.

Wonder Woman: I told you the world doesn't need Diana. The world needs WONDER WOMAN.
Superman: And Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord.

Batman: You've lost faith.
Wonder Woman: The world is not as black and white as you and Kal see it.
Batman: Diana... you should've stayed in Paradise.
Wonder Woman: And you should stop judging everyone but yourself. You've lost your way.
Superman: And you've lost yours. You're trying to help people you can't even relate to, Diana.
Batman: And you relate to them too much. You're not human. You're Superman.
Superman: I know that.
Batman: Then start acting like it. All hell has broken loose and you're on the moon with me? The world needs you.

(the Freedom Fighters, a minor superteam, are investigating supervillain activity)
Black Condor: Why doesn't someone tell this to Superman? Or the Justice League?
Human Bomb: The brass said there was some kinda explosion on the Moon tonight. They're probably dealing with that... and with what Wonder Woman did. Not that I blame her. Back in the war, sometimes your hand was forced.
Uncle Sam: Don't make it right, Roy.
(later, the team's younger members are killed by villains)
Human Bomb: Get away from them! (to himself) Not Dee too. Not...
Doctor Polaris: Oh, she's dead, Human Bomb. Didn't you hear that delicious shriek?
Human Bomb: You... murderers! You want war, Polaris?
[Human Bomb powers up to explode, Polaris realizes the depth of his mistake]
Human Bomb:[final words] Die!

Power Girl: Who are you?
Kal-L: I'm Superman.
Power Girl: You're not the Superman I know.
Kal-L: Not yet.

Brother Eye: Wonder Woman and the Amazons of Themyscira are a threat that must be eliminated...
(The computer screen shows an army of cyborgs attacking Themyscira to minimal resistence.
Batman:: No. Shut them down... Stop them!
Brother Eye: Eye will continue to act against the metahumans. Eye will destroy the Amazons. Eye will continue to act as you programmed me to do.

Wonder Woman: Listen to me. You must go.
Artemis: Go?
Wonder Woman: Paradise Island must retreat.
Fury: Retreat to where?
Phillipus: Away from Man’s World. She’s asking us to leave this plane.
Artemis: Diana.
Wonder Woman: You must. Before the O.M.A.C.S regroup. Before more blood is on our hands and theirs. If you value our legacy of peace, you will go.
Artemis: Then it is decided.
Wonder Woman: And I hope the gods hear our prayers.

Batman: And what about Dick Grayson?
Kal-L: Yes?
Batman: Is he a better man on your Earth than he is on mine?
Kal-L: No.
Batman: I didn't think so.

Nightwing: Why would a Superman do this? Why would he risk everything?
Batman: To save someone he loves.
Nightwing: Why come to me?
Batman: Because everyone else trusts you. They always have. You’ve put an importance on keeping up relationships that I neglected. You care.
Nightwing: So do you. You just let everyone think different.

(Flash and Kid Flash are trying to trap Superboy-Prime in the Speed Force)
Flash: Don't stop running, Bart. Don't stttoooooooppp--
(Flash is suddenly torn from the group by something we can't see. The scene cuts to Linda Park, the Flash's wife, and their newborn children, who are visited by an ethereal vision of the Flash)
Flash: Linda...
Linda: Wally - ?
Flash: You've always been my lightning rod. You're what's kept my feet on the ground so many times. And I love you more than anything in this world. Anything. But I have to keep running.
Linda: Where are you running to? That dimension that gives you your powers? The Speed Force? Is that--?
Flash: No... not the Speed Force... I think... someplace else. [in tears] I have to let go of everything.
Linda: (in tears, clearly determined) No you don't. Wherever you're going --
(Linda takes up both babies, steps up to the ethereal Flash and kisses him)
Linda: --your family's coming with you.
(All four of them disappear in a flash of lightning, which flies after Kid Flash, opening a door to the Speed Force)
Kid Flash: Wally! Wally, where are you going?! I can't do this! I can't do this alone!
Superboy-Prime: You're right. You're even weaker than the rest. You've always been stupid. I watched you. Stupid little kid. Left all alone.
Kid Flash: Shut up!(punches Superboy-Prime) I'm - not - stupid!
Barry Allen: Bart.
(Hand reaches out of the Speed Force, securing Superboy-Prime. It is followed by a face - it is Barry Allen, Kid Flash's grandfather in his Flash costume)
Barry Allen: You're not alone either.

Ragman: Feels like the calm before the storm.
Mr. Terrific: And they want to hold a mass for everyone with a cape.

Zauriel: Lord hear our prayer.
Blue Devil: [obviously in pain] Lord hear our prayer.
Enchantress: What’s wrong with Blue Devil? The smoke. And that smell.
Nightmaster: He never did that before.
Detective Chimp: Danny’s a good Irish Catholic. Unfortunately, he’s also a human-turned-demon. Meanin’ his skin burns whenever he sets foot into God’s house.
Communicator: We’ve just received a report from Cave Carson. An earthquake has erupted across South India, another in Japan. Grace period’s over.
Blue Devil: Then let’s get the hell outta here. There’s people that need help.
Huntress: Amen.

Superboy: You know who these psychos are, right?
Nightwing: Yeah.
Superboy: Well, I know where they are. Everybody else inside?
Nightwing: Everybody else is busy keeping our Earth from falling apart. It’s just us.
Superboy: You gotta be kiddin’ me. What do you want to do?
Nightwing: What we have to. Let’s shut these guys down.

Flash: I… I made it. I’m back.
Doctor Light: Flash?!
Flash: …you have to tell them… find them… warn them.
Doctor Light: What are you talking about?
Flash: LISTEN TO ME! We couldn’t hold him! He escaped! He’s coming!
Doctor Light: Who?
Flash: HIM! Superboy Prime!

Green Arrow: Are you whistling “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”
Hal Jordan: What?
Green Arrow: You’re whistling “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” . What do hundreds of earths in the sky threatening to destroy ours have to do with baseball?
Hal Jordan: Nothing. Just looking forward to the new season. Starts next week. Guy’s got Yankees tickets on the dugout. You wanna go?
Green Arrow: Crackerjack’s on me.

Kal-L: How can you still have faith in your Earth?
Superman: Because they still have faith in us.
Kal-L: …We have a job to do.

Green Arrow: [after Batman starts giving people orders on how to fight Brother Eye] Hey, Dark Knight. What about me? Why the hell’d you call a guy who an shoot trick arrows?
Batman: Just to see if you’d show.
Green Arrow: Brave and the Bold, huh? You got me all misty.

Black Lightning: So you really call yourself Mr. Terrific?
Mr. Terrific: You really call yourself Black Lightning?
Black Lightning: Hey, back when I started in this business, I was the only one of us around. I wanted to make sure everyone know who they were dealing with. Guess that’s why you’ve got your name stitched on to the back of your jacket.
Mr. Terrific: [smiling] Actually, it’s exactly why.

Donna Troy: “A few seconds will make all the difference.” That’s what the Titans meant… I can see it… they’re going to die.
Ion/Kyle Rayner: What? Who is, Donna?
Donna Troy: Superman and Wonder Woman are going to die.

Superboy-Prime: Nightwing? Come on now. You actually think you can fight me? All those Titans did too. Those stupid Titans. I'm going to tell you a secret. I wasn't even trying last time.
Superboy: Neither was I. ROUND TWO!

Brother Eye: You are wasting your time, Creator.
Batman: No, Brother Eye. I'm wasting yours. I'm not here to erase your memory. I'm here to distract you. I built you. And I put in a limited propulsion system designed to help adjust your orbit. One of my friends just activated that system. You've just been thrown out of orbit. It's over.
Brother Eye: No. NO1010110 If eye fall. Subject Alpha-- Wayne, Bruce-- Batman. You will fall with me.

Brother Eye: Why are you doing this to me, Creator? You can trust me to do what is right. You cannot trust them. You can never trust them again after all they have done.
Batman: I'll take my chances.

Wonder Girl: Conner? [sees Conner badly beaten, dying, under the rubble] CONNER?!
Superboy: He said I wasn’t the real Superboy. …he was wrong. I just forgot for a little while… we all forgot… don’t let them forget again.
Wonder Girl: Just hang in there, okay? You did it, Conner. You saved the Earth. You saved everyone.
Superboy: I know, Cass. Isn’t it cool?

Superman: It’s our fault. That should have been us.
Wonder Woman: I’m sorry, Clark.
Superman: Sorry isn’t going to help Superboy. We should have been here.
Batman: Never again. It never happens again. We learn from it. We learn from them.

Arsenal: Ollie it’s--
Green Arrow: Doomsday. The monster that killed Superman.
Arsenal: What do we do?
Green Arrow: Look up in the sky, kid. [Superman and Kal-L fly in and punch Doomsday together.

Flash: [attacking Superboy-Prime] You killed Conner! You killed my friend! Still got Flash phobia?
Superboy-Prime: Y-y-you… stay away from me, Bart!
Wonder Girl: Bart?!
Flash: [standing between her and Superboy-Prime] Long story, Cass.
Wonder Girl: You’re… old. And you’re the Flash?!
Flash: No. My grandpa’s uniform was the only thing that could survive the trip back. And I was the only one of us who could still run. I came to warn everyone. But when I got here, I collapsed. Passed out in Tokyo. I didn’t know Superboy-Prime would go after him again… [attacks Superboy-Prime again] ...after Conner. You’re road kill!

Kal-L: Superboy. Alex tricked us. He tricked the both of us. But it’s not too late to end this madness.
Superboy-Prime: I know, Superman. I’m going to be the one who ends it. [flies away] Faster than a speeding bullet.

Guy Gardner: Thin green line will stop ‘im cold.
Superboy-Prime: Cold? You don’t know cold. Cold is being the only survivor of an Earth that was erased from history. Cold is being imprisoned because you tried to do the right thing. Cold is what this universe has made me.
Guy Gardner: Code fifty-four Lanterns! Excessive force has been approved! And encouraged for this crybaby.
Superboy-Prime: You’re rude and offensive, Guy Gardner. [grabs Guy by the throat] I wonder who your ring is going to.

Batman: I know what Superman is going through. [picks up a gun from the ground] He doesn’t deserve that. Superboy didn’t deserve that. [holds gun to Alexander Luthor’s head] What do you deserve. [cocks gun]
Wonder Woman: Bruce. [takes out her sword and throws it to the ground] It’s not worth it.
Batman: [pulls gun back] I know. Dammit. [throws gun away]

Superman: [standing over an unconscious Kal-L] Superman.
Superboy-Prime: DIE! [attacks Superman from behind with his heat vision] Die and leave this universe to me. [his heat vision dissipates] My heat vision?! What’s happening?

Superboy-Prime: When you’re gone… I will be SUPERMAN!
Superman: Superman? You'll never be Superman. Because you have no idea what it means to be Superman.
Superboy-Prime: Yes, I do. I’m from Krypton! A better Krypton than yours ever was!
Superman: It's not about where you were born. Or what powers you have. Or what you wear on your chest.
Superboy-Prime: [punches Superman] SHUT UP!
[they trade blows until, finally, Superboy-Prime falls]
Superman: [extremely weak] It's about what you do... [falls to his knees] …it's about action.

Martian Manhunter: Superman? [helps him up]
Superman: I’m okay, J’onn. How’s--
Power Girl: Kal!
Kal-L: Kara… we stopped him. Superman stopped him.
Power Girl: You’re going to be fine. You have to be fine.
Kal-L: It’s okay.
Power Girl: No. Don’t leave me alone, Kal. Please, don’t leave me alone again. It can’t end this way.
Kal-L: Kara… I finally understand. I know what Lois was trying to tell me.
Power Girl: What are you talking about?
Kal-L: I’ll always be with you, Kara. Even if you can’t see me. I’ll always be here. It’s not going to end. It’s never going to end… for us… [looks up to a bright star and sees himself and Lois when they were younger] …Lois.

Bart Allen: Wally disappeared with Linda and the twins. I spent the last couple of years in a place that’s not going to be easy to explain.
Jay Garrick: And you came back running. I thought the Speed Force was destroyed.
Bart Allen: It was. I had some residual speed locked inside me. But I used it all up in Metropolis. I’m not fast anymore. But according to all these tests, you still are, right?
Jay Garrick: It has nothing to do with the Speed Force. My metahuman gene is active. I’d guess I’d top out at the speed of sound.
Bart Allen: Well, I’m done running. I’m not the new Flash. From here on out, Jay-- you’re the fastest man alive again.

Alexander Luthor: [after being attacked by the Joker] H-help. Somebody h-h-
Lex Luthor: Oh, Alex. You made a lot of mistakes. You underestimated Superman. Superboy. Me. But the biggest one?
Alexander Luthor: N-no. P-please…
Lex Luthor: You didn’t let the Joker play.
[a gunshot is heard, followed by maniacal laughter]
Lex Luthor: Now who’s stupid?

Bruce Wayne: What’s in your future, Diana?
Diana: I think it’s time to find out who Diana is.
Clark Kent: I can suggest a way to clear your perspective.
Bruce Wayne: That’s what I’ll be doing when I retrace the steps I first took when I left Gotham. I’ll be rebuilding Batman. But this time it’s going to be different.
Diana: How?
Tim Drake: [from a ship, with Dick Grayson] Hey, Bruce! C’mon! Let’s go!
Bruce Wayne: I’m not going alone.
Clark Kent: I know we’ll always have our differences, but at the end of the day we all want the same thing. Justice.

Bruce Wayne: Take care of yourselves. [boards ship]
Clark Kent: [to Diana] Do you need a ride somewhere?
Diana: Thanks. I have one. [flies up to invisible jet] Clark?
Clark Kent: Yeah?
Diana: It’s good to have friends. [she flies away]
Lois Lane: A world without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, huh?
Clark Kent: For now, Lois.
Lois Lane: And what are you going to do with all this free time, Mr. Kent?
Clark Kent: [kisses Lois] I’m sure I’ll figure out something. But until we’re back--I’d say things are in good hands.

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