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Infamous is a sandbox-style video game for the PlayStation 3 video game console, created by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.



Zeke: One of my boys thinks she's working with DARPA.
Cole: You have boys?
Zeke: Look, I'm being serious man, now DARPA is the mother-load of black-ops crap. If she's in with those clowns, you better watch out, son.
Cole: Yeah, yeah, yeah, and Santa Claus shot J.F.K.

Zeke: Hey Cole, before we head over to Archer, I need to go pick up a new six shooter.
Cole: Here we go…
Zeke: Nah, that was bad-ass. The second you touched it, the electricity in your hands cooks off the gun powder and the whole thing goes KA-BAM! The look on your face was priceless.
Cole: Damn near blew my hand off.
Zeke: Which is why you won’t be touching the new one. Traded this guy one of my home-made batteries for it.
Cole: The ones that explode when you use ‘em?
Zeke: Hell, he doesn’t know that. C’mon, told me he was going to leave the gun in a parking lot a few blocks from here.

Zeke: Hey Cole, you know what I miss? Pizza. A big sloppy slice drippin' with grease and pepperoni. And payday. Havin' a big fat wad of bills in your pocket.
Cole: I’d settle for some hot water.
Zeke: Hey, remember that time we were comin’ home from Duffy’s and I had to take a leak? And that bike cop was yelling at me to put up my hands?
Cole: You pissed all over him.
Zeke: He told me to put up my hands! While he’s fumblin’ around, I jump back in and we take off. Awesome!
Cole: Yeah, awesome. Until we run into a wall of cops.
Zeke: Like I said, awesome! Bummer we won’t be able to do anything like that again.
Cole: Not unless some genius invents a car that doesn’t explode when I sit in it.

Infamous 2Edit

(while passing through the militia blockade)
Kuo: Expect more resistance. The Militia controls everything going in or out of New Marais.
Cole: Man, how could they let a bunch of red-neck fascists take over their city?
Kuo: People do strange things when they're afraid.

(Final mission. Evil/Infamous)
Kuo: Can you believe this? Rebels and Militia fighting side by side.
Cole: They know they're about to die. What's their rivalry compared to what we're about to do to 'em?

(on Cole's way to the last substation)
Militia guard #1: Look, there's the Demon.
Militia guard #2: Go get 'em, Electric Man!

Infamous Second SonEdit

Reggie Rowe: Do you know how embarrassing it is for me to keep arresting my own brother, over and over and over again?
Delsin Rowe: Maybe you should stop arresting your brother, over and over and over again -
Reggie: You think this is a joke?!
Delsin: No, I don't think it's a joke -
Reggie: Is this how you wanna leave your mark on the world, huh? You think this would make our parents proud? "Misdemeanor vandalism"?
Delsin: Reggie— [stops]
Reggie: [rounding on him] What?!
Delsin: [points to an incoming—] Truck.

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: [when Delsin busts through the door to reach him and Betty] I was jus' tryin' to create a diversion; I didn' know anybody was in here—
Delsin: [holds up his hand to show Hank his new power; angry] You did this to me!
Hank: [shocked] You're a Conduit?!
Delsin: [to Betty, who is also shocked] Betty—I'll explain later, but you gotta get out of here, now.
Hank: Good, I'm gone. [runs]
Delsin: Not until you fix this first!

Delsin: [coming across x-ray images of people with shards of concrete buried into them] How could anyone do this? How many people did she hurt? ...And no one could stop her?

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