Imre Szemán

Canadian academic

Imre Szemán holds the Canada Research chair in cultural studies at the University of Alberta.

Quotes edit

Nicholas Brown and Imre Szemán, “Twenty-five Theses on Philosophy in the Age of Finance Capital” edit

in Leftist Ontology, edited by Carsten Strathausen (2009)

  • The final dismantling of the great master narratives is itself a grand narrative—why else would people get so excited about it?
    • p. 34
  • The task facing philosophy today is to examine its filiations to its most hallowed concepts and to consider anew their productivity. ... The result of this task might be to see old concepts as more productive than new ones, which suffer not merely from the fact that they are inevitably expressions of the general conditions of possibility of the present moment, but also because of the way in which the eternal production of the new is linked more strongly than ever to the basic drive of capitalism.
    • pp. 36-37
  • The Universal, in the name of which an oppressive particularity came to dominate the globe, suddenly seems the last bastion against a neoliberal world order that is happy enough to maintain differences ... as long as they are subsumed without resistance within the global market.
    • p. 37