Ghazi ud-Din Khan Feroze Jung III

Mughal noble
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Ghazi ud-Din Khan Feroze Jung III (1736–1800), known as Imad-ul-Mulk, was an usurping Grand Vizier of the Mughal Empire he had allied himself with the Maratha leader Sadashivrao Bhau, both of them were directly responsible for the deaths of the Mughal Emperors: Ahmad Shah Bahadur and Alamgir II.

Imad-ul-Mulk, was declered an "apostate" by Ahmad Shah Durrani in the year 1757

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  • Some ill-designing people had turned his brain, and carried him to the eastern part of the Mughal Empire, which would be the cause of much trouble and ruin to our authority.
    • Imad-ul-Mulk's letter to Mir Jafar the Nawab of Bengal, after the escape of Shah Alam II [1]

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