Ilham Tohti

Uyghur economist and Human Rights activist

Ilham Tohti (Uyghur: ئىلھام توختى‎, ULY: Ilham Toxti, UYY: Ilⱨam Tohti; Chinese: 伊力哈木·土赫提; pinyin: Yīlìhāmù Tǔhètí; born October 25, 1969) is a Uyghur economist serving a life sentence in China, on separatism-related charges. He is known for his research on Uyghur-Han relations and is a vocal advocate for the implementation of regional autonomy laws in China and was the host of Uyghur Online, a website that discusses Uyghur issues.

Ilham Tohti

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  • By being such a fearless voice fighting for human rights and fundamental freedoms in China, Ilham Tothi fully embodies the spirit of the Sakharov prize. Over the years, he advocated for the implementation of regional autonomy laws in China, encouraged greater awareness of the situation and treatment of the Uyghur community and fought against its exclusion from Chinese society. Ilham Tohti now risks spending the rest of his life in prison. The Renew Europe group sends today a strong message of support for his fight for human rights and freedoms of the Uyghur population by nominating him for the Sakharov prize.

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