Ilan Halevi

Jewish Palestinian journalist, politician

Ilan Halevi (born Ilan Albert in 12 October 194310 July 2013) is a Jewish Palestinian journalist and politician, and one of the very few high ranking Jewish members of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). A former vice-minister of foreign affairs, he represented the PLO in Europe and in the Socialists International.

Ilan Halevi, Grasse, November 2004

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  • The establishment of the state of Israel, accomplished through the expulsion of several hundred thousand Palestinians and the immigration of several hundred thousand Jews from Africa and Asia, introduced the 'Jewish Question,' hitherto essentially a European question, into the heart of the tragedy of the Arab people of Palestine dispossessed of their space. From this irruption there arose the 'Palestinian Question.'
    • A History of the Jews (1987).
  • There is no comparison between the suicidal terrorism of the desperate and the reasoned terrorism of an overarmed state.
    • A History of the Jews (1987).

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