Ike Moriz

German-South African singer, composer and actor

Eike Moriz (born 14 May 1972), better known as Ike Moriz, is a German-South African singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and actor. He is known for his 20 album releases in the indie rock, pop, latin, easy listening, dance, lounge, blues, jazz and swing genres. He lives in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, and he tours internationally.

And still, I haven't worked it out that there's nothing to work out.

Quotes edit

  • Countries, borders and flags build walls between all of us. Music can break them down and unite us."
  • You become a slave to the song. It (recording and producing a song) becomes a spiritual experience."
  • You always have what it takes, otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken you!"
    • Quoted in this Get It Magazine interview, Movers & Shakers about town, page 35, Cape Town, South Africa, 01.07.2013
  • I love people and building bridges between them. There is nothing as fascinating as human nature, except the gloriously vague expression on the face of a cat."
    • Quoted in this Get It Magazine interview, Movers & Shakers about town, page 35, Cape Town, South Africa, 01.07.2013
  • It’s always just about the music. I’ve got to be true to who I am. Music is my religion. My way of communicating. When I write a song, I feel like the music is coming through me. It’s a beautiful experience to write a song that becomes something that has an influence on other peoples’ lives."
  • Having performed ... in front of audiences in twenty different countries, I’ve noticed how certain melodies have the ability to connect and uplift both the audience and the musicians. I’m privileged to present these timeless classics with a group of excellent artists who share my attitude of putting the creation of beautiful, entertaining music above all else."
  • Music has always been an “exhilarating exploration of the world and my soul"

Song lyrics edit

You walk with shoes on fire while you complain about the smoke.

Mirrors And Shade (2002-2004) edit

  • Raised and doped with illusion - Download god. I know I'm in trouble when I'm seeing double. Come on, make me scream!
    • Mirrors and shade
  • You could thrill me. You could kiss me. You could kill me. You could miss me.
    • You could
  • Like a crushed piece of flesh on the boiling motorway: No beginning like the end, the great, grand end with your face in the sand.
    • Another Day
  • Fall into the sun. Oh, be one. Oh, be gone.
    • Fall into the sun
  • Your flaming tongue strikes again like the insect's deadly flight into the light, bright, holy white. I crave your kissing bite. Oh, fool me.
    • Flame Blue
  • Sisyphus cracked the rock and built himself a big, big castle. Now he runs up and down the stairs, longing to be blessed with pain again
    • Our Gold
  • I see you shiver in the wind. Catch your thoughts, seal my mind. Visionary - breaking down walls of ice and stone and time and thought.
    • Visionary
  • Time rushes by. Some blur memories, then we fly.
    • Drowning (In London Town)

Play Me (2005) edit

  • When she walked through me, all I could do was watch and say "Hey, hey-hey, hey".
    • Hey, hey-hey, hey
  • Have you laughed your laughs, my friend? Will you ever fall in love again?
    • Play Me
  • Crawling on your knees through the desert sand. Your dress is torn and blood on your hand. The Southern Cross, a giant tower of light. Your silhouette, your laughter - then your bite! I feel real.
    • I Feel Real
  • The world's all gone to pieces - Hangin' upside down. You might as well deep-freeze us until the cure is found. And every time the sun - And every time the sun, that blazing, callous gun, will rise again.
    • Everytime The Sun
  • Thinking of your smile makes me crawl for a mile through the rain, you know.
    • Light Is Dark
  • Nothing we can't buy: rhino-horn with ham
    • Evacuate Me
  • Give your heart to the devil - you get a cell phone for free, yah! Bigger, faster and louder - Pretend we cannot see
    • Dull Blue Eyes
  • A craving for the haven that is on no maps
    • The Sad Songs

All Around The World (2008) edit

To be able to run, you gotta learn how to walk with these demons inside.
  • Oceans of time passing through space, beings and things – come and slip away. Like tears in a stream drift into the sea, no shape, no soul – faint memories of dreams.
    • All Your Heroes Are Dead
  • I’m going down in the 7th round of this fight that I thought was just a joke.
    • Anything You Want
  • Sunny’s with him on the run - his friend Sunny is a gun.
    • Bite The Dog
  • To be able to run you gotta learn how to walk with these demons inside.
    • All Around The World
  • Countries, borders, anthems and flags keep us apart those ancient gags. All their speeches, adverts and hymns to feed their greed and keep us dim. Call me insane, call me brave, but I won't slave for the pharaoh's grave. I’d rather dance my life away for this could be our final day.
    • I'll Be Your Man
  • Limousines and pearls - she wants to rule the world. Assassins in the brain - the white light leaves no stain. Money in his hand - waiting for the man, who’ll steal his soul away. This is our last dance!
    • Killing Games
  • Tonight, I saw a star breaking through the clouds, oblivious to its light – just like you.
    • Starry Night

Breathing Dreams (2011) edit

  • His thoughts are flowing like a straightened river into the ocean.
    • Demian
  • Every day that you’re gone, I think of you. The colours of your portrait never dry.
    • In Every Place
  • When your eyes are shut, you start seeing in ways that we’ve always known! Living so many ways of shaping these days - and feel those rays warm the skin on our face.
    • Atlantis
  • Holding on to the same old ground, when all inside is screaming ‘out’!
    • Breathing Dreams
  • Our mirrors are you and me and through them, we learn to see.
    • Apollo
  • All these days that I strive so hard to calm the waves of the oceans and seas with the palm of my hand. Every day like a lifetime – oh, save me a piece, a piece of the cake. Past, just like a haze – trying all so hard to cling to fake. And still, I haven’t worked it out that there’s nothing to work out. Still, I haven’t worked it out that there’s nothing, there’s nothing
    • Still
  • As the number plates drift by, my restless scanning eyes search for you.
    • Not About You
  • Fake-flower-flattery, broken glass, ancient rituals - a farce. I close my eyes and gaze at the stars. Fatal scent engraved on the brain, crumpled words spring to life in the rain, shape a face or just a stain. You come, you go and all this time, I strive, I die, I fall in love. And all that is new, is just another you.
    • Another Me And You
  • You’ve taught me to blend in, wearing your fake cobra skin; It fits so tight, I can’t breathe in, but you make me hang in. Oh, every time and time again, you aim to stop my fire with paraffin. And while I play the mandolin, you’re dancing with Rumpelstiltskin; Oh, I can hold my breath for longer than you think.
    • Hold My Breath

Siren Terpsichore (2012) edit

  • Soon, the red of dawn will rise and you and I will close our eyes; Escape together from the light until we meet again tonight. I wanna see you in the night.
    • See You In The Night
  • Have you danced in the rain - seen all your money go down the drain? Picked yourself up with nothing to lose? Let someone else sing the blues! Ride this crazy life – day by day!
    • Day By Day
  • You walk with shoes on fire while you complain about the smoke.
    • You Just Need To Go
  • Smile at strangers on the London tube.
    • Angie Blue

At Last (2014) edit

  • Oh, the teachers told me he is real. Yeah, the preachers told me he is real. If you buy into, into their fear, oh, the devil is real in your mind.
    • The Devil Is Real In Your Mind
  • This time something’s wrong. This time I hear no song. This time, I feel this could be real, this could be love.
    • This Could Be Love
  • I finally came to see that all I ever was and all I’ll ever be is always here.
    • Forevermore
  • There’s no such thing as fairness; There must be other plans for us. No existence of justice; Our laws just build walls between us. There’s no such thing as freedom from the results of our deeds. No easy way in or out of this life, no escape from our needs.
    • Disillusion Blues
  • Why, people chasing their tails, day in day out; Stepping on each other’s dreams; Trying to buy something that can’t be bought - until their lights are out.
    • Until Their Lights Are Out (Alien Blues)

Love Swings (2015) edit

Your flair, your style, your élègance: No matter where we are, it feels like France.
  • Your flair, your style, your élègance: No matter where we are, it feels like France.
    • Feels Like France
  • After all to have it all, feel 10ft tall and one with all in this moment.
    • Love Swings
  • Just a flash of a second of the age of the world to live this life we’ve been beckoned for our souls to unfurl. Paint on this canvas with all the colours that we know and then add some more from the magical unknown. Round and round, along the spiral, on this path supreme, spawn the sound of the cycle, called forth by our being. Oh, polish this gemstone from all sides thereof, until it shines oh so brightly in the light of love.
    • Light Of Love

Gold Rush (2017) edit

  • Beyond the rush of anger, beyond all preconceptions, past the noise of our fears - oh, something connects us all right here!
    • Riding On The Storm
  • Everyone has a life. That’s how it seems on the screens.
    • Forgotten
  • It ain't the gold in your pockets - with everyone starving in rags. It ain't the size of your rockets - with all your foes in black bags. 'Cause carnival's in town from Sunday to Sunday. And everything's upside down, with rainbows in fun grey.
    • Wishful

Dragons (2020) edit

Singer Ike Moriz on 'Dragons Tour 2022' at castle Reinbek, Germany, 6. July 2022
  • Prescribed so many pills and each and everyone just kills. Are we now Jekyll or Hyde?
    • Sound Apocalypse
  • There’re no more dangerous rhymes in these dangerous times, 'cause danger is all we breed.
    • Dangerous Rhymes
  • Oceans of blue embracing the land: A drop at a time, igniting the sand.
    • City Lights

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