Ignazio Silone

Italian author and politician (1900-1978)

Ignazio Silone (1 May 1900 – 22 August 1978) was the pseudonym of Secondino Tranquilli, an Italian author and politician.

Ignazio Silone


"Political regimes come and go, but bad habits endure." (alt trans = 'remain') The Choice of Comrades (Dissent: Winter 1955)


  • This reminded me of what Ignazio Silone said in 1945 soon after he returned to Italy from his Zurich exile: "The Fascism of tomorrow will never say 'I am Fascism.' It will say: 'I am anti-Fascism.'"
    • François Bondy, "European Notebook", Encounter, vol. 47 (1976), p. 51.
    • Variant: When I met him in Geneva on the day of his scheduled return home after the long exile in Switzerland, Silone said abruptly: "If at a future moment fascism will return, it will not be so stupid as to say: 'I am fascism.' It will say: 'I am antifascism.'" – "Ignazio Silone: In Memoriam", The Washington Quarterly, vol. 2, issue 2 (1979).

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