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Ignacy Domeyko

Polish mineralogist and geologist
Ignacy Domeyko

Ignacy Domeyko (July 31, 1802 – January 23, 1889) was a Polish geologist, mineralogist and educator. Domeyko spent most of his life, and died, in his adopted country, Chile.


  • I can still feel within me the strength and readiness for hardship and suffering, yet I would like to live long enough to see the day when I might freely work for Poland, and not wander aimlessly through God knows what land.[...] And if death finds me working on alien soil, this too will not be without profit for Poland, particularly if among some distant tribe, the farthest possible from our country, they will remember a Pole, will wish Poland well, and will be supportive toward her.
    • From Listy do Władysława Laskowicza (Letters to Władysław Laskowicz), Warsaw, Pax, 1976.

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