Iggy Arbuckle

television series

Iggy Arbuckle is a Canadian animated children's television series, shown on Teletoon (Canada), ABC Kids (Australia) and Jetix UK (United Kingdom). The show is about a white pig with the same name as the title, who is a special, fictional type of forest ranger called a "Pig Ranger".

Quotes by episode

Iggy: Okay, I’m convinced! A volcano is not the best place for a picnic!
Jiggers: A volcano is not the best place for anything!

Zoop: You know, I'm all for trying new things and everything, but wouldn't it be better to use actual dogs to pull a dog sled?
Iggy: These tortoises are specially trained!
Jiggers: And, no one else answered our ad.[1]

The Things We Do for Mud/How Much Wood Can a Wood Pecker Peck?

Iggy: And what are you supposed to do when you happen upon a nest of condor eggs?
Catfish Stu: Beat them until they're light and fluffy! [Iggy and Jiggers gasp]
Robear: Non non non non! Zat is ze pancake recipe!
Robert: Oh! Sorry, sorry... [Begins reading the correct instructions]

The Beaver Who Would be King/I am Iggy, Hear Me Snore

Jiggers: [Upon realizing his adjustments to Old Rusty caused Iggy's nasal septum to get displaced, which led to Iggy's snoring] I hereby relinquish any claim to geni - uh - osity!!

Idle Worship/There's Something About Berries

Iggy: We're going to head to Mango Tango Beach!
Jiggers: I wonder if I have time to update my will?

Spiff: [To the geese] Hey, take it easy! Don't have a hissy fit, just picking up trash here! And speaking of trash, [leans in] do I ever have some trashy gossip! [The geese are interested] You know the black swan over the pond? She's been dying her feathers for years! Of course, she's not the only one around here with secrets...

Iggy: Okay Jig, on the count of three! One, two -
Jiggers: Two and a half, two and three quarters...
Iggy: [Rolls eyes] Go! [Both try to flip into the bushes via shovels used as catapults, and land on the window]
Jiggers: Iggy? Just so you know, I'm picking the next plan.

Catfish Stu: Nice try fellas, but you've got to get up early in the morning to fool this catfish.
Iggy: It is early in the morning, Stu.
Stu: My point is that you lost, and I won! Now go away, my chef is here, and you're not invited to breakfast!

Iggy: Okay, Plan B. We don't have a Plan B! Time to come up with a Plan B!
Spiff: Iggy, it's too late.
Jiggers: [Tearfully] No! It can't be! We can still save the bushes before they're turned into Stu's muffins, or jam, or crepes - [brightens up] Is anyone else hungry?

Yawny Come Lately/Petition Impossible

Yawny Yump-A-Lot: I am sick of people making light of my illustrious... illustriousness! You demean my... demeanor!

[Iggy asks the Great Bamzeani what Yawny wants from them]

The Great Bamzeani: [Yahank?] It's the stuff that has been... [Shmeaka] The one who was seen... [Frank] With the chompers that gleam!
Iggy: Hmm... stuff that has been - I think that means ancient history. Chompers that gleam... Jiggers!
Jiggers: What? Just because I have excellent dental hygiene?
Iggy: Your guide on the history of the Kookamunga! That's where the answer lies!

Jiggers: Okay, I checked my history guide, and I found this. Repeat after me: You've...
Crowd: [Balancing on top of each other with their underwear on the outside] You've...
Jiggers: Been...
Crowd: Been...
Jiggers: Yumped!
Crowd: Yumped!
Catfish Stu: What!?
Zoop: What?
Iggy: What?

Catfish Stu: [Upon learning that the new highway will block the tourists from his adventure camp] This highway is an abomination! Give me that! [Takes the petition and forces the crowd to sign]
Iggy: Now that's a first! Stu's actually trying to save the Kookamunga!
Catfish Stu: That's not a signature! It's a scrawl! Write neater!

Paradise Found/Luck Before You Leap

Jiggers: We really appreciate being in your salamander city!
Iggy: Jiggers, they're chameleons.

Jiggers: I don't get it. What's so important about a toothpick?
Iggy: Okay, I'll tell you: Ozwald was my good luck toothpick.
Jiggers and Zoop: Ozwald? [chuckle to each other]
Zoop: Iggy, there's no such thing as luck. There's only karma; whatever you do, good or bad comes back to you.
Iggy: Yeah, you're probably right. [knocks into a stack of cans and stumbles] What do you call that - karma?
Zoop: No; clumsy.

Iggy: We have to get him to open his mouth! Try talking to him. [Begins squawking like a seagull]
Jiggers: Oh please, not that!
Iggy: Oh, you have a better plan? [Resumes squawking]
Jiggers: Fine. [Squawks weakly]
Iggy: Come on Jiggers! Put some umph into it! [Both start squawking loudly] [Jiggers accidentally steps on Iggy's hoof] Ow! Owowowooooowwww! [The seagull opens his beak and flies away]
Jiggers: How did you know "Ow! Owowowooooowwww!!!" was seagull for "Open your mouth!"?

The Fish Who Came for Dinner/Courage Under Fur

Catfish Stu: Helooo! I'm a fish, and I'm thirsty! What's wrong with this picture?

Jiggers: [Catfish Stu belches after drinking a soda] Maybe you ought to cut down on the soda.
Catfish Stu: But hammocking is such thirsty work!
Jiggers: Well at least remember to recycle them!
Catfish Stu: Good idea; I'll definitely take that into consideration!
Jiggers: And could you please use a coaster?
Catfish Stu: [Belches]

Lights, Camera! Distraction!/Fish and Chip off the Old Block

Iggy: You're like a bull in a china shop! [[[wikipedia:List of Iggy Arbuckle characters #Barry Bullevardo|Barry]] begins to cry] Aw, no! I didn't mean it like that!
Barry: I am sorry. I am just sensitive about that term!

Robear: [To the wild animals] Be gone, or I will make a soup out of you! Wis garlic and rhubarb, and ozzer zings zat are none of your business!

Catfish Stu: The kid's a genius! Why can't you two be more like that?
Robear: Because, I am not a pig?
Robert: Oh, uh, I can try boss! Uh, meow! Meow! [Robear smacks him]

Any Friend of Yours/Miner Misfortunes

Iggy: [Catfish Stu has said he will hire a mining crew to work the gold out of the Mine-all Mine] We have to stop him! We'll appeal to his sense of decency!
Jiggers: You might want to have a Plan B.

The Way of the Skunk/I Fought the Laundromat


Tower of Beaver/A Bird in the Hoof

Zoop: Do we have to be called "firefighters"? It sounds so pushy!
Spiff: What about "hose-warriors"?
Zoop: That's even worse! How about "fire counsellors"?
Spiff: We're supposed to extinguish the fire, not listen to its problems.
Iggy: [Across the street; he is checking the alarms in all of the buildings] Uh, I have a problem! I'm half done and you haven't even started!

Catfish Stu: [Seeing that his kelp burgers have caught on fire] My kelp burgers!
[The fire explodes everywhere.]
Robear: [Even though none of them have been hit] I tink we are supposed to stop, drop, and roll!

Catfish Stu: [As the parrot squawks falsehoods about his camp] Shut up, you crazy parrot!
Robert: [Upon arriving with Robear] Uh, you called, boss?
Robear: [Removes his beret and bows] Oui, Catfish Stu?
Catfish Stu: I said crazy parrot, not lazy ferret!

Iggy: Don't you know that poaching parrots isn't allowed?
Robert: Dah, we're not. We're just losin' him like Catfish Stu said!
[The parrot squawks something.]
Robert: Dat is not true!
Iggy: Then why would he say that? Parrots imitate what they hear; they don't make stuff up!
Robear: Well zis one does! 'E is a very befuddled bird! [Snorts and walks off-screen. He comes back] Okay! [to Robert] You are supposed to walk off and go [snorts again] wis me! You 'ave ruined my exeet!

Prince of the Kookamunga/Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake

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  1. This comment made by Jiggers seems to imply that the turtles were actually able to respond to an ad, even though they do not appear to be anthropomorphized (save for the hats), as they do not speak. This is not the only incident in which a non-anthropomorphized animal in the show has displayed or been implied to have higher intelligence in regards to civilization than would be expected.