Ifeoma Onyefulu

Nigerian children's writer

Ifeoma Onyefulu (born 1959) is a Nigerian children's author, novelist, and photographer. She is best known for her picture books which feature her photographs of village life in Africa.

Quotes edit

  • Travelling has taught me that people are the same all over the world – some irritating, some helpful.
  • The soul (spirit) finds respite in books.
  • I visit Africa as much as I can and all my books have an African setting. I get my ideas from reading, listening to people and observing people too.
  • I don’t have a formula, or a place I can go to get ideas from, for a new book. Usually, ideas come when I least expect them. I could be doing something so boring, like washing up, and bingo, a voice pops up in my head.
    • [1], Ifeoma Onyefulu.

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