Ifeoma Okoye

Nigerian novelist

Ifeoma Okoye is a Nigerian novelist. She was born in Anambra State in Eastern Region, Nigeria. She wrote novels including Behind the Clouds, children's novels, and short stories, such as The Village Boy and Eme Goes to School.


  • Feminism is a laudable theory. I like how it raises our awareness of the discrimination against women, and I sanction the equality of men and women, girl and boy that it advocates.
    • [1] Talking about her view on feminism.
  • As salt is the taste to food so as a healthy communication is the taste to a loving and happy marriage.
    • [2] quotes by Ifeoma Okoye (ify) on quote your quote
  • Selection of adequate and efficient methods of financing, in addition to organisational delivery structure for health services, is essential, if a country is set to achieve its national objective of providing health for all.
    • [3] Ifeoma Okoye quote on healthcare

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