Identity Thief

2013 film by Seth Gordon

Identity Thief is a 2013 American crime comedy film starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. The film is about a man whose identity is stolen by a woman, and he has to track her down.

She's having the time of his life (taglines)

Sandy PattersonEdit

  • Friends don't steal friends' identities, do they?


  • Ya lookin' for these? You're not gonna find 'em, stupid. See ya, Sandy!
  • Dawn Budgie... That's a terrible fucking name.


Sandy Patterson: You're diabolical.
Diana: Thank you.
Sandy Patterson: That's not a compliment.
Diana: I know.

Sandy Patterson: I said no jewelry.
Diana: Oh, were you serious?
Sandy Patterson: Yeah.
Diana: You've got to work on your tone.


  • Is this the face of a thief?
  • Is this the face of a sucker?
  • She's having the time of his life


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