Iddris Sandu

American software engineer

Iddris Sandu

  • "What's happening right now is we are all on Instagram, we are all on Facebook, Snapchat, all these tech giants, and we are letting them control the narrative of how our stories can be told".
  • "If we want to really tell our stories the way they need to be told, we should focus on pushing forward platforms that we create so we can tell our best narratives".
  • “Information is one of the highest forms of class. And that is what keeps people divided. You should be able to think on a higher level, instead of being strictly consumers. And people of colour in particular are more likely to be consumers than creators. It’s really hard to get out of poverty or to change the structure of economic power if you’re always going to be a consumer rather than creating. Shifting that narrative is what I’ve been trying to do. And thus far, it’s worked, it’s successful".For me it always cuts down to purpose. I think alot of people focus on projects with the intent of how their ego can be fueled".
  • "I just want to point out that I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but as for me, I’m on a different mission and purpose.I also just feel like the world already has too much of that going on. This vision i’ve been tasked with is bigger than a single individual and thus, all projects I’m attracted to are ones that have a sense of serving and being of service to societies, communities, and humanity in general
  • "I would credit the philosophies of Dieter Rams stating that less is more, Alan Watts on the simplicity of life, and even Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese way of life which focuses on three basic philosophies; 1)That things are never finished things, 2)Things are never perfect and 3) Nothing ever lasts"
  • Indulge in more solution-based thinking over problem based thinking. The general world doesn’t necessarily thrive on another t-shirt, Instagram post , or social media app. The world needs healing. The world needs solutions to ever-evolving man generated problems. We need the best thinkers working on providing accessibility to everyone rather than for aspirational gain.[1]
  • "The youth are now being burdened to provide solutions to all the problems that they were not responsible to creating in the first place.’ We are born into a broken world, we have to be the clean up crew before we start innovating. It starts with exposure. We must expose our youth instead of educating them. If I’m being taught something, what is the chance that it will be relevant within the next three months, even? The average shelf life of technology is less than one month now. I would much rather expose you to the information I have, and you choose what you want to do with that, then you spread it. In doing so, we can innovate, spread information at a higher rate, and prepare our youth to make changes in this world".