Ichabod Spencer

American minister

Ichabod Spencer (February 23, 1798 – November 23, 1854) was a popular 19th-century American Presbyterian preacher and author.

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Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895) edit

Quotes reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895).

  • You must make your choice whether to hold on to some thing which cannot save you, or let go, and fall into the hands of the Lord.
    • P. 53.
  • You have "done all you could" to save yourself; and yet you have accomplished nothing. Fly, then, to Christ, — to Christ, just as you are, just as unworthy — to Christ now, "while it is called to-day." Be assured you are welcomed to all His benefits.
    • P. 82.
  • There are multitudes in our congregations who are just waiting while they ought to be acting. They must work, if they would have God work in them. There can be no religion without obedience.
    • P. 122.
  • My observation continues to confirm me more and more in the opinion, that to experience religion is to experience the truth of the great doctrines of Divine grace.
    • P. 163.
  • Decision is a vastly important thing with a convicted sinner. He must choose, or he must be lost. If he will not do it, he may expect the Divine Spirit to depart from him, and leave him to his own way.
    • P. 186.
  • Disordered nerves are the origin of much religious despair, when the individual does not suspect it; and then the body and mind have a reciprocal influence upon each other, and it is difficult to tell which influences the other most. The physician is often blamed, when the fault lies with the minister. Depression never benefits body or soul. We are saved by hope.
    • P. 191.
  • He who is false to present duty breaks a thread in the loom, and will see the defect when the weavingof a life-time is unrolled. Neglect of one duty often renders us unfit for another. God "is a rewarder," and one great principle on which He dispenses His rewards is this — through our faithfulness in one thing He bestows grace upon us to be faithful in another.
    • P. 201.
  • It is a great truth, "God reigns," and therefore grace reigns through righteousness unto eternal life, by Jesus Christ our Lord; and, therefore, no sinner on earth need ever despair.
    • P. 284.
  • There is no reason to believe that the Holy Spirit ever leaves awakened sinners, only as they leave the truth of God for some error or sin.
    • P. 319.
  • The Holy Spirit would lead us to think much upon our own sins. It is a dangerous thing for us to dwell upon the imperfections of others.
    • P. 357.
  • Whoever believes in a God at all, believes in an infinite mystery; and if the existence of God is such an infinite mystery, we can very well expect and afford to have many of His ways mysterious to us.
    • P. 421.
  • Spiritual pride is the worst of all pride, if it is not the worst snare of the devil. The heart is peculiarly deceitful on just this one thing.
    • P. 485.
  • What hinders that you should be a child of God? Is not salvation free? Is not the invitation to it flung out to you on every page of the New Testament? Is not Christ offered to you in all His offices? and are you not welcome to all His benefits if you want them? Is not the Holy Spirit promised to them that ask Him? Nothing can hinder you from being a Christian, but your own worldly, selfish, proud, obstinate, unworthy, and self- righteous heart.
    • P. 527.
  • When a sinner has any just sense of his condition, as alienated from a holy God, he will not be apt to think of the unpardonable sin.
    • P. 553.
  • When he abandoned all attempt to save himself, Jesus Christ saved him. This was all he knew about it. And more, this was all there was about it.
    • P. 591.
  • "Mrs. M., you seem to be very sick." " Yes," said she, "I am dying." "And are you ready to die?" "Sir, God knows I have taken Him at His word, and I am not afraid to die."
    • P. 601.

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