I Declare War (film)

2014 film directed by Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson

I Declare War is a 2012 Canadian action comedy-drama film written and co-directed by Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson. The film, about a group of friends who get together for a game of capture the flag that escalates into violence, was an Official Selection in the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and was given a limited release in U.S. theatres on August 30, 2013.

Directed by Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson. Produced by Patrick Cameron, Robert Wilson and Lewin Webb. Written by Jason Lapeyre.


P.K. Sullivan: Once you're dead, you go home. You can't be interrogated. It's a rule.
Kenney: Fuck the rules. It's too hot for rules.

Wesley Bishop: [he explains to Joker how he got his nickname] Actually, I'm an Altar Boy at St Andrews.
Albert Washington aka Joker: Oh. Ever been buggered?
Wesley Bishop: No, it's an Anglican church.
Albert Washington aka Joker: So, what's the deal with God, Altar Boy?
Wesley Bishop: What do you mean?
Albert Washington aka Joker: What's so great about God?
Wesley Bishop: God is Love.
Albert Washington aka Joker: What the hell does that mean?
Wesley Bishop: God loves you all the time, no matter what.
Albert Washington aka Joker: So?
Wesley Bishop: So, no matter what you do wrong, all you have to do is ask Him to forgive you. And He will. Every time.
Albert Washington aka Joker: Phhhhsh. God is so gay!


  • Siam Yu as Kwon
  • Gage Munroe as P.K.
  • Michael Friend as Skinner.
  • Aidan Gouveia as Quinn.
  • Mackenzie Munro as Jess.
  • Alex Cardillo as Frost.
  • Dyson Fyke as Sikorski.
  • Spencer Howes as Joker.
  • Andy Reid as Wesley.
  • Kolton Stewart as Caleb.
  • Richard Nguyen as BAK.
  • Eric Hanson as Kenney.
  • Alex Wall as Scott.

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