I Am David (film)

2003 film by Paul Feig

I Am David is a 2003 film about a boy who escapes prison camp and slowly discovers the world for the first time while fighting for his survival.

Directed by Paul Feig. Written by Paul Feig, based on the novel by Anne Holm.
Believe in the power to change your destiny.(taglines)


  • When I look at the boy in that painting, I see a very intelligent, very serious person, and a good person. But there’s something about the eyes and the face that seems lost and sad. But that’s as far as I can see because he doesn’t want to let the world see any further.


David: I wish I were dead.
Johannes: Don't ever say that. Don't even think it.
David: Why not? There's nothing good here! What's the point in even staying alive?
Johannes: 'Cause if you're alive you can change things. If you're dead you can't. Do whatever you can to stay alive, no matter what.

David: Johannes. I want to escape. You said that if we weren’t dead we could change things. But how do you know they’re going to let us live?
Johannes: We don’t.
David: Then we should leave while we still can.
Johannes: They’d kill us if we tried.
David: They’re going to kill us anyway. We should do everything we can to stay alive. That’s what you said.
[Johannes is silent.]
David: You’re scared.
Johannes: Yes, I am.
David: I don’t want to be scared anymore, Johannes.
Johannes: Neither do I.

David: Did I just smile at you?
Maria: Yes. How come?
David: I don’t know.
Maria: Is it because you think I look funny?
David: No.
Maria: Then… maybe you love me.

Sophie: David, if there’s something troubling you, I’d very much like to help you if I can.
David: Please… don’t turn me in.
Sophie: Turn you in to whom?
David: To them. To him. To anyone!
Sophie: I wouldn’t dream of turning you in to anybody, for any reason! You’re quite safe here, David. You’re safe!
David: From the guards?
Sophie: From everybody!
David: I want to tell you everything, Sophie… but I can’t. I just can’t.
Sophie: David, you don’t have to tell me anything. I just want you to know that you’re safe here, and that everything will be all right.

David: I am David.
David’s mother: I know, David. I know.


  • Believe in the power to change your destiny


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