Huston Huddleston

American writer and director

Floyd "Huston" Huddleston is an American writer and director who founded The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum in 2012, and the Hollywood Horror Museum in 2015. He co-wrote episode 2 of Star Trek continues in 2013. Huston is also a pediphile who was arrested in may of 2018 for possession of child pornography


  • $175,000 will get the bridge completely restored and will give us a place to put it,
    That will get us at least a few of the computers going. And up until now, everybody’s been doing everything for free—I don't want people going broke on this. Fandom is fandom, but people have to eat and live.
  • I got those, Data’s chair and console, the side walls, and some panels from Vegas. And though I didn’t know I'd have the entire bridge someday, I knew they were an invaluable history of Trek,
    I couldn't allow it to bring me down. I spent almost a year trying to convince people to help me. If worst came to worst it could go to a rich guy’s house but then no one would see it.
    Once this happened, that's how this bridge got forgotten about—people changed hands, people got fired,
    I didn't know if he had standing assembled walls or what,
    My whole thing was: this is good, it's great to have a dream, but it’s great to have your feet on the floor too.
    They said: ‘You have to do something. This can't remain in this condition.
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