Hung Hsiu-chu

Taiwanese politician

Hung Hsiu-chu (洪秀柱; Hóng Xiùzhù; born 7 April, 1948) is a politician in Taiwan (Republic of China). She was the Chairperson of Kuomintang since 30 March 2016 until 30 June 2017.

If we don't put forward such a proposal (signing a peace pact with Mainland China) and start negotiating with (Mainland) China, how can we know we will not achieve any results?
People should remember history so they can truly cherish what they have now.

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  • The ultimate goal of laws is to educate the society to abide by the law and law by itself can only address the symptoms, but education can reach deep into our heart, which is far more effective to set the society on the right course. So, education is the fundamental solution. Although I am an educator, I am marching toward the same goal as a lawyer and there is no need to feel disappointed.
    • Attributed in: "Vice President" in The Legislative Yuan of Republic of China.
  • In the face of our (KMT) unprecedented, crushing defeat (in 2014 Republic of China local and municipal election), we have no time for a power struggle.
  • Since I'm shouldering this commitment, I will do it with courage and without fear. Being the president of the Republic of China is no simple task.
  • I am accused of deviating from mainstream public opinion simply because I told the truth. Is this really the case?

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