Hugo Medrano

director, playwright, and actor

Hugo Medrano is an Argentinian-born theatre director, playwright, and actor.


  • As an Argentine artist I had to leave my country during the time that many of my artist friends were being “disappeared.” I travelled to Spain and spent my formative years studying and working with leading directors in Madrid. I have been faced with censorship and threats not only in my own country but actually with a play I produced here in DC early in our history that criticized the military dictatorship that was in power in Argentina in the late 1960s…I am just glad that I did not have to become a martyr and that I am able to produce work that helps raise social consciousness about war an oppressive regimes all over the world, and about the need to preserve memory so that we don’t repeat history’s devastating events.
  • …This play is not only about memory, but also a shout for freedom and a testimony to the inhumanity of war anywhere and at any time. Many of our artists and audience members have lived through the horrors of the war in El Salvador, the dirty little war in Argentina, and the long Chilean dictatorship, so this play speaks to them personally.
  • I am constantly recharged by the different artists I work with, by the new challenges we face, and by listening to my inner voice. My trip to the ocean every year gives me great peace, and now that I am a grandfather for the first time, I am thrilled and inspired every day that I see my granddaughter because I have great hope for the future generation.

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