2nd-century BC Chinese treatise

The Huainanzi (淮南子; pinyin Huáinánzǐ, Wade-Giles Huai-nan Tzu; literally "The Masters/Philosophers of Huainan") is a 2nd century BCE Chinese philosophical classic from the Han dynasty that blends Daoist, Confucianist, and Legalist concepts, including theories such as Yin-Yang and the Five Phases. It was written under the patronage of Liu An, King of Huainan, a legendarily prodigious author.

  • Don't fight for peace. Peace will come naturally.
    • Chapter 12.
  • The country that surrenders will have its freedom.
    • Chapter 15.
  • 「百川異源、而皆歸於海」
    • Translation: A hundred rivers, from other sources may they be, shall all return to the sea.
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