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House of Cards (2013-18) is a Netflix original series based on the British miniseries of the same name detailing the rise of a scheming American politician, Congressman Frank Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina's 5th congressional district and House Majority Whip. He is passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, so he initiates an elaborate plan to attain power, aided by his wife Claire Underwood.

Chapter 66 [6.01] edit

Rick Bowman: [discussing threats on Claire's life] There are a lot of threats involving the C-word, ma'am. Lots and lots of the C-word, unfortunately.
Claire Underwood: [wryly] You mean "Claire"?

Claire Underwood: It's not true, what he told you all those years ago: that there are two kinds, useful and useless. There's only one kind. Pain is pain. Francis, I'm done with you. [she opens her hand and releases the bird she was holding] There, no more pain.

Bill Shepherd: [to Claire] There's a bill sitting on your desk, a bill that took years and money to get passed. You sign that, and I know I've got a friend in the White House. If not... then I don't.

Claire Underwood: Are you still there? Whatever Francis told you over the last five years, don't believe it. It's going to be different for you and me. I'm going to tell you the truth.

Claire Underwood: I know, you want to know what really happened to him. A man like Francis doesn't just die. That would be... what's the word? Convenient.

Chapter 67 [6.02] edit

Claire Underwood: [after threatening a politician] I promised myself I wouldn't be like him. That was textbook Francis, wasn't it? But he handed me to them like a shaker of salt, and now they won't let go. This is a wound of their own making.

Doug Stamper: It's Doug Stamper, Madame U.S. Attorney.
U.S. Attorney: How did you get this number?
Doug Stamper: Don't hang up.
U.S. Attorney: The next call I expect is from your lawyer in my office.
Doug Stamper: You really shouldn't.
U.S. Attorney: Mr. Stamper, this is highly...
Doug Stamper: I'm going to recant. [pause] Are you there?
U.S. Attorney: [hesitantly] Yes.
Doug Stamper: I'm going to lay out how this is going to go, and you stop me at any point if I'm wrong. I'm going to recant, which means you're going to need a new prosecutor because you're going to need to recuse yourself so you can testify against me. And this call we're on? Not going to look very good for you. Anything you say in court will be ruled hearsay, and the judge, if he's in a good mood, is going to ask for more evidence, and you and your new prosecutor aren't going to have any. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. This case isn't going to make your career. The case that's going to change your life is the prosecution of Claire Underwood.

Annette Shepherd: [of her late husband] He was a good kisser, I'll give him that. But the rest was so underwhelming. I felt like he wasn't all there, like he wasn't... all in, so to speak. Of course, my first thought - and isn't this true of most women?- was to wonder if it was me, was I somehow less skilled than I like to believe I am.
Claire Underwood: Well, I can't really answer to that, Annette.
Annette Shepherd: I can. It was him. And I bet it was never very different with you. Even you, the blonde goddess. Even with you. Am I right? It's really only dawning on me now, the sacrifice you made. I sort of pity you. What you must have denied yourself all those years.
Claire Underwood: And this is where I tell you to shut your mouth, Annette. You don't know anything about marriage, much less mine.
Annette Shepherd: Tell yourself whatever you want, Claire. We both know the truth.

Claire Underwood: We both lost someone who shaped the course of our lives - for good, but also for ill. And now here we are, unexpectedly free to take a different tack. We can do whatever we want, Doug. We've been entwined, you and I, like it or not, for decades now. I think we deserve to go our separate ways. The only problem is that we have something urgent to attend to called Cathy Durant. And then, we can finally be free. Do what we really want. Do what we need to do. What does Doug Stamper want?
Doug Stamper: Are you trying to erase him? Because you can't.
Claire Underwood: I'm not trying to do anything except be the sitting President of the United States. It's wrong to assume that Francis' ambitions directly aligned with mine, Doug. The best way to not be associated with his questionable deeds is to do good. That's what I plan on doing, anyway. [Stamper laughs] Oh, you find that funny, do you? Well, it's true.
Doug Stamper: I never understood what he saw in you. I mean, the outside, sure, but the inside...
Claire Underwood: LeAnn's death...
Doug Stamper: No! You never cared for her.
Claire Underwood: It wasn't necessary, and I told him so. And yet... Doug, do me a favor. Close your eyes. Please. [he does so, and she puts Frank's cuff links in his hand] He wanted you to have them.

Chapter 68 [6.03] edit

Claire Underwood: [about Usher] I look at him sometimes and picture him at 6 years old. Was he always so deliberative, cautious? I think, "In another life, in some other context, might we have been friends?"

Claire Underwood: The world is either with us or against us, Doug. [brushes his cuff links] Do you think you'll ever wear them?
Doug Stamper: [uncomfortable] It doesn't seem right.
Claire Underwood: You know the last thing he said to me? "Make sure you and Doug take care of each other."

Doug Stamper: Did you think you'd seen the last of me?
Nathan Green: That's the last thing I thought.
Doug Stamper: I'll take that as a compliment.

Claire Underwood: You know, when you left three months ago, I wondered where you'd gone... and then I didn't think of you at all.
Jane Davis: You say that, but I detect pain in your eyes, Madame President. "As a deer longs for streams of water..."
Claire Underwood: " I long for you, God."
Jane Davis: Do you miss him?
Claire Underwood: God? Always.

Chapter 69 [6.04] edit

Mark Usher: We're done here.
Seth Grayson: Sir...
Mark Usher: The Vice President says we're done!

Linda Vasquez: President Walker made sure I had a soft landing. I'm at a university in Colorado where the water is fresh and the air is clean.
Doug Stamper: Sounds dangerous.
Linda Vasquez: It is, to think that clearly.

Claire Underwood: Playing incompetent is so exhausting.

Claire Underwood: Presidents aren't allowed to be human. You have to choose: power or love. That was clear from the beginning. Forgive me, Tom Yates, I'm going to drag you through the mud, deny we ever happened. I'm going to kill you for the second time. Someday you'll rest in peace.

Chapter 70 [6.05] edit

Claire Underwood: Hi. That's quite a snapshot, right? Unique, carefully calibrated. Pain, hysteria, and just a small dose of crazy. Claire Underwood, like they've never seen before. [makes a crying face] It's not actually as easy as it looks. In order for me to make that face, I have to imagine the perfect combination of things. Here's the recipe: First, I have to imagine all the ways that men have tried to manage me my whole life; then, I think of America's worst fear when it comes to a female in the Oval Office; and, finally, my biggest regret - Francis J. Underwood.

Jane Davis: Congratulations, Claire. You've become a problem for everyone.

Duncan Shepherd: Madame President, your dead husband told my mother things - things you don't want the world to know.
Claire Underwood: A dead man's words are worthless, as far as I'm concerned.

Claire Underwood: I hereby solemnly swear to take no prisoners.

Chapter 71 [6.06] edit

Claire Underwood: [about her abortion] The baby was viable. Francis and I as parents were not.

Claire Underwood: The people who know us best know best how to hurt us.

Jane Davis: Machiavelli died in exile. Boss Tweed made a deal with the governor, but in the end was never released. And Nixon was a prisoner of his past until the day he died. All men who had no idea how to walk away.

Doug Stamper: It's not a just world, Tom. But sometimes you have a chance to make the right person pay, even if it's for the wrong crime.

Claire Underwood: It's important to be organized and ruthless. Three piles, I always say: The stuff you wanna keep, the stuff you might need later that you put in storage, and the stuff you have to destroy.

Chapter 72 [6.07] edit

Claire Underwood: I want every door to be wide open, and stay that way.

Doug Stamper: Let me ask you something, Nathan. After all this time, all these years together, everything we did for Frank - stuff with Lucas, Macallen, the terrorist kid, everything we ever did - are you seriously telling me you're going to choose her?
Nathan Green: Literally all I care about is getting out of this alive.
Doug Stamper: [opens the car door] Get in.

Claire Underwood: [to her unborn child] Oh, no, no, no, sweetheart - I will not reap what your father has sown.

Claire Underwood: This is treason, Brett. Somebody will go down for it. So I guess the real question is, will you? Because I know the chair in this room you're gunning for is not the one your ass is currently warming.

Annette Shepherd: We'll make her a martyr, a victim of the times. A feminist icon. God, she might even end up on a coin.

Chapter 73 [6.08] edit

Claire Underwood: I like the sound of your voice, Doug. It's so soothing. I never really thought about it before, but in just this way you remind me of Francis. The one thing I really miss is his voice. It was always my favorite thing about him. No matter what he would say, the sound of his voice made me feel that everything was going to be all right.
Doug Stamper: It's not.

Claire Underwood: I've always been amused by your arrogance, Viktor. It's like watching some movie, just out of date.

Bill Shepherd: Fat, wasted and distracted. It might be a good night out, but it's no way to live a life.

Doug Stamper: I'm the only one left who knows you, Claire.

Claire Underwood: [after killing Stamper] There. No more pain.