House Arrest

1996 film directed by Harry Winer

House Arrest is a 1996 comedy film starring Kyle Howard, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Pollak. The film tells the story about a group of children who kidnap their parents after learning of their problems with each other and hold them prisoner in a basement in order to force them to reconcile.

Home is where the hostages are.(taglines)


T.J.: My dad treats my mom like dirt.
Matt: And my dad's coming up on his second year with Louise.
Grover: So?
Matt Finley: So he always divorces in his second year, you know that, it's like clockwork.

Gwenna: A lot of people don't dress their age. Phil Donohue did a whole special on...
Donald: Gwern, nobody wants to hear about Phil Donohue.
Cindy: Excuse me, why are you always interrupting her all the time?
Donald: Well I don't think I interrupt her all...
Cindy: How would you like it if somebody interrupted you every time you tried to talk?
Donald: Well like I said, I don't think I interrupt her all...
Cindy: I don't think you respect her very much.
Donald: Respect? That's my wife, of course I respect her.
Gwenna: Actually Don, you're not very nice to me.
Donald: Gwen, I am talking! [to Cindy] You're one to talk about respect. You think your daughter respects you? You dress like you're 12...
[Gwen shoves a piece of cake in his face]


  • Home is where the hostages are.
  • There's More Than One Way To Keep A Marriage Together...
  • Ever wanted to spend your parents to their room?


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