Hotline Miami

2012 video game

Hotline Miami is a 2012 2D top down action video game developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital. The player controls Jacket, who is hired by the organization Fifty Blessings and coerced with strange phone calls into killing Russian Mafia members due to Fifty Blessings anti-Russian idealism. The game takes place in Miami, Florida during the late 1980s in a psychedelic haze. Jacket wears animal masks to disguise himself when infiltrating and eliminating the Russian Mafia's hideouts, each one granting him different special abilities. The game developers stated that the game was heavily influenced by movies such as Drive and the documentary Cocaine Cowboys.


  • Look at my face. We've met before...
  • I think our time is up... but we'll meet again. Before you go, here's four questions to ponder.
  • Question number one: Do you like hurting other people?
  • Question number two: Who are leaving messages on your answering machine?
  • Question number three: Where are you right now?
  • And the final question: Why are we having this conversation?
  • That's all for now. See you soon...


  • You're no guest of mine!
  • You're not a nice person, are you?
  • I see that my opinion of you doesn't matter.
  • If you insist on returning here, then I should leave!

Don JuanEdit

  • Oh, you don't know who you are?
  • Maybe we should leave it that way?
  • A picture is starting to form here...
  • Some pieces don't quite seem to fit.
  • Or maybe I just don't like the way it looks.
  • Some things work out best when you don't try so hard.
  • No matter who you are, bearing too much weight...
  • Inevitably leads to the collapse of everything.

Side CharactersEdit


  • You don't look well, sir. Are you alright?
  • Oh, you don't need to order, your pizzas already done.
  • It's like it's from a movie or something, right?
  • So, out for a midnight snack, huh?
  • Sounds like a scene straight from a slasher flick, heh!
  • Oh, don't worry about it. It's on the house...


  • Why don't you finish what you've started?


  • I want out! And you're gonna tell me how!
  • Get out of here if you don't want to die!
  • You're dead meat...
  • This... This can't be happening...
  • You had your chance.
  • I looked through your computer upstairs.


  • What do you want?...
  • Well, let's get this over with then...


  • How the hell did you figure that out?
  • Wake up, man. Don't you see that this is a country at war?

The FatherEdit

  • So why don't we get this over with?
  • And who do we have here? ...
  • Now I want to see who is behind that mask!
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