Hope Cynthia Sadza

Former Vice Chancellor of Women`s University in Africa

Professor Hope Cynthia Sadza and Dr.Fay Chung co-founded the Women`s University in Africa in Zimbabwe in 2002 . Professor Sadza started off as a school teacher in 1964. Post-Independence she became Registrar of Apprenticeship Authority in the Ministry of Manpower Planning and Development. She is one of the founding Directors of the Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration & Management (ZIPAM) in 1987 to 1989. Professor Sadza was the Vice Chancellor of Women`s University in Africa until her retirement in 2021. Women`s University in Africa was established to improve the gender disparities in education in Zimbabwe and surrounding African countries. Professor Sadza has published many publications with emphasis on gender.https://businessmail.co zw>business.

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• I feel what I have achieved could have been achieved by any other hard working woman. Accomplishment can only be realised through hard work. I read voraciously and feel if I am not reading or writing I am wasting God`s time.

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With a great vision for the Women`s University in Africa (WUA), Sadza believes that women can accomplish more if given equal opportunities in education.

• It has never been easy for the girl child to make it in the conventional “men`s world” This woman has been through it all and the adage that success is not a tree to be climbed with hands in the pocket “ rings true of Dr. Sadza •* https://theindipendent.co.zw /women of substance-Sadza making dreams come true for women

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