Hong Kong Police Force

law enforcement agency of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) is the primary law enforcement, investigation agency, and largest disciplined service under the Security Bureau of Hong Kong. It was established by the British Hong Kong government on 1 May 1844. The 'Royal' title was bestowed upon the HKPF for its efforts in quelling communist riots in 1967. The Royal Hong Kong Police Force (RHKP) reverted to its former name after the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to People's Republic of China in 1997.


  • We appreciate the effort made by the Hong Kong police.
    • Elizabeth Quat, a member of the Legislative Council. 葛珮帆 Elizabeth Quat (in zh-Hans). www.facebook.com. Retrieved on 2019-12-09.
  • Hong Kong authorities shouldn’t use unlawful force to suppress peaceful protests.
  • It is ridiculous for those who maintain the laws to apologize.

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