Honey and Clover

Japanese manga series

Honey and Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Chika Umino.

Honey & Clover Vol. 7

Professor Hanamoto: What makes a child is the belief that grownups know absolutely everything. Yeah, right. And then you grow up yourself, and what the hell changes? You start feeling aches and pains, maybe. Or you run out of breath climbing the stairs. Big deal. And you always want to go back. And would, if you could. But you don't even know where it is you'd go back to.

Ayu: But don't you ever get lonely, sensei?
Professor Hanamoto: Hm? Sure I do. But it's just loneliness. Nothing more and nothing less. It kinda rushes over you sometimes, like a wave. But then it recedes again. It's just this continual ebb and flow.
Ayu: Forever … and … ever?
Professor Hanamoto: Well, once you a while you get a tsunami-sized one that'll wrench your heart out and smash it onto the rocks. You have nights where you howl with anguish and desolation. Yeah, you get those once in a while too. But hey … it's just loneliness. It doesn't kill you or anything.
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