Honey (2003 film)

2003 film directed by Bille Woodruff
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Honey is a 2003 dance film about a dancer named Honey Daniels.  It was released by Universal Pictures and followed in 2011 by a sequel, Honey 2.

Written by Alonzo Brown and Kim Watson, directed by Bille Woodruff.
Her dream.  Her terms. (taglines)

Honey DanielsEdit

  • Your flavour's hot.
  • It was everything I always wanted.  But when I had got it, it felt like nothing, less than nothing.
  • I want you to fire them.  I want you to tell them why you're not using them.

Missy ElliottEdit

You need to call MC Hammer and let him know you're stealing his stuff.

Gina Template:User WikiProject Articles for creationEdit

  • Honey, you got skills.  And that's gonna take you places.
  • You say that like you never heard of Monica Lewinsky.
  • Well, there's only one world: the real world.  And in that world, if a man takes a woman out on a Friday night in her hooker heels and she can't bring her homegirl, he trying to get some booty.


  • Barber:  Let us pray.  Heavenly Father, please bless Chaz with game immediately.
  • Mrs. Daniels:  But hip hop can't take you the places where ballet can.
  • Katrina:  I don't owe anybody anything, especially not some Section 8, no rhythm-havin' club ho'.  People pay me to dance.  Be gone.
  • Chaz:  I found something that I truly love, that truly makes me happy.  That's a million times better than something that makes you rich.


Chaz:  Besides, I never mess up a kid's head, especially when his mom's in the shop.
Honey:  [laughs]  He's eight.  That would have made me fourteen.  I'm not that kind of girl.

Gina:  Well, he's fine.  Why you duckin'?
Honey:  I'm not duckin'!
Gina:  You duckin'!  You duckin' like a bobblehead!

Michael Ellis:  Oh, I see.  I see.  You're one of those.
Honey:  I'm not one of anything.  I'm just not up for this.

Honey:  Oh, I forgot.  I'm suppose to see all the beautiful things in this world.
Mrs. Daniels:  Well, there's nothing wrong with my wanting that for you.
Honey:  No, but what about what I want?

[Missy Elliott isn't impressed by Katrina's overall performance]
Missy: No. No.
[Katrina gives the hand signal the DJ, Lenny, to stop playing music.]
Missy: What is this... this? [mimicking Katrina's moves in displeasure] Let me tell you something, I don't backup dance for Heather Hunter. I don't know what kind of pornography y'all got going on. This has to be a joke.
[Michael nervously laughs, but Missy has seen his arrogance]
Missy: Anyway, when you get in contact with Honey Daniels, call me. [Faces Katrina] You. You need to call MC Hammer and let him know you're stealing his stuff. Y'all two crazy people in here. Give me my phone. Don't make no sense. That's ridiculous.
Michael: Miss, hold up. I just got an idea.


  • Her dream.  Her terms.

Quotes about the filmEdit

  • "Honey" doesn't have a shred of originality (except for the high-energy choreography), but there's something fundamentally reassuring about a movie that respects ancient formulas; it's like a landmark preservation program.
  • "Honey" has the shelf life of a dented milk carton.  Pop culture movies in general age rapidly due to ever-changing slang and fashions (example: try saying "daddy-o" or "you go, girl!" without getting laughed at).  "Honey's" characters talk about earning "big faces" (such as Ben Franklin's, on the $100 bill) and little kids having "flavor" (a.k.a. style) in a manner that already invokes suppressed giggles.
  • "Honey" might not even warrant a footnote, so fans will want to see it quickly, before it antiquates over the weekend.
  • So riddled with limp clichés that it doesn't even qualify as a guilty pleasure.
    • Ernest Hardy, Honey, L.A. Weekly (10 December 2003).
  • There's an entertainingly ludicrous movie lurking somewhere inside of the ludicrous, mediocre one this actually is.
    • Charles Taylor, "Honey," Salon (6 December 2003).


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