Homicide (1991 film)

1991 film by David Mamet

Homicide is a 1991 film about a Jewish homicide detective who investigates a seemingly minor murder and falls in with a Zionist group as a result.

Directed and written by David Mamet.
A good cop caught between loyalty and betrayal.  taglines

Bobby Gold

  • [picks up the phone in the study] Detective Gold. Tim! She- the old lady. She gonna give him up? She gonna give him up? You got her? You worked her around. Fantastic! Oh, fuck me! Why do I always miss it? She said what? Oh, yeah, I'm the linchpin. Big deal. Oh, man. Was it sweet? I would have been there. I'm stuck here with my- my Jews. You should see this fuckin' room. No, fuckin' bullshit. Bunch of high-strung fuckin' bullshit. They pay so much taxes- Fuck 'em. Yo! She did? Fan-fuckin'-tastic! What? Oh, some bullshit. Somebody's taking shots at 'em- hey, fuck 'em. Don't tell me. Don't send the old lady work down there and tell me how you're so surprised. Fuck 'em and the taxes they pay. You tell me. Ten more bucks a week they're makin', lettin' her work down there? [laughs] Hey, not my people, baby. Fuck 'em. There's so much anti-Semitism the last 4,000 years we must be doin' somethin' to bring it about. I'll see you at the house half an hour. Yo, Tim. See you then. [Hangs up and notices that the dead woman's granddaughter is in the room - and has heard everything]

Tim Sullivan

  • Bob, I'm gonna tell you what the old whore said, and this is the truest thing I know: "When you start cumming with the customers, it's time to quit."
  • Hey, you got some... you got some heavy troubles on your mind? Huh, babe? We'll work it out. We'll play some cops and robbers. We'll bust this big criminal. We'll swagger around.
  • [dying] Hey Bobby? Remember that girl?

Robert Randolph

  • Don't die with a lie on your lips, man.
  • Oh, you know, huh? You're one smart kike, ain't you, Mr. Gold? All you forgot is that if you want to kill me, you best come armed.
  • [after being shot] Oh, God... God help me... what did you do to me?


  • Jilly Curran: Hey, FBI don't put you on their Ten-Most-Wanted list till they know where you are and how long you're gonna be there.


Bobby Gold: What happened to the job?
Tim Sullivan: Mm.
Bobby Gold: Fuckin' politics, man, nuthin' but politics. Motherfucker called me a kike...
Tim Sullivan: I heard 'im.
Bobby Gold: Job's changed. It ain't the same job.
Tim Sullivan: Job's the same...
Bobby Gold: Yeah?
Tim Sullivan: People dyin', people killin' 'em. How's your head? Sonofabitch whopped you a good one.
Bobby Gold: Yeah.
Tim Sullivan: We get to the gym... that sonofabitch whopped you mean, you're gi'in a, bump on there. Here, uh... put the, put the meat on it, from my lunch. Put the meat on it.
Bobby Gold: You're kiddin'...
Tim Sullivan: Nah, it's... draw it. Really.
Bobby Gold: Hey what dont'chu know?
Tim Sullivan: Innit?
Bobby Gold: You are one smart Indian.

Bobby Gold: Man's got no call to question my loyalty.
Tim Sullivan: How's your head?
Bobby Gold: He had no fuckin' call to get racial on me.
Tim Sullivan: So he called you one, you called him one. We get to the gym...
Bobby Gold: Sonofabitch is gonna go.
Tim Sullivan: Yeah, I feel it too.
Bobby Gold: Piece'a cake.
Tim Sullivan: Either piece'a cake or a slice'a life, you notice that?
Bobby Gold: Yeah, I've remarked that, ain't that the truth?
Tim Sullivan: That is the truth.
Bobby Gold: We could've brought the sonofabitch with a knock onna door.
Tim Sullivan: Well let's go bring him in then.
Bobby Gold: That's right.
Tim Sullivan: Garner summa them kudos n' all that they got.
Bobby Gold: That's right. FBI, man...
Tim Sullivan: That's right.
Bobby Gold: FBI could fuck up a baked potato.
Tim Sullivan: F-B-I, couldn't find Joe Louis inna bowl of rice. Know what's needed here?
Bobby Gold: What, Sully?
Tim Sullivan: Police work.
Bobby Gold: Yeah. Summa that police work that people talk about.

Tim Sullivan: What is this?
Bobby Gold: That's the strap the guy tore off my holster.
Tim Sullivan: Well, go get it fixed, will ya? Go take a cooling walk- somethin'.
Bobby Gold: You mad at me?
Tim Sullivan: Yeah, I'm mad at you! I'm not gonna invite you to my birthday party! You dumb kike. Go get your holster fixed.

Bobby Gold: You sorry fucking sack of shit. You shot my partner.
Robert Randolph: Yeah, man, and you could have paid me back if you would have brought your gun. That was your mistake, man.


  • A good cop caught between loyalty and betrayal.
  • Powerful. Provacative. Controversial.
  • Detective Robert Gold. Whatever he chooses to do is going to be wrong. He still has to make a choice.
  • Bob Gold is a cop. A good cop. But tonight, he will betray his friends.
  • Bob Gold is a cop. A good cop. But tonight, he will betray his friends, disgrace the force, and commit an act of violence because he believes it is the only right thing to do.


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