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Homeland (2011–2020) is a drama/thriller series, that formerly aired on Showtime, about a Central Intelligence Agency officer who has come to believe that a U.S. Marine, who was held captive by Al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, was turned by the enemy and now threatens the United States. The series was developed for American television by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa and is based on the Israeli series Hatufim (English title: Prisoners of War) created by Gideon Raff.

Season 1 edit

Pilot [1.01] edit

Saul: What were his exact words, please?
Carrie: An American prisoner of war has been turned.
Saul: He said this in English?
Carrie: Yes, he whispered it into my ear right before the guards pulled me away.
Saul: Why would he use the expression "turned"?
Carrie: He mentioned turned, working for Abu Nazir.
Saul: Why am I just hearing about this now?
Carrie: Because until ten minutes ago, I didn't know there were any POWs alive in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Saul: So you're suggesting that Abu Nazir planted intelligence on his own safehouse just so we could recover Sergeant Brody?
Carrie: I realize it sounds like a reach.
Saul: To say the least. Why not just drop him near a checkpoint and make it look like he escaped? Why would you sacrifice thirteen trained fighters?
Carrie: Because Abu Nazir is playing the long game. This way no one suspects a thing.
Saul: Except you.
Carrie: Yeah, except me!

Carrie: I-I'm just making sure we don't get hit again.
Saul: Well, I'm glad someone's looking out for the country, Carrie.
Carrie: I'm serious. I-I missed something once before, I won't... I can't let that happen again.
Saul: It was ten years ago. Everyone missed something that day.
Carrie: Yeah, everyone's not me.

Grace [1.02] edit

Jessica: You punched a reporter.
Brody: Oh, he'll live.
Jessica: In front of Chris.
Brody: He'll live, too.

Clean Skin [1.03] edit

Saul: Everyone lies in this business, I accept that. But we all draw lines somewhere, and the two sides of that line are us and them. And whatever we had you and I, whatever trust we built up over a decade of me protecting you and teaching you everything I know, you destroyed it when you lied to me and you treated me like them. Like every other schmuck in this building. So when you say you understand, is that what you mean? Is this interesting?

Brody: They want you to lose faith. Lose faith in your country, which they say is the devil. In your brother marines, who they say aren't coming for you because you have no military value. In your wife, who they say has got her arms wrapped around someone else.

O'Donnell: How do you resist that?
Brody: You can't. Except by believing that those people they want you to renounce, that they're keeping the faith in you and you owe it to them to do the same.
O'Donnell: Semper fidelis.

Semper I [1.04] edit

Mathison: [following suspect] Guy hasn't broken the speed limit once.
Galvez: Does that make him more, or less suspicious?
Mathison: It makes him boring as shit.

Mathison: Why are you being nice to me?
Estes: Do I need a reason?
Mathison: Not unless you want me to believe a word you're saying.

Estes: So tell me what's so important that it couldn't wait.
Berenson: Abu Nazir, David. Remember him? Two horns, long tail, a strong scent of sulfur? I think we found out how he's financing his attack.

  • Nicholas Brody: There's nothing wrong with me.
Jessica: Is that right? You barely sleep, you turn your back on your friends, you scare your children. I mean, you won't even...
Brody: Say it.
Jessica: You can't even fuck your wife!

Blind Spot [1.05] edit

Saul: It's been a very complicated day.
Mira: Your life is a very complicated day.

The Good Soldier [1.06] edit

Carrie: [Carrie and Brody are drunk] Oh, Jesus, we drank too much.
Brody: Yeah, we did.
Carrie: Oh, I hope I don't puke.
Brody: You're gonna puke?
Carrie: No.
Brody: You all right?
Carrie: I'm half Irish.
Brody: The Irish don't puke?
Carrie: Nah. Only when we have to salute the British. [Carrie snorts with laughter]

Wakefield: Here's my question. How come Walker died and you came back alive? What's that about?

Mira: I don't want you to come with me.
Mira: I want to go alone. I need to go alone.
Saul: Why?
Mira: I just do.
Saul: For how long?
Mira: I don't know.
Saul: A week? A month? What?
Mira: I don't know.
Saul: The new job was just a ploy. Your way of letting me down gently.
Mira: Saul... we're like good friends, sharing a house. You do the dishes, I water the garden. You are watching football, I watch cooking shows. You play golf, I do yoga.
Saul: Sounds perfect.

The Weekend [1.07] edit

Achilles Heel [1.08] edit

Crossfire [1.09] edit

Representative Brody [1.10] edit

Saul: Mr. Al-Zahrani, I'd like you to go back to your house now. Put that drawing in your window tonight. Tomorrow afternoon, I'd like you to proceed as you normally would to meet Tom Walker. Okay?
Al-Zahrani: So I'm bait?
Saul: You're bait. You're free to go now.
Al-Zahrani: What happens to me after all of this?
Saul: Go about your business. Live your life. We say nothing to Saudi Intelligence about your connections to Abu Nazir, you say nothing to Abu Nazir about our little get-together. You work for us now. Welcome to the CIA.

Galyean: Al-Zahrani's got diplomatic immunity. That may not mean much to you people, but to us mere mortals in the State Department, that's a serious issue.
Saul: We're not dragging him to Tunisia. We're not waterboarding. We'll be very polite and gentle. I just want to ask him some questions during his lunch hour.
Galyean: CIA's not even supposed to be operating on American soil. It's against your own charter. This is the FBI's job.
Saul: Al-Zahrani's running a terrorist cell out of the Saudi embassy. He and Tom Walker are planning an attack on the United States. Fuck the charter.
Estes: He doesn't mean that.
Saul: Yes, I do.

The Vest [1.11] edit

Brody: [to Dana] I have this feeling things are going to get pretty wild soon. Your mom's going to need you. When I'm not around. Promise me you'll watch out for her.

Carrie: Somewhere down there, there's a tiny sliver of green just taking its time. This is how everything works. You wait. You lay low. And then you come to life.

Marine One [1.12] edit

Brody: [in a recorded message] My name is Nicholas Brody and I'm a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. I have a wife, and two kids, who I love. By the time you watch this, you'll have read a lot of things about me, about what I've done, and so I wanted to explain myself, so that you'll know the truth.

Estes: The world changed, Saul, right under your nose.

Carrie: "[After Saul sends a team of agents to contain her]" Virgil, am I crazy?
Virgil: Look, you know you are.

Season 2 edit

The Smile [2.01] edit

Saul: Thanks for getting back.
Carrie: I'm guessing this isn't a social call.
Saul: No.
Carrie: What's going on?
Saul: I can't talk. We're on an open line, but we need your help. I know, I hate myself for even asking.
Carrie: Well can't it wait until tomorrow?
Saul: I'm afraid not. David Estes is sitting outside your house right now.
Carrie: Well tonight is Thursday. I cook dinner for the family on Thursdays. I'm making vegetable lasagna with vegetables I picked this morning from the garden. [sighs] Don't make me talk to him, Saul. I don't ever want to see him again. I've put all that away.
Saul: Please, Carrie.

David: I want you to know, Carrie, this is much appreciated.
Carrie: Let's just get it over with, okay?
David: [places folder on the table] There's a photo inside I'd like you to take a look at. Do you recognize her?
Carrie: Yeah, I recognize her. Why?
David: Who is she?
Carrie: Fatima Ali, first wife of Abbas Ali.
David: The Hezbollah district commander. How do you know her?
Carrie: I recruited her, that's how.
David: Yet there's no record of her being an asset of yours.
Carrie: I ran her off book.
David: Why?
Carrie: Because I was interested in keeping her alive.

Maggie: Carrie, please. This is crazy.
Carrie: Believe me, I wouldn't be going if I had a choice.
Maggie: You do have a choice. You always have a choice.
Carrie: No, not this time.
Maggie: Carrie, you're just starting to get back on your feet. You're not ready for this.
Carrie: Don't you think I know that?
Maggie: Regular sleep and meals, avoiding stress, a schedule. These are the things that have been working so well for you. At least call Doctor Rosenberg before you make a decision.
Carrie: I've already decided.
Maggie: I don't understand how you can trust these people for one minute after what they did to you.
Carrie: I trust Saul. He'll be there to hold my hand and it's only for a few days.
Maggie: You say this is about patriotism, but we both know that's not the whole story. Part of you wants to do this.

Beirut Is Back [2.02] edit

Carrie: Why did you stop calling, Saul?
Saul: Doctor Rosenberg said I reminded you of work. I was having a deleterious affect on your prognosis.
Carrie: [smiles] That sounds like him.
Saul: Ever think we'd be doing this again?
Carrie: I hoped. I know, I know. Don't get used to it.

Saul: [to Carrie] Hey, your source came through. I won't have you call this anything but a victory.

State of Independence [2.03] edit

Jessica: Was there really a union meeting in your district today?
Brody: Yes.
Jessica: Where? What town? Don't answer that. I don't want to hear another lie.
Brody: I'm not lying.
Jessica: They just roll off your tongue, don't they? One after the other. I really thought we turned a corner this morning. You're hiding something. I can see it in your eyes. Now either you tell me what's going on --
Brody: There's nothing going on --
Jessica: Or I suggest you start looking for a hotel room! And while you're at it, you give this marriage some serious thought, because I don't think I can do this anymore.

Carrie: You're not in Beirut?
Saul: Came straight here from the airport. I hear you were turned away from the debrief at Langley today.
Carrie: I was the one who recovered that intel. He wouldn't even let me present it!
Saul: Well, I can only imagine how shitty that must have felt. Still feels.
Carrie: Before the Beirut trip, I really thought I'd finally found a way to cope with being out of the company.
Saul: Before you dig that hole any deeper, I have to show you something. Is this your computer?
Carrie: Yeah.
Saul: [removes a flash drive from his breast pocket] Here. I'll only fuck it up. That's the one piece of intel recovered in Beirut that Estes and his men haven't seen yet. I came straight from the airport because I think you deserve to see it first.
[Carrie inserts the flash drive and presses play]
Brody: [pre-recorded video] This is Nicholas Brody and I'm a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. People will say I was broken, I was brainwashed. People will say I was turned into a terrorist.
Carrie: Oh my God.
Brody: Taught to hate my country. My actions this day is against such domestic enemies. The vice-president and members of his national security team, who I know to be liars and war criminals --
Carrie: [quietly] I was right.
Brody: -- who are responsible for atrocities they must be held accountable for.
Saul: [whispers] You were right.
Brody: This is about justice for eighty-two children whose deaths were never acknowledged and whose murder is a stain on the soul of this nation.
Carrie: [crying] I was right.

New Car Smell [2.04] edit

Virgil: Well, well, well. Carrie Mathison was right about the red-headed menace.
Carrie: It only took a year for people to believe me.
Max: I believed you. Right from the start.
Carrie: Thank you, Max.
Max: Of course - no one ever asked me.

Virgil: Brody spoke to four people on Capitol Hill, and 12 more at the Virginia Businessmen's Reception.
Max: Plus a guy at a newsstand on K Street.
Carrie: They all go up.
Carrie: How come I've never heard of this guy?
Virgil: Who, Quinn?
Carrie: He was on the floor like me, six years? I never met him.
Virgil: That's because you were in the Middle East!
Carrie: I don't know. Look into him, would you?
Virgil: Oh, sure, I'm not busy.
Carrie: Virgil, just check him out. - Please.

Max: Sweet hardware!
Virgil: Yup. CIA has the best shit.
Quinn: So, who are these guys?
Carrie: Uhm, the same guys who've already watched Brody for 300 hours. Who are you?
Quinn: The guy [who's] running things.
Carrie: [surprised] Is that right?
Saul: [resignedly] Yes. It is.
Quinn: And I don't like surprises.
Carrie: Err, I'm not crazy 'bout them, either.
Quinn: [mockingly] Crazy? Interesting word. --- [shaking hands with Carrie] Peter Quinn.
Carrie: Uh, Carrie.
Quinn: Mathison.
Carrie: Yes. I know.
Quinn: I like your work.
Carrie: [warily] Uh, Peter Quinn from where?
Quinn: Same place as you.
Carrie: Officer?
Quinn: Analyst.
Saul: Estes brought him in.
Carrie: Ah.
Quinn: So. Let's talk shop.
Carrie: [unwilling to take the information for granted] What... How many years?
Quinn: Six at Langley, four on the Venezuela desk.
Carrie: The cartels?
Quinn: Like that. --- Are we done with the meet and greet?
Saul: Yes. Moving on?
Quinn: So, we run a small team on Brody twenty four-seven. My team already hooked into the security cameras in the Rayburn building, tapping his home phone and cell. Anywhere else he goes, we have a man on him.
Virgil: And what team is that?
Quinn: You'll never see them.
Carrie: Saul and I already have a plan.
Quinn: [patronizing] Hold that thought --- Brody has a meeting this morning at the CIA, and we want to throw him a jolt. So we figured go for his Achilles heel. --- Which is you.
Carrie: So I'm in the building. I... I run into him?
Quinn: Let it drop you're back at the CIA. That should trigger his fear that your theory about him is now back in play. And that should send him to his handlers, where you guys... will be there with cameras.
Max: Roger that.
Carrie: Yeah, OK.
Quinn: So, you want to tell us your plan now?
Carrie: Uh, actually, it was the same.
Quinn: The same plan?
Carrie: Same plan. So...
Quinn: [ironically] So... I'm only half a moron.

Quinn: You were fucking him, huh?
Carrie: What?
Quinn: Brody.
Carrie: Who are you fucking?
Quinn: An ER nurse. I'm not that into her.
Carrie: You're pretty mouthy for an analyst.
Quinn: I'm just saying, if he did to me what he did to you, got me fired and made me think I was crazy when I wasn't, sent me off to get my brain zapped, I'd fucking rip his skin off.
Carrie: Well... that's the plan.

Carrie: It reeks, you know.
Brody: My confusion?
Carrie: Your bullshit. We only have a few more minutes alone.
Brody: You still have your twisted theories about me, don't you?
Carrie: Not theories anymore.
Brody: Look, I'm sorry I called. I guess I thought we could be friends.
Carrie: Friends?! Oh, yeah. Do I want to be friends with a demented ex-soldier that hates America? Who decided strapping on a bomb was the answer to what ailed him? Despite his daughter, his son, people who loved him in real life, not in the mind-fuck world of Abu Nazir, who in the end, didn't have the stones to go through with it, but had no problem sending me to the nuthouse. Yeah. No, thanks. I don't think I need a friend like that.
Brody: Okay. Not friends.
Carrie: So what are you going to do now? Are you going to kill me? You going to blame it on rough sex maybe? I mean, how long can you get away with something like that?
Brody: I've had a pretty good run so far.
Carrie: That's true.
Brody: I seem to be good at this, if nothing else.
Carrie: You're special.
Brody: I liked you, Carrie.
Carrie: I loved you.
[Team breaks in and wrestles Brody to the floor, cuffing him]
Carrie: If only the circumstances had been wildly different. You're a disgrace to your nation, Sergeant Nicholas Brody. You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time you pay for that.

Q&A [2.05] edit

Carrie: [to Brody] You broke my heart, you know. Was that easy for you? Was that fun? Because of you, I questioned my own sanity, I had myself admitted to a mental institution. I lost my job, too. I lost my place in the world. I lost everything.

Carrie: [to Brody] It was hearing Dana’s voice that changed your mind, wasn’t it? She asked you to come home and you did. Why? Maybe because… Maybe because you suddenly understood that killing yourself and ruining Dana’s life wouldn’t bring Isa back. Maybe because you knew then how much you loved your own child. Maybe because you were just sick of death. That’s the Brody I’m talking to. That’s the Brody that knows the difference between warfare and terrorism. That’s the Brody I met up in that cabin. That’s the Brody I fell in love with.

A Gettysburg Address [2.06] edit

The Clearing [2.07] edit

Reynolds: [leading Saul to Aileen's cell] This one's a piece of work. A spitter, a hitter, and a shitter.
Saul: That doesn't sound like her.
Reynolds: Then you don't know her too well.

Saul: Aileen?. It's Saul Berenson. We drove from Mexico to D.C. together. I said I might be back if I needed help.
Aileen: Can we talk about this upstairs?
Saul: What's wrong with here?
Aileen: E-Everything.
Saul: It's very urgent.

Carrie: Hi, Brody.
Brody: How does my wife know about Tom Walker?
Carrie: I... I don't know.
Brody: I'll tell you how. Mike Faber. How the fuck does he know? You tell me.
Carrie: Okay, Brody, calm down.
Brody: You came to me, accusing me of lying about Gettysburg. Maybe it's you who's the one that's lying, hmm? Puttin' some bullshit on me.
Carrie: I'm not.
Brody: Why should I believe you?
Mathison: I'll take care of Faber.
Brody: How? How? Have you really got this under control? Because it doesn't seem like it. And what the fuck happened in that shop? How did you lose those six agents?
Carrie: We're investigating that.
Brody: Great. So you're hedging, Roya's hedging. This thing is on, I'm at the center of it, and I'm in the fucking dark!

I'll Fly Away [2.08] edit

Brody: Will you visit me in prison?
Carrie: I'll probably be in the cell next to you.

Brody: I'm more alone than I was in the bottom of that hole in Iraq.

Brody: If that's the last thing I see before they lock me up, it could be worse.

Two Hats [2.09] edit

Saul: [discussing Virgil's findings about Quinn's ascetic lifestyle] He's a CIA analyst. His personal life is a little wanting.

Broken Hearts [2.10] edit

Carrie: You're never gonna leave this country alive.
Nazir: I know, and I don't care.

[Walden is having a heart attack]
Walden: [gasping] Call... an ambulance!
Brody: No.
[Walden clutches at the phone, but Brody moves it away]
Walden: What are you doing?
Brody: You still don't get it, do you? [fierce whisper] I'm killing you.

In Memoriam [2.11] edit

The Choice [2.12] edit

Quinn: So there's no threat to the nation. He'll never rise politically.
Estes: Are you suddenly an analyst, Quinn?
Quinn: No. I'm a guy who kills bad guys.

Quinn: The only reason to kill Brody now is for you. Cover your ass. And the collateral damage will be you wreck a woman you've already wrecked once before. And I ain't doing that.
Estes: Fine. If you're not up to the task...
Quinn: Nothing happens to Brody.
Estes: Or?
Quinn: Or you'll find me back in this bedroom one night. Right back in that chair. Because I'm a guy who kills bad guys.

Saul: [On Brody] He's a man who put on a suicide vest, Carrie. That's who he is, that's who he always will be.
Carrie: I know everything he is, but it's...it's complicated.
Saul: No, it's crystal clear. You cannot be with him.
Carrie: [Angrily] Who are you to say that to me?
Saul: You can do whatever you want. An intelligence officer can't.
Carrie: Don't you think I know that?
Saul: So you're choosing him over us?
Carrie: [Nervously thinks for a moment] I don't know.
Saul: You're throwing your life away.
Carrie: Or maybe I'm just not giving it away to this place. Maybe...Maybe I want other things.
Saul: Like a terrorist in your bed.
Carrie: [Angrily] Maybe I don't want to be alone my whole fucking life!
Saul: Like me?
Carrie: Like you! Because it doesn't look that great, Saul! How does it feel?!
Saul: You don't know a goddamn thing. You're the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I've ever known.
[Saul walks away]

Season 3 edit

Tin Man Is Down [3.01] edit

Carrie: If you're asking 'did he outsmart me?' Yes he did.

Tower of David [3.03] edit

Dr. Richardson: Everywhere you go, other people die, but you always manage to survive. Have you noticed that? You're like a cockroach, still there after the last nuclear bombs go off. You belong here.

Game On [3.04] edit

Carrie: I'm not going to jail.
Leland Bennett: It seems to me you're already there.

The Yoga Play [3.05] edit

Peter: She's on her own, Saul.
Saul: She's always been on her own.

Still Positive [3.06] edit

Javadi:Saul should have instructed you to treat me with more respect than that.

Quinn: This is just the fucking beginning.

Gerontion [3.07] edit

A Red Wheelbarrow [3.08] edit

One Last Thing [3.09] edit

Good Night [3.10] edit

Big Man in Tehran [3.11] edit

The Star [3.12] edit

Carrie: Don't you dare do anything to harm him.
Majid Javadi: You misunderstand me.
Carrie: Do I?
Majid Javadi: You have - from the very beginning. I think you of all people will understand that no-one is just one thing.
Carrie: Where's Brody?
Majid Javadi: In Evin prison
Carrie: I need to see him.
Majid Javadi: You can't. No-one can. He appeared this morning before a military tribunal where he was sentenced to death by hanging.
Carrie: What?
Majid Javadi: I'm afraid so - declared an enemy of the state.
Carrie: Well you're insane if you think that's going to happen. You have to stop it.
Majid Javadi: It's out of my hands Carrie, the public execution is scheduled for tonight.
Carrie: Tonight!
Majid Javadi: Tomorrow to be precise - at 4am just before the call for morning prayer.
Carrie: Well you find a fucking way!
Majid Javadi: Or what? What will you do Carrie? Burn it all down? Everything you worked for? And I don't mean what the CIA has worked for, I mean YOU. The plan is a success. You and Brody pulled it off.
Carrie: Not if he dies.
Majid Javadi: More so if he dies. I ask myself over and over from the moment I knew what you've gone through. The hardships, self-abnegation to lure me in. Why? Why would anyone do that to themselves? Why would you? But I think I know now. It was always about him. That's what you care about. Maybe the only thing. Who Brody is... that's for Allah to know. But what he did - there can't be no debate. It was astonishing and undeniable, and what you wanted which was for everyone to see in him what you see. That has happened. Everyone see's him through your eyes now. Saul, Lockhart, The President of the United States, even me!
Carrie: Take me to him.
Majid Javadi: I can't.
Carrie: Please
Majid Javadi: He's at peace in his cell. A kind of peace. Let that be.

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