Hollow Man

2000 film directed by Paul Verhoeven

Hollow Man is a 2000 American-German science fiction horror film about a brilliant scientist's discovery that renders him invisible, but transforms him into an omnipotent, dangerous megalomaniac.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven. Written by Andrew W. Marlowe, inspired by H. G. Wells' novel The Invisible Man.
What would you do if you were invisible? How far would you go?taglines

Dr Sebastian Caine edit

  • You don't make history by following the rules, you make it by seizing the moment.
  • It's amazing what you can do when you don't have to look at yourself in the mirror anymore.

Linda McKay edit

  • Let me tell you a little secret. The concept of Sebastian is much more appealing than Sebastian himself.

Matt Kensington edit

  • My 5th grade teacher told me that "Genius is the ability to go from A to D without having to go through B and C." Sebastian can do that, but for me, I gotta have the B and C.

Dialogue edit

Sebastian: Did you ever hear the one about Superman and Wonder Woman?
Matt: Stop clowning around.
Sebastian: No, come on, this is a good one. Superman's flying over Metropolis, right? He's horny as hell and he's checking out the rooftops. And all of a sudden, he sees Wonder Woman sunning herself on the roof of the Justice League. I mean, she is lying there, buck naked, and spread eagle. Looks like she wants to get fucked, right? So Superman starts thinking to himself, "Oh, my God, I gotta get myself some of that wonderpussy." But then, he realizes that he can fly down, do a little fast pumping, he'll be gone before she even sees him. Because he's Superman, right? He's faster than a speeding bullet. So Superman, he swoops down, he fucks her so quick, she doesn't even see him. Wonder Woman sits up and says, "What the fuck was that?", and the Invisible Man says, "I don't know, but my asshole is killing me." That's funny, right?
Matt: Hmm.
Sebastian: C'mon, guys. That's funny.

Linda: Sebastian, do you have any idea what time it is?
Sebastian: Da Vinci never slept. Said it was a waste of time.

Linda: 11 months, and you suddenly come up with it out of the blue. How?
Sebastian: The usual: coffee and Twinkies.

Frank: [over intercom] This is God. You are disturbing the natural order of things, and will be severely punished for all eternity. God has spoken.
Sebastian: How many times I have to tell you, Frank? You're not God. I am.

Janice: [discussing the experiment of turning Sebastian invisible] If it is a snuff film, I got dibs on his Porsche.
Frank: Janice, how can you say that?
Janice: Sorry.
Frank: The Porsche is mine.

Sebastian: Well, your objections have been duly noted and summarily overruled.
Sarah: Yes, sir!
Sebastian: How come when you say "Yes, sir", it kinda sounds like "Fuck you!"?
Sarah: Practice.

Matt: Any last words?
Sebastian: Yeah! If I die, pretend the last words I said were real deep and clever.

Matt: Sebastian, can you hear me?
Sebastian: The lights! Turn off the... lights!
[Linda and Matt turn off the lights]
Sebastian: I can't close my eyes.
Linda: You can, but your eyelids are transparent.
Sebastian: It's weird. I feel the same, but I'm not here.
[Linda pushes on Sebastian's chest]
Linda: You're here.

Janice: So, what's it like being a ghost?
Sebastian: Ghosts are dead. I'm very much alive.

Sebastian: I can't take much more testing.
Matt: I know how hard it is.
Sebastian: Bullshit. You don't know anything.
Matt: This isn't easy for any of us.
Sebastian: Fuck you, Matt! It is easy for you. I was to be in phase-shift for three days. It's been ten fucking days, all right? Ten days of tissue tests, radiation tests, and your fucking needles! I can't fucking take it anymore.
Matt: What I meant was...
Sebastian: Fuck what you meant! And don't ever... Don't ever tell me how hard you have it.

Sebastian: Hey, would you like to know what it's like making love to an invisible man?
Linda: It would just be like old times.
Sebastian: What do you mean?
Linda: You were never there.

Dr. Kramer: I'm going to call out the scientific council.
Matt: Is there anything we can do in the meantime?
Dr. Kramer: How about clearing out your offices?
Linda: For what is worth, we're both very sorry.
Dr. Kramer: It's a little a late for apologies.
Mrs. Kramer: What's the problem?
Dr. Kramer: Just a screw-up at work!
Mrs. Kramer: How bad?
Dr. Kramer: Bad enough to wake up a few Generals.

Frank: You think Sebastian is bad? Just wait 'til our military gets their hands on this.
Sarah: Better our military than someone else's.

About Hollow Man edit

  • I decided after Hollow Man, this is a movie, the first movie that I made that I thought I should not have made. It made money and this and that, but it really is not me anymore. I think many other people could have done that. I don't think many people could have made RoboCop that way, or either Starship Troopers. But Hollow Man, I thought there might have been 20 directors in Hollywood who could have done that. I felt depressed with myself after 2002
    • Paul Verhoeven as quoted by Jordan, Zakarin, (April 23, 2013). "Tribeca: Paul Verhoeven on 'Tricked' and Hollywood - Hollywood Reporter". The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved April 10, 2014.

Taglines edit

  • What would you do if you were invisible? How far would you go?
  • Think You're Alone? Think Again.
  • There's more to fear than you can see
  • You trust your eyes. You rely on your senses. You think you're alone. Think again.
  • Open your eyes
  • Think Invisible, Be Invisible
  • What would you do if you knew you couldn't be seen?
  • If you can't see him, if you can't find him, you can't stop him.

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