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Holland–Dozier–Holland is a songwriting and production team made up of Lamont Dozier and brothers Brian Holland and Edward Holland, Jr. They are considered to be one of the greatest songwriting teams in popular music. The trio wrote, arranged and produced many songs that helped define the Motown sound in the 1960s.

Song lyricsEdit

Note: The artists listed are the original performers of the songs, although many of the songs were subsequently covered by other artists.

  • The love of a women is a wonderful thing (oh yeah),
    Yeah, the way you treat 'em is a crying shame (oh yeah),
    I tell you, fella, yeah, it won't be long (oh yeah),
    Yeah, before these women they all have gone (oh yeah).
  • Hello loneliness, goodbye love
    I'm tired of being abused & being misused
    I've had my share of romance, no more for me
    I'm lockin' up my heart & throwin' away the key.
  • 'Cause now he's hangin' around my door
    More happier than before
    Now you're in misery 'cause you lost him to me
    Now the hurt's on you, now the hurt's on you
    Your little scheme backfired, it's true
    You made bets, any boy you could get.
  • Whenever I'm with him
    Something inside
    Starts to burning
    And I'm filled with desire,
    Could it be the devil in me?
    Or is this the way love's supposed to be?
  • Lum de Lum de la ey
    Lum de Lum de la ey
    This cat named Mickey came from out of town
    He been spreading this new dance all around
    And in just a matter of a few days
    This dance became the new teen craze.
  • Gather round you swingers and friends
    Help me forget my hurt within
    About the only girl I ever loved
    The only one I'm thinkin' of and
    I've gotta dance to keep from crying.
  • You're like quicksand
    Sinking me deeper in love with you
    The more I fight it, the deeper in love I get
    Each time you hold me
    I feel nothing but happiness
    It's not safe loving you this way
    But from your arms, I can't stay.
    • Quicksand, sung by Martha and the Vandellas (1963).
  • Tired of abuses and excuses
    I've made up my mind
    Gonna tell him this time
    We're through, yeah.

    But everything I plan to say
    Just seems to fade away
    Every time I see his face
    My eyes light up
    Sparks start to flying.

    • Live Wire, sung by Martha and the Vandellas (1963).
  • Don't be fooled, by the shyness in his eyes
    Don't you know, he's just a devil in disguise
    So you better run, run, run, run, run, run
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • Listen everybody especially you girls
    Is it right to be left alone while the one you love is never home?
    I love too hard my friends sometimes say
    But I believe, I believe that a woman should be loved that way.

    But it hurts me so inside
    To see her treat me so unkind
    Somebody somewhere tell her it's unfair.

  • I saw the saddest thing, other day.
    When an old man pass my way.
    Walking the streets so all alone.
    All because he had no home.
    But the saddest thing I've ever seen,
    Is a tear from a woman's eye.
  • But in my lonely room
    Tears I don't have to hide
    Cause I just lock my door
    And let myself go and
    Lay right down and cry.
  • Baby, baby, baby
    Baby don't leave me
    Ooh, please don't leave me
    All by myself.

    I've got this burning, burning, yearning
    Feelin' inside me
    Ooh, deep inside me
    And it hurts so bad.

  • Ooh, baby, baby
    Where did our love go?
    Ooh, don't you want me
    Don't you want me no more? Ooh, baby.
    • Where Did Our Love Go.
  • Don't you break my heart
    'Cause I sacrifice to make you happy
    Get nothin' for myself
    Now you wanna leave me
    For the love of someone else
    My pride is all gone, whether right or wrong
    I believe, baby, you'd better keep on keepin' on.
  • Darlin' I can't go on without you
    (and I need you and I want you, baby)
    This emptiness wont let me live without you
    (And I need you and I want you, baby)
    This loneliness inside me darlin'
    (And I need you and I want you, baby)
    Makes me feel half alive
    (And I need you and I)
    • Baby I Need Your Loving.
  • Baby love, my baby love
    I need you, oh how I need you!
    But all you do is treat me bad
    Break my heart and leave me sad
    Tell me, what did I do wrong?
    To make you stay away so long?
  • I've been crying, 'cause I'm lonely for you
    Smiles have all turned to tears
    But tears won't wash away the fears
    That you're never ever gonna return
    To ease the fire that within me burns.
  • You are so wonderful
    That being near you is all I'm living for
    You show me more kindness in little ways
    Than I've ever known in all my days
    Tell me we'll stay together
    Let me love you forever
    'Cause you're a wonderful one
    You're a wonderful one.
  • I needed the shelter of someone's arms
    And there you were
    I needed someone to understand my ups and downs
    And there you were.

    With sweet love and devotion
    Deeply touching my emotions
    I want to stop and thank you baby
    I want to stop and thank you baby.

  • Stop, in the name of love
    Before you break my heart
    Stop, in the name of love
    Before you break my heart.
    Think it over, think it over.
  • Each night as I sleep
    Into my heart you creep
    I wake up feeling sorry I met you
    Hoping soon that I'll forget you

    When I look in the mirror
    And comb my hair
    I see your face
    Just a-smiling there.

  • Oh, but now he's back in my arms again
    Right by my side
    I got him back in my arms again,
    So satisfied.
  • Sugar pie, honey bunch
    You know that I love you
    I can't help myself
    I love you and nobody else.

    In and out my life
    You come and you go
    Leaving just your picture behind
    And I kissed it a thousand times.

  • You're sweet as a honey bee
    But like a honey bee stings
    You've gone and left my heart in pain
    All you left is our favorite song
    The one we danced to all night long
    It used to bring sweet memories
    Of a tender love that used to be.

    Now it's the same old song
    But with a different meaning
    Since you been gone.

  • Whenever you're near
    I hear a symphony
    A tender melody
    Pulling me closer
    Closer to your arms.
  • From this old world I try to hide my face
    But from this loneliness there's no hiding place
    Inside this cold and empty house, I dwell
    In darkness with memories I know so well.
  • Put yourself in my place
    If only for a day
    See if you can stand
    The awful hurt I feel inside

    And, oh, oh
    Put yourself in my place
    For just a little while
    Live through the loneliness
    The endless emptiness I go through.

  • I need love love
    To ease my mind
    I need to find find
    Someone to call mine

    But mama said
    "You can't hurry love,
    No you just have to wait"
    She said "Love don't come easy
    It's a game of give and take."

  • Now, if you feel that you can't go on
    All your hope is gone
    Life is filled with much confusion
    Happiness is just an illusion
    And your world is tumblin' down,

    Darling, reach out,
    Reach out,
    I'll be there to love and shelter you
    I'll be there, I'll always see you through.

  • Set me free, why don't cha, baby
    Get out my life, why don't cha, baby
    'Cause you don't really love me
    You just keep me hangin' on.
    You don't really need me
    But you keep me hangin' on
    You don't really need me
    But you keep me hangin' on.
  • Standing in the shadows of love
    I'm getting ready for the heartaches to come
    Can't you see me standing in the shadows of love
    I'm getting ready for the heartaches to come.
  • Oh Jimmy Mack
    When are you coming back?

    My arms are missing you
    My lips feel the same way too
    I tried so hard to be true
    Like I promised I'd do.

    But this boy
    Keeps coming around
    He's trying to wear
    My resistance down.

    • Jimmy Mack, sung by Martha and the Vandellas (1967).
  • Bernadette,
    People are searching for the kind of love that we possess.
    Some go on searching their whole life through
    And never find the love I've found in you.
  • Through the mirror of my mind
    Time after time
    I see reflections of you and me.

    Reflections of
    The way life used to be.
    Reflections of
    The love you took from me.

  • Give me just a little more time
    And our love will surely grow.

    Life's too short to make a mistake
    Let's think of each other and hesitate
    Young and impatient we may be
    There's no need to act foolishly
    If we part our hearts won't forget it
    Years from now we'll surely regret it.

  • Now that you're gone
    All that's left is a band of gold
    All that's left of the dreams I hold
    Is a band of gold
    And the memories of what love could be
    If you were still here with me.

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