Hiroshi Nagahama

Japanese anime director

Hiroshi Nagahama (March 15, 1970–) is a Japanese animator and director.


  • When you think about it, even little kids can draw the face of Spider-Man. But no one can really draw Bumblebee from Transformers. We've deliberately chosen these designs so even little kids can take a crayon and draw an I or an X and make these characters. We made their characters red and blue so they can pick up one crayon and draw them. This is the simplicity we were going for, so anyone can easily draw these characters. I'm designing these characters as if they were actually American comics, so we are going on the idea that there were simpler designs that gradually became more complex until there's a movie. When they're in a movie, it's even more complicated!
  • Japanese manga is accepted in foreign countries. I could say the opposite is true too: American comics didn't click with Japanese people at first, but compared to 20 years ago, more people in Japan who recognize Spider-Man and Batman. So after Japanese people started to accept American comics, and American people also started to like manga

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