Hirokazu Yasuhara

Japanese video game designer
If the artists or programmers say "no",then that's the answer.

Hirokazu Yasuhara (安原 広和, born October 12, 1965) (also credited as Carol Yas) is a Japanese video game designer.


Gamasutra interview (2008)Edit

Gamasutra - Game Design Psychology: The Full Hirokazu Yasuhara Interview (August 25, 2008)

  • So I come up with some ideas for the programmer to work with,and they decide what's good and what's impossible to implement,based on schedule or programming difficulty.
  • These are all concepts. I make a lot of ideas and inserts.And this is what I just created. I don't write the map by hand anymore;I use illustrator instead to do the map.It has about five layers.
  • I shrink it down by myself,actually.It's up to the schedule,so... If the artists or programmers say "no",then that's the answer. So it's kind of a mix. I always try to push a can-do attitude with them,you know?
  • I always think about all the different elements of what makes something fun.

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