Hilda Dokubo

Nigerian actress

Hilda Dokubo (22 October 1969) is a Nigerian award-winning film actress, activist and youth advocate who once served as special adviser on youth affairs to Peter Odili, a former governor of Rivers State.

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  • I would have become a prostitute, but I became restless and challenged destiny. Your life cannot change for the better if you don’t challenge destiny. Even God challenged destiny
  • It is not enough to say I have the passion and the talent. It’s not even enough to say I have been trained. It takes much more than these to be a grounded actor. And people need to stop some of the things they do, especially when at the end of one reality programme, every participant automatically becomes part of Nollywood. Values such as excellence seem not to matter anymore with awards and recognitions being handed out to just anybody. If we would take care of such things and reward excellence instead of mediocrity, then people would come around to say that we have grown. On the average, I really think we have grown
  • If I say I am satisfied, it means we should not do anything more. If I say I am not satisfied, it will look as if I am greedy. I don’t know where to stand but I think we can do better than we are doing right now. I think we need to discipline ourselves. It’s about commitment. We need to be more committed to serving the people we represent and serving the people who stick with us. I think we need to do more
  • Well, I am a very open person. My private life is my private life; it is what it is. Outside of that, I am not a scandalous person. I don’t like scandals. It’s not by luck, it’s about how I carry myself and how I do the things I do. If you respect yourself, others would respect you. I don’t know any other way that it’s done. I am the same way with everybody. I have too much love inside of me and I have enough to share.
  • Once an artiste, always an artiste. I am not just one of the talented ones; I am also one of the skilled ones, having attended series of training while I have also garnered experience. It is easy to get back to what you have always loved. I guess that’s why and when people know that you have the capacity to do your work and do it well, you don’t have to ask for respect. Respect would find you.
  • We all need support and if you can give it go ahead. Do it and be grateful to God that you have been presented an opportunity to be a blessing to another person. God will truly reward you for every gift you give to the poor…the yam sure will put food in their pots…but this is not acceptable, this is not giving! #stoptheabuse #stoptheabuseofwomen.
  • enoughisenough. Justice is not just ice. Stop throwing the cases and the victims into the freezers until they become ice. We can’t keep burying our children because those who are supposed to be protecting us are busy questioning and blaming the victims.

When those who stood up and demanded justice is counted. Will you be numbered? What will your number be known for? @actionaidnigeria #justiceforallrapevictims

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