Highlander: The Source

2007 film by Brett Leonard

Highlander: The Source is a 2007 film in which Duncan MacLeod and his fellow Immortals quest to locate the Grail of their world.

Directed by Brett Leonard. Written by Stephen Kelvin Watkins and Mark Bradley.
In a world without end, their will is eternal. But a quest for the source of immortality will awaken the Guardian


[Duncan encounters the Guardian of the Source]
[brief pause]
Duncan: What are you?
The Guardian: I'm the Guardian... [puts on a Scottish accent] Duncan MacLeod! You have squandered your precious gift! You could have ruled the world. [normal accent] But you pissed it all away.
Duncan: Have a nice day.

[Meeting with the Elder; an immortal who has been left grotesquely swollen and deformed after misusing the Source]
Elder: There are some things that are worse than death.
Duncan: Apparently.

Reggie: This is holy ground.
The Guardian: Like graveyards? I love 'em! I mean, who wants to live forever? [sings] Who wants to live forever?

Giovanni: This is blasphemy!
Elder: IT... IS... TRUE!

[Duncan has defeated the Guardian, and is ready to kill him]
The Guardian: Do it.
Duncan: I am Duncan MacLeod, of the Clan MacLeod. Who I am, is who I was.
The Guardian: Do it, you immortal fuck!
Anna: Make your choice, Duncan.
The Guardian: Take my head!
Duncan: No. I'm done with this.
[The Guardian screams and explodes]
The Guardian: I am cursed forever!


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