High School DxD (season 1)

High School DxD (2012-present) is an anime series based on a Japanese light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero.

I Got a Girlfriend! [1.1]Edit

[Rias and Akeno play chess after watching over Issei]
Rias: Who was that boy?
Akeno: What boy?
Rias: The kid who was sitting in the middle.
Akeno: Well, I think he's in class 2-B. If I remember right, his name's Issei Hyoudou. Why? What makes you ask about him?
Rias: Oh, nothing. I just wondered if you knew who he was. That's all. Ah. [moves her pawn] Checkmate. Your trap was very easy to see through.
Akeno: Sorry. I did my best to make it harder on you.
Rias: Thanks. I look forward to next time.

I'm Done Being Human! [1.2]Edit

Mrs. Hyoudou: [heads up to Issei's room to wake him up] Issei, it's not National Go to School Whenever You Want Day! Get up! [to herself] Every single morning! Who needs a treadmill when you've got a daily trek up some stairs to yank a grown boy outta bed? This is why I say no juice before bedtime.

I Made a Friend! [1.3]Edit

Issei: [upon meeting Asia] Blonde and busty gets me lusty!

I'm Saving My Friend! [1.4]Edit

[Rias slaps Issei after his last meeting with Asia]
Rias: Let me try one more time. If I say "don't", you don't! You have to forget about Asia. You are a member of the Gremory family now.
Issei: Fine. Then maybe it's time you released me from your household. 'Cause I refuse to just let her go.
Rias: I'm sorry, but I can't do that.
Issei: Of course not. I'm your precious pawn. Can't do without your most important piece, can you?
Rias: That's enough, Issei! Pawns are important. They're not the weakest piece in the game by any means. Do you remember when I told you my Evil Pieces have the same attributes as their characters?
Issei: Yeah, but so what? What can a stupid pawn do?
Rias: In this chess game, quite a bit, if a pawn advances deep enough into the enemy's territory, it can be promoted to any other piece besides the king.
Issei: So does that mean eventually I can have all the same powers as everyone else?
Rias: Yes, but only if the master declares the place as enemy territory. Say, for example, the fallen one's church.

I Will Defeat My Ex-girlfriend! [1.5]Edit

Dohnaseek: It doesn't matter what that moron's abilities are. He doesn't stand a chance against Lady Raynare!
Mittelt: Even if she is his ex-girlfriend! [laughs] Oh, we heard all the tragically lame details of their little fling.
Dohnaseek: Now, stop, Mittelt. You're evil!
Karawarner: What a joke!
[all three fallen angels toss their spears at Rias]
Akeno: Watch out!
[surrounded by red aura and a magic circle, Rias deflects the spears]
Karawarner: She deflected it!
Rias: He's not a joke! No one laughs at my servants!
Akeno: Look what you did now. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to taunt her like that. Whoopsie on you!
[Rias blasts the fallen angels to nothingness]

Akeno: [sweeps up the remains of Raynare's fellow fallen angels] So many feathers. It looks like the forest is molting!

I Work as a Devil! [1.6]Edit

Issei: [wakes up to find a nude Rias at his bedside] I totally wasn't about to grab your ding-dings.

[just as Issei is about to touch Rias' breasts, the rest of the club members enter the room]
Asia: Oh! Hey, there, Issei. I didn't know you were gonna be here.
Kiba: Are we too late?
Koneko: What it do?
Rias: [at the end of her count] 5. Oh, sorry, Issei. It looks like you are outta time.
[Issei gives a shocked look]
Akeno: You look like somebody just kicked you in the balls, honey.
Issei: It sure feels like it.
Rias: [laughs] Issei, you're so ridiculous, do you know that? You cannot possibly be that hard up to cop a feel.
[Issei nods nervously]
Rias: All right. Fine. But this is all you get.
[she embraces Issei]
Issei: You do realize everyone's staring at us, right?
Rias: Next time, do your job well, whether there's a reward or not.
Issei: Yeah, cool.

I Get a Familiar! [1.7]Edit

[in the midst of the dodgeball match, Issei has been struck in the groin; Asia heals it slowly]
Koneko: You better not be getting a chub right now.
Issei: It's got a mind of its own.
Rias: Take good care of him, Asia. We've got a game to finish.
Asia: Will do.
Rias: Come on, you guys. Let's win this one for Issei!
Akeno: Yeah! For his man-bits!
Kiba: For his one-eyed snake!
Koneko: For his sack.
Issei: [confused] Oh, boy. Thank you for the support, everybody.

Issei: Oh, yucky slime! Why did you have to leave me?! I wanted your gazonga-exposing powers to be mine forever!
Koneko: Quit your whining, letch-balls.

I Pick a Fight! [1.8]Edit

[Riser introduces Issei to his team]
Issei: 15! And they're all hot as Hell! Issei hates him so much! [cries] Why can't I be this guy?!
Riser: My dear, why is your servant looking at me and weeping uncontrollably?
Rias: Because his dream is to have a harem.
Ravel: Ew! What a total barbarian.
Riser: [chuckles] Oh, is that so? [to his Queen] Yubelluna?
Yubelluna: Yes, my lord.
[she approaches Riser, and they make out, much to Issei's disgust]
Issei: Damn!
Riser: No matter how long you live, you'll never have what I do. You're just a lower-class devil.
Issei: Shut up! Once I stop sucking at this devil shit, I'll get all the ladies I want, you stupid Phenex-breath! Or should I say Pee-nex-breath?!
Riser: How dare you! It would be best if you remember your place when you speak to me!

I've Begun My Training! [1.9]Edit

The Showdown Begins! [1.10]Edit

The Acclaimed Battle Continues! [1.11]Edit

I'm Here to Keep My Promise! [1.12]Edit

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