High School DxD (season 1)

the first season of High School DxD anime television series

High School DxD (2012-present) is an anime series based on a Japanese light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero.

I Got a Girlfriend! [1.1] edit

[Rias and Akeno play chess after watching over Issei]
Rias: Who was that boy?
Akeno: What boy?
Rias: The kid who was sitting in the middle.
Akeno: Well, I think he's in class 2-B. If I remember right, his name's Issei Hyoudou. Why? What makes you ask about him?
Rias: Oh, nothing. I just wondered if you knew who he was. That's all. Ah. [moves her pawn] Checkmate. Your trap was very easy to see through.
Akeno: Sorry. I did my best to make it harder on you.
Rias: Thanks. I look forward to next time.

I'm Done Being Human! [1.2] edit

Mrs. Hyoudou: [heads up to Issei's room to wake him up] Issei, it's not National Go to School Whenever You Want Day! Get up! [to herself] Every single morning! Who needs a treadmill when you've got a daily trek up some stairs to yank a grown boy outta bed? This is why I say no juice before bedtime.

I Made a Friend! [1.3] edit

Issei: [upon meeting Asia] Blonde and busty gets me lusty!

I'm Saving My Friend! [1.4] edit

[Rias slaps Issei after his last meeting with Asia]
Rias: Let me try one more time. If I say "don't", you don't! You have to forget about Asia. You are a member of the Gremory family now.
Issei: Fine. Then maybe it's time you released me from your household. 'Cause I refuse to just let her go.
Rias: I'm sorry, but I can't do that.
Issei: Of course not. I'm your precious pawn. Can't do without your most important piece, can you?
Rias: That's enough, Issei! Pawns are important. They're not the weakest piece in the game by any means. Do you remember when I told you my Evil Pieces have the same attributes as their characters?
Issei: Yeah, but so what? What can a stupid pawn do?
Rias: In this chess game, quite a bit, if a pawn advances deep enough into the enemy's territory, it can be promoted to any other piece besides the king.
Issei: So does that mean eventually I can have all the same powers as everyone else?
Rias: Yes, but only if the master declares the place as enemy territory. Say, for example, the fallen one's church.

I Will Defeat My Ex-girlfriend! [1.5] edit

Dohnaseek: It doesn't matter what that moron's abilities are. He doesn't stand a chance against Lady Raynare!
Mittelt: Even if she is his ex-girlfriend! [laughs] Oh, we heard all the tragically lame details of their little fling.
Dohnaseek: Now, stop, Mittelt. You're evil!
Karawarner: What a joke!
[all three fallen angels toss their spears at Rias]
Akeno: Watch out!
[surrounded by red aura and a magic circle, Rias deflects the spears]
Karawarner: She deflected it!
Rias: He's not a joke! No one laughs at my servants!
Akeno: Look what you did now. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to taunt her like that. Whoopsie on you!
[Rias blasts the fallen angels to nothingness]

Akeno: [sweeps up the remains of Raynare's fellow fallen angels] So many feathers. It looks like the forest is molting!

I Work as a Devil! [1.6] edit

Issei: [wakes up to find a nude Rias at his bedside] I totally wasn't about to grab your ding-dings.

[just as Issei is about to touch Rias' breasts, the rest of the club members enter the room]
Asia: Oh! Hey, there, Issei. I didn't know you were gonna be here.
Kiba: Are we too late?
Koneko: What it do?
Rias: [at the end of her count] 5. Oh, sorry, Issei. It looks like you are outta time.
[Issei gives a shocked look]
Akeno: You look like somebody just kicked you in the balls, honey.
Issei: It sure feels like it.
Rias: [laughs] Issei, you're so ridiculous, do you know that? You cannot possibly be that hard up to cop a feel.
[Issei nods nervously]
Rias: All right. Fine. But this is all you get.
[she embraces Issei]
Issei: You do realize everyone's staring at us, right?
Rias: Next time, do your job well, whether there's a reward or not.
Issei: Yeah, cool.

I Get a Familiar! [1.7] edit

[in the midst of the dodgeball match, Issei has been struck in the groin; Asia heals it slowly]
Koneko: You better not be getting a chub right now.
Issei: It's got a mind of its own.
Rias: Take good care of him, Asia. We've got a game to finish.
Asia: Will do.
Rias: Come on, you guys. Let's win this one for Issei!
Akeno: Yeah! For his man-bits!
Kiba: For his one-eyed snake!
Koneko: For his sack.
Issei: [confused] Oh, boy. Thank you for the support, everybody.

Issei: Oh, yucky slime! Why did you have to leave me?! I wanted your gazonga-exposing powers to be mine forever!
Koneko: Quit your whining, letch-balls.

I Pick a Fight! [1.8] edit

[Riser introduces Issei to his team]
Issei: 15! And they're all hot as Hell! Issei hates him so much! [cries] Why can't I be this guy?!
Riser: My dear, why is your servant looking at me and weeping uncontrollably?
Rias: Because his dream is to have a harem.
Ravel: Ew! What a total barbarian.
Riser: [chuckles] Oh, is that so? [to his Queen] Yubelluna?
Yubelluna: Yes, my lord.
[she approaches Riser, and they make out, much to Issei's disgust]
Issei: Damn!
Riser: No matter how long you live, you'll never have what I do. You're just a lower-class devil.
Issei: Shut up! Once I stop sucking at this devil shit, I'll get all the ladies I want, you stupid Phenex-breath! Or should I say Pee-nex-breath?!
Riser: How dare you! It would be best if you remember your place when you speak to me!

I've Begun My Training! [1.9] edit

The Showdown Begins! [1.10] edit

Tsubaki: [having seen Issei strip three of Riser's Pawns] What a freak.
Sona: Who knows? Maybe his special move will work. Nothing will stop a girl in her tracks like having her clothes magically ripped off. But you're right. It's a little rapey.

The Acclaimed Battle Continues! [1.11] edit

I'm Here to Keep My Promise! [1.12] edit

[Issei showers Riser with holy water, completely damaging him]
Kiba: Look at Riser!
Sona: The holy water is draining his mental and physical strength. It's preventing him from regenerating!
Akeno: Not even the lord of the House of Phenex can rise from the ashes when his mind's under this kind of attack.
Koneko: His mind?
Tsubaki: Indeed. His body's immortal, but his mind is far from it.

Riser: [on the verge of defeat] No! Stop it! Don't! This engagement's important to the future of all devils! You fool! A mere servant like you has no business getting involved with the affairs of your betters!
Issei: Don't you understand?! I don't care! Rias-- She's the only thing that matters to me! And the fact that you'd force her to be with you, when she obviously hates you! Well, that's reason enough for me to take you out! Suck on this, scumbag!
[he punches Riser in the gut, knocking him out]
Riser: Bastard!

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