High Road to China

1983 film by Brian G. Hutton

High Road To China is a 1983 film, set during World War I, about an alcoholic American biplane pilot who is hired by the spoiled daughter of an industrialist to find her father who disappeared in Asia.

Directed by Brian G. Hutton. Written by Jon Cleary, S. Lee Pogostin and Sandra Weintraub.
Tom Selleck takes you on a high adventure!taglines

Zura edit

  • The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient.

Suleman Khan edit

  • [After O'Malley slaps Eve] I see you know how to treat women! You will join us for dinner.

Dialogue edit

Evie: Which one of you boys would like the honour of loaning me an airplane?
RAF Officer: The RAF would be proud to loan Miss Tozer an aircraft.
Evie: [Blows him a kiss] I'll have it back in two weeks!
RAF Officer: Oh wait a minute, I thought you meant just for the night. Sorry.
Evie: Anyone else? [Pause] No more heroes? So long boys.

Patrick: You wrecked my plane!
Evie: It was always a wreck!

Suleman Khan: You will be my welcome guests for dinner
Struts: Is he going to eat us or feed us?

Patrick: You know, I only made one real mistake.
Evie: What was that?
Patrick: I should have sold you when I had the chance. [kisses her]

Taglines edit

  • Tom Selleck takes you on a high adventure!
  • Take the High Road to China... for an adventure you'll never forget.

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