Herman Vandenburg Ames

American author and academic

Herman Vandenburg Ames (August 7, 1865 – February 7, 1935) was an American legal historian, educator, and documentary preservationist long associated with the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a professor of United States constitutional history and, from 1907 to 1928, dean of its graduate school.


  • ... it would seem that the permanency of the present union [Yugoslavia] is extremely doubtful.
  • Ames, Herman V. (1921). "Dalmatia and Adjacent Lands of the Jugo-Slavs". (delivered to the University of Pennsylvania Free Public Lecture Course on April 7, 1920 and published in University Lectures Delivered by Members of the Faculty in the Free Public Lecture Course Volume 7 1919-1920). [1]
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