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Herman's Head was a situation comedy on Fox which aired from 1991 to 1994. The storyline revolved around Herman, a young bachelor fresh out of college. Coming from a quiet life and large family in the Midwest, Herman lands his first job in New York City, a research analyst for a big firm called Waterton Publishing. Unknown to anyone else, scenes would often cut to inside Herman's head, where a "Greek chorus" would comment on situations at hand. Herman's head had four personas, Angel, his sensitive side, Genius, who handled responsibilities of life, Wimp, who worried about dangerous situations, and Animal, who represented Herman's party animal and gourmand side.

Season 1 edit

Introduction edit

Narrator: This is Herman Brooks. Herman is just like the rest of us. Every day he has to make decisions, such as what to wear, whom to date... and when to panic. Now these decisions should be easy, but if you take a look inside Herman's head, you will see why sometimes he can have trouble making up his mind.
Genius: I am Herman's intellect. Without me he could not hold his job, pay his rent or tie his shoes.
Angel: I am Herman's sensitivity. Without me he could not feel tenderness, honesty or love; the good things in life.
Wimp: I am Herman's anxiety. I keep him out of trouble and believe me, there is trouble everywhere.
Animal: I am Herman's lust. Without me he would miss out on all the good stuff. You know, fun, food, babes!
Screen shows all four personas talking over each other
Narrator: Sometimes they agree. Usually, they don't. This struggle goes on inside all of us, and it's all going on inside Herman's Head.

Pilot [1.1] edit

Anxiety: Oh no, I feel a sneeze coming on.
Anxiety, Angel, Genius & Animal{in unison}: AH-CHOO!
Herman: AH-CHOO!
Jay: Gesundheit.

Mr. Crawford: It says here "the average weight of a Danish-man's testicles is 24 ounces". So you are telling me that right now in Denmark there are men with pound and a half testicles walking around?
Louise: I guess that is what they mean by the term "Great Danes".

Days of Wine & Herman [1.3] edit

Mr. Bracken: Herman, have a drink.
Herman: Not sure if I should.
Mr. Bracken: It's my party and you will drink if I want you to!

My Brother's Keeper [1.7] edit

Louise: Herman, call on Line 2.
Herman: Who is it?
Louise: Your brother Stan.
Herman's head
Animal: Hang up, hang up, HANG UP!
Wimp: He is right. I can still remember our childhood nickname thanks to Stan--"Bongohead!"
Angel takes phone receiver
Angel: It has been thirty years! Do you not think he has grown up?
Reality. Herman speaks with Stan for a while, then hangs up
Louise: Herman, I did not know you had a brother!
Herman: Did Abel have Cain?

Stan: I wasn't a jerk! I was an older brother!
Herman: You were NEVER AN OLDER BROTHER! Herman takes a small wastebasket, empties the few papers out on the floor, places wastebasket over his head and starts beating the wastebasket like a drum. Herman then removes wastebasket from his head and places it back on the floor THAT is what I remember from our childhood, Bongohead!

Sweet Obsessions [1.20] edit

Herman: Sir, maybe you should consider quitting smoking in light of your recent heart attack.
Mr. Bracken: Fine Herman, I shall...IF you quit doing what you are doing which will get you into the emergency ward alongside me.
Herman: What are you talking about?
Mr. Bracken: You know; I see you with geedunk! From now on, only healthy food for you and no tobacco for me. Deal?
Herman's head
Angel: This will be great.
Animal: What's in it for us?
Angel: We will help Mr. Bracken defeat a bad habit that almost killed him.
Animal: What's in it for us?
Angel: We will be bettering Herman's health by abstaining from junk food.
Animal: Like I said, what's in it for us?
Genius: Sex.
Animal: I am in!
Animal walks offscreen
Genius{to Angel}: You have to know how to speak his language.

Man: My name is William Cunningworth, and I am a vice president tasked for evaluating departments in Waterton for efficiency.
Heddy: A vice president? Junior or senior?
William Cunningworth: Senior.
Heddy: Are you married?
William Cunningworth: No.
Heddy: Engaged?
William Cunningworth: No.
Heddy: Do you have a girlfriend?
William Cunningworth: No.
Heddy smiles and extends her hand
Heddy: Hi, I am Heddy Newman.

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