Herbie Goes Bananas

1980 film directed by Vincent McEveety

Herbie Goes Bananas (1980) is the fourth of a series of films made by Walt Disney Productions starring Herbie – the white Volkswagen racing Beetle with a mind of its own.

Captain BlytheEdit

  • I can't believe this. 30 years at sea, and I'm going to die in a bullring.


Paco: What's your name?
[Herbie beeps twice]
Paco: Que?
[he beeps twice again]
Paco: I just call you Ocho, okay?

D.J.: Let me ask you something. Why do keep calling this car Ocho? Can't you read the numbers?
Paco: Yeah. Five and three are eight. Anyone knows that.

Aunt Louise: I think it's trying to tell us something!
Captain Blythe: It's a car, woman, not Lassie!


  • Ole! It's South of the Border disorder when... [UK Theatrical]
  • The Road To Rio Has Never Been Bumpier! [Australia Video]
  • The lovable "Love Bug" is back! [Australia Video]
  • Yes, We Have A Bananza!


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