Herbert Farjeon

British songwriter

Herbert Farjeon (1887–1945) was the brother of Eleanor Farjeon. He was the drama critic of the Sunday Pictorial, Daily Herald, Vogue and other journals. He was also the author and director of several revues.


  • Not content with discoursing on supermen, the author presents them in the flesh - or whatever it is they are made of.
    • Review of Karel Capek's play R.U.R. - Rossum's Universal Robots; Daily Express, 17 January 1923
  • Glory glory alleluia
    I'm the luckiest of females
    For I've danced with a man
    Who's danced with a girl
    Who's danced with the Prince of Wales.
    • Song, "I've Danced With a Man Who's Danced With a Girl" (1927)

Herbert Farjeon's Cricket BagEdit

  • A batsman given to run-stealing need not open his mouth to gain the reputation of a wit.
  • I would like a bat with the words WHAT A ROTTEN WICKET-KEEPER stamped in large letters on the back of it.
  • A gentleman is a man who never hurts anybody else unintentionally.

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