Her Highness and the Bellboy

1945 film by Richard Thorpe, Gladys Lehman, Richard Connell, Charles Walters

Her Highness and the Bellboy is a 1945 American romantic comedy film about a bellboy at a swanky New York hotel who starts to ignore his girlfriend after meeting a beautiful European princess.

Directed by Richard Thorpe. It was written by Richard Connell and Gladys Lehman.
A Royal Command to Love!

Jimmy Dobson

  • She's the unsnoodiest person I've ever known.
  • She's not plump. She's not unplump either. Well - she's perfect.

Princess Veronica

  • I'm sure he means every other word he says!


  • Mrs. Odell: I wish I'd been born a princess. Instead I was born tired.
  • Countess Zoe: Think of what history would say: Her Majesty Veronica the First, received the news that she had become Queen, while she was carousing in a Chop Suey joint with a bellboy.


Albert Weever: How's about a kiss?
Princess Veronica: No, thank you.
Albert Weever: The pleasure would be mutual.

Jimmy Dobson: Don't mind Albert, he's harmless. He's just a bit babe-whacky, that's all.
Princess Veronica: He's what?
Jimmy Dobson: Dame dizzy! You know, he's got nights on his mind.
Princess Veronica: Knights? On his mind?
Jimmy Dobson: Well, he likes tomatoes.
Princess Veronica: They're good for him.
Jimmy Dobson: Not the kind Albert likes. Say, you're a foreigner, aren't you.
Princess Veronica: Yes.
Jimmy Dobson: Well, now, look Toots, I'll explain it to you. Over here, we have two kinds of tomatoes. One is the vegetable. The other is you.
Princess Veronica: Me? I am a tomato?
Jimmy Dobson: Oh, Grade A and extra fancy.

Jimmy Dobson: You going somewhere special?
Princess Veronica: No. Just for a walk.
Jimmy Dobson: Well, I'll go with you.
Princess Veronica: Why?
Jimmy Dobson: Well, you're a stranger here. A babe like you with a face like that, has got to be awfully careful in a world like this.
Princess Veronica: Careful of what?
Jimmy Dobson: Oh, things.
Princess Veronica: Things?
Jimmy Dobson: Well, men. I'm sorry to say, that we can't be trusted.

Princess Veronica: They are delicious, your hot dogs.
Jimmy Dobson: You've never had one before?
Princess Veronica: Never.
Jimmy Dobson: Gee, babe, you just haven't been anywhere, have you?

Baron Zoltan Faludi: Why do you think I followed you here?
Princess Veronica: To make love to me.
Baron Zoltan Faludi: [leans in] Just for a practice.
Princess Veronica: You don't need any.

Princess Veronica: Now, when you kiss a lady's hand, don't be so athletic about it - or, so noisy! Don't snatch it up as if it were cake and you were going to bite it. The lips are brought to the hand - and not the hand to the lips. Remember that, next time.
Jimmy Dobson: Yes, your Highness. Could next time, be now?
Princess Veronica: Very well. But, remember, don't snatch - and don't smack! Now, crisply. And slowly. [Jimmy's lips remain on her hand] But, not too slowly.

Princess Veronica: Hi, babe!
Albert Weever: Look, lady, I didn't know you was a Princess. I thought you was a woman!
Princess Veronica: I'm both, Albert.

Princess Veronica: There's nothing wrong with me, really.
Jimmy Dobson: Are you sure?
Princess Veronica: You see, well, the Budapest was Hungary and the Cairo got Madrid and wouldn't Lisbon. So, the Balkans couldn't Bucharest and that's what made Naples truer than Cologne.
Jimmy Dobson: Oh. Oh, I see.
Princess Veronica: You do?
Jimmy Dobson: Oh, of Corsica.

Jimmy Dobson: It's going to be a beautiful night, too. At least, that's my frank opinion.
Princess Veronica: Mine too.
Jimmy Dobson: Well, for stepping out, I mean.
Princess Veronica: For what?
Jimmy Dobson: For going somewhere and doing something.
Princess Veronica: Oh, you want to step out tonight? Is that it?
Jimmy Dobson: Yeah! That's it. That certainly is it.
Princess Veronica: Well, then, step.

Jimmy Dobson: Good evening, Mrs. Odell, how are you this evening?
Mrs. Odell: Poorly!
Jimmy Dobson: Aw, thats too bad. I guess working nights doesn't agree with you.
Mrs. Odell: Neither does working days.

Princess Veronica: Don't you know? A woman only gets really mad at a man if he doesn't want to kiss her.
Albert Weever: Is that a fact? Gee, I'm glad to know that!

Princess Veronica: He has intelligence, charm, a sense of humor.
Countess Zoe: Well, what if he has? They are not what we require of our King.